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Skyland Farm


Congratulations to Brianne Beerbaum and Blush for their first weekend together finishing with one 1st place and two 2nds in the Small Green Pony hunters! Thank you so much to Mary Lou Glover and her daughter Becca for letting Brianne ride this adorable little mare! Thank you to Denice Perry and Skyland Farm for all the help and support! We are very grateful! 🙏🏻☺️
Congratulations to Caroline Pennington riding Yours Truly & Dreamscape, mother Laura Pennington, and trainer Denice DeRisio of Skyland Farm ☘️

Skyland Farm is a full-service hunter/jumper show facility located in the scenic hunt country of Mid

Skyland Farm, a full-service hunter/jumper training and sales facility, is owned and operated by Denice DeRisio Perry. Denice is a seasoned professional who has been in the horse show business her entire life. She specializes in teaching all ages and matching appropriate horses with riders and is a United States Hunter Jumper Association Level 1 Certified Trainer.

Operating as usual

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 09/25/2023

Skyland celebrates a spectacular Middleburg Classic with many tricolors, Grand Championships and top ribbons.
Highlights include Chloe Welsh and Blue Label securing the Large local and Large Childrens pony Championship.
Eleanor Green and Jus D’O secured Childrens Hunter Championship, Grand Childrens Championship as well as winning the Childrens Hunter Classic.
Eddyn Molden and Denice Perry’s Ollivander secured the small medium Local Reserve Championship.
In addition, Minnie Burke and Voila went home
With top ribbons and Chiara Parlagreco and Katie Canario’s Kiltubrid Rhapsody made quite a comeback debut with a great ribbon in the Middleburg Classic Derby.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 09/18/2023

Great show Md Horse and Pony. Skyland Team had some new combinations and that look like will have a bright future! Many entries, long days but very rewarding.
Looking forward to the fall tour coming up. Best of Luck to all.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 08/28/2023

Congratulations to Eddyn Molden and her superb riding at the Kym Smith Young Pony Championships. Eddyn was awarded Best Child Rider for the second consecutive year.
Among other ponies, she piloted Denice Perry’s Ollivander to top ribbons in the 6-7 yr old 2’3 division. Proud of all of this weekend’s accomplishments at a First Class Event. Thank you Kym Smith for your amazing sponsorship and enthusiasm you have brought to this event.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 08/21/2023

Congratulations to Natalie Wasson and C’ Ironman and Brooke Ballhaus and her jumper, Little Gun, on their come back accomplishments at Hits Culpeper last week. It was exciting to see these combinations perform well after taking a hiatus. We look forward to their futures although now be navigated around their next year in college! Skyland Farm wishes them Best of Luck in all regards.
We also congratulate Gillian Simms and her Copper Cruise on her double tricolors and Morven Park on Saturday. They where Champion in the Working Hunters as well as being awarded Reserve in the low working hunters. Way to go Gillian!

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 08/14/2023

Skyland celebrates another fun and successful outing in Lexington Va. Few highlights, Natalie Wasson and Brooke Ballhaus finishing up with nice ribbons in the highly competitive VHSA Adult Equitation flat Finals as well as Chloe Welsh winning her VHSA Pony Equitation flat class.
The Skyland team which also included Meghan Finlay and Michele Trufant and their horses where also awarded great prizes in both the hunter and jumper rings!
Congratulations to all of our team.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 08/01/2023

Fun and success at Rosemount and Sandstone.
At Rosemount Meghan Finlay and her Chabalouba Sun celebrated success once again in the 3’3” performance division with she and professional Chiara Parlagreco sharing the rides.
Chloe Welsh and Blue Label also won a tricolor in the large childrens pony division.
At Sandstone, Elise Hester and her Foxlair Tango dominated the hunter ponies as well as the equitation.
Her sister Brynley and Ivy Moon also won a tricolor.
Accolades to their awesome coach Rhonda Turman.
Congratulations to all!

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 07/24/2023

Fun and success for Team Skyland Mid Summer Stroller at Swan Lake. Some of the highlights include Meghan Finlay and her Chabalouba Sun, Champion 3’3” A/O’s as well as Chiara Parlagreco piloting to win both of their Performance Hunter classes. Michele Trufant and her Itchy Garrett where Reserve Champion in the Low Adult Jumpers. Sofia Carr, Itchy Garrett and Biaggi also where awarded nice Jumper Classic Ribbons.
Denice Perry’s Ollivander made his show debut by winning all of the USHJA 2’- 2’3” pony classes and being Awarded Champion as well as Denice piloting Madi Hitchen’s Haymass Sassafrass to the Reserve Champion.
Chloe Welsh, Natalie Wasson and Brooke Ballhaus all had stellar performances in their respective divisions. A really rewarding weekend for the entire team.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 07/10/2023

Skyland celebrates a wonderful and nostalgic Showday National at the so improved Commonwealth Park. Showday horse show originated by the late Monk Reynolds to raise funds for Denice’s 4 H club. 49 years later, Skyland is still celebrating many success’s at the show.
Enjoy some of the great photos from the week including Meghan Finlay and Sofia Car, winners of the Low Adult Jumper Classic as well as Brooke Ballhaus being awarded champion in the Adult Equitation Division. So sorry I don’t have pics of everyone but a super succesful show for all!

HITS Horse Shows

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 07/01/2023

Congratulations to Chloe Welsh and Blue Label being awarded the Local large pony Reserve Champion making their debut at the Warrenton Pony show.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 06/19/2023

What a week at Loudoun for Team Skyland. Some highlights include Meghan Finlays Chabaluba Sun with Chiara Parlagrco in the irons Reserve Champion 3’3” performance hunters, Virginia Fout and her beautiful Carma Champion in the A/O 3’3”,
Elise Hester and Foxlair Tango Reserve Champion Large Pony Hunter and qualifying them for PONY FINALS, Logan Whetstone and her Conway Reserve Champion low childrens Hunters.
We congratulate all the team members on Numerous ribbons and super milestone rides. Enjoy the pics of everyone that made the week a really special one. We congratulate everyone!

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 06/11/2023

Skyland celebrates a fabulous week at Upperville “under the oaks”. Many spectacular moments from classic winners and ribbons to a Local pony Tricolor, family class and leadline ribbons! Kudos to the entire Skyland team and staff.


So proud of Elise Hester and Foxlair Tango making their large pony division debut at Upperville. Enjoy this beautiful round from yesterday. They came home with amazing ribbons in this highly competitive division.


Masters winner again! Skyland Farm congratulates Michele Trufant and Biaggi on their great start at Upperville. Fast and clear in the Masters class. They are an amazing combination.


Congratulations Va Fout and Conway winning the Adult Amateur classic at Upperville yesterday. So proud of them and beautiful to watch.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 06/05/2023

Upperville Jump For Fun was Fun! Enjoy the photos of great start to our summer show season at one of the most historic and beautiful show grounds in the country. Looking forward to the next few weeks at the Upperville Show Grounds.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 05/22/2023

Banner weekend for Skyland Farm and teams! Blue Rock Highlights are Meghan Finlay and her Chabaluba Sun winning the highly competitive Ushja Jr/Am National Derby. Elizabeth Papez’s Carlido S being awarded 3rd in the National Professional Derby with Hugh Mutch in the irons. Additionally Elise Hester and Foxlair Tango made their pony hunter debut winning a class and being awarded ribbons in every class in the highly competitive large childrens pony division as well as being 3 rd in the combined childrens pony classic.
Elises little sister Brynley Hester was Leadline Champion with Ivy Moon as well as Elise piloting her to numerous small/ medium childrens pony awards.
Of course, our long time team member Michele Trufant made a brief appearance with her wonderful partner Itchy Garrett and as usual the pair had a successful outing.
Representing Skyland Farm at other venues this weekend included Paula Nevins and her amazing TB Smooth Talk being awarded Champion in 2 divisions at Morven Park.
Additionally, Ava Papez and her wonderful pony, Valentino Rossi who are Skyland winter team members, where Champion in the 2’ Hunters at Keswick Horse Show. Congratulations to everyone on one of those special weeks of horse showing. We thank and acknowledge all the grooms, trainers and support systems that make this all possible!

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 05/08/2023

Another Skyland Family proud moment. We congratulate Natalie Wasson on being awarded the UC DAVIS Equestrian Sportsmanship Award as well as Freshman of the Year by her teammates. So happy for you Nat. Well deserved.🎉🎉🎊❤️❤️

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 05/08/2023

Another Skyland success. We congratulate Elise Hester and her ponies Foxlair Tango and Ivy Moon at Sandstone show yesterday. Looks quite impressive!

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 05/07/2023

A spectacular last couple of days at Lexington Spring Encore. Paula Nevins and her amazing TB Smooth Talk sporting their special Adult ribbons.
Michele Trufant with her jumpers Biaggi and Itchy Garrett showcasing their mid week prizes with Elias center stage.


Congratulations to Chiara Parlagreco and Meghan Finlays Chabalouba Sun on their 3’3” Performance Championship at the Lexington Spring Encore! After a winter hiatus for both they made their 2023 debut a stellar one.
Chiara and Elizabeth Papez’s Carlido S where also awarded super ribbons in highly competitive division. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 04/24/2023

Skyland Farm congratulates Elise Hester and her pony Foxlair Tango on winning every class entered at their debut together yesterday at Culpeper. Looking like a bright future ahead for the duo!
Elise and her pony Ivy Moon also where awarded stellar ribbons.🎉🎉

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 04/22/2023

Skyland celebrates another barn birthday. Happy 13 th to Elise Hester. Looking forward to the best 13th year ever!🎉🎂

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 04/17/2023

Skyland Farm would like to congratulate Meghan Finlay and her jumper Sofia Car switching gears this weekend to the hunter ring at the Springtime Encore in Germantown TN. They had top ribbons in the adult hunters as well as a great ribbon in the Hunter Derby jumping all the high options. Kudos to her TN trainer Ashley Fant.
Additionally, congratulations to Elise and Brynley Hester making their 2023 debut at Sandstone yesterday. Elise and Ivy Moon where green pony champions as well as Brynley making her leadline debut winning a handful of ribbons on Ivy as well.
Congratulations to their mentor and trainer Rhonda Turman. Quite an accomplishment Ivy Moon team!


Go Michele and Biaggi in the Masters this morning. Best of luck tomorrow as well as the Papez family.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 03/24/2023

Great start back after a Va visit for Michelle Trufant and Biaggi. Elizabeth Papez’s Carlido S also performed
beautifully in the highly competitive 3’3” performance hinters. Looking forward to the weekend!


So happy and proud of Michele Trufant and Biaggi making their debut in the International Ring this morning. Blue ribbon in the Masters class! Looking forward to an exciting year.


After taking a little break back to Va., Michele Trufant and Biaggi started back up with 2 blues this week. This pic from this morning in the Masters class. Super round and fast!
We also congratulate Elizabeth Papez’s Carlido S being awarded some nice ribbons in the 3’3” Performance hunters this week amongst quite an impressive group of horses.


Finish line Equestrian Aid Foundation Second Annual Walk/Run with our dear friend Linda Andrissani! Great morning and cause.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 02/19/2023

Skyland congratulates our north and south team members! Elise Hester was 1rst, 4th and 2nd at the zone 3 IEA Regionals this weekend. This qualifies her for the Zone 3 Finals next month! Go Elise. Proud of you.
Additionally, in his Wellington debut, Elizabeth Papez’s Carlido S won super ribbons WEF 6 in the USHJA and ESP 3’3” classes.
Looking forward to next week in the 3’3” Performance division.


We're pleased to announce the launch of our new website and updated show itinerary! Special thanks to our wonderful clients for sharing their photos and achievements with us. We're looking forward to continuing a fun and successful 2023 show season!

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 02/09/2023

Congratulations to Michele Trufant and Biaggi on their performance this morning in the Masters division. Clean and blue ribbon! Additionally we congratulate Ava Papez and her amazing pony Valentino Rossi in their WEF debut last Sunday, also winning a blue ribbon! So proud of Team Skyland.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 02/04/2023

What a great start to WEF 4. Michele Trufant and Biaggi winning blue in 1.0 training on Wednesday, with her cousin Jane in attendance,
and 3rd in the Low Adults today.
Looking forward to Ava Papez ‘s debut tomorrow with Valentino Rossi as well as Michele performing in the Classic. Fun!


Slight deviation from WEF today!


Skyland Farm congratulates Elise Hester and Michele Trufant on their stellar performances today. Elise placing 2nd in both her IEA classes at Meadowbrook up north and Michele Placing 2nd in her highly competitive adult jumper class at Wellington International with Biaggi.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 01/12/2023

Winner! Second day out. Go Michele Trufant and Biaggi!


Congratulations Michele and Biaggi!
Super ribbon in their first class together.
Looking forward to their bright future.


Skyland Farm congratulates Brooke Ballhaus and her Beverly’s Bebop winning her Adult Equitation Class at WEF this afternoon. It was final show day before heading back to school. So proud of you Brooke! Watch her video. It is beautiful.


Happy New Year from sunny Florida. Michele, Brooke, Natalie and myself send warmest New Year wishes to all.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 12/23/2022

Skyland Farm congratulates Brooke Ballhaus and her Cordina and Beverly’s Bebop on their super ribbons at ESP New Years Show in Wellington. We missed Brooke at the the Skyland Christmas party but so happy she well represented us Virginians in sunny Florida!
Thank you Val for all your help.

Photos from Skyland Farm's post 12/22/2022

Skyland Farm celebrates Christmas 2022! So much fun celebrating a season a fun, success, friends and our wonderful horses. Thank you Carol Eichner for your amazing ornaments you make of our own horses!

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