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You know how younger kids struggle with body control and speed? We help them get faster and stronger

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She's been putting in work ever since starting her journey with soccer. The skills have been mastered. The movements are becoming memory. Weights are the final piece that will catapult her forward in her career.

Anyone thinking they can have great success without mastering weights is kidding themselves.

It must be done right. It must be done in progressions. It must not be rushed ever. Their bodies are too important.


Happy new year! 🎊🎈

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RVA STRONG GIRLS CAMP DAY 3 Strength Conditioning wrapped it up for us. If you eliminate all the clutter of sports and competitive people and just work on getting stronger and better every day you will accomplish anything you want.

Today was just foundations of strength and power. What a fantastic way to wrap up camp!

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RVA STRONG GIRLS CAMP DAY 2 Speed and Agility was great. We focused on learning movement foundations for all things softball.

The girls had fun and got better.

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Day 1 of RVA STRONG GIRLS CAMP was fantastic. They put in work and learned all about what testing their limits means. Super proud of them!


We are super excited for the first RVA STRONG GIRLS CAMP located at Ironbridge Softball tomorrow! Spots are still open if your daughter wants to get better.

Text "girlstrong" to 804-317-7633


There are thousands of ways to get stronger. What matters most is finding something that your kids can get behind. Not all kids are the same. Not all methods are the same. But ALL results are the same. You either improve of you don't. Find what works for you and run with it.


Sports performance is multifaceted. One of the most controllable is hydration. You can see a direct impact on your son or daughter's performance when they are dehydrated.

With human factors the body ranges from 50-70% water. It's not earth shattering that when we choose to not hydrate our bodies our health and performance go downhill. Most people are addicted to sugar or sugar substitutes so it makes sense that gatoraid and all its competitors are dominating the market. But here's a kicker. Your body doesn't need electrolyte sports drinks, IF their sports are under an hour and your kids are properly hydrated. Hydration is all based on activity, duration, and intensity. Yes they might be playing in hot weather and putting tremendous strain on their body, but electrolytes don't have a significant drop until long after an hours worth of hard work.

How about we focus more on healthy actions that push kids forward instead of feeding them sugar all the time? Sugar is the worlds biggest double edge sword. It's required for life and over consumption kills millions each day.

Sports Made Simple 12/17/2022

Sports Made Simple

Strong means getting up when you don’t want to and doing what you don’t want to because you have non negotiable goals. This young lady was STRONG before we met when she was 16. Her first lesson she knew she wanted to play D1 ball and has attained it.

We couldn’t be more proud of her and her family for fueling her passions on and off the field.

Well done Maddy. You will continually crush your goals. 💪⚽️😊

Sports Made Simple Welcome Mom & Dad! We are excited to learn more about you and your family's goals. Please find a time to chat based on your availability.


We are super excited to partner with this amazing facility and championship team that strives to develop the best softball players possible.

Hope you’re player can join us to get stronger.

This camp is girls only.

🚨 IRONBRIDGE NATION. Don’t let the holidays stop you from training, check out this three-day event coming to Richmond.

Check the flyer for more information.


We hope you have a fantastic day with your family and friends; past, present, and future.

What are you thankful for?


The biggest difference in goals is training for adaptation vs training to train. Anyone who trains receives adaptations if they train the right way. Lots of people waste hours of their life in the gym not knowing what they are doing.

Preschool to middle school should spend all their time learning movement. Through that they will get stronger and faster. It also will put them light years ahead of the competition. The movements they learn will be foundational to all advanced sport training down the line as they age and develop. Putting off movement training because a sport coach pushes their agenda of skill & practice only is a massive disservice to your kids. Please make sure they develop as an athlete. Not just a ball player. The better they know their body, the farther they can advance.

Questions? Drop them below. Happy to help.


Veterans past, present, and future thank you for your service. May God's hand guide you along your journey from start to finish.

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Getting better requires commitment to better. Purpose is important in some things but not all things. Sometimes kids just need to learn the basics and leave the pushing to better off the table. If you push at the wrong time you lose them forever. Those are the ones that turn into lazy unhealthy adults. Just being there to teach them when the time is right it huge and it will end up with better athletes, but only with their timing.

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This weekend we went non traditional in our workouts. Not everything needs to be “weights” or done in a “gym.” Our bodies need variety and rest. Rest doesn’t mean lay around it means change things up and push in a different way.



Getting ready to smash that ball after years of dedication to getting better. Work outworks talent every day.

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Becoming your best in any sport requires work and not just hard work, smart work. If athletes just work hard they will never go anywhere. They must be taught the how, what, and why of training for full understanding.


We are SUPER excited to be partnering with Woodlake Swim and Racquet Club to bring sports to a whole new level. Please fill out https://form.jotform.com/220964692407058 to setup your FREE Fitness Test. Private attention will be a staple of this new program.


The comeback starts April 1. If your kids want to get better comment below to learn what's about to go down.


Work wins games. Not wanting to be entertained by your “trainer.” Yes you can have fun training, but most of the time it requires work and doing things you dont want to do. Thats what makes you better.

George crushed it today and because of his dedication to getting better he will win in baseball and anything he is willling to work for.


Field Day was a massive success this weekend!

Thanks for all the families coming out to be part of Midlothian’s and Moseley’s best kept secret.


You have a story. It may not be as long as this tree’s but you have a story regardless. Maybe you are just starting your fitness journey. Maybe your a veteran who’s fallen to the cycle of life. Either way your story aligns with this tree. It has a solid and deep foundation which holds it up against the elements, people who bang into it as they play, cars that unfortunately smash into it. It might be shaken but will not fall. To be your BEST in anything especially fitness you must become like a tree. Build a STRONG FOUNDATION. Learn the fundamentals of fitness that start with body weight movements to be mastered then expand out into other areas of fitness like the trees roots. They go deep and in all directions. The stronger your foundation the stronger you will become. Yes you might be shaken, but you will not fall.

When we ask our body to perform without proper training and conditioning we are effectively asking this tree to stand tall against all obstacles with no roots.

Build your roots...


Go out and put that work in, in the snow! 😜


Your athlete wants to be their best.

Maybe they get hit with adversity, mean kids, mean parents of mean kids, or something even harder, like real life.

They can either dwell on it and do nothing to improve or find a coach. A coach who won’t allow them to dwell on the past but pushes them forward to their best self.

They take action over and over and over again by getting in a program that works.

So they can become their best instead of being average.

That’s what an athlete does.

Athletes win in life. Complainers dont.

Be an athlete and encourage your athletes to be their best.


Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be stronger?

Many people wonder but few actually find out.

It comes from putting in work, which seems to be a hidden talent for most.

When we work our body adapts. It gets stronger, more powerful, more conditioned, and less likely to get hurt.

If you think you want to get stronger, stop thinking and find on that hidden gem called WORK. Then you can become STRONG, like Amy.

***Don’t do random workout videos or stuff you find online. Knowing how to train is just as important as the program itself. You CAN and will get hurt if you don’t train smart.***

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Relentlessly attack your form with the intent of competition and you will WIN.


Reaching peak jump height cannot be achieved without triple extension of the ankle, knee, and hip.


The takeoff is just as important as the landing. Don’t just jump because your coach says jump. Learn the mechanics behind jumping, landing, and cutting direction especially right after landing.

If you don’t learn these vital steps you may very well end up one of the many young sports statistics.

Don’t go with the flow just because coach says do it. Find out the how, the why, and the benefit before just going through the flow.

Knowing may very well keep you in the game instead of broken on the sidelines one day.


Don’t do what others want of you. Do what YOU want and PLAN to achieve. Most others have given up on themselves, so they try to tear down others so they feel better about their lack of results.

Being better comes from a deep sometimes psychotic inner drive that only few have.

Be one of the few 😛


Their potential results are MASSIVELY limited...ONLY by their willingness to give up.

Don’t give up and achieve anything. 💪🏃‍♀️💪


It’s HOTTT outside, but work has to be ✅.

If you’re athletes plan on training or playing in the heat four things need to happen.

1- massive hydration before, during, and after.

2- nutrition (food and or supplements) 2-3 hours befor the activity

3- sunblock to protect them

4- heat acclimatization. Without
This they will get sick, pass out, have serious health challenges

Make sure you know how to take care of all these things BEFORE they go in the heat.


Even golfers benefit from getting stronger. If you want to win at anything you have to WORK.


Getting faster comes from getting stronger, more powerful, and learning how to move.


The best way to play your sports is to play STRONG. You can’t do that by practice alone. You have to train to be better, faster, and stronger.

Your body won’t get there by itself. That’s kinda like saying your burned more calories sitting than you did going on a 30 minute run. The 🍎 doesn’t equal the 🍊.


RUN THE HILL. No matter what that hill is in your life find it, run it, conquor it, and believe you can do more.

The daily struggle of a strength coach, but really everyone who wants something out of life. Only the mediocre settle and never find those hills that can make us better.


It has begun.


You can’t improve your performance optimally without a baseline to work from.

Don’t fall in that trap.


Every time your athlete steps on a field or court they should be going through a 15 minute warmup. This should be methodical. Not just a run and then start hitting, throwing, or shooting. That is not a warmup.

To maximize your athletes performance they need to be primed much like our lawn mowers need to be primed before they will cut on.

If their muscles aren't warm and stretched correctly they wont perform optimally. Its NOT about just sweating, but preparing the entire body for maximal effort each practice, game, or tournament.

Whats your favorite way to warmup before a practice or game?


Character Your kids have been our of sports and losing their speed, strength, and conditioning for 3 months now. Sports are just around the corner and jumping back into them full swing may seem like a good idea, but injuries happen.

The last thing we want to do is put our kids at risk of injury from jumping back into sports full swing. They are eager to start playing again, but if they go full blast when their body isnt prepared for it, it could take them out of the game for a few days, a week, or the season.

We are launching our 6 Week Speed/Conditioning Camp right after the 4th of July!

If you want your kids to avoid overtraining, unnecessary injuries, or time on the bench from being hurt join the Camp Roster so we can help them get stronger and faster so they can have their best season.

Comment below if you know someone who wants to help their team or kids be their best! We will get you the info.


American Heart Association

Super excited to be partnering with this great organization again. Way too many people pass each year from heart related diseases. Covid has dramatically accelerated that. Please feel free to donate hours of time by joining this fundraiser for the next few days.

Draft Day Athletics

American Heart Association Learn more about the American Heart Association's efforts to reduce death caused by heart disease and stroke. Also learn about cardiovascular conditions, ECC and CPR, donating, heart disease information for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and educators and healthy living.


Want your kids to reach their full potential? Find a way to help them get stronger, faster, and better.

Their options for full potential include hard work, hard work, and hard work. If anyone thinks otherwise they are lying to themselves and their kids. No one reaches the top by simply wishing or trying to rig the game.

Only the strong survive and strong doesn't mean 💪💪. It means adaptable, able to change with the stress of the game and rules of the game. Handling all the game throws at you with grace makes you strong.

Freaking out cuz you don't get your way, whether an adult or kid just makes you look like a child. 😜

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Work wins games. Not wanting to be entertained by your “trainer.” Yes you can have fun training, but most of the time it...





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