Weapons Company Training, Inc.

Weapons Company Training, Inc.

All training begins by building a solid understanding of gun safety and fundamentals of marksmanship.

Instruction is tailored to each individual shooter through private range sessions.

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Photos from Weapons Company Training, Inc.'s post 11/11/2023

Happy Birthday Marines. Just a few photos of my brothers and I doing some stuff in some places. I'll never forget all the good times and the bad. Love you gents.


First day of elimination games. Got the W to send Connecticut home. Let's go boys!


All checked in and ready for the World Series!


New pistol course dates posted for March and April! Spots are limited and go pretty quick. Get in while you can!


As a naive little kid this was hands down my favorite movie. I had only one dream job from the age of 4, Marine Infantryman. I spend countless hours fighting off hordes of Ivans with my Red Ryder from a "Foxhole" in my backyard...
These days this cinematic masterpiece can really send a chill down your spine.
Stay safe. Stay ready.


Vast majority of Americans have no clue how good they have it, for now.
How many of your friends and family would be willing and able to fight off an invading force? Chances are few to none. Get ready, stay ready.

Photos from Weapons Company Training, Inc.'s post 01/24/2022

Fun times in Ramadi 🇮🇶
130°, 60 lbs of gear, dehydration, sleep deprivation and the constant threat of death and dismemberment all suck.

Getting to spend everyday with the baddest dudes on the planet and walk around that city like we owned the place... you better believe that is priceless.

Miss all my brothers in 3rd Bn 7th Marines!


Pretty pistol vs ugly pistol
If your gun is still pretty, you don't train enough.
Guns are tools, life preserving tools. Tools are meant to be used, scraped up and worn. An unused tool indicates a unskilled owner.
What does your carry pistol look like?
What does your fi****ms instructor's pistol look like?


Surefire ways to ensure you don't survive your first gunfight:
-"Can't find ammo to train"
-"Ammo is too expensive"
-"I'm holding onto every round I have"
-"It's too cold to go train"
-"Professional instruction is too expensive"

People make every excuse to not get out and hone their skills.
All the ammo you've squirrelled away, all the money you saved and all the comfortable warm, dry days inside won't mean a thing when bullets fly.

Find the ammo, find a pro and find time to get better. Or make excuses. It's up to you.


Shotguns for home defense?
You wake up from a dead sleep and pop off even just a single 12 ga 00 buck round in a confined space. Congrats, you just flash banged yourself.

- Incredible recoil
- Stupid loud
- Huge muzzle flash
- Low ammo capacity
- Rather unwieldy

Despite what YouTube trained "tactical instructors" will have you believe "the sound of racking a pump shotgun is all it takes" is a complete misnomer. I find that akin to the Hollywood damsels in distress that shakely announce to their threat "I've got a gun!".
Those guys who drive trucks labeled "Zombie Response Team" will tell you that their scattergun will clear a hallway with 1 shot from the hip. Again, fake news. Inside a house you might get a 3" spread pattern.
This is not a shotgun bash session, I love them for other roles. They are often inexpensive and have their place. Such as taking down birds or breaching (that's a whole other conversation).
Bottom line I love shotguns, just not as a go to home defense weapon.

*The pictured "tactical shotgun" is one I got as a deal sweetener several years back. It serves well as a "behind the truck seat leave it and forget" it gun.

Photos from Weapons Company Training, Inc.'s post 12/08/2021

December 7th 1941. The day Japan invited the monster that is the United States Marine Corps to come out to play at the beach. The rest is history.

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