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Mineola Historical Society


Please join us on April 11, 2021, as we remember and learn. Pre-registration is required. This will be a ZOOM event.
Something to look forward to is the mounting of a memorial plaque at the Little League Field hopefully on opening day in 2021 to commemorate the site of Long Island's first orphanage. ......keep an eye out for this event. More later.
If you feel there should be a historical marker placed someplace in the village send your suggestion to the Historical Society. Donations for the purchase of the markers are always welcome and are tax deductible.
What was the name of the service station on the corner of East 2nd Street & Roslyn Road? Does anyone have any pictures of what it looked like. It was demolished in 1981/2 for the Industrial building for Dover Publications.
Eleanor Woodruff (1891–1980)
Eleanor Woodruff was born September 21, 1891, in Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania to George (1863-1937) and Harriet Woodruff (1867-1959). Her father, of Scottish ancestry on his mother's side, was a grocer in Towanda in 1900. Harriet Little Woodruff's father was a prominent Bradford County lawyer, and his daughter was equally ... See full bio »
Born: September 12, 1891 in Towanda, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: October 7, 1980 (age 89) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA according to wiki When he returned from the Pacific tour, Baldwin began testing a new airplane at Mineola, New York. The new aircraft was similar to the basic Curtiss Pusher design but was constructed of steel tubing instead of wood. The aircraft was constructed by C. and A. Wittemann of Staten Island, New York, and was powered by a 60 horsepower (45 kW), Hall-Scott V-8. It was capable of 60 mph (97 km/h). Baldwin named his new aircraft the "Red Devil III", and thereafter each of his designs would be called a "Baldwin Red Devil". Tony Jannus flew actress Julia Bruns in a Red Devil on October 12, 1913, in a New York Times Derby.
I am a local author who recently published an article on the history of Dover Publications. I am still looking to speak to anyone with first hand knowledge as I continue my research. Do not hesitate to message me, and hope you enjoy reading.
This is the painting of the Sunrise Special
The Levittown Historical Society will give a presentation at the Mineola Historical Society Meeting this coming Tuesday. President Paul Manton is giving the presentation in Mineola, but I'll be there, too! Can't take the Mineola out of me! November 26th, 7:00 PM.
Researching book on 1919 transcontinental air race, which started from Hazelhurst Field in Mineola. Does anyone know where I can find copies of the Nassau County Gazette, or perhaps other community newspapers that might have covered the event? Thanks
Hello. I'm a former Washington Post reporter now working on a book about the 1919 transcontinental air race, which got underway at Hazelhurst (formerly Roosevelt) Field in Mineola on Oct. 8, 1919. I'm also an amateur pilot, and next month I'll be retracing the route on my two-seat light sport aircraft. I'll be doing research along the way, starting in Mineola. I'm posting here in hopes that someone in your historical society might be able to direct to any good local resources on the history of the airfield and perhaps the race itself. You can read more about the project at www.1919airrace.com, which includes social media links if you care to follow my progress. Thanks in advance for any help! John
Would anyone know where this picture is taken in Mineola? My guess would be Willis and Clinton Avenues.
The intersection of Jericho Turnpike and Roslyn Rd looking north from 1950. On the right side of the older picture is the old Frame Chevrolet building, which years later became Entenmann's. It has since been demolished and the new Walgreen's was constructed there.
I would love it if you posted more photos and history. Do you do walks or tours? In my community the Historical Society does annual tour and monthly talks. I grew up in Mineola. I never knew where or if there was an orginial cemetery. Is there one?

The Mineola Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of the history of our village. The Society is a non-profit voluntary association.

Organized in 1988 with the avowed purpose of "discovering, collecting, preserving and publishing" matters of local history. We are a repository for many Mineola pictures, books, articles and memorabilia.

Operating as usual


1910 - 2021 LIRR Substation Walk Through

Here is a follow up to our post on the loss of the Historical Substation that generated over 2500 views. Take a walk from the roof down two sets of spiral staircases to the basement floor. The substation was standing strong after 111 years serving the LIRR as a power facility and employee facility. It was knocked down for a pickup drop off area rather then being preserved and incorporated into the new station design.

Photos from Mineola Historical Society's post 03/09/2021

Unfortunately today we lost a historical 111 year old building at the location of Mineola’s original train station. LIRR Substation #8 was one of the last remaining buildings eligible to be a historical landmark in Mineola. As many of you know the society wanted to see this building persevered and incorporated into the redesign of our historical station. This building was standing strong after 111 years and is not in the path of the proposed third track. Instead it is being demolished for a “kiss and drop” area along the tracks. The society believes this drop off area could have been built in front of the substation on the old Hempstead Branch Row.

The society is now working with the project to preserve bricks and the keystones from the Substation. We will also look to incorporate a historical replica of the Hempstead Branch tracks that once laid in this area. The site is eligible for a NYS Marker for the Hempstead Branch.


Unfortunately, we announce our disappointment with the MTA LIRR Third Track Project. A project we believe was needed for improvements. However, there has been no effort to work with us to preserve as much as we can of the Historical buildings they are demolishing. The society was promised tours of all 3 buildings they are demolishing. We were told we can request what we would like to inquire and preserve during these tours. Today the South Station House was demolished and we were never given the opportunity to photograph it and potentially request items in or of the building.

Additionally, they have not responded to our letters or emails. We have not been able to give them the petition many of you signed at the Mineola Street Fair.. we will reach out once again in an effort for items we are interested in for the Nassau Tower. And the saving of the Brick Substation that is not in the path of the Third Track. 


Mineola Historical Society

July 2019

First run of News 12 coverage of our continued push for preserving Nassau Tower and the Brick Substation. In 1991 our Society offered to buy the Nassau Tower. It’s also stated that the village and railroad should preserve the Tower in the VOM Master Plan!


Yesterday Members of the society Tom Murtha, Mike Marinak, Tom Redmond and Oyster Bay Railroad Museum secretary Gary Farkash worked on restoring the Nassau Tower Switch Board by reattaching the original timers the society has had in storage. The society is looking to continue its efforts to  minimize the historical loss at Mineola Station. The Nassau Tower is unfortunately slated to be demolished by the third track project. In prior proposals and stated in the Village of Mineola Master Plan the tower was to be moved and restored.


Open House 1-4pm today!

[09/22/19]   Thank you to everyone that Signed the Petition for Nassau Tower, Brick Substation & South Station House at the Mineola Street Fair today! We reached nearly 100 Signatures 94 to be exact!

Thank you to everyone that shares our posts that made that happen.

If you were unable to make the Street Fair and would like to sign here is how you can.

Monday September 23rd 7pm - 9pm at the Mineola Historical Society Meeting at the Society

Sunday September 29th 1pm - 4pm at the Mineola Historical Society Open House at the Society


Happening Now!


Mineola Historical Society

Position is available to Sign at the Mineola Street Fair. Come find our tent!

First run of News 12 coverage of our continued push for preserving Nassau Tower and the Brick Substation. In 1991 our Society offered to buy the Nassau Tower. It’s also stated that the village and railroad should preserve the Tower in the VOM Master Plan!


Available to Sign today from 10am to 5pm!

Available to sign tomorrow at the Mineola Street Fair! Come on down and find our tent to sign!


Available to sign tomorrow at the Mineola Street Fair! Come on down and find our tent to sign!


Mineola American front cover #SaveNassauTower great article by our local paper!


First run of News 12 coverage of our continued push for preserving Nassau Tower and the Brick Substation. In 1991 our Society offered to buy the Nassau Tower. It’s also stated that the village and railroad should preserve the Tower in the VOM Master Plan!


News 12 Long Island with Society president Tom Murtha on Main Street! Covering the potential loss of Nassau Tower, Brick Substation and the South Station House.

newsday.com 07/25/2019

Preservationists eye saving Mineola LIRR buildings

newsday.com The Long Island Rail Road plans to demolish three of its older buildings in Mineola as part of the third track expansion project, but the village historical society is trying to convince officials not


Here is the letter we filed with the Long Island Rail Road Expansion Project today! We will be taking signatures for a community petition that the Project should reconsider the decision to demolish the buildings in the most recent plans. This will be available at the Mineola Street Fair at the Society Tent!


Earlier today members of the Society took a trip on the LIRR from Mineola to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum including President Thomas Murtha. Thank you for the tour by OBRM members. We also attended the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society - Long Island Chapter meeting at the station undergoing renovation for the OBRMuseum. In the Museum yard was Caboose 50 that was displayed in Memorial Park for the Village Centennial in 2006 and levers from the Nassau Tower! Here are some photos from today’s trip.


Did you know the old Brick Substation on Main Street was once surrounded by Railroad tracks? Built in 1910 and was attached to the original Tower by a wooden bridge before the derailment on New Years Eve in 1922. The Hempstead Branch once connected to the Main Line and the Oyster Bay Branch. This location was home to original Station as well!


Mineola Railroad Museum - Proposed

On this day December 31, 1922 a freight train derailed in front of the 1890-era brick "MT" tower at Mineola. The block operator was seated at the chair visible in the upper left-hand corner of the structure. At that time, there was a second floor back door and wooden connecting bridge between the tower and the 2nd floor of the LIRR's electric sub-station behind it. You can make out the doorway and part of the wooden handrails just to the right of the operators chair. The operator ran out the rear tower door and into the LIRR substation, probably saving his life. When the freight car was pulled out of the structure, the tower collapsed. This image was probably shot the next day after the freight car was removed. Either a lineman or the block operator has climbed the telegraph pole between the tower and the Mineola depot to keep communications open. The current tower was built shortly thereafter and placed in service on April 25, 1923, retaining, for the time being, the call letters of "MT." (Joseph Burt photograph) Archive: Art Huneke Info: Dave Keller

From http://www.trainsarefun.com


Merry Christmas!


Mineola Railroad Museum - Proposed

Weekly Throwback Thursday's provided by the Mineola Historical Society​! "Steam Engine #24 Chugs West past Nassau Tower from the Oyster Bay Branch (June 1955)"!

[09/29/18]   Open House Tomorrow!
1pm -4pm See you there!


Come see what we're all about this Sunday!


Next meeting on April 24th.

All Meetings are the last Tuesday of the Month at 7:30pm (except July and August - unless otherwise posted)

[09/12/16]   Reminder: our next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 27th at 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there!

[06/13/16]   Our last monthly meeting until September will be on June 28th at 7:30 at the Historical Society Building.


Oldest footage of New York City ever

You might want to mute the music but for all of us interested in history, we thought you might like this!

https://www.facebook.com/yestervid https://twitter.com/yestervid Oldest and most incredible footage of New York City ever, including where the WTC would be b...


#flashbackfriday - Exterior Front of White Fortress on the north side of Old Country Road, west of main St. ca. 1930s

Remembering When 06/18/2015

In and around Mineola

In and around Mineola


The year was 1939 - Earl and Inez Van Horn, owners of the Mineola Skating Rink are pictured here. The Mineola skating rink was open from July 2, 1934 until August. 17, 1960.

[05/27/15]   Last night, Susan Sarna from Sagamore Hill National Historic Site gave a detailed presentation regarding the restoration of Theodore Roosevelt's home. It was a fantastic presentation and we had a great turn out for our meeting this month.

We'd like to give provide a huge thank you to Fat Guy Media who graciously loaned us a digital projector for the evening!

Hopefully we'll see more of you at our meeting in June!

[05/18/15]   Susan Sarna will join us on 5/26/15 at 7:30pm to discuss rehabilitating the former home of Theodore Roosevelt Roosevelt at Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. #mineolahistory #mineolany


Presented to the Village of Mineola from France in 1949 through the Good Will Train. This is the corresponding document regarding the doll.

facebook.us10.list-manage1.com 05/12/2015

Mineola Historical Society Newsletter

Please help preserve the history of your community..! Get involved and stay informed....

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We're looking for some help.... We've got a little "Who am I?" to play.. Does anyone happen to know who is in photo and or when it might have been taken? #mineolahistory

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1910 - 2021 LIRR Substation Walk Through
First run of News 12 coverage of our continued push for preserving Nassau Tower and the Brick Substation. In 1991 our So...





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