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It's International Coastal Cleanup Day!🌊 How can we cultivate compassion and wonder for our oceans and the beings within them today?

Caroline Kelley, IHE graduate student and founder of Peaceful Child in Miami, Fl, made this ocean art with her early preschool students using litter from the beach. Better environment = better tomorrow! 🙌

Peaceful Child Education is a full/half day Early Childhood Mindfulness Training Program where each child is supported socially, emotionally, and academically.

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As a provider of early childhood education, we specialize in humane education to build generations where children have social and emotional stability. To learn more about our parent workshops and programs, visit


Yoga is not just for adults as it also offers numerous benefits during early childhood. This mind-body exercise aids in emotional regulation as children learn to be in the present moment, they gain a peaceful state of mind and become relaxed.


Yoga is a mind-body exercise that promotes relaxation, mindfulness, and self-awareness. During early childhood, children who practice yoga increase their body awareness and mindfulness as they perform different yoga poses. It improves their flexibility and strengthens their growing bodies to reduce the chance of injury.

Yoga also improves young children's concentration and memory. Through yoga practice, young children learn the discipline to reduce impulsivity. It provides a physical outlet for kids to express themselves and clear their minds as they perfect their poses.


Lockdown affects children’s emotional development. For one, they won’t understand much why they rarely see their friends or go to school anymore. Also, more exposure to technology can lead children to have low self-esteem.



What Is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood mainly refers to the period between a child’s birth and the age of 8. Basically, what is focused on in early childhood education is the development of a child’s critical milestones. Read more here

WHAT IS EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION What is early childhood education, and how does it lead to lifelong benefits for young learners? Learn more about Early Childhood Education.


Mental conditions do not just develop in adults because children can have them too. It helps to be aware of your child at all times so you’ll immediately notice any behavioral changes. Also, some symptoms you need to watch out for could be persistent sadness. This is one of the most noticeable signs in children. Second, there could also be a withdrawal from social interaction or engagement. Some physical symptoms would be a loss of weight or changes in eating habits.


Protecting Your Child’s Mental Health

Part of bringing up children is to ensure their mental health stays healthy as well. Always stay on the lookout for any behavioral changes in your child, and always communicate with them.


Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving Day, let us all take the time to thank our parents who have loved and sacrificed so much for us children. Without our parents, we would never be where we are today. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank and salute all the parents!


While parents may have different ways of bringing their children up, it is still important for parents to be sensitive and warm towards their children. This helps children become more open and communicative with their parents.

7 Benefits of Yoga for Young Kids | Arizona Early Childhood 11/16/2022

7 Benefits of Yoga for Young Kids | Arizona Early Childhood

Yoga Is For Kids Too!

Believe it or not, yoga is also for young kids. Yoga, in fact, helps children learn to relax and manage their stress. The deep breathing techniques involved in yoga teach children to learn to control stress. Read more here

7 Benefits of Yoga for Young Kids | Arizona Early Childhood Yoga is not just for adults! In fact, it can give children very important life skills that can help them succeed in the world.


If you want to know if your child is preschool ready, you can ask your pediatrician or other school teachers. You can also ask yourself these questions. First, is your child able to follow directions already? This is necessary because, in school, your child will have to listen to instructions. If they’re not able to follow, it’ll be difficult for them to learn. Second, you need to know if your child interacts with other children well since they’ll be with other kids in school.


Experiences Help Children Mentally

Different experiences also help shape a child’s developing brain. Once a child is exposed to disruptive behavior or traumatic experiences, which increases their risk of being diagnosed with a mental condition.


Greetings to Our Heroes!

We at Peaceful Child Education would like to send our regards to all veterans. Without your sacrifices we won't be able to live in peace to this day. We are always grateful for all your efforts,

Happy Veterans Day to all veterans!


Developing Children's Wellbeing

Yoga for kids? Yes! Kids are naturally playful and curious about the world around them. Keeping up with their physical, mental, and emotional needs is essential to their wellbeing. Learn more by getting in touch with us!


The mental health of your child is just as important as their physical health. Take the time to create a positive environment for your little one, and you'll both be better off for it. Our programs can help foster your kid's potential greatness.

Photos from Conscious Discipline®'s post 10/22/2022

Photos from Conscious Discipline®'s post

3 Ideas for Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom - Institute for Humane Education 10/20/2022

3 Ideas for Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom - Institute for Humane Education

Check out this amazing blog "3 Ideas for Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom" from the Institute for Humane Education! Our Co-Founder Caroline Kelley is mentioned!

3 Ideas for Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom - Institute for Humane Education The benefits of mindfulness in the classroom and three activities to help you bring it into your teaching.


Children who feel alone and hopeless often develop behavioral problems, self-esteem issues, and depression as they grow up. When they don't feel understood or safe enough to ask for help, they may retreat into themselves.


Helping to Maximize Your Child’s Potential

We believe that every child is born with a unique personality and sparkling curiosity that should be nurtured and celebrated throughout their childhood years. Here at Peaceful Child Education, we aim to help your child shape that potential.


At Peaceful Child Education, we have our Discovery Room, where we guide special lessons based on themes following the Nature-Based Curriculum. Themes include plants, bees, habitats, and rocks to help create a love and respect for nature.

Children may learn about the world around them in our Discovery Room. Children may learn about environmental stewardship and conservation while having fun outside, thanks to the room's array of outdoor toys and equipment.


Benefits of Yoga

Early childhood development is a unique process that begins at birth and continues throughout their puberty. Studies show that practicing yoga can help children's bodies and minds to grow stronger, happier, and more alert.

Photos from Peaceful Child's post 10/10/2022

Nature always finds a way! Today we had a visitor inside our lobby! A frog just in time for the letter F! the children were able to observe this little guy before we released him/her back into a nice bushy area outside.

Photos from Peaceful Child's post 10/10/2022

A glimpse into our Fall-themed Discovery Room! This is an area where our students can explore individually and practice fine motor skills.


Children who grow up in communities and have friends have better mental health and lead brighter futures. Make sure your child has plenty of opportunities to connect with other kids. Peaceful Child Education can help you with that!


Advantages of Yoga

Every kid has a hard time getting out of bed and going about their day first thing in the morning. Thus, the calming postures of yoga encourage perfect body alignment and relaxation are especially useful for helping children develop to their fullest potential.


Finding an appropriate birthday party venue for a kid with special needs can be challenging. That's why we're here.

For small groups of kids and parents, Peaceful Child Education hosts birthday celebrations that are suitable for those with sensory processing disorders. We provide a space where you can unwind and enjoy the event without being distracted by loud noises or other interruptions. To learn more about this program, give us a call today!


This Wednesday is World Teacher's Day! We are thankful for our loving staff and appreciative for all they do!


Promoting Mental Health in Children

Early education and development programs can help children promote better mental health by encouraging socialization, recreational activity, and a love for lifelong learning. It can also help improve their self-esteem and confidence.


Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

Taking steps to improve your child's early communication skills can help them socialize and express themselves better. You can improve your kid's communication skills through regular reading, word games, and listening to music.


Fun Exercises for Children

Here are some exercises your kids can do at home to promote their early development:

- Taking walks regularly or running around

- Yoga for Children

- Ball sports like football or basketball

- Jumping jacks

Timeline photos 09/21/2022

Timeline photos

The four elements of .


How to Encourage Your Child to Read More

Reading regularly can provide children with many benefits. Parents can encourage their kids to read more by starting a book club, letting their kids pick their own books, and rewarding them for finishing a book.


Ways to Support Your Kids Early Development

Here are a few things parents can do to help support their child's early development:

- Improve communication skills by minimizing baby talk and talking to your kids as you would in a normal conversation.

- Read to them regularly to expand their vocabulary, imagination, and creativity.

- Introduce them to a variety of recreational activities to promote physical health and encourage new interests.

- Use everyday experiences as a teaching tool. For example, measuring cooking ingredients can help with numeracy skills.

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