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Need one more day of fun with the family before the new school year kicks into high gear? 👀 This Saturday, Derrick Love, the art director at Grizzlies Prep, and Peso, the owner of local clothing line Peso the Brand, are teaming up to host Kickball 4 Kids—a full-blown kickball tournament created to help raise funds for the art program at Grizzlies Prep 🎨🐻🔥 The event will be at the Willow Park from 12-4 PM, and there will be food trucks in the building too!

Grab tickets here →

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4 years ago my lil mini me was starting 8th grade at Grizzlies Prep. Next week he will be starting his senior year at Crosstown High! He is no longer my lil mini me he's my big mini me
Grizzlies Prep is a college preparatory school for boys in 6th-8th grade! It is the only school backed by an NBA Team to provide an excellent education. They teach young men to excel academically and demonstrate integrity. Also, did we say it was all tuition-free? ⁠

Grizzlies Prep understands that middle school is a transformative time in a young person's life. They are DEDICATED to their student's success. 💙 Click the link in our bio to learn more about Grizzlies Prep.
Grizzlies Prep middle school Ceremony . So proud of my son Chyloh Jones and my little brother in law Delorean Phillips. High School here we come ❤️ Brandi Tequila Marcus Phillips Sheriline Phillips
S/O To My Oldest Son Zion For Being So Awesome & Winning 3 Awards At His School Program Today At Grizzlies Prep Not Only Is He HANDSOME But He Ranked #1 In 6th Grade Social Studies & Art. Also For Making Str8 As & Bs All School Year 🥳
YOU ROCK SON ‼️🤴🏾🤘🏽🔥
🎶 INCREDIBLE job by the Grizzlies PrepChoir from Grizzlies Prep Charter School here in Memphis!! 🎶
Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into your community.

Families that have just relocated are looking for school alternatives for their children.

Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one Charter School, I would ask that you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being the featured Charter School in our local Welcome Kits for your community.

Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.

Joseph Fiore
(201) 421-8333
[email protected]
Check out this spotlight on Mr. Black, a math teacher at our partner school Grizzlies Prep, on his inspiration to make an impact as a Black male educator. Choose901
We were honored to work with Grizzlies Prep & Grizz Community Mid-South Ford Dealers Scholars program at our Urban Farm earlier this year. Both AOVS & Grizzlies Prep change lives in big ways.

Cartavius Black joined Teach For America - Memphis in 2017. He joined with the mission to be a passionate and influential role model in the classroom. In 2021, he started teaching at Grizzlies Prep and took on the city's first African American History Class for middle schoolers. Read his story at the link in our bio. 🔥 ⁠

"I will not rest until I can be sure that we're preparing our youth to be competitive on a global scale. It is the responsibility of all adults to do their part in leaving Memphis better than we found it." - Cartavius Black
Thank you so much to the Grizzlies Prep scholars who joined us this week as a part of their Women's History Month activities! They got to hear many stories from our female staff, along with helping make Food Support Boxes for our neighbors in need. We are so proud of these young men and are thankful to Grizzlies Prep teachers for their investment in Memphis's future leaders!
We are so proud of the scholars at Grizzlies Prep!
Oh I Forgot To Mention Our Son Is In The KNOWLEDGE BOWL At His School Grizzlies Prep‼️ ZION That Is, & They Won Round 1 Today ‼️ I’m So Proud Of Him 🥳🥳🥳
Y’all I Just Wana Cry My Son Is So Amazing I Was Just Scrolling On His Schools Page Grizzlies Prep Because I’m A Concerned Parent And Seen This‼️ IM TEARY EYED It Feel So Good To Know I’m Raising My Son Right & Leading Him In The Right Direction I’m Always On Him About Respecting Others & Being All He Can Be, BUT THIS THIS IS JUST OUTSTANDING ‼️ Always Making Principles List, Excellent Conduct, & Making Good Decisions ‼️
Keep Being The Son Every Mom Dream Of I LOVE YOU SO MUCH🤘🏽🔥🥰
S/O To The Other Young Man As Well GOOD JOB ‼️
RAISING A MAN W/ Grizzlies Prep‼️
My Son Zion Setting A Positive Example Around Here‼️ So Proud Of My Son 🔥🤘🏽❤️
Shout Out TO My Middle Schooler ZION CHAUNCEY ‼️ He Is SCHOLAR OF THE WEEK At Grizzlies Prep So They Let Him Wear What He Wanted This Week‼️ Always Making Nothing Under A 90 While Continuing To Strive For Better & Always Being A Great Role Model For His Younger Siblings & Other Classmates 🥳 I Also Like The Fact That My Son Isn’t Materialistic, Has His Own Style & His Own Mind YOU ROCK ZION‼️ Keep Up The Good Work & You Will Continue To Get Allowance Every Friday Might Buy Yaself That Dream Car You Want When You Graduate High School If You Continue Money Management Like Your Parents Teach You Thank You For Being Such An Awesome Son WE LOVE YOU‼️🤘🏽🥰😘🔥🔥🔥🥳🥳

A tuition-free public charter school dedicated to the success of young men in grades 6-8 in Memphis.

Operating as usual


This is the final week of the GP Book Fair! We are open every day from 8-3:00. Parent night is following the Elective Showcase on Thursday from 5-6 pm. You can also set up an ewallet for your student to use to avoid the hassle of cash. The link is in our bio.

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 12/02/2022

It's that time of year...the Book Fair is in session! Be sure to drop by our library to check out the selection. Don't get shocked by the enthusiasm our Brothers bring to the fair.


Mark your calendars folks. Next Thursday our Brothers are going to show off the skills they've gained through Electives this semester. We may learn a thing or two... See you there!


MGSP - Eddie Walsh

Grizzlies Prep rockstar, Mr. Walsh, talks about what it means to be a teacher of the year. Huge thanks to the Grizz Community and Pete Pranica for making this happen.


Be safe and see you all tomorrow!

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 11/16/2022

November is gratitude month! Gratitude means giving thanks and giving back! Join us THIS FRIDAY, 11/18/22 at 6:00-7:00 pm for a hot power vinyasa class with , a teacher at our studio and ! If you’re not a Haus member, 100% of a $15 or $25 drop in fee (your choice) will be donated to and Mission: School Sports campaign. Haus members can sign up for class at no additional cost and choose to donate at the sign in desk!

School sports have a lasting impact on young Memphians: teaching them to collaborate, compete, and lead. mind/body Haus believes that no child should be excluded from those benefits and has joined on a mission to ensure students at Grizzlies Prep get to play, no matter the zip code. At Grizzlies Prep, academics are accelerated but sports need our support! Join mind/body Haus and in helping Grizzlies Prep continue to provide its students a dynamic sports program.


Memphis Grizzlies Prep Social Studies Teacher and Aquatics Coach, Mr. Walsh, has been named Tennessee Teacher of the Year by Tennessee Charter School Center.

Timothy Ware
Grizz Community
Memphis Grizzlies


Boom 💥!!! Grizzlies Prep OG, Eddie Walsh, has been named Tennessee’s teacher of the year by the Tennessee Charter School Center.

Grizz Community
Memphis Grizzlies
Teach For America Memphis
Teach For America

Congratulations to our 2022 Teacher of the year, Eddie Walsh from Grizzlies Prep! Teachers like you make learning fun for all of our public charter school students.


Shout out to Daniel for being #1 in JSU! So much growth. Let's cheer him on.

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 11/15/2022

Earning a tie at Grizzlies Prep is a GP Brother’s most esteemed honor. Last week, over 700 guests assembled at to celebrate our city’s sons.

This year’s tie ceremony proved a few things to be true:

1. Our Level 5 for growth and Reward School status is embodied both inside and outside of the classroom.

2. Our Brothers are affirmed and celebrated on their path to individual and collective success.

3. Their Village is strong and the warmth is felt beyond GP’s walls.

Thank you to our many partners including , , and for your support! To all others please know that we see you and appreciate you.

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 11/09/2022

Grizzlies Prep is proud to share that our very own Eddie Walsh has been named as a finalist for the Tennessee Teacher of the Year!

The winner will be announced by Tennessee Charter School Center on their social media platforms next Wednesday, November 16, at 10 a.m.

Please tune in to see if Eddie will bring home the hardware!


Today is our annual Tie Ceremony, a special moment for our community to recognize our boys becoming young men. GP Brothers are marching down Mainstreet to participate in the ceremony at The Orpheum Theatre. This will be on for the books!


Fridays at GP be like….

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 11/01/2022

Some Halloween highlights from yesterday! Yes, we were having too much fun. Extra points if you can name all the literary figures!

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 10/28/2022

Look out! The 7th Grade Chess Club is leveling up their game. We had 4 independent matches taking place the other day. The best part, no cheating scandals.


There are few things we get more excited about at Grizzlies Prep than our young men experiencing reading growth. Ms. Berlin had 3 students all meet their fluency goal on the same day! Check out these stats:

Steven's fluency increased by 113% in under a month!
Mar'Kavion's fluency increased by 70% in 5 weeks!
Jeremiah's fluency increased by 33% in 5 weeks!

Way to go, fellas, and a huge shout-out to Ms. Berlin for pushing their learning.


Mr. Bounds leads a little Friday fun for the young men who finish their work early!


Grizzlies Prep will be hosting a flag football fundraiser next Saturday, October 29th at Martyrs Park! All proceeds will go to the Sisters Network Inc. of Memphis. GP Brothers, staff, and parents may purchase a t-shirt for $15 or pay $20 to play (t-shirt included in $20 fee). We can’t wait to get out, get active, and have fun for a great cause! See you there!


Count em' up, that's 8 books. This guy isn't joking around when it comes to leveling up his AR scores. We LOVE reading as GP.


Y'all remember Kylon?! This guy is crushing it at XTH. He's playing on the varsity basketball team, which is no surprise. What is a shock is that he's headed to Costa Rica on a language immersion trip. This dude is becoming bilingual. Kylon says he values taking ownership of his learning and that XTH has been a great high school to make that happen. Keep it up, Kylon!

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 10/11/2022

Grizzlies' Open Practice!!! 🏀 🏀 🏀 Let's just say being in Team Mentoring comes with a few perks. Thanks, Grizz Community!


Mathematicians in paradise.

Mr. Holmes manages a gallery walk and DJs. A perfect way for our boys to get the reps in on what they are learning.

Photos from Grizz Community's post 10/01/2022

Proud of the recognition from our brother org Grizz Community.
We are in this work together.

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 09/29/2022

Shout out to .org for sending us an archeology lab. 8th Graders are spending the next 3 days learning about the first Tennesseans!


We love seeing our boys be a part of the Downtown festivities. The GP Boys Choir crushed their performance at the Memphis Redbirds game! Let us know what you thought of the performance.

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 09/20/2022

Last week Ms. Vazquez's class had a blast celebrating Mexican Independence day 🇲🇽 with some frituras(aka chicharones). Her mother fried them up herself for the class! Now she deserves a shout-out...



GP alumni are thriving Crosstown High! We love seeing our young men step more into who they are as they tackle high school, and remain friends. Keep up the great work Crosstown!

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 09/15/2022

Super proud to share that Grizzlies Prep has been named a Reward School by the State of Tennessee. We are proud of the work we put in last year, and are committed to doing the same this year.

Grizz Community
Memphis Grizzlies

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 09/13/2022

6th Grade Blue is solving real-world problems in the classroom. They designed energy systems to test solutions for rescue teams to power their flashlights & medical devices when the power goes out.



Interested in your team joining forces with Grizzlies Prep & the Jr. NBA?! Check out what we’ve got cooking.


Interested in your team joining forces with Grizzlies Prep & the Jr. NBA?! See below!

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 09/08/2022

Check these pics from our parent teacher conferences. Collaboration. Partnership. Joy. Excellence.

Parents as Powerful Partners: At GP we affirm the role of parents as the first and primary educators of their child. We join then as partners in preparing their child to with the skills and tools needed to live lives of purpose and destiny.
Maybe a little more down to earth - we partner with parents to prepare them for success in middle school, high school and life.


We get so excited when our boys use downtime to pursue their interests together. In this case, an impromptu chess match during dismissal!


Writing poems, annotating text, and getting fired up for the book club. We think our boys are off to a great start.

1st Person Perspectives at Grizzlies Prep 09/01/2022

1st Person Perspectives at Grizzlies Prep

Check out what Grizzlies Prep’s very own Mr. Black had to say about the power of the African-American History class that we piloted last year.

1st Person Perspectives at Grizzlies Prep In 2021, I stepped back into the world of school leadership by accepting a position as Executive Director of Memphis Grizzlies Prep (GP)…


I was honored to have my longtime friends and current MSCS co-Superintendents, Dr. Whitelaw and Dr. Barker, visit Grizzlies Prep. Made our day!
We are proud to be one of our district’s public charters to receive a Level 5 rating for student growth last year!

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 08/09/2022

We wish the GP class of 2022 the best of luck in high school and beyond! In school alumni visits start next month 🥳🥳

Schools represented:

Medical District High School


We are super excited about working with The Memphis Lift this year.
We know when schools, parents and communities work together - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Photos from Grizzlies Prep's post 08/05/2022

ACTIVE teaching and learning — that’s what we do!

Week 1 is in the books! Thank you to our GP Brothers, their families, and staff for your to this school year. Let’s gooooooo!


At Grizzlies Prep, we know that families want to feel confident in the future of their sons. That’s why we designed a structured and caring middle school to address the needs of young men. Many students become disengaged in middle school leading to poor academic growth, misbehavior, and concerned parents. We believe that no student should be limited by a poor learning environment. Grizzlies Prep provides an excellent academic foundation, social-emotional development, and incredible opportunities so families can feel confident in the future.

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We’re kicking off school year 2022-2023 with a bang! We can’t wait to see our families back in action this week for Pare...
In the words of our brother Tupac Shakur, “Ain’t a woman alive that can take my mama’s place… you are appreciated.” #GPB...
"Soul of the City" by De'Aree Harris
As a parent, it's incredible to watch your son develop character and mature into a young man. Yes, it's a journey. Yes, ...
One advantage to being a GP scholar is exclusive opportunities to engage in Grizz programming! Check out 8th grade schol...
Grizzlies Prep 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
6th Grade Raffle (5.15.2020)
5th Grade Raffle (5.15.2020)
6th Grade Raffle (5.8.2020)




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