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Do you have an exercise mat you recommend? The wood floor or small throw rug ain't workin'! lol
Have you heard of the Enneagram? I've been a bit obsessed lately. 🤓 So much in fact that I'm teaming up with Enneagram Coach, Conner Cochran (@enneagramcoachgreenville) to do a FREE workshop about the Enneagram & Health. Today we did a quick preview video to explain what the Enneagram is and how understanding your number can give you insights about your health & wellness journey. It's an amazing tool that allows you to understand your core motivators, fear & stumbling blocks. Personally, I've found it incredibly helpful in my own journey & I can't wait to share more of this with you. We are going to do be doing this FREE workshop next Thursday, Oct. 3rd at 8:00 pm. If you want to join us you can go here to sign up:
Happy Birthday! Thanks for showing us what it means to be 40 and Fabulous!!

Nutrition, fitness & weight coaching for women.

I’m having so much fun with these Reboot Strategy Sessions this week. Sometimes a quick chat, a few tweaks, a little reassurance & simple plan of action can make all the difference.

If you are feeling stuck, unsure of what to do, or just need a little help rebooting from the quarantine I’d love to help 🥰

Schedule your session here:

Strategy sessions start next week!

Monday is booked up but I have some spots left Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (& one Friday morning).

If you need some help creating some DOABLE but effective strategies to reboot your health/wellness during this crazy time let’s chat.

Schedule your time here:

Reboot Strategy Session - Melissa Adrian

Anyone else feel like they need a little health/wellness REBOOT after being in quarantine for over TWO months??

I totally get it. We are in this weird time where many of us are emotionally ping-ponging between stress & boredom, anxiety & relaxation.

You might find yourself (emotionally) eating/drinking more than usual, eating/drinking things you don't normally (quarantine snacks 🤷‍♀️) and perhaps stuck in a cycle that feels hard to break.

Our schedules are off, our kids are home (all. the. time.) and we are learning to live with new normal.

So, if you need a little help rebooting your motivation, finding a new yet realistic healthy routine & offsetting some of the unwanted consequences of this crazy time ('s real! 😫) I want to help.

I am offering special REBOOT STRATEGY SESSIONS over the next few weeks.

In this 60-minute coaching session (Zoom baby) we will figure out what your goals are, some of the barriers you are facing & simple strategies to help you get unstuck.

You will also receive a comprehensive Personalized Nutrition Report complete with:

🍎 A breakdown of recommended macronutrients & a super simple way to track them

🥗 Meal ideas based on your recommendations

🥑 What to Eat food charts (with pics) to make food planning & shopping super easy

🎯 In addition, we’ll create a 4-week action plan with simple habits that will help you move towards your goals.

💥I’ll teach you my easy-to-implement foundation strategies that make it easy to get started.

🤯 And finally some simple mindset tools to help you feel better & get motivated to take the actions that will get you to your goals.

All this - a 60-minute coaching session & follow-up; personalized nutrition report & 4-week action plan - for $50.

If you are interested you can schedule your spot by clicking here:
Or message me if you have any questions! Can't wait to chat. ❣️

(ps. Feel free to share with anyone who might need this!) I'll walk you through a simple questionnaire to discover your health goals & the barriers you are facing right now. Together we will create your personalized nutrition report & 4-week game plan to help you get unstuck, start taking meaningful action & achieve the results you want.

Go Animals

🥦 Eating broccoli has never been so cute.

See kids I LOVE broccoli.. Make sure you chew it well 🤪

[05/11/20]   Parmesan Zucchini Chips for the win.
🧀🥒 (⬅️ pretty sure that’s a cucumber but you know what I mean 🤷🏼‍♀️😂)

These turned out so good. I’ll post the recipe in the comments.

[05/09/20]   We are working on eating a veggie everyday in May inside my FB group this month. (Along with a fun squat & push-up challenge). 🥬🥒🌶🌽🥕

I’m amazed at how easy it is to forget to add veggies if I’m not intentional about it (especially when I’m in quarantine mentality). Thankful for all the ladies keeping me inspired & honest this month.

This smoothie is a favorite in our house & a great way to sneak some veggies to the kiddos. (Plus it’s so pretty 🌈.) Do you have a go-to smoothie recipe? Or any recipe that helps you sneak in some veggies? Please feel free to share in the comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻.

May Push-up challenge tips & modifications

The May Challenge starts tomorrow!!

Our goal: 455 push-up & 455 squats in the month of May 😮😮😮

There are LOTS of ways to modify both exercises. Don’t feel like you have to do toe push-ups for it to count (I certainly won’t be!).

This video shows some simple push-up modifications you can try.

Start wherever you can & watch how quickly you progress 🤯💪🏻

If you want to join us hop over to my FB group:

💪💪The May Challenge is here!!! 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍

We are finishing up the April Super Set Challenge and getting ready to start the May challenge this week.


Here's why:

1. This challenge is simple but effective & provides an easy way to see progress throughout the month (starting with 5 reps and working up to 30).

2. These workouts are short (5 minutes max?) but you are working a ton of major muscles & essentially getting a full body workout with 2 simple moves.

3. If you follow this you will do 455 push-ups AND squats in the month of May. 😲 That's an amazing accomplishment that is sure to create positive changes.

4. These are both easy to modify. Don't feel like you need to do regular toe push-ups (I certainly won't be!). Modifications like counter push-ups or knee push-ups, chair squats or assisted squats are just as good. (I'll be sharing some demo videos soon.) Just do what feels right to you and see how you improve throughout the month.

5. These are two basic, functional movements that work a lot of muscle mass. This small commitment can help to rev up your metabolism and off-set some of the extra sitting most of us are doing these days.


Did you know that the recommendation is to eat 4 - 6 servings of veggies everyday?? 🥦🥬🌶🌽🍅🥕

I'll be the first one to admit that with everything going on that has not been easy (or happening, actually😬). In fact, it's easy to go days without eating a veggie if I'm not being intentional about it.

Just having that daily reminder can make a huge difference.
Pick a veggie, any veggie you like (pics on calendar are just to give ideas) and make it a goal to eat at least one every day in May. Your body will thank you!!

If you want to join the challenge in my FB group with a bunch of other amazing, supportive women we'd love to have you! Click here:

I’ve definitely been on the “quarantine diet” the past month. Aka...eating whatever, whenever, why-ever. Anyone else know the one?? 😂

And #noguilt but, I am working to get back to being a bit more mindful with my eating. Only bc I know how much better I FEEL.

I’ll be sharing my 6 foundation behaviors for healthy living this week. They are super simple, easy-to-implement & actually don’t require you to change your eating or workout (I know, right?? 🙌🏻). They are a soft yet really effective jumping off point for getting back on track & can be done even during the most stressful times in life.

And on that note...getting back on track is definitely NOT hard to do with these 4-ingredient flourless, (no sugar added) brownies. They are my go-to for a healthier dessert. I’ll post the recipe in the comments. 😘

If you’re looking for a good book to read during this time I highly recommend this one. 👇🏻

It’s packed full of goodies but well written & easy to read.

I’m a fan of anything that helps me understand myself, my brain & my behaviors in a way that reduces SHAME (“I should just try harder/be better/have more willpower, etc”) b/c one thing I’ve learned is that change based in shame never works long-term.

It’s so much more helpful (& interesting) to really understand what drives us from a place of curiosity & compassion. Knowledge is definitely power in that way.

If you’ve already read it let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Makes sense 🐼 🤷🏼‍♀️

Amazing Workout Girls

I couldn’t even watch the whole thing 🤭
Be careful with those at-home workouts 😂😂😂

Quarantine workout - Safe at Home!
Send your fail to direct @amazingwg
more workout ideas

We are half way through the April Super Set challenge. This one is for all the mamas managing the madness right now. I feel ya 😉
(Be sure to turn the volume on for this one 🔈)

It’s not too late to join the April Super Set Challenge. We are finishing up week 1 today. Three more to go...

If you need a quick daily workout to keep you feeling strong come join us in my FB group- Joyful Journey 💪🏻😎

Laura Clery

Perfect Quarantine workout 💪🏻😂.

It’s time to spray & pray y’all! 😫😂 #safehands

Keeping it clean gang 😉

The April “Super Sets to Stay Sane” challenge begins tomorrow.

Calendar in comments or join my FB group Joyful Journey ❤️


First, I can NOT believe how many amazing woman have hung in there with the March Plank Challenge, especially with all the major unexpected changes we've had this month. We are finishing up (& completing our 5 minute plank 😱) tomorrow.

For April, I wanted a challenge that would be easy to do at home but provide a full-body benefit without a huge investment of time; something really effective but not overwhelming.

Super Sets are my absolute favorite and the perfect way to see big results with a little investment time.

These Super Set rounds should only take about 10 minutes a day (at most) but I put them together in a way so that by the end of the week you work all the major muscle groups: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Glutes, quads, Hamstrings, Abs & Lower Back.

They are a perfect add-on to the end of a walk/jog/bike ride which I know we are all doing more of these days. And you can do easily them while watching Netflix (ahem, #TigerKing 🐯)

Most of these require little to no equipment. If you have dumbbells you can use those. If you don't....grab some canned goods or gallons of water....I'm sure we all have a few extra lying around these days 😉

Feel free to just grab this calendar & do on your own (or this PDF with working links so you can click to get a short video of each exercise:

BUT if you want extra support, accountability, instruction, a way to track your progress and best of all....a weekly prize drawing (woot woot) then you should definitely come hang in my Facebook Group where I'll be hosting this challenge:

(Seriously, it is the most amazing, supportive, down-to-earth women in there....they have been such a source of inspiration for me and each other this past month.)

Hope to see you there ❤️

Tone & Tighten Weekly Workout Plan (Links).pdf

Now that we've had a minute to adjust to this new way of life....and with what looks to be a long road ahead of us.....I created a very simple 6-week workout plan to help me through the next several weeks.

My plan:
- 30+ minutes of cardio each day. 🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️ That could be walking, jogging, biking....anything to get outside for a bit (or running in place inside if the weather is bad.)

- Reach my daily step goal 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ (I'm still doing Step Bet so I have that goal but if you don't have one I recommend 8,000 - 10,000 steps a day to start with.)

- One of these workouts 👇 5 days per week. They are short, simple and created to do at-home. 💪

- Lots of grace, flexibility & compassion. The schedule is more about helping me feel grounded & healthy, it's not about perfectionism, weight loss or even really about fitness. It's just about fun, stress relief and way to hit the pillow at night feeling a little better.

If you want to follow along or need some support with your own health/fitness plan you can hop into my FB Group:

Stay healthy everyone ❤️


Hi beautiful friends. First, I want to send you a big virtual hug. I hope you are doing okay during this crazy time. ❤️

I know many of us are trying to figure out how to stay healthy & keep some sort of fitness routine during this time. I think it's EXTRA important to do something active everyday to take care of ourselves both physically & mentally.

Last year I created a 6-week Tone & Tighten plan and I want to offer it out to anyone who would like it.

This plan gives you 5 workouts per week (30 workouts total) - each targeting a specific area. They are all short & easy to implement and can be done from home. You can even get the kids involved with a lot of these & make it a family workout.

To access the workouts just click here:

If you want a little extra support you can jump into my Facebook Group where I'll be doing some "Do It With Me" versions of the workouts & cheering you on. We'll get started next week.

Either way, hope this helps a bit. Stay healthy everyone! ❤️

Y’all know I love simple recipes 😉


If this isn’t the cutest thing ever....

12/10 would do push-ups with this good boy 💪 🐶

(via Magnus The Therapy Dog)

Don’t you hate that 🤷🏼‍♀️

Day 5 of the plank challenge! Here I show some modifications & how to do the side step variation.

More and more I’m realizing that when it comes to making a change or taking positive action in our lives…

Shame might be a powerful motivator initially, but it burns out quickly.

Shame’s message is “you are bad” “you are broken” “you are not enough”.

Shame will fuel action because we are trying to get away from this painful message.

So we take action to find relief. To disprove these things, to be good, be fixed, be enough.

Eventually the pain lets up or we rebel from it and then the “motivation” is gone.

Often, we are so relieved to be out of the shame cycle that we ping-pong into over-indulgence until eventually the shame creeps back in & the cycle starts over.

Compassion, on the other hand, is an emotion that might not seem as powerful initially but is a much more sustainable fuel source for true change.

Compassion’s message is “you are good” “you are whole” “you are enough”.

In my experience compassion is the foundation that allows other long-fueling emotions like love & curiosity.

Curiosity is one is of those sneakily powerful emotions.

Curiosity allows you to ask WHY without any judgement.
“Why have I gained the weight?” “Why is my relationship with food the way it is?” “Why don’t I workout when I say I will?” “Why do I feel out of control with certain foods?”.

Shame will answer all of those “because at the core you are bad and need to be fixed” (which is so exhausting, isn’t it??)

But curiosity allows you to answer those questions in a way that is helpful.

If there is no shame you can keep asking WHY until you drill down to something that actually true.

And maybe the truth is…I don’t want to change right now.

Awesome, that’s 100% okay.

You have every right to feel that way. Honestly, you feel that way anyway so just give yourself permission. Just own it without any apologies. You can change your mind later if you want to. Or not.

Whatever you decide, do everything in your power to find your way to compassion, love & curiosity.

Be determined to have your own back & give yourself a safe space to grow. This is really the only way is can happen.

Real life photo shoot with my awesome model (& sister) Keri Schmidt Culbertson while the kiddos played all around us & Maebie the bulldog gave supportive kisses.

We put together some plank dos & don’t pics for the March plank challenge that start tomorrow. 🙌🏻
I’ll be posting those along with some modifications you can do inside my FB group:

Hope to see you there!

My March plank challenge starts in 2 days!

We are starting with 10 seconds & building up to FIVE minutes 😮😮😮

Planks are a simple exercise that you can do anywhere, works a ton of muscles & packs a big punch for a little investment of time.

Imagine how much stronger you’ll feel...physically & the end of the month. (Not to mention the bragging rights 💪🏻😉)

And don’t worry, if 5 minutes freaks you out, I’ll teach you modifications to help. (You can also break up the time into sets if you need to (ex: 1 min x 5) to get your goal. Totally counts!)

It’s just about showing up & challenging yourself to do something outside your comfort zone.

If you want to join hop over to my FB group (link for group in comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻).

Hope to see you there ❤️

So stupid 😡☕️

Alright friends, who is up for a little Plank Challenge?

First, why Planks?

Planks are one of the best core exercises you can do. They activate a muscle called the Transverse Abdominis which runs like a big belt below the other ab muscles and helps to tighten your core from the inside.

Soooo.....Natural Spanx basically :)

You still get all those other awesome core muscles involved PLUS your lower back, your shoulders, your arms, your booty, your's basically a full body exercise.

It's a small investment for a big return.

If you want to participate I'll be hosting the challenge inside my Facebook Group:

Each day I'll post the challenge for that day.

For example, day #1: 10 second plank.

You just comment (or post a GIF or emoji or whatever) if you did it. Easy peasy.

Not only does this allow us to cheer each other on'll be entered for my weekly prize drawing.

(Say what?!? Come on. Prizes. So. Fun. 🎉)

I'll also be teaching you things like modifications (so all levels welcome) and variations of planks to activate even more muscles and take it up a notch. I'll even have a few other exercise challenges in there so you definitely won't get bored.

And just imagine doing a 5 minute plank by the end of the month. 🤯

Not only will you feel physically different but your mental stamina will be through the roof.

So, of course if you want to just grab the calendar (in comments 👇) and do it on your own, by all means feel free! (But keep me posted on how it goes!)

And if you want some cheering & support (& ahem, prizes!) please come hang with us in my FB group so we can do this together:

Hope to see you there ❤️

Creating A Joyful Transformation

Hi there! I'm Melissa. I'm a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, college instructor & momprenuer.

My mission is to empower women to live their healthiest life, at their ideal weight, in a way that is fun, intuitive and sustainable.

I know so many women who feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused, unmotivated, stressed, hopeless, not sure where to even begin, or just OVER IT when it comes to healthy eating, diet & weight. loss.

They feel as if they are constantly ping-ponging back and forth between willpower and over-indulgence.

Both of these options feel miserable and lead to unwanted results.

I promise, there is a MUCH better way.

Weight Loss is not about counting calories, spending hours in the gym, or aiming for some societal standard of the “perfect” body.

Healthy living is not about willpower, deprivation or mentally beating ourselves into submission.

It is not about believing we will be more worthy once we are thinner.

What is it about then?

It's about understanding how to eat & move in ways that empower, fuel & sustain us (this can actually be pretty simple!).

It's about understanding how the brain works and why it is often keeping us stuck in patterns that don't serve us.

It's about understanding the cause of our emotions and how they are driving our actions.

It’s about learning how to show up for ourselves and live our life to the fullest.

It’s about loving ourselves unconditionally and learning to have the highest level of self-compassion.


I teach women specific strategies to overcome their barriers and mental blocks around diet & weight loss.

I teach them how get unstuck & take the right actions to get them get where they want to go (& stay there!).

I teach them how to understand what is happening on a deeper level, both physically & mentally, so they can finally tackle the issues that are holding them back and reach their goals.

After many years in this business working with hundreds of clients I truly believe (& have seen the evidence) that this is the ultimate key to managing our weight, our health & our life for good.

I want to help you take back your power from food. I want you to feel like you can step back into your life as the best version of yourself FOR yourself. I want you to reach goals you didn’t even think were possible and blow your own mind in the process.

Click here to learn more about my signature program Joyful Transformation.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Mount Pleasant?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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May Push-up challenge tips & modifications
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