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Do you have an exercise mat you recommend? The wood floor or small throw rug ain't workin'! lol
Join us tonight for our webinar at 8PM EST. Sign up link in bio!

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Melissa Adrian Coaching
Melissa Adrian Coaching and I are hosting a webinar on October 3 at 8PM about the Enneagram and Health. Here's a video telling you more about what we will be talking about in the webinar. Link to sign up for the webinar is in the comments section.
Have you heard of the Enneagram?

I've been a bit obsessed lately. 🤓

So much in fact that I'm teaming up with Enneagram Coach, Conner Cochran (@enneagramcoachgreenville) to do a FREE workshop about the Enneagram & Health.

Today we did a quick preview video to explain what the Enneagram is and how understanding your number can give you insights about your health & wellness journey.

It's an amazing tool that allows you to understand your core motivators, fear & stumbling blocks.

Personally, I've found it incredibly helpful in my own journey & I can't wait to share more of this with you.

We are going to do be doing this FREE workshop next Thursday, Oct. 3rd at 8:00 pm. If you want to join us you can go here to sign up:
Happy Birthday! Thanks for showing us what it means to be 40 and Fabulous!!

Intuitive Eating 🍎 & Joyful Movement Coach 💪

Operating as usual


Melissa Adrian's Zoom Meeting

How To End the Binge-Starve Cycle


Longest Abdominal Plank - Guinness World Records

Whoa 😮


I ❤️ Intuitive Eating.

But the truth is I also really ❤️ nutrition science.

So many women I’ve talked to are like “ok, we get it. Diets = no good. I don’t want to do a diet. But…not dieting also feels kind of bad bc I feel overwhelmed & out of control & food still occupies too much of my mental space!”

I get it! And not dieting doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Or have structure.

Here’s how I see it. Each person is like a radio with their own unique station, this is the intuitive part. BUT, sometimes we aren’t even on the right frequency which makes it hard to hear what our body is telling us (ok my body wants cookies…again 🤷🏼‍♀️).

This is where understanding the science can be so empowering while also getting us off the diet rollercoaster once & for all.

For me it comes down to three things:

⚖️ Balance

🥗 Nourishment

☺️ Satisfaction

Im going to be doing a FREE class next Monday (4/25) at 7:00pm est where I’ll be sharing so many goodies. I’ll be taking about all my favorite things:

✅ how to stop the starve ↔️ binge cycle

✅ why getting out of the diet mentality is the KEY to long term success

✅ how to eat to help balance blood sugar & why this is so important

✅ 3 super simple tweaks that help you partner with your body to feel calmer & more confident with food

✅ And how you really can feel great & still eat all the foods you love (yes, even pasta! 🍝)

If you want to join send me a message or mark it on your calendar & join me live on Facebook @melissaadriancoaching

I can’t wait to share this info with you!! 💛



What Happens When Diet Culture Co-Opts Intuitive Eating Language 04/05/2022

What Happens When Diet Culture Co-Opts Intuitive Eating Language

Diet culture can be sneaky. To me it’s all about how it makes you feel, meaning you should feel more free & at peace, and you should be thinking/worrying about food less, not more. If you feel like you are breaking rules or eating “bad” foods or eating at the wrong time…it’s a diet.

What Happens When Diet Culture Co-Opts Intuitive Eating Language Fasting is the opposite of intuitive, y'all.

Joyful Eating Workshop — Melissa Adrian Coaching 03/29/2022

Joyful Eating Workshop — Melissa Adrian Coaching

Not all emotional eating is bad (we aren’t robots)! But, it can be frustrating when it feels like the emotional eating is starting to create unwanted consequences or that you are acting against your own will (ex: no more sugar ➡️ 2 hours later eating all the cookies 🍪🍪🍪).

The problem is, many of the things we think are “solutions” only add fuel to the fire & make it worse 🔥. And then you think it’s your fault or that something is wrong with you. I promise, it’s not.

I’m doing a virtual workshop tomorrow (3/30) Joyful Eating where I’ll share 3 innovative ways to tackle emotional eating so you can start to feel better immediately & move into a more peaceful relationship with food.

One participant said “Your approach to dealing with this is very eye-opening and I appreciate how gentle you are! I do love how you don’t condemn me for it - but you are helping me see for myself the issues behind my emotional eating and how to go about handling it.”

If you’d like to join just message me or go here to sign-up:

I’d love to have you join us 💛

Joyful Eating Workshop — Melissa Adrian Coaching In this interactive 90-minute workshop I will going to teach three simple solutions for tackling emotional eating that will completely change your perspective on what it is & how to manage it. I’ll give you some simple take-aways that you can easily implement to get unstuck, take back your p

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If you know me you’ve probably been victimized by my “I was actually just listening to a podcast about that and….” comment that comes up in just about every conversation I have. 😬😅 I’m working on it I promise.

That said, podcasts are one of my favorite things ever & they have truly brought me so much joy, healing & entertainment over the years.

Here’s a quick round-up of a few of the most impactful ones I’ve enjoyed recently.

Are you a podcast person? If so please share you’re favorites in the comments! I’m always looking for more to increase my annoying-ness 😉

1. @nushu with @brittfrank totally changed how I see trauma.

2. The Problem with Weight Loss with John Berardi. This isn’t about making anyone feel hopeless or bad about weight loss goals but it does share some really interesting insights to the issues of heavy emphasis on weight loss at all costs.

3. This short & powerful podcast by @susie.moore about a duck that will help to free you of what others think.

4. Finally, omg…have you listened to Twin Flames?!? It’s crazy! Pure entertainment with a little cult thrown in. If you listen please message me so we can chat about it!


If a baby led a fitness class



Hi friends! As many of you know I recently received my Intuitive Eating Counselor certification & I am so excited to be jumping back into the coaching world with this new focus.

One of the reasons I decided to integrate this approach into my coaching, specifically, is because I love the way Intuitive Eating tackles the issue of Emotional Eating. It is a revolutionary way to approach this topic that is based deeply in psychology & research.

Over the years I’ve seen a pattern with many of the women I work with. They are often stuck ping-ponging between dieting (restrictive, rigid) and the rebound of dieting (no boundaries, disconnected from their body).

They often feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed…maybe even hopeless when it comes to their health goals.

What they really want is to feel strong & healthy & confident in their skin, and perhaps most importantly, find peace in their relationship with food. But they have only known these two options and both feel terrible.

I love showing women a new path - one that helps them reconnect to their body, find peace with food & ultimately carve out their truest, healthiest path.

I’m so ready to get going on this but I need your help!

I am offering a free workshop next Monday, March 21st at 7:15pm called Joyful Eating. I’m going to teach three simple solutions for tackling emotional eating that will completely change your perspective on what it is & how to manage it. I’ll give you some simple take-aways that you can easily implement to get unstuck, take back your power & start moving quickly toward your goals.

There is no cost for this workshop, I would just love your feedback in exchange. I am limiting it to 6 spots so if you are interested message me to claim yours.

I'm so excited to share this amazing method & help more women increase their JOY.



It’s so true through 😬😅

Photos from Melissa Adrian Coaching's post 03/11/2022

Last weekend my daughters & I were in the kitchen dancing to music & making cinnamon rolls.

My youngest said “I love mornings like this! We haven’t had one in so long!”

My oldest said “I really like this new phase you’re in mom.”

“What do you mean?”

Her: “You know, where you listen to music & dance & are happy”.


Here’s the thing, I didn’t realize how “off” emotionally I’d gotten over the past few years. And maybe you can relate. Because things aren’t bad, your life is good by all accounts and yet…

It all starts to feel a bit like Groundhog Day & you find yourself going through the motions but feeling somewhat detached.

And deep inside you feel a tug to something bigger, something more, something scary even….

I think it’s that fear that makes us push it down. The fear it’s just not possible or we aren’t enough or we we won’t be able to figure it out.

But I’m learning to listen to that voice again. That voice deep inside that guides us one step at a time. And it’s reminding me that the path there isn’t through hard work, sweat, tears, misery…

It’s Joy.

I’m realizing all the joy is available to us all the time, in every moment. The work is in being present, in reaching for it, in insisting on it.


The first few sips of coffee in the morning ☕️

Hearing your kids laughter. 💕

Making cinnamon rolls & dancing to Justin Bieber (don’t judge me 😜)

It’s the tiny acts of kindness & love that we can be quick to overlook.

I’m still working on it but I’m thankful to be shaking off the funk a bit, to be finding my way back to joy. I’m thankful my girls can see it.

I recently (like this week) completed my Intuitive Eating Counselor certification course & I’m so excited to share more soon & follow where that next adventure leads.

In the meantime, keep reaching for joy 💛

Ps. I’m so incredibly thankful I found @cathy.heller & her amazing podcast (swipe ➡️). It is phenomenal & played a huge role in helping me reconnect to my joy. I’m currently doing her 12-week business program (although it’s really a life program) & it’s been life changing. I can’t recommend it enough. If you need a daily dose of joy definitely check it out!


Jot 👏that 👏down👏


Also, some of you gals can in fact, eat junk food and still have abs so in case you wondered, we’re not friends.


And guilt has no place in your food choices!

➡️ “I was so bad this weekend, I ate so much bread!”⁠

➡️ “I completely fell off my diet last week, I’m going to really buckle down this week!”⁠

➡️ “I was gonna eat a salad for lunch, but then my co-worker brought cupcakes so I just ate 3 of those instead! I couldn’t resist!”⁠

Any of those sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard your friends say similar things — or maybe you’ve said them yourself?⁠

If so, we get it! And you’re not alone.⁠

GGS Co-Founder and Woman-in-Charge Molly Galbraith has some nutrition truths to help:⁠

✅ Bread is not "bad" and kale is not "good."⁠
✅ You're not "good" or "bad" for eating certain foods.⁠
✅ You don't have to constantly be "on" or "off" a diet.⁠
✅ Salad and cupcakes can co-exist in the same meal.⁠
✅ You can eat foods you love and still get results.⁠

Give us a 🙌🏾🙌🏽🙌🏼🙌🏻🙌🏿 in the comments if this resonated with you!



Me exactly LOL


You don’t have to be on a diet to be in a diet mindset. In fact, if your eating feels out of control it’s probably because you still have a diet mentality (we’re so inundated with diet culture it’s hard not to!)

The opposite of diet is not “eating ALL the things all the time”. It’s about reducing the emotional charge food has & finding peace. Doing this opens up space to find real health in a way that honors your body.

So if you feel like the only options are rigid restrictions or feeling out of control I promise there is a much better way. It just takes the courage to jump off the diet hamster wheel & find a new path 💛


Well…the Rona got us this week. 🤧🤕Thankful to report everyone is doing fine & we are getting back to normal.

That said…it put a bit of a damper on my Feb group kick-off so I’ve decided to restart it next Monday, feb 7th. 🎉🎉🎉

If you’re already in, don’t worry! You’ll just get an extra week 🙌🏻. If you’re not in it’s not too late to join us!!

This challenge is all about helping you get unstuck, have fun, find motivation & focus on simple habits that are super effective…all in less than 20 minutes a day!

I’ve got workouts 🏋🏼‍♀️ …recipes 🥙…daily inspirations ✨…community 👯‍♀️….and PRIZES 🎁

This month is going to be so much fun & full of support to help you feel your best & love on that beautiful body of yours 💕

To learn more or sign-up go here:
or click the link in my bio 💛


This is so good. Let’s not assume weight loss = healthy.

It might 🤷🏼‍♀️.

It might not. (Rapid weight loss almost never is btw).

I think it’s so important we redefine what “you look so good” is.

It doesn’t have to mean a smaller body.

“‘You’ve lost so much weight! Tell me your secret!’⁠

There’s a woman — we’ll call her Cindy — who has been going to my same gym for about eight years. I don’t know her well; only enough to exchange a friendly ‘hello’ when we see each other.⁠

I was in the locker room when Cindy walked in, and I realized it had been a couple of months since I last saw her. She had lost weight and it was impossible not to notice.⁠

As usual, we smiled and said hello, and she started to change her clothes.⁠

Another woman walked into the locker room who clearly knew Cindy and hadn’t seen her in awhile either. As soon as she saw Cindy, she went wild. ‘Oh, my hell, you look AMAZING! You’ve lost so much weight! Tell me your secret!’

Cindy paused for several seconds and then said, ‘Well… I was laid off from my job of 20 years, and then my husband left me. I’ve been very stressed, and haven’t been able to eat.’

Of course the woman who made the comments to Cindy didn’t mean any harm, and I could tell she felt awful. Cindy was gracious, and assured her it was fine.⁠

However, this served as a valuable reminder: we never know what someone is going through.⁠

This ^^^ is another reason why I no longer comment on something as personal as someone’s body. I don’t mention weight loss or gain, ever, period. Their body is not our business. 💕”

– Head of GGS Coaching Jen Comas

It’s true. We never know what someone is going through.⁠

Stress, anxiety, life changes, unexpected illness or loss… these are just a few factors that can lead to changes in our bodies.⁠

These changes — no matter their cause — can wreak havoc with our body image. If that sounds familiar and you want to take a step toward feeling more comfortable in your body, check out our FREE 5-day course:

Body Image Freedom: Revolutionize Your Body Image in Just 5 Days

Click the link below to get started.⁠

It’s 100% free, all online, and can be done from the comfort of your home.⁠

Start feeling better in your own body — today.

Creating A Joyful Transformation

Hi there! I'm Melissa. I'm a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, college instructor & momprenuer.

My mission is to empower women to live their healthiest life, at their ideal weight, in a way that is fun, intuitive and sustainable.

I know so many women who feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused, unmotivated, stressed, hopeless, not sure where to even begin, or just OVER IT when it comes to healthy eating, diet & weight. loss.

They feel as if they are constantly ping-ponging back and forth between willpower and over-indulgence.

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