College of Charleston Sailing Recreational Racing

College of Charleston Sailing Recreational Racing


Empire Strikes Brass Saturday, Feb. 5th from 2-6pm on the beach at the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina.

$12 buckets of steamed oysters, local vendors, beach games and S'mores.
REMINDER: As of July 15th this page will be shut down. This page has been converted to a group within the College of Charleston Association page named. Please click the link below to join the new Recreational Racing Group for continued updates.
Only during a Pandemic would you have every Junior sailor trying to come to Hilton Head for a post apocalyptic regatta.

Gonna need some parent help.

South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association Harbor 20 Fleet 3 Hilton Head Page Sailing Inc Charleston Charleston Ocean Racing Association (CORA) College of Charleston Sailing Recreational Racing College of Charleston Sailing
Sailors! C*C is currently seeking staff for numerous positions: head instructor for our vibrant summer sailing program, fulltime and part time instructors for spring and summer.
Time to register for the Augusta Sailing Club's
2017 Halloween Regatta
Great sailing, great food, great music extraordinary costume party.
Don't miss it.
My son William Hussey (14) is looking for a partner to skipper or crew a 420 in the Hobcaw Regatta next weekend.

William is comfortable being the skipper and has in several other regattas, or he could be a 100 lb crew team member if needed. Message us if you are interested.
When are we starting this year?
Please save us from this flat spell by attending the 3rd Annual Surf & Ale Bash at the Avondale Mellow Mushroom on Saturday, Feb. 25th!

Music by Those Lavender Whales "Buckling"
Melges 24 seeks capable crew for Charleston Race Week and other one-design regattas.
Join our instructor team this summer! Taking applications now.

One Design Racing at the College of Charleston Sailing Center.


Forecast for Tuesday night. Almost perfect 🤩. See you there!


We need bailers or your old detergent bottles. I noticed a shortage last week. Great way to recycle ♻️ and support sailing. Bring your bottles and we’ll cut them so there are plenty down there for our Tuesday night racers and anyone else needing them. See you tomorrow and one free over early for a bailer! Also please make sure to pay your $10 per person or 20$ per boat. If everyone pays their share we can try to keep the price low! Over 20 boats last week!

Photos from Beaufort Community Sailing & Boating's post 05/29/2021

Good will passing it forward. Good luck girls!!!

Photos from Beaufort Community Sailing & Boating's post 05/29/2021

Good will passing it forward. Good luck girls!!!


FYI. In case you were planning on sailing HYC.

Dear HYC Members and Sailing Community,

Unfortunately, we have had to make the extremely difficult decision to cancel Hobcaw Yacht Club’s 58th annual open regatta, which was previously scheduled for July 11th – 12th of this year. Above all, regattas should be safe, fair and fun. In the face of rapidly escalating COVID-19 cases and after much deliberation, we have concluded that it is not possible for us to host a safe, fair and fun regatta this year.

With the regatta only eleven days away, we had to make a decision out of consideration for those previously planning to attend. For months, our regatta committee has been tracking COVID-19 in our local area. With the rate of increase in the last two weeks and after consultation with our medical support physician, we met last night to make a “go”/”no-go” decision. We discussed various options to meet the RRS 1 – Safety requirements. After careful consideration, we made the only prudent decision we could.

No one is more disappointed by the situation than our regatta committee. We have spent countless hours planning to make this a safe, fun and competitive event for all sailors, their families, coaches, club members, and regatta volunteers. The HYC open regatta is truly the highlight of our year, every year.

If you registered to attend Hobcaw Yacht Club’s 58th Annual Open Regatta on July 11-12, 2020, there is no action that you need to take at this time. We will begin processing refunds automatically through Regatta Network. We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding of our decision.

Again, canceling the regatta was not an easy decision. As such, we are looking forward to next year’s event with great anticipation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Beth Colley
Vice Commodore and Regatta Chairman

Brooks A. Melton


This post is one of the last for this FB page. I know we have gone back and forth but the C of C folks are getting organized. This is a cut and paste of and event in College of Charleston Sailing Association that we created under Recreational Racing. So go like the Association and joiin this group. You do not have to be a member to like their FB page. Although membership enjoys some great benefits like sailing their j22s. The Sailing Center is open for members only for now. Hopefully we will be allowed soon for our full on Tuesday night racing!!! Stay tuned on the new page.

This is tonight -Tuesday the 19th. We will have it again next week as well.

Join us for Tuesday Night Virtual Racing! During the quarantine, we will be hosting Tuesday night races virtually on the VR Regatta Inshore App“. Tuesday evenings, we will start races so join us at 5:45!

App. Here’s how to play:
1. Download the app. Here -

2. Create a login.

3. At 5:45 , log into our Zoom skippers meeting

Meeting ID: 954 912 9913

Password: 1234567

4. At 6pm, click ‘Custom Race’
The code for each race is going to be ‘cofcsailing’. If the code changes and you need help logging in, please stay tuned to the Zoom Meeting Above.

5. Every 15 minutes we will be starting a new race so jump on in with the same code ‘cofcsailing’


We’re getting a little better at this. Show up every week for the show. Play,watch, learn, etc. we had several players from off last night. Great seeing them. Practice. It’s free. There are improvements you can pay for if you want to beat Nick or Drew but we’re not keeping score. This is Tuesday night racing. Have fun.

04/22/2020 This is the link for playing on a desktop or not directly in the Ap. Make it a favorite. I hear it works best on a desktop. I use my Iphone on the actual app and it is plenty of fun but my excuse for poor play.

Surprise! Considering it was our first try I would have to say it was very successful. We used a Zoom meeting while playing to keep up with everyone. We had a full crowd several races. Sure some were bumped out by bad internet connections or pushing the wrong buttons but that was my only chance of being in the top 10. 3 JICHS Alumni made it along with many of our regulars. Coach Jewett and family made it. It is very tactical and not too easy for us beginners but it really does mimic sailing with shifts and boat speed and the race course. Joel Bays handled putting on the races and Sadler and Hamm has paid for races for several weeks. You can play for free anytime but private races cost to put on so if you haven't already done so go online, set up an account, and learn to do it and come out and enjoy your Tuesday nights from the comfort of your couch or back porch or wherever you are. Enjoyed sailors from as far away as Colorado and we had someone online supposedly from a foreign country who is probably an Alum or Tuesday regular. Races only take around 10 minutes each much like our regular Tuesdays but much less taxing but can get exciting.

We planned on having the game mirrored on Zoom but I was not technically savvy enough for that. Maybe next week. Thanks to Keely for setting up the event in FB because we filled it up. I think she will do the same again. We think we can actually have 2 races going on at the same time and may try that if we get too many so get in the game and while we can't sail at C of C on Tuesdays let's sail with C of C on Tuesdays online.

Using Zoom you can mute it so noises are not heard by anyone and you still will hear those trash-talking sailors and hosts.

Sail fast, often, and have fun!
Coach Hamm


Tuesday Night Virtual Racing Starts tonight!

During the quarantine, we will be hosting Tuesday night races virtually on the VR Regatta Inshore App“. Tomorrow evening, April 21st, we will start races!

App. Here’s how to play:
1. Download the app here:

2. Create a login.

3. At 5:45 , log into our Zoom skippers meeting

Meeting ID: 954 912 9913

Password: 1234567

4. At 6pm, click ‘Custom Race’
The code for each race is going to be ‘cofcsailing’. If the code changes and you need help logging in, please stay tuned to the Zoom Meeting Above.

5. Every 15 minutes we will be starting a new race so jump on in with the same code ‘cofcsailing’


Learn about Virtual Regatta Inshore - Step 1

Here is a tutorial. We will have races starting soon. We think we will be using Zoom onliine while playing so you can hear what is going on and when a race is about to start.

Photos from College of Charleston Sailing Recreational Racing's post 04/14/2020

Is everyone ready for a competitive sailing fix?! I think we all know the answer to that. We plan on having a Zoom meeting next Tuesday night for anyone interested in racing on Tuesday nights. We will be participating in Virtual Regatta Inshore an online game that we can have short races and several of them each Tuesday just like our normal regattas. Windward, offset, Gate, Winward, Finish. There are lifts and headers and fouls and most of the things we deal with on the water other than current. So add the program to your phones. I think you can add it to tablets and possibly desktop but we are in the infancy of this and learning. Drew Lisicki is getting some practicing in as well as Ezra Zanckel. I believe the races cap at 20 sailors. We may be able to host more than one race at a time if we have more competitors show up. On the zoom app you can follow the current race if not sailing or just race and hear commentary and smack talk while racing. Next week will be a test. We will try to come up with a format that works for everyone. We are all getting used to this online stuff more than we want to but this could feed our need for sailing some while we wait for C of C to allow us to use their boats again. Both of these aps are free. Virtual Regatta Inshore(VR Inshore) can cost money if you want to organize races or add on different benefits but for now we are not wanting anyone to spend anything in the program while we race. We will probably have sponsors paying for the races to happen. Sadler and Hamm Insurance is paying for the first set of races at least so we can learn.
I added VR Inshore last week and have raced and not spent a dime yet.
A couple of items. I screenshotted the 3 pages that matter in order to get into the races. The front page you want to go to custom. When you go into custom you want to click on the lock below and enter our easy password(probaby Coug or CofC or something like that).
We want this to be fun and hopefully interactive. Zoom makes it fun but learn how to use zoom. Really easy. But try not to make noise or stay muted until you want to say something. Background noise like dogs and kids can really mess it up if you don't mute.
So keep an eye out on this page. Before next Tuesday night we will set up a meeting and an invite that hopefully we can just add to this page or send out somehow. Tuesday will be a good opportunity to see how it works. Come, watch, participate, and have fun with other Tuesday night sailors. Sail fast, often, and have fun! ~~_/)~~
Coach Hamm


OK, after putting up that last post I have found out that between last year and this we have decided to keep this page for the recreational racing at C of C. So, if you like C of C sailing, you should just keep liking that but know that we will remain posting about Tuesday nights on this page. The Cougs page reduced editors last year so we will edit on this page still and occasionally their editors will share to that page if we feel the need.

Anyway, we do want to get back on the water and we will not run Tuesday until it is the right thing to do. The thing we have going for us is that Tuesday nights will be one of the easiest things to get going after all this madness and you will all need a sailing fix as soon as possible so Heather Hamm and I will be ready as soon as they let us to run some races. Hopefully the High School kids and College kids who lost the end of their seasons will get a chance to get in some much needed time on the water. And all of you others that need a fix(me) as well. We will not go until it is safe and C of C opens the docks for us but just know we will be ready to go when they say we can!

And please like this page, tell your friends, and lets hope sailing season opens back up sometime in the near future.

Sail fast, often, and have fun!

Coach Hamm



So proud of Jacob Raymond! One of the primary people who made Tuesday night racing at C of C a thing. I look forward to seeing him at his new digs in The Big Easy in late March 👍⛵️

NOLA COMMUNITY SAILING When US Sailing gave Jacob Raymond its Martin A. Luray Award, community sailing’s highest honor, it described him as a “natural leader” and a passionate professional dedicated to providing educational and recreational opportunities to people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.


I thank goodness for the use we get of the 420s and the FJs all those Tuesday nights. Looks like a dock fundraiser is underway. Help out if you can. Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽

Happy Thanksgiving from CofC Sailing! We are grateful for so much, especially the support we receive from alumni, family and friends. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the Sailing Dock Fund, it means so much to all of us and we are making great progress! All donations will be matched.

Click here for more info:

Photos from College of Charleston Sailing Recreational Racing's post 10/12/2019

Attention Rec Sailors:
Get $5 off your guest fees when you wear a costume to the sailing center October 25-31, AND be entered for a chance to win some free swag. Here’s how to qualify:
1. Find a sweet costume
2. Check out a boat with your friends
3. Take a photo in your costume while you’re sailing and post it to Instagram using the tag @cofcsailing
On November first, we will select the top 5 photos, and post them to Instagram and Facebook where you can comment below the photo to vote for your favorite costume. The costume with the most votes wins! (Must be an association member to participate, please only vote once!)


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We’re getting a little better at this.  Show up every week for the show. Play,watch, learn, etc.  we had several players...
All clear(really?!)
First night!  25 plus boats.  Everyone tied for first!
Team Racing on a Tuesday Night
Race 3 start
Beautiful night for race number 1 of many!!!
boat speed off the line.
Hold onto the reigns. This next race is going to be a good one!
Your Race committee working hard. Wondering if we should have canceled?!
Bon Jovi has nothing on Ned. Great tunes during race #4!!





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