Coastal Christian Preparatory School

Preparing Students for Life: Emotionally, Spiritually, Academically, and Physically (K2-8th grade)

For students (PreK thru 12th grade) who seek to grow emotionally, spiritually, academically, and physically in preparation for higher education and beyond. Our focus is to assist families who live in community, and are eager to engage, connect, and grow with their child(ren).

Mission: Assisting parents in raising children to their God-given potential emotionally, spiritually, academically, and physically.

CCPS Mother's Day 2020

🌸 ❤️ Today we celebrate ALL of the amazing women in our Cougar Family who love, nurture, support, encourage, and mother our students daily. We hope you feel an abundance of love, blessings, and JOY this weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!! ❤️ 🌸

[05/10/20]   🌸 ❤️ Today we celebrate ALL of the amazing women in our Cougar Family who love, nurture, support, encourage, and mother our students daily. We hope you feel an abundance of love, blessings, and JOY this weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!! ❤️ 🌸

[05/08/20]   Happy Friday, COUGARS!! ❤️🐾

We have had such a fantastic week celebrating the AMAZING teachers that make Coastal Christian such an INCREDIBLE place to learn and grow!

We would love to end the week with a special message from Ms. Walrond that really shows just how FANTASTIC our teachers are!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, COUGARS!!!

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CCPS Teachers are AMAZING!!

⁣What makes CCPS such a special place???? The TEACHERS!! 🍎⁣

⁣With their big hearts and bright smiles, our kids can’t help but feel loved and valued by these amazing teachers each and every day!⁣

⁣With small classes and high engagement, our students KNOW they are a part of something very special. ⁣

Whether in a classroom, behind a desk, in the hallways, or on the sports court, you ALL teach our students about their value and worth every day.

⁣THANK YOU, CCPS teachers, for everything you do and the love you share each day! ⁣

⁣❤️🍎❤️ ⁣

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⁣Cougars!!! ❤️🐾⁣

⁣These are unusual and challenging times, for sure! These are times unlike any we have seen in our lifetimes.⁣

⁣The beautiful smiles you see here act as a beacon of love and light to each one of us every day during these unprecedented times. ❤️⁣

⁣Despite the circumstances, these amazing teachers continue to pour into their students day in and day out. ⁣💻

⁣They shower their students with love and adoration and remind each student daily that GOD loves them and that GOD is in control.⁣

⁣Our teachers prove that Coastal Christian is MORE THAN A SCHOOL. Coastal Christian is a FAMILY.⁣

⁣TEACHERS!!!! Thank you!! 🍎

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COUGARS!! ❤️🐾⁣

⁣It’s one of our favorite weeks of the year!!! This is OUR chance to recognize the outstanding teachers that make CCPS such a special place...and to give back just a portion of what they so graciously give each and every day.⁣

⁣Sending a big THANK YOU to all of our CCPS teachers!⁣

⁣You make every day a GREAT day to be a COUGAR!! 🍎❤️🍎 #coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #christianeducation #privateschoolmtpleasant #mtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #charleston #charlestonsc #teacherappreciationweek #weloveteachers #welovejesus⁣

⁣COUGARS!! 🐾❤️⁣

⁣You finished another amazing week of “Dynamic Learning Days!”⁣

⁣This week ended with special “Social Distance” visits to our upper Elementary Cornerstone students.⁣ ⁣

Teachers packed the school bus with gifts and traveled all over Charleston County to make a “special delivery” to each of these lucky students. ❤️

What a wonderful way to spread LOVE and show COUGAR PRIDE!!⁣
⁣Cougars, we really are SO PROUD of each and every one of you!

⁣A BIG Cougar “Thank You” to our incredible group of teachers for making every day AMAZING for our students! 🎈

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Cougars!!!! ❤️🐾⁣

⁣We want to see who is helping you with your school work during these “Dynamic Learning Days”!!! 🦎⁣

⁣Take a picture with your pet (or a stuffed buddy) and send it to your teacher!⁣

⁣We can’t wait to see who your special study buddies are!! 🐶🐰🐹🐱🐸🦎🐠🦄🐍🐔🐷🦔🦕⁣🦂🐞🦋🐣🐒🐨🐭🐴🐢

⁣(You can also tag us on social media...⁣
⁣@coastalchristianprepschool on FB⁣
⁣@coastalchristianprep on IG)⁣

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Cougars!!! ❤️🐾⁣
⁣Have you met our newest Cougar Buddies?!?!⁣

⁣We can’t wait to follow the adventure as these little friends transform from caterpillars to butterflies! ⁣

⁣Who do you think will be the first butterfly to emerge in all its colorful splendor? ⁣
⁣(We think, maybe Stella. What about you??)⁣
⁣ 🐛 to 🦋 ⁣

⁣#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #welovebutterflies #welovejesus

Coastal Christian Preparatory School

COUGARS!!! ❤️🐾⁣

⁣Did you try it?!?!⁣

⁣We want to SEE!!!⁣

⁣Send pictures to your teacher or tag CCPS on social media!!⁣

⁣(@coastalchristianpreparatoryschool on FB ... @coastalchristianprepschool on IG)⁣

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #dynamiclearningdays #weloveskittles #welovescience #welovejesus

⁣What a special day for these little Cougars!! 🐾❤️⁣⁣
⁣⁣What do you do when a ZOOM Show-and-Tell doesn’t quite give you enough time together?!?!⁣⁣
⁣⁣You spend extra time together in the front yard!!! (Social distancing, of course!!) ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Our very own Ms. Ward brought her beach chair and a book to her student’s house for a very special “Front-porch Story Time”! 📚 ⁣⁣

⁣⁣We can’t express how amazing our teachers are and how much LOVE they are pouring into their students every single day during our DLD.

⁣⁣These are truly “Dynamic Learning Days”⁣⁣ that these students will never forget!

COUGARS!!! We LOVE you and we can’t wait to be together again!! ❤️

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #dynamiclearningdays #welovebooks #welovejesus

You’ve probably read the book “Dragons Love Tacos”, but do know who else loves tacos!? COUGARS!! Virtual Spirit night was a big hit around town and we hope you had fun! We love you so much it’s hard to even taco-bout!😉 We’re wrapping up another week of DLD and are SO PROUD OF YOU!! Keep it up, Cougars!!♥️

Today is the day, Cougars!! It’s VIRTUAL SPIRIT NIGHT at SOL!!!! ❤️🐾⁣

⁣Please join us in ordering takeout from SOL today!!⁣

⁣If you are not able to make it to SOL, please support any local TACO spot...or make your own tacos at home!! 🌮🌮⁣

⁣Ashley the Cougar was up bright and early to get her tacos ready!! (She made her own!!) YUM!!!⁣

⁣Be sure to take a picture and send it to your teacher! 📸 ⁣

⁣We can’t wait to see our Cougars joining together and eating TACOS!!! ❤️⁣

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #solsouthwestkitchen #spiritnight #welovetacos #welovejesus

The Watermelon Experiment

Hey Cougar Friends!!
Did you catch the amazing science experiment posted in Google Classroom on Friday?

Be sure to log in to your classroom every day to find out what our Cougar Family is up to! ❤️🐾

Hey Cougars!!🐾❤️⁣

⁣Have you heard the EXCITING news?!?!?⁣

⁣Coastal Christian is having its first ever VIRTUAL SPIRIT NIGHT at SOL Southwest Kitchen!⁣

⁣The event will be on Wednesday, April 22 and takes place ALL DAY!⁣

⁣Joining the event is easy!! ⁣

⁣Order TAKEOUT from SOL...OR order takeout from another local TACO spot...OR enjoy some delicious HOMEMADE TACOS!! (Really, any Southwestern food will do!) 🌮 🌮⁣

⁣Take pictures of yourselves eating tacos or Southwestern food and send them to your teacher!⁣

⁣We can’t wait to see your COUGAR SPIRIT on VIRTUAL SPIRIT NIGHT, friends!!⁣
⁣We will “see” you Wednesday!

(SOL has a special Family Takeout Menu that you won’t want to miss. Scroll to take a look at that!!)

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #spiritnight #virtualspiritnight #solsouthwestkitchen #welovetacos #welovejesus

Ok, Cougar Friends!!! 🐾❤️We need to know!!⁣

How many of you have created special “study forts” to do your schoolwork in at home?⁣

These forts look pretty amazing to us, Cougars, and they look like the perfect place to do some awesome DLD work. 💻
We think you might be on to something special, Cougars! Cougar creativity at its FINEST!! ⛺️ ⁣


#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #privateschool #studyforts #digitallearning #weloveforts #welovejesus

Cougars!!! 🐾❤️⁣

We LOVE to see you working hard during your DLD!⁣

Do you have a special “workstation” at home? Send your teacher pictures of your FAVORITE spot!⁣

We can’t wait to see all of the awesome workstations that our Cougars are working in! (Teachers! This means you, too! 🌷)⁣

⁣#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #privateschool #digitallearning #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #welovelearning #welovejesus

Welcome Back, Cougars!! 🐾❤️⁣

We hope you all had a wonderful, restful break! ☀️🌷⁣

We’re so excited to get another DLD week started and we can’t wait to “see” you!⁣

Be sure to check in to Google Classroom for a special Cougar message! 🚗⁣

⁣(and stay safe, Cougars!! We have some rough weather out there today!)

Have a GREAT day!! ⁣
⁣#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #weloveschool #welovejesus

Oh, GLORIOUS day! ☀️⁣

Today marks the miraculous end of our Easter Story, friends...but this is actually just the beginning! ❤️

The Easter Story is an amazing story filled with LOVE and HOPE.⁣

...and TODAY marks the beginning of a NEW story...a story of NEW LIFE!⁣

We pray that the HOPE and LOVE of Christ surrounds you and your loved ones...

It’s a perfect day to CELEBRATE a new life! ✝️⁣

“...If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9)⁣

Cougars! ❤️🐾⁣

It’s hard to truly imagine how ENORMOUS the events of today are in our great Easter Story.⁣

Just imagine this...God loved THE WHOLE WORLD so much that He was willing to give up His MOST PRECIOUS son. For US! 🌎 ⁣

Today, a perfect human was put to death so that YOU could live forever. Wow!! ✝️ ⁣

Please take some time to think about how BIG this part of our Easter Story is and give PRAISE that YOU are a part of this incredible story! ❤️

In ALL things, God has a plan, and HIS plan is perfect.

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #weloveeaster #welovejesus


Today is ANOTHER special day in our great Easter Story!⁣

On this day, Jesus had His LAST SUPPER and gave us all a very IMPORTANT rule to follow.⁣

He said, “ one another; just as I have loved you...” (John 13:34) ❤️⁣

This is SUCH an important message, Cougars! Think about that...Jesus loves US and wants US to love OTHERS!⁣
Make a special effort today to show LOVE to everyone you see! ❤️❤️❤️⁣

...and remember, Cougars! JESUS LOVES YOU and SO DO WE!! ❤️🐾⁣

⁣#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #loveoneanother #weloveothers #welovejesus

Easter is coming, Cougar Friends! ...and Cooper the Cougar could not be more excited!! ⁣

Easter is the GREATEST story that tells of Jesus’ death on the cross to forgive us ALL for our sins. Wow!! That is TRUE LOVE!! ❤️❤️⁣

It is also an amazing story of NEW LIFE for ALL who believe in Him. ✝️ ⁣

That is some pretty amazing stuff, Cougars! ⁣❤️

Did you know an EGG is a symbol of new life? It’s true!🐣 ⁣

Many people decorate and hunt for eggs during the Easter Season. ⁣

Cooper has his Easter basket ready to hunt for some eggs. Can you help him?

Swipe to see if you can find some Easter Eggs hidden in the next picture!⁣ Imagine each egg is a NEW LIFE! 🥚 🐣 ❤️

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #weloveeaster #welovejesus

COUGARS!!!! ❤️🐾⁣

Your Cougar Family has a very special message for you:⁣


Cougars, we can’t believe that you have already completed 3 WEEKS of DLD! You have ALL done such an AMAZING job and have risen to every challenge set before you! Cougars!! You truly are the BEST!!💻📖

Parents, THANK YOU for your SUPPORT as we work together to continue the education of our most important gift, our youth.⁣ ❤️

Teachers, THANK YOU for your continued commitment to excellence and for pushing the boundaries of teaching and learning for these treasures. 🍎

THANK YOU to our incredible Leadership Team for their dedication to the Cougar Family and for helping us navigate these uncharted waters.⁣

COUGAR FAMILY!!! We LOVE YOU ALL...and you ALL deserve a BREAK!! ⁣

(Be sure to stay home and stay well! ...and keep sending pictures to your teachers!! Seeing your faces makes us HAPPY!! 😃)

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #springbreak #welovespring #welovejesus

Did you know that the PALM BRANCH is a symbol of VICTORY, TRIUMPH, PEACE, and ETERNAL LIFE? ⁣

Did you know that a DONKEY represents SERVICE, SUFFERING, PEACE, and HUMILITY? ⁣

Did you know that HOSANNA comes from a Hebrew word meaning, “SAVE US, WE PRAY”?⁣

PALM SUNDAY celebrates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.⁣

He rode into Jerusalem on a DONKEY and the people waved PALM BRANCHES and shouted, “HOSANNA!”⁣

Cougars, this is the beginning of the most GLORIOUS of stories, and the HOLIEST of weeks.

Look for a PALM BRANCH outside today and think about its incredible significance.
Wave it and imagine you are celebrating a King! ✝️

(We would love to see pictures of you celebrating! Please send pictures to your teacher or post below! )

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #hosanna #palmsunday #jesusisking #weloveeaster #welovejesus

Our Preschool Foundations Cougars have been working so hard, and we are SO PROUD of them! 🐾🍎⁣

💻 DLD is a new experience for ALL of us, and it can be challenging at times. These smiles remind us that no matter our current circumstances, JOY comes from within!⁣

COUGARS!! Thank you for working from the heart and sharing your JOY with others! ❤️⁣

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart...” Colossians 3:23⁣

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #spreadjoy #welovelearning #welovejesus

COUGARS!!! 🐾⁣❤️🐾

We are ready for another AMAZING week of DLD and we have a very SPECIAL and IMPORTANT message for you:⁣

“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9.⁣

Now, isn’t that a wonderful way to start the week?!?

We hope that you will remember to be strong and courageous today (and every day), and that you know that God is with you wherever you go! ❤️⁣

We are working so hard to be strong and courageous ourselves, but we REALLY miss seeing your faces everyday!! PLEASE be sure to send pictures of your DLD to your teacher! We want to see EVERYTHING that you have been working on!! ❤️ 💻

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemountpleasant #mtpleasantsc #bestrong #welovelearning #welovejesus

Our Digital Learning Days are going GREAT in the Preschool Foundations arena! 💻🍎 ⁣

Ms. Ward’s Daily Devotion is so engaging that even pets are logging in to follow along! 🐶🐱🐟⁣

Stay tuned to see what other Preschool Foundations Cougars have been up to...📖🎨⁣💻

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #welovelearning #welovepets #welovejesus⁣


Summer IS coming and, more than ever, we CAN’T WAIT to get it started!⁣ ☀️

Coastal Christian SummerCamp registration is NOW OPEN!⁣

We hope that you will celebrate a NEW SEASON and join us on this exciting journey...

ALL STUDENTS, 3K-5th grade, are invited to join the FUN and ADVENTURE this summer.

Our camp classes are small, and spaces are filling up fast, so don’t delay...register TODAY!⁣

(SummerCamp sessions begin in June and run from 8:30-12:30 daily. Before and after care options are available.

Register Here:

#coastalchristianprepschool #fbcmtpleasant #oldvillagemtpleasant #mtpleasantsc #summercamp #welovesummer #welovejesus

Our Story

The “oldest private school in Mt. Pleasant” is creating a foundation for the future. We serve students (Preschool-8th grade) who seek to grow emotionally, spiritually, academically, and physically in preparation for higher education and beyond. Our focus is to assist families who live in the community, and are eager to engage, connect, and grow with their child(ren).

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Mount Pleasant?

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CCPS Mother's Day 2020
CCPS Teachers are AMAZING!!
The Watermelon Experiment




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