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Favor needed! Christmas 3a book is out of stock. Can someone take a pic of Carol of the Bells out of theirs and message it to me? PLEASE?! Thanks. Lydia Smith Rabon, could you share this on the page so people see it?
Hey parents of young girls! We were so happy to have some of you last year at camp and we're doing it again!

Registration is open for True Beauty Princess camp where girls learn about developing a heart of character from fairytale princesses, women of the Bible and historical heroes. Camp will be held at Seacoast in Mt. Pleasant so sign up today!
I can't wait for the spring recital! They are working so hard!!
Love this PIC!!!
I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and am wanting her to learn to play the violin. I was wondering if you could tell me your pricing, availability, etc . . .
how much do you charge for cello lessons
William and Phineas each enjoyed their first piano lessons with Rachel today! They said they wished it weren't only once a week :) And they were glued to the piano a good bit this evening practicing. Thank you!
My daughter is interested in violin, but I am not sure if it's something she will actually work at. Do you have any violins to rent?
I live in the Hollywood/ Meggett area. Would you travel that far?
Copper Frog Sculpture by Beau Smith . Am local sculptor. My son and I are musicians but need voice. Can you help or refer? We are in Mount Pleasant. I'm a singer/songwriter. Would be great if my son and I could really hold our own together. I'd love to do harmony. Violin would be great on an album. I write and perform my music for recording while not sculpting. I want my son to have his chops. We could be awesome but need mentoring.
I was Like #300! Woop woop! Thanks Lydia, Savannah is doing great, we are so proud of her. :)

Interactive piano lessons for students ages 4 and up!

Operating as usual


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Our student spotlight this week is Zoe! Zoe is a hard worker and diligent student. She is always prepared and ready to learn in each lesson. She is currently working on mastering sharps, flats and naturals as well as playing and counting eighth note rhythms. Keep up the great work, Zoe!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Our student spotlight this week is Jennings! He is such an eager learner and is always ready to show his instructor, Ms. Andy, what he has been practicing. He has a phenomenal ear for music and is flying through his very first lesson book. We can’t wait to see how far his dedication takes him! Keep up the great work, Jennings!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Emma is an excellent student and her love for music definitely shows! She is currently preparing a few jazz pieces to play at her cousin’s wedding in September, which she has loved learning. She has been hard at work not only practicing her repertoire but also diving into music theory, key signatures and basic chord structures in both classical and jazz music. Way to go, Emma!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | We love that our students love learning! Sophia has grasped the musical concepts she’s learning in lessons very quickly. She’s a dedicated student who is excellent at reading music and works hard on her weekly assignments. Her instructor, Ms. Iris, is very proud of how much she has grown as a musician since beginning lessons. Great work, Sophia!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | June has been working hard this summer to learn “The Family Madrigal” from Encanto! This piece has challenged her to move around the piano and learn complex rhythms with 8th notes and 16th notes. Her teacher, Mrs. Sarah, is so proud of her dedication to learning this piece and expanding her piano skills! Way to go, June!


L E S S O N O P E N I N G S | We currently have piano and voice lesson openings in Mount Pleasant and Daniel Island for the fall! For pricing and availability, message us here or email [email protected]!

Photos from Music Mobile's post 06/27/2023

We are so proud of our students who showcased their accomplishments at the summer recital this past Saturday!


IRIS SALVADOR, piano | Iris is a Charleston native and senior Music Therapy major at Charleston Southern University. She studies voice with Dr. Jennifer Luiken and has experience in repertoire such as opera, church music, and musical theatre. She has competed and advanced in the South Carolina National Association of Teachers of Singing (SCNATS) auditions in the classical and musical theatre categories. Iris has participated in choral music activities since elementary school and is a current member of multiple ensembles at Charleston Southern University. She is also proficient in piano, guitar and ukulele. Welcome to the Music Mobile team, Iris!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Henry started piano lessons just a few months ago and is growing rapidly in his knowledge and playing abilities! He is a very diligent and hardworking student who is always so eager to learn something new. Keep up the wonderful work and dedication, Henry!


Happy Easter to all our students and families from the Music Mobile team!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Bobby is always learning at such an impressive rate and with such a great attitude! Over the past few months he’s mastered the G and D scales as well as pieces containing chords. His musicianship is constantly improving and lately he is working on mastering phrasing and dynamics with crescendos and diminuendos! Keep up the awesome work, Bobby!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | This is Taylor! He is a very diligent student who is always super eager for his lessons. He loves to show his instructor, Ms. Andy, cool things that he has discovered on his own from applying his knowledge from lessons. He has been working extremely hard on mastering his newest piece, which of course makes us super proud. Way to go, Taylor!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Emma is a wonderful, hardworking and dedicated student! She comes to each lesson prepared and focused. She started playing guitar a little over a year ago and has excelled. Emma also participates in local theater programs and just recently traveled to Cincinnati, OH to participate in the 2023 National Honor Choir as well as to Rock Hill, SC to participate in the SC All-State Choir. Awesome job, Emma!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Lainey has been working hard to create a firm foundation of the fundamentals of music during her lessons! She is mastering scales and chords and reading notes on the grand staff. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to learning and brings excitement and joy to her lessons every week. Wonderful job, Lainey!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | We are so impressed by our students and their love of learning! Sara is such a fast learner and has a great memory for difficult musical concepts. She is starting to play two hands together and is such a natural at this challenging task. She has such a determined spirit and loves to learn something new each week! Wonderful work, Sara!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Kaiylen has been taking guitar lessons for a little over a year now and has shown great progress! Each lesson she works hard to learn and master new musical concepts. Currently she is working on expanding her range of chords and learning the notes on the 5th and 6th strings. She enjoys exploring different strumming and finger-picking patterns to accompany herself while she sings. Keep up the great work, Kaiylen!


Happy Valentines Day from the Music Mobile team! We love our students and are so grateful for each of you! Have a sweet day! ❤️


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | We’re so impressed by the dedication of our students here at Music Mobile! Avery’s enthusiasm for piano shines through each week during her lessons. She has been working on scales and cadences in C and G Major as well as increasingly difficult music with chords, accidentals and syncopated rhythms. She has even started working on a blues piece, which we can’t wait to hear at the next recital! Great job, Avery!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | We love seeing how dedicated our students are to learning! Lydia works very hard at piano each week in her lessons. She is fun to teach and has recently started to master dynamics (the louds and softs in music) in her repertoire. Keep up the great work, Lydia!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Naish is a fun and hardworking student! Over the past year, he has worked diligently on note recognition and his teacher, Mrs. Sarah, is so proud of his success! Recently he has begun working on shaping musical phrases with crescendos and diminuendos. Way to go, Naish!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Rachel began playing piano just a few short weeks ago and she is doing an outstanding job with mastering concepts during each lesson! She has been learning to distinguish different rhythmic patterns, has done a terrific job with learning and implementing dynamics and has so excitedly learned the musical alphabet and where each note is located on the staff! She is always super excited for lessons and is ready to show Ms. Andy what she has been practicing. She is currently working on "Jingle Bells" for the Christmas season. Keep up the wonderful work, Rachel!!

Photos from Music Mobile's post 11/09/2022

S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Bobby and Teddy have continually impressed their instructor, Ms. Molly, with their dedication and ability to quickly master new concepts! These brothers have already advanced to the next level in their method books and are zooming through learning the C Major scale. They always practice their assignments as well as extra music just for fun! We love that they love to learn! Keep up the great work, Bobby and Teddy!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Fox is a hard worker and enthusiastic piano player especially when he gets to play forte! He just finished reading rhythms and notes by number and is now transiting to reading music on the grand staff. Some of his favorite songs to play on the piano are Old McDonald, Hot Cross Buns, and Jingle Bells. Way to go, Fox!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Kyler’s dedication to developing his musicianship is remarkable! He is currently working on reading lead sheets containing complex theory concepts such as roman numerals and chord inversions. Every week, he works diligently on either his Bach Prelude or his Czerny exercises to help improve his note reading and his sight reading. Keep up the great work, Kyler!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Reynolds just began piano lessons a few weeks ago and she is already playing quarter notes and half notes with a steady tempo! She practices throughout the week and is excited to show Mrs. Alisa what she worked on at the beginning of each lesson. She’s now working to incorporate dynamics in her music. She is a wonderful student and we love seeing how eager she is to learn. We are proud of you, Reynolds!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | We love how dedicated our students are to their musicianship! Ryan comes to each lesson eager to learn and has been working hard on chord transitions and note reading. This past week she surprised Mrs. Sarah by learning a strum pattern on her own and arranging a song they had been working on the previous week. Awesome job, Ryan!

Photos from Music Mobile's post 02/10/2022

S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Teddy is a fantastic example of a student who is persistent and passionate about what he does. No matter how difficult what he’s practicing is or how frustrated he may get, he never gives up. Teddy always trusts that what is asked of him will benefit him and ALWAYS practices. He is a great student and a joy to teach! Great work, Teddy!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | We love watching our students grow as musicians!
Caroline has been taking lessons for several months now and has worked diligently at note identification and rhythm reading! She’s always excited to play the piano and practices all of the time. She recently began playing pieces for both hands, which involves a lot of coordination and practice! Wonderful job, Caroline!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Even though Ellie has only taken piano for a few months now, she has shown drastic improvement! Every week she works hard on her new pieces and scales. Recently she has learned legato and staccato techniques and is incorporating them into her pieces. Way to go, Ellie!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | This week’s student spotlight is the multi-talented Elliott! Even with his busy schedule juggling sports, school and piano, he always starts his lessons with a memorized piece and a big smile. He has a great attitude and works to make each piece the best it can be, whether thats through perfecting dynamics or experimenting with changes in tempo. He has come so far with his skill and never ceases to surprise Ms. Mary with his incredible work ethic. Great work, Elliott!


ALISA BECKWITH, piano guitar ukulele voice | Raised in Myrtle Beach, SC, Alisa has been involved in music her entire life. Alisa has performed in various musicals, competition show choir, All-County orchestra, solo singing gigs and numerous choir ensembles including All-County and All-State in middle and high school. Continuing her love for music, Alisa attended Charleston Southern University and graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy and minor in psychology. While at CSU, she studied voice, guitar, and piano amongst being a member of Concert Singers, Bel Canto, and a worship intern for her church. Alisa competed in regional and state level NATS singing classical and musical theatre genres. She also has experience doing music with children with special needs at summer camps and assisting children church choirs. While in the internship phase of her degree, Alisa worked with Music Mobile teaching piano lessons. Since, Alisa became a Board-Certified Music Therapist and worked full-time facilitating sessions, lessons, and teaching music theory. As a new mom, Alisa is re-joining the Music Mobile team and looks forward to working with new and familiar faces!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Connor has only been taking piano lessons for a few months and has already shown great progress! He works hard each lesson, working on exercises to increase his finger strength, dexterity and music reading skills. This week he learned about the different black key groups on the piano and completed both writing and playing activities to help understand the new concept. Great job, Connor!


Merry Christmas from the Music Mobile team! We are so grateful for each of our students and can’t wait to see what the next year holds! 🎄

Photos from Music Mobile's post 12/20/2021

S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | It is very evident when students have a love for music and learning, and Ashlyn is a perfect example! She is working towards improving her note and rhythm reading skills and is getting more comfortable with playing in different hand positions. She is always so excited to start her lessons with Ms. Molly and always has a phenomenal positive attitude. Way to go, Ashlyn!


S A V E T H E D A T E | The Music Mobile Christmas recital will be Saturday, December 11! We look forward to celebrating all of the hard work our students have done this semester!


We are so grateful for all of our wonderful students and families! Happy Thanksgiving from the Music Mobile Team!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Meg is a wonderful student who works hard each week and is always prepared for her lessons! She just completed her level 1 book and is beginning to work on level 2 where she is expanding her rhythms to include eighth notes. Along with preparing her piece for the upcoming recital, she enjoys playing Disney songs and “Hedwig’s Theme.” Great job, Meg!


S T U D E N T S P O T L I G H T | Hattie has been working diligently on her piece for the upcoming recital! She has been hard at work counting eighth note-rhythms and keeping a steady tempo. She has amazing musicality and eagerly completes all tasks in lessons and during her practice time throughout the week. Way to go, Hattie!

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