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Fat! What lies have been sold to you!? 02/16/2023

Aah, the start of our nutrition journey..
Im analyzing Dr. Sten Ekbergs' video on the inate problem in our societal standards in nutritional information..

Fat! What lies have been sold to you!? Today Im commenting on Dr. Sten Ekbergs YT video and Im giving my insight on whats going on. I hope you enjoy!

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Meet some of the brilliant minds teaching the Cutting Edge Insights Group...

Dr. Andrew Huberman
Jocko Willink
Dr. Jordan Peterson
Wim Hof
Dr. Sten Ekberg

Each person with a unique value, all here at Cutting Edge Insights..


What Alcohol Does to Your Body, Brain & Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #86 08/28/2022

Casual Drinking and why it can change you.🍺

When alcohol is ingested it is absorbed into the blood and will arrive at the brain.

🧠When inside the brain, Alcohol begins to suppress the Prefrontal Cortex, a part of the brain that controls Thinking, Planning, and the suppression of Impulsive behavior. Typically the Prefrontal Cortex provides “Top Down Inhibition” in which it releases GABA onto parts of the brain that involve Impulsive Behavior and Thought patterns.

As the Prefrontal Cortex shuts down, the GABA suppression starts to slow down or stop. Which means people start to say or do things without thinking.🤡

It also tends to affect people's decision making skills. A scenario of “I could do decision A or I can do decision B.”. This function is inhibited and whatever comes to the mind first is what comes out.

🔑The most important thing to know is when your brain is suppressed by alcohol it changes the physical connections that control habitual behavior in that Prefrontal Cortex location. So a literal growth of neural circuits in the brain that lead to impulses while simultaneously reducing connections that control impulsive behavior.

This means even the Days AFTER drinking, the brain is more primed to be Impulsive and have less control over Impulses. This effect will no doubetdly compound over time.

⏰However, these changes are reversible after a period of abstinence of alcohol. The typical time to revert to normal is anywhere from 2-6 Months for people who may have been drinking for a couple years. Other people who have been drinking for a lot of their life will see some repair, but it may take longer or won't fully return to normal.

These long lasting effects are most prominent in people who have 1-2 drinks per night or 7-14 drinks per week. Although this can occur even with people who only drink Fridays, or Saturdays, but have 3-4 or more drinks on the day they drink.

I’d like to note that this knowledge isn’t meant to scare anyone, it’s to allow a thoughtful approach to a little discussed topic.

This is only the first part of my breakdown on Alcohol, expect more in the future!😁

My Source:

What Alcohol Does to Your Body, Brain & Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #86 In this episode, I discuss the physiological effects that drinking alcohol has on the brain and body at different levels of consumption and over time. I also...

Using Failures, Movement & Balance to Learn Faster | Huberman Lab Podcast #7 07/19/2022

“More Plasticity = Faster, Better, Deeper Learning.”🧠

If you believe you would benefit from accelerated Learning or need an excuse to finish that difficult project, take a look below.

I believe it would be beneficial if we could learn those skills we've wanted to do faster, easier, and more efficiently.

How does one Accelerate Learning❓ Neural Plasticity

For anyone without a background in science, Neural Plasticity is a state your brain goes into when trying to adapt to new stimuli aka Learning!

⭐️WHAT TO DO to stimulate Neural Plasticity (Straightforward ways to access States of Plasticity)
⚡️Learn a new motor movement (Handstand, Free throws, drawing, dancing)

⚡️Do something that challenges you to the point of making mistakes (Frustration and Uncomfortableness is a sign its working)

Once you do anything difficult for ~10 Minutes Neural Plasticity will be activated and you will be primed and ready for Learning ANYTHING.

⏰The state of Neural Plasticity lasts about 90 Minutes, for those 90 Minutes Skill learning will be greatly accelerated. Whether that be, Learning a Language, a Sport, Mathematics, a Musical instrument. I put an emphasis on ANYTHING because the neurochemicals are not specific to a task, they simply Cause your Brain to Change in any way necessary.

- 🔥BEFORE You should be in a state of Alertness, but calm. (If you’re tired, try the Wim Hof Method, I have a post about that below.)
- 💪AFTER It’s best to go walk, run, exercise, or sit in your thoughts. (All of these have shown to improve Plasticity)
- 🌑FINALLY Get a good night's sleep for ensuring maximal Retention. (Sleep is the brain's way of Storing Information of the prior day)

“Plasticity is a state of the nervous system. It’s not just geared towards the thing you’re trying to learn. Motor movements are the most straightforward way to access states of plasticity, and that could be for the sake of learning specific motor movements, or the sake of accessing plasticity more generally.”🧐

Let me know about your experience with this groundbreaking technique in the comments below!

Using Failures, Movement & Balance to Learn Faster | Huberman Lab Podcast #7 In this episode, I discuss how we can use specific types of behavior to change our brain, both for sake of learning the movements themselves and for allowing...

Pure 40 HZ Binaural Beats: The Frequency for FOCUS, MEMORY, and CONCENTRATION 07/14/2022

3 Ways Your Brain’s Cognitive Function is Enhanced with 1 Simple Step.

1) Faster Reaction Time, for all you speed walkers out there.

2) Improved Verbal Recall, for your “It's on the tip of my tongue.” Moments

3) Increased Memory, For all of my posts you're going to absorb, Obviously

I don’t believe I need to state why these will help you, but for anyone skeptical. Don’t take my word for it. (I didn’t do the research myself anyways). Check out my last post where Andrew Huberman talks about these effects pulled from studies.

(It’s a short video, you could even watch it on break and listen to the beat with time left for your usual routine.)

Pure 40 HZ Binaural Beats: The Frequency for FOCUS, MEMORY, and CONCENTRATION When two tones of slightly different frequencies are played in separate ears simultaneously (through headphones), the human brain perceives the creation of a...

THE SCIENCE OF 40 Hz | with Dr. Andrew Huberman 07/14/2022

Heard of Binaural Beats❓

Andrew Huberman is a well-known Neuroscientist and Professor mainly known for his wealth of knowledge on an array of subjects directly tied to health and wellness.

His take on Binaural Beats piqued my interest specifically on Cognitive Function 🧠🔥

✅ Increased Memory
✅ Faster Reaction Time
✅ Improved Verbal Recall

If you're looking for an alternative to passing time rather than music or swiping through your phone, then I would highly recommend that you take a look at this short clip on Binaural Beats. ‼️VITAL INFORMATION‼️ Watch to 1:30 its Important.

Have you ever listened to Binaural Beats? How did it affect you? Let me know in the comments, I’m interested in what you think.

THE SCIENCE OF 40 Hz | with Dr. Andrew Huberman This sound changes your brain in 30 minutes.Dr. Andrew Huberman: episode:✅ http...


Where do you go when you meditate?

Let me know in the comments...


“Someday is not a day of the week.”

Here is my at home setup for a special knee workout I have been trying. I found a way to walk backwards with resistance using some workout bands, a chair, and some weights to hold it all in place.

Why I did it:

I can use my equipment without breaking it.

It’s a great exercise made at home without the need for a membership or extra equipment.

It gets the Job done. 10 minutes into the workout and my legs are burning!


It allowed me to do that workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

“I’ll start that knee exercise sometime after I get the equipment.”...


The Alchemist changed my entire vision of the world…

This book reconnected me to the world where I was lost.

Now that I see what this book has shown me, I cannot unsee the truth behind it…

Never have I felt so much motivation to chase what is mine and finally capture my personal legend.

I now know what Paulo Coelho meant about the language of the world.

Read this book to find your revelation.


Hello everyone, I just wanted to help clarify what this pages’ goal is.

To put it simply, I will post about things that I find interesting and that I have already begun practicing in order to better myself Mentally and Physically which will lead into Professionally.


For a more in depth explanation, I want to use this page as a way to spread positive energy to people looking to find ways to better themselves. I want you to be able to find helpful information about making gains in any part of your life without having to scour the internet for that, you can leave that to me.

Again, everything I post is already in practice by myself and I would not put anything on here that I tried and found to be risking, even if some of the things I do share here seem intimidating like the breathing exercise. They are not meant to scare you. Although there are some safety implementations that you must follow carefully in a very small portion of my content, such as the breathing exercise.

Everything you need to know about safety is within the videos, or within the descriptions of said videos. I want the best for anyone looking to improve themselves and ideally do not want anyone going in reverse as a result of trying a technique I share.

I would also like to share that I do appreciate feedback from anyone who tries what I post even if it is a critical examination of what I believe works. If you find anything I post to be risky or what not, feel free to share your thoughts with me, I’d like to know if there are any misunderstandings between all of you and myself.
I’m glad I'm on this journey with all of you and I hope for the best for anyone to visit here.

Take care everybody and remember to Stay Mindful.

What Happens During Wim Hof Breathing? 06/30/2022

It just may be an Omen that was put in front of me (I just finished “The Alchemist”), but with this video that came up on my feed from someone I already follow, I needed to share it.

I jumped on youtube and the first thing in my feed is Dr. Sten Ekberg, a person I watch for all sorts of health knowledge such as fasting or nutrition. Lo and Behold he had a video on the critiques of Wim Hof, the man I posted about just the other day.

No this was not orchestrated although it would’ve been a nice play by me hah. I just wanted to show all of you this video to put some science behind the Breathing technique I showed previously and there's some extra goodies in the video for Cold Plunges as well.

Anyways, If you happen to try anything in the video I would love to know how you reacted!
Let us all know with some feedback in the comments.

Stay Mindful everyone, hope y'all have a great evening

What Happens During Wim Hof Breathing? Wim Hof breathing is popular but no one tells you what truly happens in your body when you do the Iceman's breathing technique. Plus get most of the same ben...

Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing 06/30/2022

Healing that's a breath away

You may have heard of someone Known as the “Ice Man”. His actual name is Wim Hof and he has been known to do crazy feats with his body such as running the length of a desert with no water and CLIMBING Mnt. Everest IN HIS SHORTS!

I got the chance to look into what he does to prepare for these events and he says it is all in his Breathing. I’ve been following along and practicing some of his techniques and this video is one that I watch and practice DAILY. This is less of a meditation technique and more of a practice to see what your body is capable of. I think this has helped me dramatically with my confidence and helps clarify what we are actually capable of. Take a look at the video, there is nothing but value here.

Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing Before practicing the breathing exercises please watch this Safety Video first - more info on the Wim Hof Brea...

Photos from Jordan Clement's post 06/23/2022

Do you want to see what I drive to space? Its not too fancy but you can travel to anywhere with meditation.


A warm reminder for you 🆒


I never thought I would have taken advice from an old man in the corner of a barber shop.
I sat in my chair waiting for the barber to call me up while I made sudden eye contact with a stranger who had a wise old beard.
I initiated greetings towards him and with an additional “How is your day going?”. Poised, he said “My day has been incredible.”.
With a quaint answer I question him on how that came to be with the response of “Nothing bad has happened so far!”. I responded with a smile, “Fair enough.”.
Later on I came to the conclusion that his response held more weight than I initially gave it. To this mysterious old man, every day that came his way began inherently positive. How valuable would your day be if every time you woke up you were already having an incredible day?
And, this, folks, has become something I live by. What’s your top life lesson? Let me know in the comments below.


Discipline or Regret?

Discipline will bring you pain immediately but it’s a trade. You are trading the now for the promise of a better future and you just might get it when used correctly.
Regret can be elusive for quite a long time but it is also a trade. You are trading the future for the now, in the promise that today is going to be better than the days ahead. That just might be the case, if used irresponsibly.

On a less serious note, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all because I have been taking this idea into account for the past few days and I have to say I am enjoying the hard work much more than I have in the past. Although it is very tough, because I am not used to working at such a high level all the time. This idea is pushing me to find ways to fight through the immediate pain but, I believe I am doing it in a way where the ends justify the means.

Stay Strong, stay Mindful, stay in the Present moment.
Have a great night everyone.

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