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Miss Casey & Megan would have been off to Ireland today with the amazing Irish Life Experience high school summer abroad program! 🇮🇪

They are sad about not going, but happy to be back at the studio! ☘️
What teens do you know who would like to spend a summer in Ireland? 🇮🇪

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Miss Casey went on this program when she was in high school and this year will be her 7th year returning as a counselor! (Hands down, still the best summer of my life!)

Any high schooler in North America can apply!

What would you most want to see or do in Ireland?!
The Irish Life Experience is an opportunity for a high school student to go to Ireland to study and learn about Irish culture. The dates are June 29-July 23, 2020. The Shamrock Club of Columbus, The Daughters of Erin (Central Ohio) and Greater Columbus Irish Cultural Foundation offer this great program. Learn more
Guess who’s going to IRELAND this summer?!

🇮🇪 Megan will be spending 3.5 weeks touring the country, taking classes, and having SO much fun on the Irish Life Experience!☘️

Miss Casey went on the same program when she was in high school and has been a counselor the last six years!

It’s not too late to apply for this summer! Visit their website at!
Send your teen on the trip of a lifetime with the Irish Life Experience! 🇮🇪 Summer 2020 ☘️

Apply Now! High School~June 29-July 23, 2023. Céad Mile Fáilte (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes) to the Irish Life Experience.

We offer an exceptional summer study abroad program for American and Canadian high school students. Emphasizing culture, education, travel and fun, we strive to ensure that each student's experience is unique and unforgettable.

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While not part of our Irish Life Experience Student Advent Calendar, I also wanted to give these four a tremendous shoutout of appreciation.

Kylene-For her beautiful old soul, hard working attitude, and her amazing social media posts, which helped to make loved ones feel connected during the program.

Kaylee-For her fun-loving spirit, kind heart, musical abilities, and crazy smiles.

Clare-For her incredible obsession with TSwift, her talented Irish dance skills, her sarcasm and wit, and her spontaneity.

Miles-For being one of my rocks for many years, his mumbling, his sarcasm, his dance moves-especially to Hanson, his commitment and love for the ILE, and his special friendship.

Give these four a round of applause. They are the ones who help keep the dream alive. So grateful to all of you.


Merry Christmas to all of our students, parents, staff, family, and friends.

May the holiday cheer fill you with happiness and warmth along with all the joy and blessings today.

Give the gift 🎁 of love to a high school student this year and encourage them to participate in the Irish Life Experience.

We hope you enjoyed our Irish Life Experience Advent Calendar.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/25/2022

Christmas Eve is dedicated to this incredible human from St. Ignatius, Montana.

Natalie almost didn’t get to go on the ILE, as her passport came a day before she departed. Cutting it close was an understatement. However, she had a beautiful angel 😇 who was looking out for her.

Natalie has had some very difficult challenges in life that many people would never know, as you rarely see her without a smile on her face. In all of my years of the ILE, I’ve never met a more appreciative and positive student who embraced every experience with her whole heart. Her outlook on life is contagious and refreshing. She makes this world a better place. We could ALL learn from her-especially how to love deeper.

Thank you for your duck lessons, introductions to Cooney Pigs, and your St. Brigid’s crosses.

Happy Christmas Eve, Everyone.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/25/2022

This rare redheaded beauty from Seeley Lake, Montana gets the shoutout for December 23rd.

Taryn was lucky enough to grow up with this young lady’s parents and always knew what a sweetheart she was. However, it wasn’t until Taryn got to know her better on the ILE and even in Scotland, where she realized how special this young lady truly is. Rowan is a compassionate soul who treats everyone with kindness and respect. She’s a champion for all. She’s destined for great things and we can’t wait to see her conquer the world.

Taryn is sorry she made her hike up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh! Love you, Ro!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/24/2022

You didn’t think we would forget the last three ladies of the ILE, did you?

This comedian from Dublin, Ohio always attracts a crowd and usually didn’t know the meaning of “inside voice” in Ireland.

While Ava taught me about BeReals, .5’s, and how to use “ate” in a sentence, she also taught be about pure love, perseverance, and demonstrated how to embrace life. I will never forget her gregarious laugh and her broken suitcase at the airport will be an image forever imbedded in my memory. Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air. “Until we meet again.” CLW ❤️🙏🏻😇

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/21/2022

This amazing super star from Brackney, Pennsylvania is so deserving of December 21st.

Taryn knows Grace’s family well, as she has taken all of her older siblings (Except one) on the ILE. She was so excited to finally meet the youngest.

While her beauty captured a lot of attention, her character captured even more hearts. Grace is a sweet and fun-loving student, who made friends easily, and always left a lasting impression.

Side note: She didn’t Venmo Taryn, so she included some fun pictures of Grace.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/21/2022

This handsome lad from Grand Rapids, Michigan gets a shoutout on December 20th.

Paddycakes-as we fondly refer to him-is probably one of the most athletic students we have ever had on the ILE and was a natural at Gaelic football and hurling. However, behind the brawn is a quiet and tender heart where he spent a whole day helping a student learn how to ride a bike.

A young man of few words with a humor that is always appreciated. Thank you for always been so polite, Paddy. ❤️

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/20/2022

December 19th goes out to this rare beauty from Spokane, Washington.

We learned Grace is a courageous student who follows her heart and intuition. While many students struggle; she seems to thrive and always stays true to her beliefs. She always puts her whole heart into anything she sets her mind too and her consistent effort and hardworking nature never went unnoticed.

We love and appreciate you, Grace.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/20/2022

Happy December 18th to this ray of light from Brooklyn, New York.

Nora is one of the most brilliant and intelligent students who has participated in the ILE. She is extremely gifted when it comes to sports and has a gorgeous voice. She is an absolute joy to be around and we can’t wait for her to be an ILE Counselor.

Explanation of the 3rd Picture: Someone airdropped this classic photo of Nora to Taryn on the last night. We couldn’t resist sharing it with the whole world.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/17/2022

Happy December 17th. Today goes out to this lovely soul from Staten Island, New York.

Amelia is not afraid to be herself and many gravitate to her welcoming attitude and openness to all. She’s honest and sincere and we were all impressed by her participation and contribution during the program.

We also loved her fun and unique style of fashion. We had a blast getting to know Amelia last summer. Thank you for being you!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/17/2022

December 16th goes out to Cooper.

Cooper is from Edinboro, Pennsylvania. He brought so much joy to last summer. He is creative, intuitive, and very reflective. He has so much love for his family, is an exceptional soccer player, and was an amazing bus dancer with Taryn.

We still feel bad he might have burned a pizza or two for dinner in Galway. We miss you, Coop!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/17/2022

This fine young chap from Scotch Plains, New Jersey was such a delight to have on the program last summer.

John is a quiet soul and leads by example. He’s patient and respectful. When he spoke up, everyone listened, because it would come from his heart. We loved watching him excel at Gaelic football and hurling.

Even though we struggled to get pictures of John smiling, he was always happy, and we truly miss his presence.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/15/2022

This character from Alpharetta, Georgia kept everyone laughing the whole summer.

Taryn was lucky enough to meet Matt at the airport about 4 years prior when his sister went on the program. She couldn’t wait for Matt to participate and finally get to know this special young man.

Not only did Matt contribute and participate in everything he did, but he also had such a vibrant sense of humor. He entertained everyone with his witty comments.

We miss his charming personality and can’t wait to see him again-hopefully sooner rather than later!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/15/2022

Playing a little bit or catch up with our Irish Life Experience Student Advent Calendar.

This beauty from Vero Beach, Florida receives December 13th.

Helena is a very intelligent young lady who always listened, observed, and was well spoken. She was a joy and we loved seeing her learn more about her Irish heritage.

Not to mention, she had some very fun and colorful shirts.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/14/2022

This fine young gentleman from Honolulu, Hawaii is so deserving of December 12th.

His parents are very special to Taryn, as they were in the Peace Corps with her and she was finally able to spend a summer with him in Ireland.

Cameron is a character-needless to say-and has the most enjoyable and laidback attitude. He was always appreciative and very respectful. He truly spread good vibes wherever he went.

We can’t wait for the Hawaiian 🌺 Life Experience with your family! We miss you so much!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/11/2022

Keira joined us this past summer from Spokane, Washington and deserves December 11th.

What an absolute delight she was to have on the Irish Life Experience. She was compassionate and had the most tender heart with all animals. She was always very generous and spoiled the ILE Staff with delicious candy daily. It was fun to watch her learn more about herself abroad and see her smile grow exponentially.

We can’t wait to go skiing with you, Keira. Big hugs.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/11/2022

Hailing from Seminole, Florida, this young woman is deserving of December 10th.

Sophia has such a lovely disposition and everyone gravitates to her welcoming personality. She is wise beyond her years and her smile shines. She has a love and passion for music and definitely introduced the group to some new tunes this summer.

Thank you for being so lovely, Soph!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/10/2022

Joey was a student who became more and more Irish with each passing day. At times-he almost blended in with the locals. He was always engaged and participated in everything the ILE offered. He never ceased to entertain us.

While he did have a weird obsession with milk 🥛, Taryn is looking forward to when she can pass him the reigns of her job, since he’s a fantastic tour guide.

Thank you for the laughs, Joey.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/10/2022

December 8th goes to this extraordinary young lady from Brooklyn, New York.

We absolutely loved watching Eva blossom over the summer and become for self-confident. She embraced everything and was a sponge for knowledge. She has a beautiful and tender heart and was a delight to have on the program.

We miss you, Eva. Thank you for being so special.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/08/2022

December 7th on our ILE Student Advent Calendar goes to this beaut from Chappaqua, New York.

Morgan is one of the unsung heroes of the Irish Life Experience. No matter what she did-she did with her whole heart. She’s beautiful inside and out and rarely sought praise. However, she never went unnoticed and we wish she could go every summer on the program.

You are a blessing to all, Morgan.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/07/2022

December 6th goes out to this stunner from Delmar, New York.

Not only did we capture some of the most amazing bus napping 😴 pictures of Delia, but she also was a highly sought out manicurist with some of the most fancy finger nails in Ireland.

More importantly, Delia has the biggest smile, would light up any room she was in, and also treated everyone with kindness throughout the summer.

Miss you, D! 💅🏻

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/06/2022

Shout out to December 5th and our deserving student from Baldwinsville, New York.

Tom bought a soccer ball the first week in Ireland and you rarely saw him without it during four weeks. He became quite a spectacular player-always trying to perfect his skills.

Tom has such a kind heart. His grandpa was so excited for him to participate in the program and we know he made his grandpa proud by being such an amazing ambassador for the US.

Happy Holidays, Tom!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/05/2022

This gorgeous gal from Baltimore, Maryland waited a few years to go on the program-dang Covid!

We are so happy she did, because we adore Lilli. She’s an amazing photographer and knows more about cars than probably some mechanics do. She’s also an incredible Irish dancer and we miss her a lot.

Hugs to Lilli this Holiday Season!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/03/2022

When we met Sofia last summer, we knew she was going to go places in this world.

At only 16 last summer, she had already accomplished so much. Sofia is so very talented-extremely artistic and musically gifted. We loved watching her take the most beautiful pictures. Ireland through her eyes!

We hope all is well in Saint George, Utah. Sending you big hugs this Holiday Season, Sofia.

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/03/2022

Hailing from Clinton, New York, this gorgeous gal has such a fun and unique style.

She always had a smile on her face last summer and was so enjoyable to be around.

We miss you, Maeve. 💚

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 12/03/2022

This young lady from Belle Harbor, New York looked more Irish than most locals do with her stunning red hair.

Sarah kept us all laughing with her quick wit and sarcasm last summer. We all appreciated her energy and this beauty-while a few days late-deserves December 1st.

We love you, Sarah!

Photos from Irish Life Experience's post 11/29/2022

Swipe right ➡️ to see an incredible family who loves our program.

“The Durham family has been a huge supporter of this program for decades. Starting with four siblings and now with four from the next generation. This is not just a tourist trip to Ireland. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Traveling to Ireland, learning the history and culture, making new friends, learning self-reliance, and gaining independence are just a few of the benefits. Simply put, this program is priceless.”

Listen to Maureen and give the gift of a lifetime to a special teen in your life!


New Irish Life Experience video is dropping in our story.

Find out what Ireland means to the 2023 ILE Group.


More ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews from parents.

Give a gift 🎁 to a teenager that they will cherish forever this Holiday Season.


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape is!”

Travel with the Irish Life Experience next and have the summer of a lifetime.


Save up to $400 when you apply and pay by 1/1/2023!

We can’t wait to meet you next summer!


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽 🍁!

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday.

We are so appreciative of all of our students, staff, alumni, parents, families, friends, donors, and vendors.

Thank you so much for supporting the Irish Life Experience, keeping the magic alive, and helping us continue to make a difference in young adult lives.


Nine years ago from tomorrow, the world lost a beautiful soul.

Hannah Fernung died tragically in a senseless car accident on Sunday, November 24th, 2013 in Fishers, Indiana.

Hannah participated in the Irish Life Experience in 2010 and captured the hearts of everyone she encountered-students and staff alike.

She embraced her time in Ireland, countlessly emphasizing it was the summer of a lifetime, and couldn’t wait to return.

Hannah always let her light shine through and that was her ultimate legacy. If you would like to keep Hannah’s light shining, please consider making a donation in her name to the Hannah Fernung Memorial Fund through the Irish Life Experience at: or

1 Central Street, Suite 205, Middleton, MA 01939.


Come join our Dream Team for the 2023 Irish Life Experience Program.

Please let us know if you need more information about the positions and be sure to send a cover letter and resume to be considered.

We won’t be hiring until after the new year and it will be based upon student enrollment.


Isn’t that true? Are you going to wander with the Irish Life Experience this summer?

➡️June 29-July 23, 2023

Meme Cred: .explores.


Do you have questions about the Irish Life Experience?

Here are a few of our most common questions.


Thank you to all of the students and parents who have sent testimonials about the Irish Life Experience. We truly appreciate you and hearing amazing feedback like Eva’s is just one of the many reasons we love what we do.

Read more reviews on our website and see why we are the best high school study abroad program.

Choose the Irish Life Experience for the summer of a lifetime.


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“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” -Tim Cahill

Needless to say, the Irish Life Experience is priceless.

Apply today for the summer of a lifetime.

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