Hillsdale Herons PTO

Hillsdale Herons PTO


Is there a back to school night tomorrow night?
Is there a way to order online through the book fair? My son went tonight, but they were sold out of what we was looking for.
Did I miss info on this week's schedule of appreciation? I had no idea it was bring a flower day.
A huge THANK YOU to all of our wonderful parents who donated food to our staff appreciation breakfast and smoothie bar today! It was a huge hit! 🏝
If anyone can help with this we'd really appreciate it!
Hi friends! We need YOUR help getting these recess duty shifts filled for our teachers for teacher appreciation week! They'd love the entire week OFF duty! Please sign up if you can! Some of them just require you to be there for 15 minutes before school starts! You can do that RIGHT? ;)
Are candy grams available for Valentine's day this year?
Do you know when the 100th day of school is?
I recently signed my daughter up for this , and we need more girls at Hillsdale to sign up!
Thank you Hillsdale PTO! You have done an amazing job this year and tonight's carnival was a big hit! It's been a wild first year and you all have rolled with the punches and made so many things happen. 👍😍
These Silent Auction Baskets are AMAZING!! Come check them out at the carnival next Thursday May 25th!!

The mission of the Hillsdale Herons PTO is to support the amazing teachers and students of Hillsdale

Operating as usual

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Happy Thursday families! We have our monthly PTO tonight at 7pm. Feel free to join online or in person in the library!

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A double kiss for that cute little pig! Thank you Officer Bridges and Mrs. Deatrick for being such good sports and giving a Shaka to everyone out there for their support of our event! Between your coins and Farmstead attendance, we raised $1,718 to send to King Kamehameha III Elementary School!!! We can’t wait to send that check off to support the school, staff and students. Thanks Hillsdale families for being so generous ❤️❤️❤️


Tonight’s the night - Farmstead! Mrs. Deatrick and Officer Bridges were within a few dollars of each other and have BOTH agreed to Kiss the Pig! Come out between 4pm-8pm to enjoy the activities and Kiss the Pig will be at 7:30pm.

With your coins donations we raised $1,300 to send to King Kamehameha III Elementary School! The money raised tonight at Farmstead will also be included in that so make sure to mention Hillsdale Elementary when purchasing your tickets tonight!


Tomorrow is the last day to bring in/ donate coins to find out who will Kiss The Pig Thursday out at Farmstead! Don’t forget all of our proceeds from both events will be donated to King Kamehameha III Elementary in Maui. Our very own Mrs. Deatrick gives us such a great insight and understanding about the Lahaina community and where the funds will go to support the school and students ❤️


Happy Monday families! This Thursday is our night out at Farmstead! All the info is on the flyer. Don’t forget to mention Hillsdale Elementary so we get credit! We hope to see you there 🎃🐷

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Happy parent teacher conference time! The PTO provided Costa Vida for staff dinner tonight!

And those piggy jars are ready for your coins! We also have a Venmo page if you’d like to donate that way. Just make sure you put down the teacher your donations are going towards! We are accepting donations until the end of the school day Wednesday 10/18! Reminder: all proceeds are going to support King Kamehameha III Elementary School ❤️

Some facts about our proceeds donation: Mrs. Deatrick taught at King Kamehameha III Elementary School for 10 years and is still in close contact with her former coworkers. The school was sadly completely destroyed in the fires. Many of the students not only lost their school but also their homes. All money raised will go directly to rebuilding and benefiting students!!!


1..2..3..4..we declare a PENNY WAR!!! Kiss the Pig is back with 22 staff members ready to pucker up on our Farmstead night happening at 7:30pm on October 19th! The staff member with the most change will Kiss the Pig 😘🐷

This year we’re giving back to a fellow elementary school in need! Our very own Mrs. Deatrick taught at King Kamehameha III Elementary in Lahaina that was devastated by the Maui fires. All proceeds from the penny wars and Farmstead night will be donated to the school to help support their students! So clean out your car, look under the couch cushions and check your dryers for coins 💰Jars are out on a table by the staff pictures and ready for donations!

Kiss the Pig 2023:
Melanie Anderson
Maddie Dinger
Diana Castillo
Julie Barber
Susan Nugent
Lynsi Craver
Julie Nesbitt
Erica Culver
Kennidi Amorebieta 
Angie Brousseau
Hannah Kessler
Jennifer Deatrick
Megan Yates
Christina Marks
Dave Gabbard
Anna Pearce
Ashley Tracy
Khristie Bair
Josh Bridges
Amber Wiese
Jocelyn Horgan 
Rylee Newman


Hillsdale families- look at these numbers!! 87% of students registered and 74% had pledges 😀 We ended up with donations from 42 states and 5 countries! And look at all those laps students ran 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏃‍♀️You all are amazing in supporting your school. Our goal was $40,000 and we raised over $65,000!!!!

Congratulations to the following classes in bringing the most overall pledges and our prize winners!
1st- Carraway - private screening movie!
2nd- Kessler - $10 Target gift card for each student
3rd- Deatrick - $5 Love Joy’s gift card for each student

Thank you again for all of your support! We got some great plans for the school thanks to you!!!

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Hillsdale families- we did it and we couldn’t have done it without you and our amazing sponsors!!! To say the Fun Run was a success is an understatement!

Thank you to Everson Plumbing, Brodie’s Pressure Washing, Dreams Travel Consulting, Alexander Orthodontics, and Dance Unlimited for sponsoring our T-shirts and stylish sunglasses!

Thank you to our parent volunteers who came out and marked shirts while students ran hard and helped with set-up and clean up!

And a HUGE thank you to all families for getting the word out and raising/beating our Fun Run goal! Your generous donations will bring lots of awesome to the school! We’ll announce winners and final totals on Monday!!!


Hillsdale Families-Time is almost up! Our Hillsdale Herons Fun Run is TOMORROW 10/06/2023! You are welcome to come watch your student(s) run the event during their designated time. The weather is going to be perfect! Here are a few reminders before your student(s) participate in the big event:

😴Have your student(s) get a good night’s rest. Our event will be about 30 minutes of movement/running outside in the grass around a track.
👟Make sure your student(s) wear appropriate foot and clothing attire to move and groove! Student's will be getting their shirts tomorrow and will be able to change into them before they run.
❗️Log final donations TODAY on MYBOOSTER.COM ❗️

Thanks for your continued support of our school! We’re excited for our Hillsdale Herons Fun Run!


Time is almost up! Our Hillsdale Fun Run is just two days away! We’ve hit our goal of raising $40,000 and we received donations from 40 states, Canada, Cyprus and India! Wow! We reached 8 more states than last year!

Our top 3 classes are in a tight race for 1st place to earn our BIGGEST Fun Run prize sponsored by the PTO! The class with the MOST pledges overall will win a private screening for students and their families on a Saturday morning in November of the new movie Trolls! 2nd place whole class will receive a $10 gift card to Amazon and 3rd place whole class will receive a $5 gift card to Love Joy’s!


Hillsdale Families! We met our goal of raising $40,000 for the school! We still have one more nightly challenge before our Fun Run on Friday! Tonight's challenge: the class that has the most NEW pledges by the next morning, will earn a SONIC GIFT CARD!!! Tomorrow night we will be announcing what the BIG prize will be for the class that earns the MOST pledges overall! Stay tuned...

Monday was the last day that student's were a part of the World Changers Workshop. They learned that after you launch your idea, you have to be confident in your ideas, stick with it even when it's hard and Grit It Out: https://vimeo.com/821014704/d4fb145efd?share=copy


Happy Monday families! We want to first say thank you to all of our families that attended our first ever Family Fall Picnic! One winner from each grade level was chosen from those that participated in the scavenger hunt and winners were announced after lunch today!

And a HUGE congrats to all of you for helping us REACH OUR GOAL for the Fun Run!!! But it's not over yet, we still have TWO MORE nightly challenges for students to earn for bringing in pledges. Tonight's challenge is Dress Up Day: the grade that brings in the most pledges earns an "80's dress up day"!

And in the World Changer Workshop on Friday students learned how to launch their ideas after they rallied their teams: https://vimeo.com/821014649/75d3752a9d?share=copy

Thanks again families for all of your support!!!


It’s here! Our first Fall Family Picnic! Come hang out with us and have your students do the scavenger hunt to be entered to win a $25 gift card from Target! There will be one winner per grade level. This weather is perfection so grab your goods and head over to school! See you in a bit 🍁 Goodies under the shelter!


Hillsdale Fun Run nightly challenge: Pizza Lunch! The class with the most NEW pledges by tomorrow will earn a pizza lunch 🍕

Have you seen this awesome feature on mybooster.com? When you give support to our students and staff, you can also check out if your employer will will match the donation. All funds donated to our school through this matching feature are 100% profit for our school!

In todays World Changer Workshop, your students learned how to rally a team! Check out todays video: https://vimeo.com/821014583/d4d1598ce1

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Hillsdale families! We’re already HALFWAY to reaching our goal of $40,000. Tonight's Nightly Challenge: The class that has the highest registration overall by tomorrow morning will earn Extra Recess!!!

Did you know you can ask for pledges from ANYONE in the world? That’s right! We’re trying to get a pledge from all 50 states. So far we are at 32 states!!! Who knows someone from: Maine? Delaware? DC? Nebraska? Let them know you’re raising funds and see if they’ll make a donation to help us reach our goal. 🤩Remember, any funds raised DIRECTLY impact students and staff! Thanks so much!

In today's World Changer Workshop, your students reviewed how to find a need then the importance of writing down your plan or it may not happen! Watch today's video: https://vimeo.com/821014542/6652495fd8?share=copy

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Hillsdale families! We’re on our way and you guys are ROCKING IT but we still need YOUR help!

💻 Register your student(s) on mybooster.com. (They’ll get a FREE reward!)
🤩Create your Student Star Video on mybooster.com. (If you haven’t already, check these out, they’re awesome! Dude Perfect fans we'v'e got your covered!)
🎁 Share your student star video with friends and family via text, email, or social media!
***Reminder: all students get to participate in our fundraiser, no matter your ability to give!

Today in the World Changer Workshop your student's learned about Finding a Need and how to give back through helping. Click here to watch today's video! https://vimeo.com/821014507/8dcb4b5564?share=copy

Our students are so excited, thanks for helping make our fundraiser great! 🙌🏼


🏁 Ready… Set… GO! 🏁

Our Hillsdale Herons Fun Run has begun! Our goal is to raise $40,000 to support our students and staff! Today students experienced our kickoff event with a fun video including Dude Perfect and a look at the World Changer Workshop! To start raising funds please register your student TODAY on MYBOOSTER.COM and share your donation page with family and friends via email, text or social media.

Every student who registers by TONIGHT will earn a PAJAMA DAY in the future! And all students who register automatically get a FREE prize! Plus the more pledges your student brings in the more prizes they receive! So let the FUNDRAISING begin!

Thanks for your support of Hillsdale Elementary!


We have A LOT of awesome events happening in the next month so make sure to mark your calendars 🗓️ Fun Run kick off is Monday so make sure you get your student registered at my booster.com! A week from today we have the Fall Family picnic at Hillsdale park. All who attend will get either a cupcake or cookie from the PTO as a thank you for coming out. Students will also have the chance to be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card, one per grade level, for completing the scavenger hunt. Keep an eye on all our posts for updated info and upcoming Fun Run challenges!

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Happy Thursday families! This flyer should have come home or is coming home with a QR code to register to earn pledges for the Fun Run! Think the video to send out will be boring? Think again! Dude Perfect is helping to create an amazing video that can be sent via email, text or posted to social media. We’ve already seen the video and it’s awesome! Remember you can register now or wait until kick off on Monday! Students who earn pledges will win daily prizes and the class who brings in the most during nightly challenges will win prizes like extra recess, a dress up day, and a pizza party! Go register and start earning those pledges now!


Fun Run update! Below is the order of classes and times for the run on October 6th. We also need volunteers to help with marking off laps on student t-shirts! The more adults, the faster the marks, the more laps students get, the more money is collected for the school! We also need help distributing prizes for students as they have pledges rolling in!

There are two labeled tabs at the top of the sign-up! https://www.signupgenius.com/tabs/73374DD05A6C9E9C35-hillsdale #/


Happy Monday families! We’re starting to get prepped for the Fun Run! Student shirts have been counted and sorted and teacher shirts look amazing ☺️ More updates coming later in the week. Don’t forget tomorrow is picture day and no school on Wednesday!


We are happy to announce that our annual Fun Run is back and will be kicking off September 25th! This is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year and so much fun for our students! We’ve set a goal to raise $40,000 to support our staff and students! Students can register now or wait until the kick off at mybooster.com Students and classes as a whole who register and collect pledges will earn prizes as they go! And we’ve got some really good ones planned including a special prize for the class that brings in the most pledges!

The theme for this year is World Changer Workshop. Over the course of the program, students will learn about some great character traits/skills and steps to making a difference- Find a Need, Write a Plan, Rally a Team, Launch it Now, and Grit it Out! The Fun Run itself will be on Friday Oct. 6th. 🏃‍♀️🏃The schedule for grade levels and more info coming soon!


Happy Tuesday Hillsdale families! We’d like to invite you to our first family event of the year happening Friday September 29th from 5:30-7:00 at the Hillsdale park! Bring your blankets, chairs and picnic dinner. We will have one for each person either a cookie and cupcake for dessert. We will also have a scavenger hunt sheet for each student to fill out and turn in for a chance to win a prize! We will draw one students name per grade level for a $25 gift card 😃Hope to see you there!!!


The first Hillsdale PTO meeting of the year is tomorrow at 7:00 in the school library! If you can’t make it you can also join via teams. These meetings, especially this first one, are a great way to see what is happening at the school and where/how the funds are being spent throughout the year. It’s you as parents that are making these events, field trips etc happen via fundraising, donations etc. so why not see how it’s being spent. You don’t have to join the PTO or pay dues to be involved! Hope to see you tomorrow!


We’ve been getting some questions about tomorrow night!


Happy Tuesday Herons families! Hope everyone is finding their flow as we are now back in full swing with the school year. Here’s a list of upcoming events including a new this year PTO sponsored event at the end of September! More details to come. Don’t forget back to school night is Thursday night and our first PTO meeting if the year will be next week!

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Happy Friday Hillsdale families! Hope your students had a great first week back! The PTO started the year off by treating staff to breakfast this morning! Mark your calendars for our first PTO meeting Thursday Sept. 7th at 7pm in the library to see how you can help support our amazing staff and students this year ☺️


Hope everyone had a great teacher/staff Meet and Greet! Tomorrow is the day!

So let’s talk parking! I’m sure you could all see from last night how busy it can get around the school. For the safety of all families, you will see in red on the map where there are NO PARKING signs posted on the adjacent streets to the school; S. Stockenham facing south just past the school and E. Lachlan one side of the street. We all know the school parking lot is small but the main streets get crowded when lined on both sides. Other options include parking on the lower level of the YMCA by the park and walking in, or parking further back on the streets to walk in. Miss Maddy will be there to help you get across the street at the main crosswalk!

Be patient, be on the lookout when crossing the street, don’t forget backpacks, don’t be late and have a great first day!!!


It’s almost goodbye to summer and hello to our awesome Herons staff! Don’t forget TOMORROW food trucks will be at the school from 4-7pm and Meet & Greet will be from 4:30-6pm! Stop by the PTO table inside the front doors of the school to find out how you can support our amazing staff and students this school year. Throughout the school year we need volunteers to help support various fundraisers and staff events throughout the year. Don’t have much time? No worries, we can still use your help! Come see us!!!


This is a reminder that since the first day of school is on Wednesday, it’s a late start day! Tardy bell rings at 9:25 😉


One week from today is Meet & Greet from 4:30-6pm! These are our featured food trucks so come hungry; they’re excited to serve you! They’ll be set-up from 4-7pm in the bus loop.


Anyone else feel like summer just flew by?!?! Two weeks from tonight staff will be back on campus and ready to greet you! The PTO will also have a table for you to find out how you can help support or amazing staff and students this year!

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Happy July Hillsdale families! Now that the fourth is over, you know what that means?!? School supplies are making their way into stores 🫣 And quite a few people are asking when is the first day of school? Wednesday August 16th is the first day for all students. Meet and greet with teachers will be Monday August 14th. More details to come! Also, make sure to update your PowerSchool account. You won’t be able to see your students teacher assignment until it’s updated. Teacher assignments usually come out the first week of August. Enjoy all the sun and fun and watch for more updates 😊


Thanks for your support of the Hillsdale PTO!


We have a VERY limited number of yearbooks available, which may be purchased on a first come, first served basis.

Here’s how to order:

1. The cost is $14.99 𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸, and must be paid via Venmo.
2. Include your name, email, and mobile phone number in the notes of the Venmo payment.
3. Submit payment via Venmo to: CLOSED

Porch pick up in Sky Mesa or Century Farm once the Yearbooks have arrived. (estimated mid-June)

We will notify you via email/text once they have arrived and are ready for you to pick up.

Any orders placed beyond what we have left will be refunded. This post will be updated once the yearbooks are gone. ☺️

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Happy almost last day of school! Phew what a year! This post is to thank all of you parents/families for your support throughout the year with fundraising. With all the money raised we were able to support our students, staff and school with so many great things this year! Below is a list of where the funds this year have been distributed along with some fun pics to remember the year. We’re looking forward to a great year next year!!!

Student Field trips:
Boise Zoo
Discovery Center
Idaho History/Basque Museum
Idaho City
Boise Watershed
MK Nature Center
Idaho Penitentiary
5th grade Wahooz

Student Assemblies:
Reptile Guy
Treasure Valley Children's Theatre
Summerwind Skippers

Staff Support:
Welcome Back Breakfast
Back-to-School-Night Dinner for Teachers/Staff
Get Your Teach On Conference (Professional Development) for 6 staff members
Staff T-shirts
Staff Appreciation Activities
Nurse supplies for student needs
Parent-Teacher Conference Dinner
CPR training
Staff end-of-year party

Student Activities/Supplies:
Idaho Battle of the Books
Scholastic News for multi-grades
Spelling Bee materials/fee
5th grade Albertson's Flash Mob performance
5th grade promotion
School Carnival
Math intervention for 4th/5th grade
Science Night

School Equipment Purchases:
new basketball hoops (mini court)
bulletin boards
classroom speakers
scooter racks
snow blower
school signage
New outdoor cameras

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Today the PTO sponsored a school wide assembly with nationally known animal expert Corbin Maxey! In split assemblies he presented and taught students about different animals and the importance of treating animals with respect. He even made sure to share with the teachers that Tarantulas make excellent classroom pets! He invited a couple of students and staff members up to participate by holding done if the animals. His biggest animal was a snake that he rescued 20 years ago when Mrs. Bair was his assistant principal at Lake Hazel Middle School! If you’d like to check out his show, he’ll be at The Village on Wednesday nights for the month of June 🐍🐢🦎

Photos from Hillsdale Herons PTO's post 05/25/2023

Thank you all for coming to the spring carnival last week! It was so wonderful watching all of our families having so much fun and participating in all the activities!! The food trucks and vendors also send a huge thank you and shout out for how much they enjoyed the event ❤️ An extra big shout out to my fellow PTO board members for helping plan this amazing event! Shelby, Tiffany and Kristin thank you for all of your hard work in helping to make this carnival our best yet. You guys are the best!!!


An Apple AirTag on a black wristband was turned in after last night’s carnival, and we’d love to get it back to the owner! Please message us if you think it might belong to you or your child.
Thank you!

Photos from Hillsdale Herons PTO's post 05/18/2023

It’s carnival time!!! Come on down. Lots to eat, games to play, rocks to climb and raffles to win!!! If you need anything you’ll see red Carnival Crew shirts walking ready to help!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Meridian?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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And the Kiss the Pig winner is……Mrs. Miller!!! Come out to Farmstead tonight to see her kiss the pig at 6:30! See you th...




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