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Newsletter February 23 02/23/2024

I'm looking forward to our Book Fair and Art Gallery Nights next week...see inside for all the details! -Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter February 23 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE


Congratulations, Ashley Tracy! Hillsdale staff has selected you as our 2023-24 Classified Employee of the year. Your dedication to students and staff is first-rate. Well-deserved!

Newsletter February 16 02/15/2024

Hello Heron Families,
Remember...no school Feb. 16-19th. Enjoy the long weekend! We had a wonderful Valentine's Day week up here on The Hill. I am grateful and appreciative of the cards, chocolates, and flowers received this week.
-Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter February 16 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE

Newsletter February 9 02/09/2024

Hello Heron Families,
Students in kindergarten celebrated their 100th day of school. Look inside the newsletter to see pictures capturing these 'elderly' students at our school (guaranteed to make you smile)! Gary Hogg Writing Workshops, Boise Philharmonic String Quartet, 100th day celebration, students wearing their favorite Superbowl jerseys...it has been an exciting week up on The Hill! -Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter February 9 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE


Thank you to the Boise Philharmonic String Quartet for sharing your talent and music with our 4th and 5th graders this week.

- Gary Hogg, Author of Children's Books, Huntsville, Utah 02/06/2024

Gary Hogg, a children's author from Utah https://garyhoggbooks.com/ be holding an assembly and writing workshops for our students in 1st-5th grades tomorrow to get excited about the writing process. We have had Mr. Hogg as a guest speaker before and his enthusiasm for writing is contagious!
Students brought home a yellow sheet today, if you would like to purchase a signed copy of one of his books, just have your child return the sheet to their teacher tomorrow (Wednesday, 9/7/24).
Thank you. -Mrs. Bair, Principal

- Gary Hogg, Author of Children's Books, Huntsville, Utah Gary Hogg has tickled over one million funny bones with his extremely popular assembly program, Writing is Exciting! Gary’s talent as a ...

Newsletter February 2 02/02/2024

Hello Heron Families,

It has been brought to our recent attention there are videos on YouTube that contain inappropriate verbiage and some that also contain inappropriate images that students can access. We found that these videos can be located just by searching a couple of key words. Almost all the videos look like the typical kid videos that can be found on YouTube but appear to have hidden words in the title and/or the video itself. We hope this might open up the conversation at home to discuss student internet safety with your child.
Wishing you a wonderful start to February!-Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter February 2 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE

Newsletter January 26 01/27/2024

Hello Heron Families,
We have so many wonderful activities coming up in the next few weeks! Please see inside the newsletter for details on Class Picture Day, Kindergarten Orientation for 2024-2025, and Gary Hogg (local author) assembly/writing workshops.
Looking forward to warmer weather this coming week. -Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter January 26 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE

Newsletter January 19 01/20/2024

Hello Heron Families,
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this wintry weather. Here is the newsletter for this week. Please note, Wednesday, January 24th will be a normal in-session school day to make up a day from recent school closures. Here's hoping for a warmer weekend! -Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter January 19 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE


January 24th will be a regular school day for Hillsdale.

Dear West Ada School District Students, Families, and Staff,

Due to recent emergency closures/snow days, we want to inform you about updates in the academic calendar. Specifically, Wednesday, January 24, will no longer be a professional learning day without students. Instead, it has been rescheduled as a regular school day for all students, from pre-K to 12th grade.

We recognize the importance of clear communication and appreciate your patience and understanding during these unforeseen circumstances. These adjustments are made with the well-being of our students in mind as we strive to ensure the best possible learning environment.

To stay informed about these changes, please visit our district website. The district calendar has been promptly updated to reflect the alterations. In addition, you can find a PDF of the updated calendar linked here.

Furthermore, please note that Wednesday, January 24, will be a B day for secondary students (grades 6-12).

If your family has pre-existing plans on January 24, please reach out directly to your school site to report your student's absence. Student handbooks provide details on reporting attendance using attendance codes. For more information on attendance, refer to Policy 500.2 - Elementary Attendance or Policy 500.1 - Secondary Attendance.

We understand that these unexpected changes can have an impact and sincerely appreciate your flexibility and patience. If you have questions regarding Wednesday, please reach out to your building's administrative team.

As we continue to monitor winter weather conditions, our priority is the safety of our students and their families. We will keep you informed and communicate any further updates as needed.

Your cooperation and understanding are crucial as we navigate these changes together. Your partnership and support are invaluable, and we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition during these adjustments. Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.


Dr. Bub, Superintendent


West Ada School District Students, Families and Staff,

As the winter weather persists, we maintain a vigilant and flexible approach, placing the safety and learning of our students at the forefront. Today, we experienced another snowy day, with ongoing challenging road conditions and inclement weather forecasted until tomorrow. Consequently, we have decided to cancel classes and close schools in West Ada School District on Thursday, January 18th.

While the enchantment of snow days is undeniable, even Olaf understands the importance of focusing on studies. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring that our students not only enjoy the magic of snowy days but also continue to thrive academically, even when faced with unexpected weather-related interruptions.

For families interested in engaging with learning opportunities tomorrow, we have prepared a set of resources that can be accessed from the comfort and safety of your home. These materials are designed to complement the regular curriculum and provide an enriching experience for students on snow days. Feel free to explore these resources at your convenience: https://www.westada.org/page/remote-learning-opportunities. Please note that these resources are optional and not mandatory.

We understand that there may be inquiries regarding the calendar and potential ongoing school closures. Please be assured that our team is dedicated to minimizing the impact on families when making updates and changes to the academic calendar. We commit to notifying you as soon as possible regarding any alterations or updates. Our primary focus is on avoiding holding classes on holidays and preventing the extension of the school year into the summer. If winter weather or adverse conditions persist, our instructional team, in collaboration with administrators and teachers, will provide dedicated resources to supplement instruction.

We understand that unexpected changes can be challenging, and we appreciate your continued flexibility and understanding during these times as well as your patience and compassion. Your cooperation allows us to maintain a continuity of education and ensure the well-being of our school community. Our priority is to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for all our students, and we appreciate your partnership in achieving this goal.

Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy the snow!


Dr. Bub, Superintendent


Dear West Ada School District,

I trust this message finds you warm and safe amid the challenging winter conditions outside. Due to the adverse weather conditions, including the current accumulation of snow and the forecast of ongoing snowfall and freezing rain, and with utmost concern for the safety of our students, families, and staff, we have decided to declare a snow day for Wednesday, January 17, leading to the cancellation of school and all classes in the West Ada School District.

I understand that unexpected changes in the school schedule can bring about adjustments in plans, and I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during these times. I also want to acknowledge the diverse perspectives and varying weather conditions across the expansive area our district covers. Recognizing that opinions may differ and weather conditions can be unpredictable, we are committed to making informed decisions that prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone in our community. Your understanding and patience during these times of adjustment are invaluable as we navigate the challenges that come with managing a district spanning such a large geographical area. Thank you for your continued support in ensuring the safety of our students and the entire community and as always, please refer to our inclement weather guidance for detailed information - https://www.westada.org/article/897249.

In the spirit of winter fun, let's channel our inner Olaf from Frozen. Olaf's enthusiasm for snowy adventures is truly infectious and serves as a wonderful reminder to embrace the magic of the season. In times when the world may seem cold or challenging, Olaf's positive spirit shines through, teaching us the importance of staying optimistic and finding joy in the little things. Like Olaf, we can focus on the beauty around us, share warmth with others, and let positivity be our guide through any season of life - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3X-ileTY3U

Please exercise extra caution if you need to venture outside, particularly on the roads. Be mindful of slippery surfaces and changing weather conditions. Your safety is of utmost importance, and we want everyone to return to school on Thursday, January 18th.

Your continued cooperation and understanding during these unpredictable weather events are sincerely appreciated. Your flexibility and support are crucial to ensuring the well-being of our entire school community.

Stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy the winter wonderland!

Warm regards,

Dr. Bub, Superintendent

Newsletter January 12 01/11/2024

Hello Herons,
I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends! The weather is upon us, so continue to send students to us dressed for low temperatures and snowy conditions.

Newsletter January 12 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE


Dear West Ada School District Families,

Due to the current level of snow throughout the valley and the predicted continuation of snow, our schools will be experiencing a snow day today, Wednesday, January 10, 2024. School has been canceled and no classes will take place. While the logistics and scheduling may pose a challenge for some, I believe there's a unique magic in the unexpected moments that snow days bring.

For students, it's a chance to revel in the wonder of freshly fallen snow, build snowmen, and engage in spirited snowball fights. It's an opportunity to create lasting memories with friends and family that extend beyond the classroom walls.

To parents and guardians, I understand that this may disrupt daily routines, and I appreciate your flexibility and understanding during these moments. As we navigate the challenges that weather sometimes presents, let's embrace the opportunity to connect with our loved ones, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

Safety is, as always, our top priority. I encourage everyone to take necessary precautions when venturing outside and to enjoy the winter wonderland responsibly. Whether you choose to spend the day playing in the snow, enjoying a cozy day indoors, or catching up on well-deserved rest, I hope this snow day brings warmth and joy to your homes.

Thank you for your continued support, and may this unexpected break be a delightful pause in our busy lives.

Wishing you all a magical and memorable snow day!

Warm regards,

Dr. Bub

Superintendent of Schools

Newsletter December 22 12/21/2023

Hello Heron Families,
Have a joyful time with your family and friends over the holidays. It has been a blessing to work with the staff, students, and families here at Hillsdale and I'm looking forward to 2024 and all the excitement it will bring!- Sincerely, Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter December 22 Happy Holidays from our Hillsdale Office Staff


BIG NEWS…. The West Ada winter raffle is now open to all WASD middle and elementary schools for purchase. Here is your opportunity to support your kid’s school and have a chance at winning some amazing prizes. Tickets are available for purchase at www.westadafundraiser.com until January 17, 2024. Revenue from ticket sales will go directly to the school you choose to support.

Newsletter December 15 12/14/2023

Hello Heron Families,
We switched yearbook companies so be sure to order your yearbooks before winter break. You will see the link inside the newsletter. Looking forward to a wonderful 2nd/3rd grade music program this week! -Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter December 15 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE

Newsletter December 8 12/08/2023

Hello Heron Families,
There have been so many wonderful things happening here on The Hill! Be sure to check out all the student pictures and news inside! Also, if you haven't had a chance to hear about Mrs. Carraway's Class Fun Run Trolls Movie weekend, be sure to visit our Hillsdale Herons PTO FB page. -Happy Friday! -Mrs. Bair, Principal

Newsletter December 8 WELCOME TO HILLSDALE

2023 Holiday Giving 12/06/2023

Hello Hillsdale Herons. We have partnered with a Local Title 1 School to help provide gifts for their families. There are two families (A and B for confidentiality purposes). The gifts are due Wednesday December 13th. I know this timeline is tight but I also know that we have an incredibly generous and involved parent community at our school. Please tape a gift receipt onto the item if possible, wrap your gifts and when you drop off your gift at the front office, please leave a sticky note on it with the family name (A or B) and gender/age of child. We also need 80 - 12 packs of Candy Canes (960 Candy Canes Total) for our Candy Gram Fundraiser also due Wednesday December 13th. The proceeds will go towards families in need this winter. Email me with any questions. To sign up please see the link below. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0848A8AB2FA0FAC16-46504327-2023
Thank you! [email protected]

Rachel Bordewyk, MS, LPC
Counselor - Hillsdale Elementary School

2023 Holiday Giving Hello Hillsdale Heron's. We have partnered with a Local Title 1 School to help provide gifts for their families. There are two families (A and B for confidentiality purposes). The gifts are due Wednesday December 13th. Please tape a gift receipt onto the item, wrap your gifts and when you drop off y...


With the start of winter storms, West Ada School District is again planning and ready for the possibility of school closures. The decision to close schools is a process that is not taken lightly by the district. As storms approach, district staff monitor weather forecasts in preparation to check road conditions during the night and into the early morning before the start of school. If school is canceled because of poor road conditions, information about the closure will be posted on the district website and local media will also be notified.

All efforts will be made to determine school closure due to winter driving conditions by 5 a.m. on the day of the closure in order to have adequate time to alert parents, students, staff and the community of the school closure.

• Television: Channel 2, KBCI; Channel 6, KIVI; Channel 7, KTVB pass
• AM Radio Stations: KBOI, 670; KIDO, 630; KGEM, 1140
• FM Radio Stations: KJOT, 105; K-106, 106; K-LITE, 104; KHEZ, 103.3; KIZN, 93.1; KBSU, 90.3

Parents of Bus Riders
• While we strive for timeliness, busses do inevitably get caught in winter weather traffic. Please prepare your student(s) for the possibility of busses being 10-15 minutes late. Please make sure your student(s) is dressed appropriately. Here are some tips to better prepare.

Cold Weather Bus Stop Tips:
• As always, have students wear bright colors.
• Be cautious of anything dangling off clothing or backpacks as it can get caught on bus doors.
• Have student(s) wear layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing.
• Be sure hats and/or hoods do not obstruct the student(s) ability to hear and see traffic.
• Cover student(s) mouth to protect his/her lungs from extreme cold.
• Have student(s) wear shoes with good traction.
• Use the restroom before getting on the bus!
• Plan ahead for any medical needs your student may have on the bus.

Winter Weather Recess
• When temperatures are below 20 degrees students are kept inside rather than being released for recess.

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