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Has anyone heard anything about the senior pictures. I’ve seen other schools have had theirs done, but nothing from you all.
Our time spent apart Has left a void in my heart. As I watched you learn and grow It saddened me to see you go. I know you may be confused And can’t make sense of it all. Just hold on to your faith And it won’t let you fall. Somehow, we will make it through all this And emerge much better than before. Although the times we shared will be missed Our memories will linger long after we close the door. I Love You🥰😘 V.Y. Loffman
No body knows tommorrow why won't reply
This will prob be deleted but here goes Dear students, I am 58 years old, but I have memories of being in high school. I have to admit that things have changed a lot in the 40 plus years that have passed in the meantime. I didn’t have the blessing and the curse of modern technology. I went to a small rural school that taught the students of not one, but two small towns, Wartrace, Tennessee and Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Google those towns or Cascade High School and you can get an idea of what it is like today. Of course, I went to Cascade 40 plus years ago. My graduating class totaled like 28 or 29. Cascade has grown but it is still not an inner city urban high school. Still, humans are humans and share some similar human experiences, regardless of the place or the time. I can remember being in school and I can remember how much I couldn’t wait to graduate. I also remember doing a seemingly endless amount of homework. I couldn’t wait to be finished with that too! Sometimes, I would lament about the teachers being unreasonable jerks (insert your favorite identifier). I can remember grumbling about how Teacher A must think that her class was the only dang class that I had! She must not know that Teacher B, teacher C, Teacher D…..also assigned homework and also gave projects and exams! In fact, those teachers must have conspired in order to gang up on me and my fellow classmates. Those teachers must be trying to torture me and make my life hard! The thing is, those teachers were not trying to make my life more difficult. They had been assigned the difficult task of teaching subjects that many students had no interest in, subjects that many students thought they would never ever, ever use again in their lives, students like me who were dreaming of graduating so they wouldn’t have to worry about homework! That is not an easy task and it is not a task for the faint-hearted. Those teachers were busting their butts to try light my little fizzling out flame so that I might be inspired to flame up and not only learn, but to enjoy learning, to seek out learning and to shine! Those teachers weren’t trying to see how difficult they could make my life or the lives of my friends, they knew that life itself is hard and in their own way, they were trying to prepare me for dealing with those hardships too. I was not only learning algebra and English and chemistry and physics; I was learning how to prioritize my time, I was learning how to discipline myself so that I didn’t pull an all-nighter cramming for a test, I was learning that if I worked hard and studied, I would gain knowledge even if some of that knowledge did not seem worthwhile at the time! I learned that if I had trouble in some subject, I could study harder, I could ask friends who understood what I didn’t to help me to understand. I learned that even when I missed a question, I could later find the answer to that question and if ever asked again, I would know the answer. I can honestly say that 40 plus years after high school, none of the knowledge I gained has harmed me in any way and most of it has helped me in some way! Even that knowledge that I had thought useless has not harmed me and has often proved useful So, why is some strange old lady that you wouldn't know from Adam who is almost totally out of touch with your reality telling you these things? I just want you to know that most of your teachers are not busting their butts trying to make your lives hard. Most of your teachers actually care for you and want you to succeed! They have faith in your ability to succeed if you try hard enough. That success may not come easy, but you can do it! Those teachers do not want you to fail. They have probably bent over backward and spent extra time trying to help you succeed so you will not fail. They do not want to make themselves look better by making sure that students pass when they have not passed. That does not help you at all. That only sets you up for failure in life! Oh, many times you will struggle to not fail and sometimes you will fail anyway. You have got to pick yourself up, dust your butts off and get back to work until you do succeed. If you are good in a subject and you see someone struggling, help them out. You guys are all in the same boat and if you help each other your boat will get to shore sooner and in better shape than if you have an “every man for himself” attitude. Guys, we older folks have done a terrible job with making the world a better place than we were given. In my opinion, we have been abysmal failures. But life goes on and the care of the world is going to pass from our hands into yours. I have confidence that you guys can make this world a better place. That will not come easy because we old folks have almost totally screwed it up. If you are happy with the way the world is, then your education won't be important to you. I am telling you, don’t let parents, coaches, teachers, administrators…..anyone, steal your education from you by allowing you to succeed when you have really failed. Don’t let anyone steal your education from you. If they try, say, “No thank you, Sir/Ma’am. I can do this on my own!” and then do it! The world is going to be in your young hands. I have faith that you can do a much better job at taking care of this world than us old folks have if you only try! Learning as much as you can will help you to do that. Just know that there are folks that you do not even know who love you and have confidence in you. For those that do not have faith in you, I say, “Give them the finger” by really succeeding even if you have to bust your butt to do it in spite of what they think! God bless! .
Big ups to the class of 03 today makes 15 years since we graduated. May 21st 2003

Stay up-to-date on all things Kingsbury High related here. We are a public high school in Memphis, Tennessee that serves an extremely diverse population.

Mission: By empowering our students to learn, Kingsbury High School hopes to instill in all students the ability to achieve their dreams, to work responsibly and ethically, to respect individual and cultural differences, and to adapt through continued learning, to the many occupational and technological challenges of the 21st century.

Operating as usual

Virtual Open House -Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kingsbury High School

[08/07/20]   Show your Falcon pride with our new profile picture frame!

Tune in to the virtual graduation this Saturday evening at 5 p.m. as we celebrate the Class of 2020!

Parents, you have the choice to pick virtual learning or to send your child back to school. Use the link in the original post to make your selection. The full reopening plan is available at

For the Fall Semester, we are offering the choice of in-school or virtual learning to best accommodate our families needs. The period to choose begins tomorrow at 10am on Powerschool and is open until July 18. We will also be releasing our full Re-Entry Plan tomorrow so parents have the information they need to decide.

Learn more at

Join us in welcoming Ms. Martinez to the Falcon family!

New Teacher Spotlight of the Week: Karla Martinez

Karla accepted an English as a Second Language teaching position at Kingsbury HS.

Thank you for choosing SCS!

Info on the 1:1 technology that will be provided this upcoming school year.

With the recent approval of our 1:1 Digital Device Plan, we know parents and students have many questions. Please visit for all of the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Check out this awesome video from senior drive-thru where we’re featured!

Last week, Phase 2 of our celebrations honoring the Class of 2020 took place at high schools across the District. Enjoy Part 1 of our Drive-Thru Salutes! #SCSSeniorStrong


2020 has already been a year for the history books. Don’t miss your chance to purchase a copy of the Kingsbury High School 2020 Yearbook! This is one you’ll want to pull off the shelf time and time again in the future.

Yearbooks can now be purchased online. Enter the student's information below OR if you received an order form letter from us, enter the ID number to populate the student's information.

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Congratulations to Ashley Perez, who received more than 120 votes for the best decorated vehicle of the 2020 senior drive-thru! Way to go!

All who participated had such great spirit!

FINAL COUNTDOWN! 1 hour left to vote for your favorite decorated vehicle from yesterday’s senior drive thru! A winner will be announced tonight at 6 p.m.! 🎓🎊

Voting is now open! And, wow did our 2020 grads go all out decorating their cars today! 🙌🏼

Like or comment on your favorite decorated car from today’s Senior Drive Thru! Share this post and ask your friends/family to vote for your favorite as well! Voting will be open until tomorrow, June 9 at 5 p.m.

We want to wish each of our grads the best of luck! Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Senior Drive-Thru

KHS Class of 2020

KHS Class of 2020

Voting is now open! And, wow did our 2020 grads go all out decorating their cars today! 🙌🏼

Like or comment on your favorite decorated car from today’s Senior Drive Thru! Share this post and ask your friends/family to vote for your favorite as well! Voting will be open until tomorrow, June 9 at 5 p.m.

We want to wish each of our grads the best of luck! Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Seniors, today is your last chance to vote for Senior Superlatives. Don’t miss your chance to vote!

Kingsbury High Senior Drive Thru Celebration!

Class of 2020, please use the link to RSVP for the drive thru celebration on June 8! Graduates MUST RSVP to participate in the drive thru and receive their items.

Seniors: Please use the following information to join a final meeting on Thursday to help you with your transition out of high school.

Using the first initial of your last name, be sure to join the correct meeting.

Seniors! June 8 there will be a parade and drive-thru pickup at the school of your senior awards, cap and gown, and more.

We want to invite you to decorate your cars or vehicles and participate in the parade! You will be voting on the best decorated car of the day.

You must arrive in the order of your last name at your designated time slot.

Seeding Success

NSI Spotlight: Many thanks to the dedicated Kingsbury High School Attendance Team! This year, KHS actively engaged parents to help ensure students attended school regularly to benefit from a KHS education & also started a 9th grade mentoring program to better support their students. Special thanks to the mentors, Ms. Ivy for organizing the program & AP Beattie for driving the work forward!

Team Members: Ulaunda Ivy, John Beattie, Cecelia M Williams

Data Analyst: Julienne Ng

Way to go, Alex Valtierra and Dayana Tran!

Gracias La Prensa Latina Media por honrar a graduados de la escuela secundaria y a maestros Latinx de Shelby County Schools - SCS en esta edición semanal del periódico. ¡Felicidades maestros y Clase del 2020!

Recuerden compartir sus fotos de memorias del año escolar, de graduados, o de sus maestros favoritos. #SOMOS901 #SeniorStrong #SCSLovesTeachers

Edición de La Prensa Latina:

[05/11/20]   View the latest announcement on our homepage for guidelines that will be in place while students enter the building this week for locker clean out.

If your child hasn't already signed up for their time slot, please do so immediately.

SCS En Español

We love our Latinx teachers! Two of our teachers, Ms. Santamaria and Mr. Infante, received a special shoutout for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Con el número creciente de estudiantes latinx, SCS está diversificando su población docente. Durante la Semana de Apreciación de Maestros, nos gustaría agradecer a los educadores latinx de nuestro Distrito. ¡A todos los maestros, gracias por todo lo que hacen por nuestros estudiantes y familias!

¿Quieren enseñar con nosotros? Visiten

#SemanaDelMaestro #SCSLovesTeachers #ThankaTeacherChallenge #TeacherAppreciationWeek2020 Teach901 Choose901 Choose SCS. Teach Memphis.

Kingsbury High / Homepage

Students and parents,

In order for students to enter the building and return books, supplies, etc. or to retrieve personal items from lockers, students will need to sign up for a time on their assigned day.

Each grade level has their own time and dates. Please use the links under “latest announcements” on our homepage to sign up for your time.

Because we have to follow social distancing guidelines, we ask that you arrive on time for your selected time slot. As a safety precaution, students must signup for a time in order to enter the building to drop off supplies and pickup personal items from their lockers. Please utilize the appropriate links below to sign up for a time. We ask that you arrive on time at your chosen time.

Congratulations to our own SCS Superhero, Ms. Paine. She was selected as 1 of 6 across our district.

Meet your 2020 Superhero Teachers! #LoveSCSTeachers ❤️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

Angela Burton - Springdale Memphis Magnet School

Johnathan Jones - Middle College High School at CBU

Tevita Dumas - Rozelle - The Creative and Performing Arts Optional School

Margie Avis - Berclair Elementary School

Malorie Paine - Kingsbury High School

Eboni Rideout - Melrose High School - Home of the Golden Wildcats

Read More:

We love our teachers everyday, but especially today. Thank you to all our teachers who have not wavered in their dedication to our students even during pandemic. They simply have converted their energies in new capacities.

Each one of our teachers is a rockstar!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Operations K.I.D.S will be giving out free hotdogs this Saturday from 11 am-1 pm at Douglass Park. Must be one of the first 300 kids there.

Seniors and families, please see this message from Herff Jones regarding pickup of graduation supplies (excluding cap and gown.)

The district will be providing all students an opportunity to earn up 5 bonus points on their Q3 final grades. More information will be coming from your child’s teachers.

Our valedictorian and salutatorian will be interviewed today on 88.5 at 2:45!

We’re proud of you, Jaeda and Olivia!

If you’re bored in the house, head over to the Student Affairs page on Instagram for ClubQuaranteen! Party starts at noon!

Please see the latest update on school closures.

A message from Superintendent Dr. Joris M. Ray on the school closure:

"Good Afternoon SCS Family,

Today, Governor Bill Lee announced his recommendation to close schools in Tennessee for the remainder of the school year due to the ongoing pandemic. Shelby County Schools shares Governor Lee’s concerns and caution to guard the health of students, teachers, and families during this pandemic. This morning, we released our “Roadmap to Continuous Learning.” Our team has worked diligently over the last several weeks to develop these strategies, and just as we have since I announced the closure of the District on March 12, 2020, our focus remains on keeping students safe and providing learning opportunities that meet their academic and social emotional needs. We will be offering more guidance about employee expectations as we move forward and finalize our long-term plans for the year. The District will remained closed as we work remotely until further notice. We are encouraging parents to keep their children engaged using our comprehensive learning guides/workbooks and instructional supports. We are stronger together. Coronavirus will not defeat us! We are 901!

Dr. Joris M. Ray,

More information on today’s announcement -

Roadmap to Continuous Learning -

Instructional Resources -


Our teachers and staff will be making calls to their homeroom students' parents today through Friday.

Please answer/return their calls as the information is crucial to ensuring you receive your child's Quarter 3 report cards.

We hope you're all doing well during these uncharted times. Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.

Way to go Dominique Spencer and Carlos Watkins!

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Congratulations to seniors Dominique Spencer (left) and Carlos Watkins (right) who have both been awarded scholarships to play football at Central Methodist University. Way to go! We know you’ll both make KHS proud!

Calling all seniors! Next week is #SCSSeniorStrong Week! You’ve all worked so hard, and this is your time to shine!

Teachers, alumni, and staff are invited to celebrate our seniors by participating as well!

Tag us and Shelby County Schools - SCS in your posts each day next week and make sure to use #SCSSeniorStrong!

As we wind down National Assistant Principals Week, we want to send a huge shout out to four of the main people who keep our school running! Ms. Turner, Ms. Jones, Mr. Ward and Mr. Beattie do all they can for our students each day of the year! Without them, Kingsbury wouldn’t be the awesome school it is. Thanks for all you do! Keep up the hard work and dedication!

Tell us in the comments what you love about these fabulous APs!

Hey students! Would you like an opportunity to win up to $100? Check out this creative writing contest Peer Power is sponsoring!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Memphis?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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