Little Sunshine Music Studio

Little Sunshine Music Studio


There are two incredible businesses I want to share about this morning - Little Sunshine Music Studio and The Lazy Daisy Gift Store.

I love Little Sunshine Music Studio for a number of reasons - it’s clean, flexible (indoor and outdoor classes), has classes for my 3 and 6 year olds and gives them things I can’ 🎵 music. I have art covered but music is another story! AND many of the classes are drop off...I can run to Starbucks and enjoy peace and quiet and a latte 😍

You’ve heard me talk about my experiences with the Lazy Daisy over the last 4 years and it’s just the best. Great place to be a vendor and HELLO - she’s hiring 🤩. If you’ve ever been in one of the shops you can only imagine how fun it would be to work there! ❤️❤️
We had a BLAST visiting the NEW LOCATION!! It is absolutely beautiful! We can’t wait for classes to start up again in September! Thank you Mrs. Pam for such a fantastic day! 🎶 ❤️🎉
REAL LIFE's restaurant and small business week!
Little Sunshine Music Studio may be closed physically, but they are just as active and can help keep your littles moving!!!! Daily online classes of music, movement, dancing, and more are available via their page! Click over there to see what they have and mark your calendar! Your kids will love it and maybe (just maybe) you will a breather for a minute while they entertain them and help them work some energy out!

This week, REAL LIFE is honored to highlight and recognize restaurants and small businesses that have helped and supported our Gala through silent auction donations.
Thank you Little Sunshine Music Studio. We miss you all so much.! 💙
Savannah and I have attended 3 classes with Ms. Pam in the 1-2 year old class. Savannah is really enjoying it and I’m surprised at how much she is learning and absorbing already. Last week we were on FaceTime with my dad outside and he heard the birds chirping. He said “Savannah, do you hear the birds” and was was able to sign “bird” back to him. I was shocked that she remembered and was able to put the sound of the birds chirping back to the sign she had been seeing/learning during class. We are looking forward to more classes and can’t wait to learn more with the help of music! 🎶🎵
Loving kindermusic at home!!!
We are so excited to be able to see Miss Pam and join the Kindermusik classes again! Story times and music are giving Kate something to look forward to everyday. Thank you Little Sunshine for doing all of this.
Thank you! Little Sunshine Music Studio is the best! ♥️❤️
So much fun!
So much fun today at
Thank you so much for supporting our school through generous donations to our Family Fun Night raffle:

* Mexico Restaurant (Hull St)
* Mid-Atlantic RV Expo
* Little Sunshine Music Studio
* University of Richmond Athletics
* G-Force Karts
❤️Giveaway time❤️

I am beyond excited for the new and old designs for the Thursday, 9/26 workshop at 6:30 at Little Sunshine Music Studio! So excited that I’m giving away ONE FREE registration 🙌🙌 for the serving tray, lazy susan or wall hanging design (valued at $46).

For one entry:
👉🏼 Tag someone who should know about this workshop. One entry per person.

Winner will be chosen Sunday - 9/22 at 8pm and contacted over messenger. If you have already registered and you win, your registration will be refunded. to register for the workshop.

We are here to help your child grow using our Award Winning Kindermusik classes, our Top ranked Birthday Parties, our specialized classes and more.

Little Sunshine Music Studio teaches award winning Kindermusik classes to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We also provide full inclusive Birthday party packages and monthly events.

Operating as usual


Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday and Monday classes! We can't wait to see those costumes!


**Shape Vocab TIP**: Trace a clearly shaped object (like a non-breakable plate) with your finger. Say the shape out loud: ""This is a circle!"" Take baby's finger, and trace and name the shape together. We LOVE doing this with instruments like the musical shapes bell!


It's National Dessert Day. Which is your favorite? This or That?

Ms.Pam votes cupcake!


Sometimes, little ones get stuck on certain tasks and have trouble shifting gears. Early activities that enhance cognitive flexibility can greatly improve your child's ability to handle multi-tasking and change later in life!


Have family in town for a visit or the holidays? Bring them to class! It is important that children bond and connect with any active adult in their life and one of the best ways is by having fun in class!


We have jokes


Playing instruments helps your kids with hand eye coordination! Skills they will later need for writing, sports, and more!


They think: making silly faces together is fun!
We know: they're learning!
Whether you're helping toddlers form new words or older children champion tricky articulations, mirror play (especially coupled with singing!) is a great way to support speech development.


Protagonist, arc, resolution...the earlier children learn about the elements of a story, the earlier they can use storytelling to fuel their own imaginations, channel their emotions in healthy ways, and more.


Have trouble finishing books with your toddler?
That’s perfectly normal!
✋✋🏻✋🏼✋🏽✋🏾✋🏿 Let them turn the pages back and forth to increase hand muscle strength
➡️ Point out signage to increase print awareness
🐶 Ask them to find or name objects
There’s so much learning going on, even if you don’t get through the whole story.

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💡Did you know that early exposure to music 🎵 can improve math skills later on?
Music can help your little ones count, understand patterns, and even boost spatial awareness!"


And singing, moving, bonding, and growing TOGETHER makes us even happier! 💗

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Have a couple wooden spoons and some pots? That's all you need to try these 3 rhythm-based learning activities!
1. Tap to the beat of a song.
2. Tap out the syllables of different words to enhance phonological awareness and basic speech patterns.
3. Tap different objects to explore sound and pitch.
Make some noise with your child and watch them light up from this memorable learning experience!


Let us help make TWO terriffic!


"What happens when you play it like this? Oooooh...did you hear that?!" It's the little things like striking a triangle in just a slightly different position that can really spur investigation and critical thinking (and in such a fun way!).


When we feel unsafe, our minds can't focus on anything else but self-protection. Children are the same, so physical, mental, and emotionally safe spaces (in a classroom AND at home) are key to unlocking their full learning potential.


Music, movement, and... geometry!?
Research shows children who engage in early music making will be stronger mathematicians.


Just a few of the things we practice in our Kindermusik classes at Little Sunshine! You can practice self control with simple songs like “Walk and Walk and Stop!” Remember, when the music stops: Stand. So. Still!


Our California families ended August with Kindermusik, new friends, and LOTS of smiles!

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Have you ever tried mirror play with your little one? It has so many benefits like:
🔄 Enhancing body awareness
😲 Identifying emotions, enhancing social-emotional skills
👄 Cultivating speech development by observing mouth and face shapes.
It's the perfect no-cost way to help your child champion early developmental milestones and have fun doing it!


Ball play, instruments, dancing, friendships, growing, learning and more! All featured in every Kindermusik class at Little Sunshine Music! Come see for yourself!


Today is National Dog Day! Show us your furry friends in the comments!

🎶🎶 I have a dog and his name is Rags. He eats so much that his belly sags..🎶🎶🎶.

Pretend play with Kindermusik favorites like My Friend Rags is a GREAT way to spark imagination in your small children!

This is one of Miss Pam’s dogs, Stella!


It's time to shake, rattle and roll! Check out our NEW online shop! You can find all of our favorite Kindermusik instruments from class right here:


Here's how you can try it with your little one...⬇️
Replace the words "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," with a speech sound, like "Lo":
- lo-lo-lo-lo-lo 🎶
Bonus: Singing in front of a mirror 🪞 is fun AND helps your child visualize the mouth movements.


Anyone else need a little calm in their life after first day of school?
Music can energize AND calm our children's bodies. Using music can help signal bedtime routines, increase nap time, and help adults AND kid's calm their bodies and relax.


Let's see those first day photos! We are wishing everyone a fantastic first day ❤

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The "little brain" packs a BIG punch! 🥊 Enhance your kiddo's cerebellum development by early exposure to music:

🎤 Singing familiar songs>Vocabulary retention
👟 Dancing>core strength
🥁 Instrument play>hand muscle development

A Kindermusik class is like a cerebellum celebration! 🧠


YOU SEE: Your child refusing to play the instrument, take a turn, do the dance, say hello etc and think they’re being difficult.

WE SEE: Your child is trying out their right to pass on things we do in class. They are showing they have their own thoughts and ideas. They are observing their world and choices! Yay!

Long before I was a Kindermusik teacher, I brought this sweet boy to Miss Pam’s class. Where he sat in my lap and refused to do many activities. I was frustrated. Pam reassured me that it was okay and he was still observing, learning, and appreciating in his own way. And you know …. She was right.

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Did you know should start at birth? It allows littles to: 🧠 Exercise ALL parts of early brain development 🦄 Stimulate their imagination 💪 Flex their independence What's your kiddo's favorite way to play?


Take joy in the little moments. Be silly. Pretend to be a crab. Shake bells on your toes. Sing with us. Roll the ball, then bounce it. Praise the new accomplishment. Sign bird and bunny. Let out a big belly laugh when they do something funny.


They won't remember WHAT you did together, but how it FELT. ❤️

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Did you know…. You can add 500 words to any book when reading with your child? Ask about colors, point out animals and objects, identify emotions on faces and more!


This one household item boosts early tracking skills, eye-hand coordination, pincer skills, imagination, and more!


It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!! Are you celebrating?


We had a GREAT first week back at our California studio this week!


It is World Breastfeeding Week. We encourage all mothers here at Little Sunshine and are here to help support any goals they have. If that is breastfeeding, we are here to help!


The baby blues are real. 💙 You're not alone. Singing to your new babe (versus talking), turning on soft music and swaying, and just listening together can ⬇️ lower everyone's stress,⚡️spark the DESIRE to connect, and prep both of your bodies for quality snuggle time.
Bonding is a PROCESS. Music can help. 🎶

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Only a few days left!!!!

Save your music!


I spy something you?!


We did it!!! We raised over $600 for the Children's Hospital in honor of Kyleigh! We also collected some donations to pass along to the family as well.

Thank you to all who shared or came out.


Lemonade stand is open! See you soon!


That’s us!


Come see us SUNDAY! 11am-2pm
We will be hosting a Lemonade stand in honor of one of our kids, Kyleigh. This 6 yr old was just diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and the funds from this event will go to the Children's Hospital of Richmond where she is receiving her treatment.

If you can't make it in person, feel free to donate online here.


It is that time!!! Unicorns, wizards, dragons, and mermaids!!! We have a few spots in our camp starting tomorrow!!

Drop off your potty trained 3-5 year old for 1.5 hours and let them come play and make unicorns and so much more with us!



Summer camps begin on Monday. There are still a few spots in each.

Register today for 3-5 year olds.


Making sounds with soft instruments (like the chime ball!) to the left and right of baby is a great way to encourage rolling over.

Our Story

Little Sunshine Music Studio teaches award winning Kindermusik classes to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We also provide full inclusive Birthday party packages and monthly events.

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Our California families ended August with Kindermusik, new friends, and LOTS of smiles! #singandshine #kindermusik #kind...
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It is that time!!! Unicorns, wizards, dragons, and mermaids!!! We have a few spots in our camp starting tomorrow!!Drop o...
Something to think about.....In our classes, we do not say Good Job and here is a little explanation why.
"Why won't my toddler just..."It's HARD for little ones to finish a task, and it can be frustrating for grownups. Singin...




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