ABC Academy, LLC

ABC Academy, LLC is a child care facility locally owned and operated by Mike & Shannon Harris

Having five children of their own the Harris’ have often faced the challenges of quality affordable childcare so they can appreciate and understand the struggle parents face in today’s working world. They are passionate about a child’s growth, development, and achievements. Their primary focus with their children has been to instill Christian values, encourage independence and self-esteem and to h

Operating as usual


Hop into Easter with ABC Academy! 🐰

Wishing all our little bunnies a day filled with wonder, learning, and egg-straordinary adventures! 🥚



Sun-kissed cheeks and grass-stained knees, today’s backyard treasure hunt was all about the giggles and the thrill of the find! 🌞🥚

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 03/28/2024

Tiny fingers in blue goo and colorful snacks—it’s another day at our discovery table! These munchkins are all in, figuring out the squish and crunch, and honestly, it’s the cutest mess you’ll see today. It’s all about the feels and thrills in their little world, where playtime is serious business and every new texture is an epic find.

Take a beat to soak in these adorable faces; they’re so engrossed in their snack-squishing biz. It’s a little reminder from our pint-sized pals to get hands-on with the world around us—because sometimes, life’s a gooey, crunchy adventure waiting to unfold.

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 03/27/2024

Movie time magic! 🎥✨

From the hush of anticipation to the glow of the screen, these little ones are completely enchanted. Their world filled with color and wonder, a cozy afternoon transforms into an adventure.



Grab your family, your favorite figurines, and let’s weave some stories! It’s Family Friday, so gather ‘round for a storytelling session.

Use those beloved figurines to spin tales that’ll have everyone on the edge of their seats. It’s more than just play—it’s about making memories, sharing laughs, and sparking imagination. Let’s see what stories your crew can create! 😊✨

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 03/20/2024

Playtime paradise captured! 🏠🚗

From steering their own course to carting around with buddies, these little ones are all about big adventures in their mini world. Here’s to the joys of childhood—no passport required!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at ABC Academy! 🍀

Today, we’re embracing the spirit of unity and cultural celebration. Wishing everyone a day filled with laughter, learning, and a touch of Irish luck!

Photos from Pre-K Pages's post 03/16/2024
Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 03/14/2024

Kids dive into colorful playdough mats, shaping, and sorting to master the ‘7’ while having fun! These snapshots capture their excitement, focus, and growth, showing how hands-on learning rocks!


Engaging in deep, meaningful conversations about emotions with our children sets the cornerstone for a future rich in emotional intelligence. It’s a process that fosters self-awareness, cultivates empathy, and strengthens the bonds of understanding that tie families together. This practice is more than a simple chat; it’s an investment in the emotional well-being and interpersonal skills of the next generation.

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 03/12/2024

Check out these adorable snapshots capturing kids at play with paper and crayons, crafting their sock masterpieces with pure enthusiasm.

These little artists remind us that creativity knows no bounds and that the simplest tools can spark the biggest ideas.

It’s amazing to see their focus and imagination at work, isn’t it?



Today’s playdate was a symphony of shapes and giggles, as our little architects delved into the world of imagination with their magnetic tiles — proving that when it comes to creativity, the floor is indeed the best canvas! ✨

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 03/06/2024

Step into a world of childhood wonder and creativity! 🎩

These photos radiate with the innocent joy of little ones adorned in handmade hats inspired by the classic “Cat in the Hat”. Their beaming smiles tells a story of laughter, play, and imagination.

Dive into the details—the unique poses, expressions, and surroundings—that bring these moments to life. Embrace the nostalgia and relive the magic of childhood adventures captured in every snapshot.


Experience pure joy as you join your kids on the playground merry-go-round! Feel the exhilarating spin and witness the bright smiles that light up their faces. Cherish these moments of laughter and connection. ❤️

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 03/01/2024

Snack Time Adventures! 🍌🍓

These little ones are exploring the fun side of fruits, stacking and munching on their adorable banana and strawberry creations.

From curious explorers to delighted munchers, each child’s unique reaction paints a canvas of innocence and joy. Who knew that a simple stack of fruit on a straw could ignite such excitement and learning? 🤩

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 02/28/2024

Step into our world of wonder and imagination 🦒

Each photograph is a portal to a vibrant world of creativity and joy, where every brushstroke and every smile tells a story. From bustling classrooms to quiet moments of concentration, let these images whisk you away to a realm where childhood dreams come to life.


Join the whimsical world of ABC Academy as we celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday all week long! 🎉

Dive into the fun by dressing up in themed attire each day. Let's make it a memorable adventure together!


Embrace the magic of childhood with simple joys and shared adventures!

From cozy coupe cruises to tricycle escapades and seesaw symphonies, let’s capture the pure essence of joy and innocence together. Create unforgettable memories filled with laughter, sunshine, and boundless imagination.

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 02/23/2024

Snug as a bug in a rug, our little Turtles showcase the epitome of cuteness in their slumber. ABC Academy: where dreams are sweet and every tiny yawn is adorable. ❤️

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 02/20/2024

Our Valentine’s Day recap at ABC Academy! 💌❤️

The Bear’s classroom is buzzing with the energy of young hearts and imaginative minds. These bright smiles and handmade treasures are just a glimpse into our celebration of friendship and affection. Here’s to the sweetest moments and the purest joys of childhood, wrapped in red and pink! 💕

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 02/19/2024

From our staff to your families…
Happy Birthday ABC Academy! 🎉

We can’t believe we are 16 years old today. Please share your favorite memories below!


Family Friday Tip from ABC Academy!

Brush Up on Fun! 🖌️🐝

Our Bees students have been exploring their inner Picassos with brush painting this week! It’s a canvas of learning and development, where every stroke adds to their creativity, motor skills, and emotional expression.

Here’s a brush-painting activity for a fun family day at home:

* Set up a paint-friendly area with a large sheet of paper.
* Offer a variety of brushes and non-toxic, washable paints.
* Encourage your child to mix colors and experiment with different brush strokes.
* Talk about their artwork – ask them to share stories about their creations.

Emphasize the joy of painting and the stories that emerge from their strokes. It’s a fantastic way for children to communicate ideas and feelings they may not yet be able to verbalize.

Create, share, and cherish these colorful memories together!

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 02/15/2024

A day of joy and exploration: The Caterpillars, where the littlest learners love and enjoy playing under the sun’s gentle warmth.


Love is in the air, and we’re feeling the heartbeat of education! 💕 This Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the love of learning and growth. Join us in spreading knowledge and empowering hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day from ABC Academy!

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 02/14/2024

Little Giraffes at Heart: Our vibrant students from the Giraffe are all set for Valentine’s Day, meticulously tracing the dots. With each stroke, they’re not just learning a new letter, but also embracing the spirit of love and kindness that Valentine’s Day stands for. Here’s to celebrating love, in all its forms, through the joy of learning!



Engage in the magic of the playhouse!

Embark on a magical journey with your family at the playhouse! 🏰✨ Dive into a world of enchantment where imaginations soar and laughter fills the air. From captivating performances to interactive exhibits, there’s endless fun for all ages to enjoy together. Join us for unforgettable adventures and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s create magical moments as a family!

Photos from ABC Academy, LLC's post 02/08/2024

From our tiny Caterpillars to your hearts, ABC Academy spreads the joy of love month, cherishing every little smile and giggle that blooms like a rose in a garden of tenderness. ❤️


So, imagine you’re a parent, and Dr. Gabor Maté tells you, “Any trauma-informed work you do is a gift for your child.” Basically, it means that by understanding and addressing your child’s past traumas or struggles, you’re giving them a huge gift—a safe space to talk, process, and heal. It’s like being their superhero in the battle against life’s tough stuff. So, thanks, Dr. Maté, for the reminder to be there for our kiddos when they need us most!



Animal puzzles are crucial for the holistic development of children. Beyond being entertaining, these puzzles contribute significantly to cognitive skills, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, memory improvement, and problem-solving abilities. As kids manipulate puzzle pieces, they enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The distinct patterns and colors on each piece foster pattern recognition, while the challenge of completing the puzzle promotes problem-solving skills and patience. Working on puzzles together encourages social skills, sharing, and collaboration. Additionally, the incorporation of educational content in animal puzzles introduces learning elements, and the imaginative aspect sparks creativity. Altogether, animal puzzles serve as engaging educational tools that foster various aspects of a child’s development, making learning a playful and enjoyable experience.

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What a great spread we had for our teachers today for Teacher Appreciation to end the week of goodies. We sure appreciat...
Happy #NationalEmployeeAppreciation Day To our ABC staff! ❤️We appreciate each and every one of you and all you do for o...
Happy 15th Birthday, ABC Academy! 🎉🥳
Kids had fun on the Giggle Bus today! Lots of Giggles!-#AbcAcademy #GiggleBus #Daycare #Childcare #school #schoolcare
Kids had fun on the Giggle Bus today! Lots of Giggles!-#AbcAcademy #GiggleBus
Thankful for our FREEDOM and for every one of these sweet Kiddos. Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸
Humans… it is Spring Forward… don’t forget to move those clocks up 1 hour!
Ms. Debbie's Monkey class releasing their butterflies





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