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As the roof pitches rise so do we, safe pitched roof access on the ropes to get the job done right! (Thanks to training from Reality Rope Access LLC)

Challenging Wildlife, Professional Solutions
Pitched roof rope access certification from Reality Rope Access LLC continuing to keep me safe and effective as I worked today on a flying squirrel exclusion in Lexington.

Challenging Wildlife, Professional Solutions
I thought that i would share this cool tool as an alternative to quickly get you over the ridge line with your lifeline rope to get you setup to anchor down and harness-up.

Many times we get lazy to suit-up, it only takes 1 fall to slow your work, stay safe.
Connie and Kevin Kramer are very knowledgeable, passionate about the service they provide to their clients and they are certified instructors. They have been there and done it so they know what they are talking about. They work with you to make sure you understand the equipment, the proper safe setup and inspection of the equipment you will be using to do your job, and give you real life experiences at their well designed training facility. They give you everything from the simple to the steepest pitch, to ascending, traversing and descending with confidence and safety. I highly recommend their service. No shortcuts with them you can expect real situations, the best equipment at an affordable price. They are always there to answer your questions, provide support and provide you with the equipment you need. Safety is the most important to Connie and Kevin, small groups guarantee focus on individuals that might need more attention. At the end of the day they want to make sure you will get on the ground safe and go home to your family. Great people.
Jeff making the up and over!
Thanks for doing the podcast with us.
Very nice Mister well done!!!

Risk Management Program For Roof Inspection Community. / Reality Rope Access Training
for Claims Ad

*The ONLY company devoting 40 hours a week to developing solutions to the
unacceptable levels of personal risk that Roof Inspectors, Claims Adjusters and
Forensic Engineers face on a daily basis by free climbing today's roofing systems.
*The Nations Largest Roof System Specific Rope Access Training Program. Exclusive Rope access training providers for Farmers Ins, Rimkus Consulting,
Haag Engineering, EA Renfroe, Donan Engineering...

Operating as usual

Photos from Reality Rope Access LLC's post 09/13/2022

An excellent question considering that both the climber on the right and on the left look quite similar from a layperson's perspective. However, given the insight of a "Qualified Person" these programs (with the same goals in mind) are in fact very different with respect to the delivery of safe and efficient OSHA compliance.


DON'T waste your time and money on a R&H training that incorporate Sport Climbing gear and technique that does not comply with OSHA, ANSI or even Equipment Manufacturer's standards for hands-free use in a work setting. Reality Rope Access LLC offers REAL Residential Rope Access Certification based on world-wide Rope Access standards AND we will provide all who pass the documentation needed to work for ANY IA company, NOT JUST THE IA COMPANY WHO TRAINED YOU! Call us today at (936) 537-6759 to schedule your training. "The Reality of Residential Rope Access"


Property Claims Adjusting is not a televised sport BUT that doesn't mean that we don't have our own MVPs! Learn how you can become the Most Valued Person by mastering the access art of the Wickedly high & Ridiculously steep. Next Training Class: Sept 6th in Houston Tx. $400 Register by calling (936) 537-6759 or by visiting our website at
We are the reality of residential rope access.


Descending the 2112. A tribute to my favorite RUSH album.

Photos from Reality Rope Access LLC's post 05/15/2022

BE THE PILOT OF YOUR OWN SAFETY AND FINANCIAL WELL-BEING! Hello Property Adjusters and welcome to Spring Hail Season 2022. With all the current storm activity, chances are good that you are gainfully deployed but were you aware that Rope Access Certified Adjusters are typically the first and best choice for great IA companies like E.A. Renfroe, Crawford, Alacrity, Eberl and yes even Pilot. Give us a call to discuss how Reality Rope Access can get you Residential Rope Access certified and employed. Our training meets world-wide Rope Access Standards set by IRATA & SPRAT not that goofy sport climbing junk being pushed by our competitors. It’s no mystery why the best IA Employers and top ten Forensic Engineering Companies rely on our training for their roof inspections and no one else. (936) 537-6759


Rope Access IAs currently / perpetually in demand so get yourself registered for our October 20th class in Montgomery, Tx. (approx. 45min north of Houston). $400 with a 10% discount to all Alacrity, Renfroe and GRS Property Adjusters. There has NEVER been a better time to get "Authorized"!!!


Houston Tx area March 20th & April 21st...1-Day / 8hr formalized Residential Rope Access Training $320. Seven pitched roofing surfaces from 8/12 - 21/12, ground level to 46' in the air. Definitely NOT for everybody but a REAL game changer for those who can.


$320 8hr / 1 Day Residential Rope Access Training that meets minimum standards for all Rope & Harness specific assignments for any Company or Carrier. Join us for one of our scheduled classes (May 20th, June 6th, June 24th) OR schedule your own private $400/day training for tomorrow. See our website at

Photos from Reality Rope Access LLC's post 03/11/2019

Rope Access Certification Training Schedule:

March 26th - 27th
April 17th - 18th
May 22nd - 23rd

Real R&H training trusted and used by Farmers Ins., Haag Engineering, Rimkus Consulting, Donan, EFI Global, Allstate, GHD, E.A. Renfroe, Worley Co. ...

All classes held in Montgomery Texas (45 min North of Houston)

Call or text (936) 537-6759
Email [email protected]


Learn what real Certification as an "Authorized" Rope Access Worker can do for you with our latest training video:
Sign up for our Feb 20th - 21st or our Mar 26th - 27th class and receive a free copy of our 260 pg "OJT Catastrophe Adjuster Training Manual" ($100 value).


Five (5) Seats still available for our upcoming Pitched Roofing Specific Rope Access Certification for Property Claims Adjusters. Feel free to call (936) 537-6759 or view our website to obtain more information or register for any upcoming class.

Catastrophe Career Specialties LLC 07/12/2018

Catastrophe Career Specialties LLC

Hello Property Adjusters,
The all new 2018 Petzl "Rig" auto-locking rope descender is now available and without question the most valuable tool for Rope Access Pitched Roof Inspection. This newly improved device provides an automatic locking feature that allows a Rope & Harness Technician to secure their position anywhere along a lifeline for hands-free work w/o the need to manually engage a locking handle. Our testing concluded that ascending a rope with this new Rig is no different and as easy as its original version. Proper hand positioning (left hand on handle, right hand palm up for ascending and palm down for descending) is also the same with the only notable difference being that the users left hand is required to pull back on the spring loaded handle to load. Reality Rope Access LLC is located in Montgomery, TX (40 miles north of Houston) and is currently THE ONLY Pitched Roof Rope Access training and equipment provider with "Try It Before You Buy It" policy. Please feel free to take us up on this unique offer by calling us at (936) 537-6759 or schedule your Rope Access Certification Class at or our sister company .

Catastrophe Career Specialties LLC

Untitled album 07/12/2018

Untitled album

Untitled album 07/12/2018

Untitled album


“Two Minute Warning” video on how major Independent Adjuster Companies fool State Farm Insurance client into believing that their employees are adequately trained for safe access of even the steepest of Rfg systems.


Top 10 Things Independent Adjusters Should Know About
Rope & Harness Certification Training

1. No company wants their employees to get injured: Injuries and even fatalities are common and very costly (on many levels) to the Property Claims Industry. So costly in fact that many Insurance Carriers now believe that two-story and steep (7/12+) roof inspections are no longer a good risk for the majority of their staff Adjusters. Many Ins. Carriers today have decided to outsource the risk of two-story / steep roof inspection to either Ladder Assist or their Independent Partners.

2. There are approximately 6-8 different “Rope & Harness” style training programs available to Independent Property Claims Adjusters: AITech, Pilot, Eberl, EA Renfroe and Reality Rope Access make up five of the R&H providers available to IAs. All of these programs have value however, some deliver far more than others. HINT: Taking one of these classes does not make anyone a good critic on how these classes measure up to one another, much in the same way that someone who takes their first airline trip to Haiti or Hawaii or Cuba or Cabo San Lucas is a reliable source of information on choosing an ideal vacation destination.

3. Rope & Harness Training is NOT for everyone: DON’T let anyone lead you to believe that R&H specific roof inspection is for EVERYONE! Truth be told, only 10 – 15% of all IAs are truly predisposed for this type of work (i.e. perfect height to weight proportions, extremely comfortable at heights, deep capacity for understanding mechanics…), and another 20 – 25% (with the right approach) are capable of refining learned skills to the point of effectiveness. The majority of IAs are NOT what would be considered a “Good Risk” for reducing the frequency of height related injuries.

4. All R&H training classes take place over the course of One or Two Days: In all honesty, the ideal R&H training program would require around 40 hours to complete however, at this time the current market simply won’t allow it. Given the right setting, sixteen hours is barely enough time to build a very basic understanding of Knots, Harness Application, Anchor Selection (structural, weight based, & load shared), Anchor Deviation, Ascender Use, Descender Use, Fall Arrester Use, Ladder Safety, Tag Lines, Slope to Slope Transfer, Personal Protective Gear, Equipment Inspection, Ridge & Rope Protection, Static Belay Set-up / Double Anchor Systems, Pivot Lines / Single Anchor Systems, Self-Rescue and still have enough time to verify the successful transfer of information with critical skills testing. Eight hours is an extremely brief period of time to effectively prepare R&H workers for the field especially when the training program has upwards of twenty students yet only allows for just one or two climbers at a time.

5. All Rope & Harness Training Providers are compliant to federal OSHA standards yet very few meet State OSHA requirements: Essentially ALL R&H training providers are OSHA compliant at the Federal level, at least until someone is injured in which case that company would be in violation of the “General Duty” Clause (i.e. failure to provide for the safety of their employee). Under Federal OSHA Law, simple roof inspections are essentially exempt from standard Fall Protection regulation requirements. However, a growing number of State OSHA Laws require ALL employees to use either a Guardrail System, Perimeter Netting System or a Personal Fall Arrest System ANYTIME they are working more than 6 feet above ground level. HINT: If you doubt the growing importance of State OSHA compliance just ask Worley Co. about the fines they incurred during the Spring of 2015 in the state of Washington.

6. Although most people don’t realize it, there is a significant difference between “Sport Climbing” gear and “Rope Access” gear: “Sport Climbing” gear is designed around technique used by Rock Climbers who use their hands and feet to climb structure while “Rope Access” gear is designed to provide both fall protection and maximum access of a structure to climb rope and work hands-free of (i.e. w/o the need to hold onto) the equipment that secures them in place. Most R&H Training Providers (Pilot, Eberl, AITECH) rely heavily on the use of “Sport Climbing” gear which is a real problem when you consider that the manufacturer of this gear DOES NOT sanction or condone its use as such. Furthermore, “Sport Climbing” gear and technique is not compliant with OSHA 1926.5 regulation nor does it meet ANSI Z-351.8 standard for fall protection. Currently only two R&H training providers (EA Renfroe & Reality Rope Access) have adopted a full Rope Access training model. HINT: The easiest way to identify a program’s type of training is by the type of harness they employ. Rope Access requires a full body type harness with a built in “Croll” Chest Ascender and a minimum of two D-ring connectors (Central & Sternal).

7. “Certification” is a very loose term when applied to those who have successfully completed a Rope & Harness Training Program: Certification is defined as “an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement.” Most all R&H training “Certifications” provided by an IA company ONLY indicate that the Property Adjuster has achieved the ability to work for THIER company. These organizations meet few if any standards with respect to either Fall Protection or Rope Access. More comprehensive R&H training providers (i.e. the ones that provide training to individual IAs, IA Companies, Forensic Engineering Companies, Insurance Carriers, or any professional group that works on pitched roofing systems) must either comply to a worldwide accepted standard of achievement that include SPRAT, IRATA, OSHA, ANSI, EN or they will simply be forced out of the market place. HINT: If you would like to learn more about an actual comprehensive pitched roof specific Rope Access certification plan then take a few minutes to visit .

8. All (or at least most) Rope & Harness Instructors have extensive knowledge about the Property Claims Industry yet very few hold the title of “Competent Instructor” for either the “Fall Protection” or “Rope Access” fields of study: IAs will no doubt benefit from a R&H Instructor with a vast array of experience of using rope systems to inspect two-story / steep roofing systems however, this is far from all that is required of a good trainer. A “Competent Trainer” for anything related to either Fall Protection or Rope Access should be able to demonstrate accreditation from at least one certifying body and have obtained a minimum of forty hours of supervised experience engaging students in the training process.

9. Not all Rope & Harness Training venues are created equal: There is a vast difference between R&H training providers with respect to their investments in their training site assets. Remember folks that this unique type of training requires a hands-on experiential approach well beyond that which can be achieved in a classroom setting. Some R&H training settings are literally a pile of dirt used to climb and rappel from, others include a single pitched mock up slope, a single surface on a hydraulic jack, a flat roofing structure, a portable slope on a 20’ trailer, or a single slope on the side of somebody’s home… None of these types of settings make for an ideal or even good learning experience because they do not provide the depth of diversity required within the field they are intended to relate. Good training venues should limit their class size to no more than that which they can engage in physical activity at the same time to maximize the learning potential of the class. They should also accommodate the appropriate setting to use single and two-story ladders, incorporate tag-lines to set climbing ropes over a two-story structure, include slope to slope transfers on a variety of different pitches, provide attendees the situation to build and use Pivot Lines AND allow students to demonstrate their capacity to self-rescue… HINT: Don’t expect a whole lot out of any program that does not display pictures or videos of their training site or process.

10. Some Harness Training Providers will NOT provide you with a printable certificate following successful completion of their program: Most IA Companies WILL NOT provide you with any documentation of a completed R&H training because they do not want their attendees using the training that they provided, to go to work for another IA company.

In conclusion I would reiterate that all available R&H training programs have value but there is a tangible difference between the categories of Good, Better and Best So Choose Carefully:
A Good R&H Training Program will at very least provide an IA with a few tricks for using sport climbing gear to complete a rope assisted roof inspection.
A Better R&H Training Program will provide an IA with everything a “Good” program can AND is approved by the IA Company that person intends to work for.
The Best R&H Training Program will incorporate the very latest information, tools and technique for using Rope Access gear that comply with State OSHA requirements, provide you with a certification document AND are approved by multiple IA Companies for Two-Story / Steep specific work assignments.


Well folks, it’s official, today’s roof claim inspection practice has finally caught up with tomorrow as an estimated 15% of all drone use is associated with the Insurance Claim Industry.
Use benefits are reported to include:
a) Safety – less humans walking roof systems directly correlate to fewer injuries and fatalities.
b) Efficiency – increased roof system inspection capability per Property Adjuster.
c) Cost Effectiveness – increased production plus fewer injuries and fatalities equals lower operating expenses.

…but don’t retire your Cougar Paws just yet, at least not until we examine the facts:
First the Bad News for Drone Use:
1. Drones today are relatively inexpensive with an initial price tag of around $1000.00 but when you include camera, roof surface estimation software and four-day UAS (Unmanned Air Systems) Operator Certification training that number jumps to $3,500.00 - $4,500.00 (i.e. more than twice the dollar investment of Rope Access equipment with two-day Certification training).
2. Drones CANNOT accurately detect or display “Wind Lift” (arguably the most common form of damage to composition shingles) without the assistance of a human hand.
3. Drone based inspections drastically increase consumer demand for re-inspections. Remember folks that the collective Roofing Sales force within our country is not altogether ignorant and they are already exploiting the Achilles heel of this process. If you believe that any roof denial reinspection will find said Adjuster and Contractor side by side ground level looking at a four-inch screen…guess again. Insurance Carriers that deny roof claims based on drone data alone and do not offer a human touch reinspection at the request of their insureds will rapidly see their cost savings disappear in litigation expenses.
4. Nobody can accurately predict where new and already proposed legislation on the commercial use of drones is going as the full negative consequences of their wide spread use is yet to be discovered. The first drone that collides with a commercial passenger airliner whether intentional or not (an event that is becoming more likely by the day) will ignite a cry for massive restrictions that politicians will be unable to ignore.

Now the Good News for Drone Use:
1. Drone based inspections offer an excellent solution for reducing operating costs and rates for injuries and fatalities, at least for those roofing systems that display obvious covered loss damage that justify total roof replacement visible from a bird’s eye view. Overlooking the odd exception, most Policyholder’s do not contest inspection findings that indicate total roofing replacement by the carrier is in order.
2. Drone based inspections are an excellent solution for documenting damage to tile roofing systems, slate roofing systems, aluminum shake roofing systems and any other type of roofing system easily damaged by the weight imposed by the human foot.
3. Drone based inspections will be a lucrative skill to a select group of Property adjusters who are willing to obtain their UAS Operators Certification, possess and maintain equipment and skills relevant to the practice, keep current with new regulations to come AND (most importantly) effectively market their skillset to the Property Claims Industry.

In conclusion I would concur that the use of Unmanned Air Systems are more than likely a permanent practice within the Property Claims Industry that will continue to grow into areas where we never thought possible. Even so, beware the biased opinions from those who have an interest in either their future development or imminent demise (e.g. people like me who operate a Pitched Roof Rope Access certification program). Only time will tell whether human hands or human drone operators will end up with the lion’s share of demand, so you can debate the merits of my convictions if you must. However, there is little debate over the fact those who fall into the category of willing and genetically predisposed to do both will have a very bright future.
WANTED: UAS Certification Trainer to develop, market and run Drone Based Inspection Program on 4ac Houston based training site for Reality Rope Access LLC.

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Descending the 2112. A tribute to my favorite RUSH album.





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