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FPS alumni:
Please consider evaluating with WI FPS. Evaluations are held four Saturdays per year and FPSPI engages students in creative problem solving.

This is the Facebook home of the Wisconsin Future Problem Solving Program, an affiliate of Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI). Founded by creativity pioneer, Dr. E. Paul Torrance, FPSPI stimulates critical and creative thinking skills and encourages students to develop a vision for the future. FPSPI features curricular and co-curricular competitive, as well as non-competitive, activities in creative problem solving.

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EDUCATORS! Learn how to develop essential problem solving skills with your students. Future Problem Solving has been active in Wisconsin since 1981, impacting thousands of students. Our programs foster both creative and critical thinking skills used in goal setting, decision making, and problem solving. With training, you will be prepared to implement non-competitive or competitive problem solving lessons. Integrate into classroom curriculum, use for enrichment groups, implement in co-curricular programs, use with English Language Learners – whatever works best for you.
Check out our website at wisfps.org
Contact Affiliate Director Lynn ([email protected]) to join our first training of the fall or to request training to fit your schedule


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Thank you to all of our amazing evaluators for taking the time to read booklets this weekend! This work does not go unnoticed by the competitors and we can not wait for State Bowl!


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futuristspeaker.com 08/22/2017

72 stunning things in the future that will be common ten years from now that don’t exist today



Texas Future Problem Solving Program

School is almost here and your FPS coaches are prepping for this year's topics!!! First topic is Spread of Infectious Diseases! Once again, we will be posting a recent article dealing with the current topic at least once a week.

Check out what UVA is doing to come up with solutions related to global infections. Identify possible solutions and which categories these solutions could apply to.



Future Problem Solving Program International

Take time to vote on topics for future study!

bbc.com 03/31/2017

Teach 'problem solving' to produce engineers, schools urged - BBC News

When my audio engineer brother with multiple patents describes the process for developing new products, it is totally the problem solving process we know and love!


bbc.com A focus on "playful experimentation" will boost learning, says the Royal Academy of Engineering.


Texas Future Problem Solving Program

Thanks to Texas FPS!

Since we are entering tax season, check out the latest warning from the government and the ways they recommend to avoid identity theft.


Texas Future Problem Solving Program

Thanks to Texas FPS!

Australia may be anticipating an influx of foreign tourists, scholars, and/or business workers. To that end, border security could change from examining documents to examining biomarkers.


Activity: This article does point out a few challenges with a system based on iris scans, fingerprinting, and facial recognition, but surely you can think of more. Use your category list and think of at least one challenge in each category.


Texas Future Problem Solving Program

Thanks to Texas FPS!

Bad Guys are now siphoning frequent flier miles from passenger airline accounts and using them to purchase airline tickets, etc., or to sell to other unscrupulous people. American and United Airlines are meeting that challenge with some solutions.
Activity: Read those sections carefully and summarize how those two airlines plan to protect their customers’ accounts. Can you foresee any problems with their plans? I bet you can!


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