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This is totally me and the world telling. You that w**d will raise economy and crime will fade will be another happy place to wake up to!


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I think I'm gonna have to go!!

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The Asbury Park Press

That's freakin Nuts!!

WATCH: Pot legalization activists lit up a b**g in front of the Ocean County Courthouse without repercussions, but they couldn't save a man from 8 years in prison for growing 17 ma*****na plants in the Pinelands. Read the story at


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Tommy Chong wants Bernie Sanders to be president. Watch his public service announcement. 02/01/2016

Alabama Sheriff Fired Deputies for Not Supplying Him With Ma*****na for Dying Aunt

Go on and make it legal S**T!! While the state of Alabama has struggled for the past several years to get lawmakers onboard with legislation aimed at allowing ma*****na to be consumed for medicinal purposes, it appears Winston County Sheriff Hobby Walker has devised a small town medical ma*****na program of his own – a plan that… 02/01/2016

Town hall meeting held in Cleveland to discuss legalizing medical ma*****na CLEVELAND, Ohio – The debate over legalizing medical ma*****na here in Ohio has been going on for years. If you ask many of the people at the most recent town hall meeting in Cleveland, they’ll tel...


March Against Prohibition 02/01/2016

Still Mostly Legal: Kratom May be a Better Choice for He**in and Pain Pill Users? The stuff eases pain and op**te withdrawals and is almost impossible to overdose on. Banning it seems like a step in the wrong direction. 02/01/2016

Medical Ma*****na Is Now Legal In All 50 States Thanks To Congress The federal ban on medical ma*****na is finally a thing of the past. Slipped inside a major budgetary spending bill that was purported to prevent the government from shutting down, is an interestin…



Ma*****na can literally replace Ambien.

Read more here:


Tennessee Cannabis Coalition

"Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance...It goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded." —Abraham Lincoln


Amen to This!

TRUTH. #legalize #cannabis #w**d #ma*****na #cannetradio 01/31/2016

Scientists Discover Gene For Happiness — And It’s Related To Ma*****na

TN.....? A gene responsible for the effects of ma*****na may explain why some people are naturally happier than others. 01/29/2016

Maryland decriminalizes pot paraphernalia and smoking in public Possession of ma*****na paraphernalia could mean fines, but not criminal charges. 01/29/2016

Pot Selfies Can Now Land You 18 Months in Jail

Post up !! I support TN the most"" While many seem to be enjoying the trend, experts are now saying that pot selfies could get people into a whole lot of trouble.

[01/29/16]   I hope every1 had a chance you would vote smoking and medical uses have 0 side effects and need to legalize it Nationwide ASAP!!!
U Agree!


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We need Every1........!!!!!!


God Bless each State individually!


Lol.... Look twice and Focus!!

What just happened?? 01/07/2016

Alaska Groups Give Free Cannabis to Severely Ill and Veterans

God Bless Alaska!! Eighteen years after Alaskans technically gained the right to use medical ma*****na, there are still no state-licensed dispensaries and there are only six qualifying illnesses for MMJ use, according to NORML. In response, several nonprofits have started to deliver free pot to veterans and patients…


Cannabis Culture 01/06/2016

Latest cannabis trials show promise| Epilepsy Society

Enough Proof?!!! US-based study show that a cannabis-based treatment may have the potential to reduce seizure frequency in children and young adults with highly resistant epilepsy.


This is the Honest Truth!!
#Big R/X !!! 01/06/2016

DEA Eases Restrictions on CBD Research to Benefit Big Pharma

Dea- Don't u got enough drugs to worry about??... # There was speculation last week that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration might be on the verge of downgrading the Schedule I classification of the cannabis plant. Unfortunately, the end result proved the implications behind the rumors were somewhat overstated, as the agency simply moved to ease…


Oregon Cannabis Connection


The Oregon Cannabis Connection is excited to launch a new medical program in the heart of Eugene, Oregon. We love helping and hearing from our community!




I don't matter what day, time or Year.....20??




Believe me the way this world is going u are gonna be telling worse s**t than this to them!!! #CrazyWorld

[01/06/16]   World listen....Legalize w**d to help the next man or woman and #1children cause I see liquor stores on every corner and its not building our budget 1 bit!! Its not herion its w**d that never killed 1 person or any negative side effects! #Loud #UCantStopThisSh*t
#1Love 01/06/2016

Obama Administration to Review National Drug Policies

??? One of the first lines of business that the federal government will get into in the new year is to conduct a full appraisal of national drug policies. Earlier last week, the Office of the Surgeon General announced plans to dig into the guts of “substance abuse, addiction and health” in the United St… 01/06/2016

NY Medical Ma*****na Program To Begin Thursday

Progress.... The New York state Department of Health says the state's new medical cannabis program will begin on Thursday. A department spokesman announced the date Monday in response to questions from The Associa 01/06/2016

Entire Florida police department busted for laundering millions for international drug cartels

Does this show you how messed up our Law Is!!!! #pigz The village of Bal Harbour, population 2,513, may have a tiny footprint on the northern tip of Miami Beach, but its police department had grand aspirations of going after international drug traffickers, and making a few million dollars while they were at it.

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Living it up World!
Is it legal Nationwide!?? You tell me the answer!! Comment!!?
Good morning World I hope your mind is right!!
Public service announcement:Huckleberry.(Cannibus Click)





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National Urban Education Center National Urban Education Center
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A to Z  In Home Tutoring-West Tennessee A to Z In Home Tutoring-West Tennessee
Memphis, 38016

A to Z Tutoring is a company that tutors students across the State of Tennessee. We tutor strictly one on one in the home, school, or local library. Please contact Lynn Thompson for more information 1-866-505-2869 ext. 141 or [email protected]

Swim School of Memphis Swim School of Memphis
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We are a Swim Schools International facility operating out of The Dive Shop of Memphis. We have year-round classes available for all ages and skill levels.

Double Tree Dolphins Double Tree Dolphins
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Double Tree ES is an Optional School in the Shelby County School District. #optionalschools

National College Career Center - Memphis National College Career Center - Memphis
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We will assist you to create goals and explore career options.

CBU Panhellenic CBU Panhellenic
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Christian Brothers University

Rhodes College Neuroscience Program Rhodes College Neuroscience Program
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Memphis Chops Memphis Chops
3605 & 3609 Watauga
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Lambda Chi Alpha is one of the largest social fraternities in North America. At The University of Memphis since 1949.

Howard Vance Guitar Academy Howard Vance Guitar Academy
978 Reddoch Cove
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Founded in 1974, the Academy is dedicated solely to the teaching of music. Using methods and recordings developed by Howard Vance, we offer private lessons in every guitar style: also, piano, voice, flute, Native American Flute, bass, banjo & more!

Celebrate Life's Lessons Celebrate Life's Lessons
Memphis, 38128

SCS Family and Community Engagement SCS Family and Community Engagement
160 S. Hollywood
Memphis, 38112

SCS Family and Community Engagement works with faith-based, non-profit, and business organizations to help fill gaps for students and families.