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Salustri Piano Studio, LLC. provides private piano instruction for ages 5 through adult. Over 20 years of experience, and a fun approach to learning.

Thank you for your interest in Salustri Piano Studio, LLC! I have been performing and teaching piano to children and adults for over 20 years. I have both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in piano performance. I teach students at all levels and abilities, including children with special needs. Here are some information regarding my approach with various age levels:

Young Children: I include a lot

Operating as usual


My heart is full!! So proud of all my students for a wonderful evening of music! Please post photos and videos here!
So excited to start new music this week!!


This is so cool!

Did you know that a 3-year old (top left image) and a 6-year old (top right image) have significantly different skeletal structure in their hands?! Notice the bones in the wrist of the 3-year old -- many of them are still mostly cartilage! Look at all the spaces in between the bones where muscles and tendons will change through the years. Even the difference between a 6-year old and a 14-year old (lower right) is huge!

Preschoolers have SO much development to do before they can write the way school-aged children or adults can!

Please do NOT stress if your preschooler does not want to write or draw. Some love it and some don't.

While they are growing, strengthen those little bones and muscles! Here are some great pre-writing, muscle-strengthening activities:

* painting, drawing, coloring
* playdough
* tearing and cutting
* gluing
* poking holes in things (try toothpicks and paper!)
* digging in dirt
* building with LEGOS, marble runs, or other blocks
* beading (try beads, cut straws, or even bobbins!)
* puzzles
* squeezing (try stress balls, squeezing water in a sponge, or using a pipette)
* picking up and throwing balls (use different sizes!)
* playing with toys (watch what their little fingers do when they pick up and move little cars, marbles, action figures, etc!)
These all strengthen and help develop little hands, muscles, and bones. When they are physically ready to write, it will be so much easier than if they were pushed when they didn't want to and weren't ready!

Photos from Salustri Piano Studio, LLC.'s post 03/20/2022

Such a proud day today! Brady as Troy in High School Musical Jr, then Tim as Willard in Footloose! You were both awesome!!!

97-year-old pianist, and last surviving pupil of Rachmaninov, signs landmark record deal 03/10/2022

97-year-old pianist, and last surviving pupil of Rachmaninov, signs landmark record deal

How often do I tell my students that music is something they will still be able to do when they’re 97?!

97-year-old pianist, and last surviving pupil of Rachmaninov, signs landmark record deal Former child prodigy and the last-living pupil of Sergei Rachmaninov, pianist Ruth Slenczynska celebrates her astonishing nine-decade long career with a new album.


Ha!!! I love this!!!


Students! Piano Maestro has a summer camp feature right now! Check it out!!


Do any of my students have a bird?? I had several growing up. They loved the piano.


Music director, Meet Me in St. Louis at Masuk High School this weekend!


IN PERSON lessons begin today!!! Remember to please wait in your car for me to come out for you. This will allow my previous student to leave, and give me a chance to clean the piano keys. Also, please pull over to one side of the driveway, not the middle. Can't wait to see everyone!!!!! Don't forget to bring your books/music!


The Boogie Woogie Twins

This will get your morning started!!!


Ha! How many of you can relate??!! (A teacher friend of mine shared this with me).


Be sure to watch all the way to the end! 😯


I mention to my students all the time that learning an instrument is a gift they’ll have their whole lives! “You’ll never regret working hard at this”!


Our fall semester is going GREAT! Here’s some great tips for parents.


Fall piano lesson info (all online) was sent out via email today to currently enrolled students. Students that began this summer can choose their lesson day/time starting this Monday. If you received my email, contact me asap to get the day/time of your choice!


Julius (Phish Cover)

Please excuse the bragging, but I'm just so proud of my former student, Chaz Bethel-Brescia, singing lead in the middle of this video. He studied piano with me through middle and high school, and plays a bunch of other instruments (all quite well). He's now at Princeton continuing to do great things!

Question: why do pianos have 88 keys? 03/28/2020

Question: why do pianos have 88 keys?

World Piano Day! Go play!

Question: why do pianos have 88 keys? A standard piano has 88 keys: 52 white and 36 black. But who decided this number would be the norm, and why?


Online lessons are going GREAT! Thank you to everyone for being so flexible! Just imagine with all this time at home how much they can learn! Get on those instruments every day!!!


This weekend we're working on setting up e-lessons. That means for the time being, students that are interested will be able to have FaceTime/Skype or Zoom lessons. The studio will be closed to in-person lessons. I'll be in touch!


Happy Thanksgiving!!


I absolutely love this! Parents, please read!!!


It's getting spooky in the piano studio! Practice those fun Halloween pieces!!


Parent support goes sooooooo far!

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