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St. Mary’s Episcopal School is a nationally-recognized private, independent school for girls from age 2 through 12th grade in Memphis, TN. The mission of St.

Mary’s is the oldest independent school in Tennessee, and for almost 175 years we have provided girls in Memphis with the finest private education possible. Mary's Episcopal School, an all-girls school, is to provide a superior educational experience for girls which will encourage and enable each student to reach her individual potential. At St. Mary’s, our girls work and play in a world created j

Operating as usual


We have a big announcement to share! We can’t keep the secret any longer… We’re thrilled to welcome amazing new girls to St. Mary’s for the 2024-2025 school year! Check out this sweet welcome video we shared with our newest Turkeys and their families this morning.

New families, please share your pics with us. Tag us with photos of your daughters with welcome boxes!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Many of our students spent the day making crafts, exchanging cards, enjoying treats, and playing games. We loved seeing all the adorable pink and red outfits adorned with hearts. Sending lots of love to the St. Mary’s Community! XOXO

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Each month during the school year, the Germantown Education Commission honors a student with the Youth Excellence Award. We are so happy to announce that they selected Maggie Kustoff ’24 and Reeya Sharma ’24 for January and February, respectively.

These students won this award for making a significant difference in the lives of others, the Germantown community, and St. Mary’s. The Education Commission commended them for demonstrating academic achievement, volunteer effort, community service, and exemplary activities. These awards were presented during the Germantown Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.

Both of these girls are deserving of this award for being accomplished students and leaders. Maggie serves as Honor Council President, St. Mary’s Community Fund Communications Co-Chair, Girls On The Run coach, and LeBonheur Teen Club Co-President while also running Cross Country and Track. Reeya is District Educational Clubs of America (St. Mary’s chapter) Founder and President, Staircase service group Founder, St. Mary’s Community Fund Lower School Committee Co-Chair, Youth In Government Head Lobbyist, and participates in Mock Trial. Maggie and Reeya take part in even more activities than those listed. Congratulations, girls!


Intentionality is at the core of St. Mary’s academic curriculum. Our faculty and staff communicate regularly across grades and divisions regarding coursework, learning patterns, and educational advancements to enhance the learning experience for our students.

One of the ways St. Mary’s showcases its academic intentionality is through a strategy called “vertical planning.” Vertical planning allows teachers in different grades and divisions to work together to ensure our curriculum is taught using buildable concepts. This planning makes it easier to comprehend more advanced iterations of the same concepts in later grades.

“It takes a lot of time and a lot of planning, but the payoff is worth it. It's all student-focused but guides the instructional implementation for the teachers,” said North Campus Curriculum Director Jessica Lancaster. “We get a much better end product if everyone is part of the discussions, process, and planning.”

As part of vertical planning, teachers in adjacent grades work closely to ensure their curriculum pacing is cohesive, ensuring a seamless transition in curriculum goals between grade levels. Click below to learn more about the benefits of vertical planning for students and teachers.

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Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate! We hope this time is full of happiness and love. To honor the Year of the Dragon, 6th Grade students in Ms. Garat’s art class completed a printmaking and drawing project. They began by drawing a dragon. Next, they used the medium of gelli printing and created textured backgrounds. They learned how to transfer their drawing onto the printed background using graphite paper. They finished their unique dragons by embellishing them with posca markers.


While St. Mary’s is renowned for its academics, our signature character education program, the Bridge to Caring, is the heartbeat of our community. Over the past several years, St. Mary’s has sought ways to highlight students who exemplify the traits in our Bridge to Caring.

“Every Bridge to Caring trait includes tools about how to be a caring and inclusive person. This is a great way to help students practice loving one another,” said Assistant Chaplain & Religion Teacher Mary Henry Thompson.

In the past, one of the ways the Lower School recognized students was by announcing “Caring Turkeys” in Chapel each week. To be a Caring Turkey, students had to be nominated by a faculty or staff member for demonstrating a Bridge to Caring characteristic. From there, the Caring Turkey was randomly selected from a drawing among the nominees.

While presenting the Caring Turkey awards was a popular time during weekly Chapel, it became apparent more students needed to be recognized for their heartfelt efforts to embody and demonstrate these traits.

“We wanted to expand our Bridge to Caring recognition to be a team approach,” said North Campus Counselor Lauren Mitchell. “At the end of the last school year, we had a faculty representative from each grade come together to talk about how to strengthen the program,”

Read more about the new Turkeys Care program, as well as student reactions, below.

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Last week, St. Mary’s seniors had the opportunity to shadow working professionals in various jobs around the city. Dozens of St. Mary’s community members volunteered to host these students for Real World 101. A few seniors shared highlights about their Real World 101 experiences below.

Averie Howell — Dr. Regan Williams and Dr. Alexander Feliz, pediatric surgeons at Le Bonheur
"I had the opportunity to scrub in on three surgeries, all varying in length and procedure. I personally enjoyed exploring different steps in the process, from learning about the steps taken before a patient can enter the operating room to the post-op discussion with parents, which demonstrated the personal aspect of being a physician, as well. The experience gave me a realistic impression of what a workday is like for a surgeon, which further solidified my interest in pursuing a career in the medical field."

Elizabeth MacQueen — Dr. David Portnoy, oncologist at the West Cancer Center
"I spent the day attending appointments with cancer patients and learning more about cancer treatment. This experience helped to disprove so many of the assumptions I once believed about cancer, and I can now see a place for myself within the medical field."

Lily Karnes — Chief Judge Sheryl Lipman, the Chief U.S. District Judge for the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee
"I spent my day watching trials and speaking with her chambers. Being able to see the behind-the-scenes side of the judicial system has allowed me to make a more informed decision about what I want to study and college. I was able to truly understand what my day-to-day life would look like as a clerk or a paralegal, which has given me an appreciation for all the work that goes into each individual trial."

St. Mary’s is grateful to all of the volunteers in our community who made the day so meaningful for our students.


Congratulations to Tami Sawyer ’00, whose essay “On Racism and Fatphobia” was published in “Wake Up America: Black Women on the Future of Democracy.” The book will be available in stores and online on February 13.

Wake Up America was edited by Keisha N. Blain and is an anthology of original essays featuring “the voices of major progressive Black women politicians, grassroots activists, and intellectuals to offer critical insights on how we can create a more equitable political future.” The essays focus on “claiming civil and human rights, building political and economic power, and combating all forms of hate.”

Hats off to Tami for being included among this impressive group of women! Link below to preorder the book.

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“Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up.”

Last week, seniors and their fathers or father figures celebrated the “eras” of the Class of 2024 at the annual St. Mary’s Father-Daughter Dance. Everyone got to “shake it off” on the dance floor all night long at this Taylor Swift tour-themed event. To make the night even more special, the fathers performed a choreographed dance for the girls and gave them sentimental hand-written letters. We “don't know how it gets better than this!”


Congratulations to Rainer Witherington ’28, whose artwork "Mercy" has been selected by Middle School Art Teacher Elizabeth Garat for the Head of School's February Art Spotlight! Rainer used her family’s dog, Mercy, as inspiration for this charcoal portrait.

Each month, an art teacher from one of our divisions selects a student’s piece of art to be featured. It is the first thing visitors see when they enter Head of School Albert Throckmorton’s office. Congrats to Rainer!


Congratulations to the 76 Upper School students who were inducted into The National Beta Club today! These girls excel academically and are known by teachers and peers as well-rounded individuals. They have also shown outstanding leadership in a multitude of service projects.

The National Beta Club's mission is to promote the ideals of academic achievements, character, leadership, and service. Students meeting the academic requirements are reviewed by faculty to assess their character and leadership. The eligible students are then invited to submit an application detailing what service and leadership mean to them and their community service. We are proud of these girls!

Link below to view a full list of inductees.


We’re checking in with some of our recent alumnae to find out how they’re doing in college. Cam Hart ’23, a student at Emory University, is double majoring in Political Science and English with a Pre-Law track.

“My favorite classes in high school were my English classes, and I am currently enrolled in a poetry class and a Shakespeare class, I have found myself well-prepared to answer any questions,” Cam said.

English Department Chair Shari Ray says she and her colleagues encourage students to speak up and ask their questions with boldness and confidence. “I feel strongly that the English classes at St. Mary's clearly instruct our girls how to hone both their thinking and their voices so that they will be heard in the greater world and instrumental in the cultures in which they will live as adults,” said Mrs. Ray.

Our alumnae often share that St. Mary’s emphasis on grammar, writing, and literature set them apart from their peers in college. Our students take two literature classes, one composition class, and at least three English elective courses. The composition classes emphasize the art of revision and the mastery of rhetorical strategies through studying non-fiction work from various periods, disciplines, and contexts.

“St. Mary’s did not just prepare me for academics,” shared Cam. “I have also found it unusually easy to find a routine and manage my time. SMS girls are always busy with school, extracurriculars, and social life, and for me, that hasn’t had to change at Emory.”

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The Middle School basketball season has come to a close. Our Turkeys have excelled on the court over the past few months, making for a successful run. Huge congrats to our Shelby League CHAMPIONS! The Blue Team beat ECS last night to finish first place in the county.

The White Team also made their mark on the Middle School Tournament, ending the season as runners-up in the league! We are also proud of our 5th and 6th grade teams for their dedication to the sport and for exhibiting tenacity and spirit all season.

Thank you to Coach Mike McCullough, Coach David Norton, Coach Jake Lawhead, and Coach Trent Curry for guiding our athletes and encouraging them to play to the best of their abilities.

Go Turkeys!


TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT to Get Ready for Summer!
Summer at St. Mary's registration is finally open on UltraCamp. You can preview all the Summer at St. Mary's offerings on our website.

Please share the link with your friends. Camps are open to families beyond the St. Mary's community. There are even camps open to boys. We hope your daughters will join us for all the fun as we keep our campers learning, moving, and playing all summer long.

Link below to register.


Today, in South Campus Chapel, members of the Black Student Association (BSA) kicked off Black History Month with a presentation on this annual celebration of the achievements and contributions of African Americans throughout U.S. history.

Lauren Watson ’25, Saniya Young ’24, Kennedy Graham ’24, Laurel Lund ’24, and Adrianna Meachem ’24 discussed the origins and significance of Black History Month and shared this year’s theme.

This February, we celebrate “African Americans and the Arts.” This theme focuses on how African American art is blended with African, Caribbean, and Black-American experiences. They spoke about how African American artists have used visual and performing arts, literature, fashion, folklore, language, film, music, architecture, culinary, and other forms of cultural expression to preserve history and community memory as well as for empowerment. Students in the BSA also talked about how, for a long time, intellectuals dismissed these contributions of people of African descent even as their artistry in many genres was mimicked or stolen.

“As we take this month to recognize and highlight some of the many contributions of African Americans, let’s remember that this can be a time of deeper connection to each other and what we all bring to this space,” the students shared.


Did you know by the time a student starts senior kindergarten, she already knows most of the fundamentals of language? Research has proven the importance of early childhood learning experiences and their impact on long-term learning, behavior, and health.

St. Mary’s uses an evidence-based approach to curriculum development to ensure that teachers capitalize on this electric age of development and growth for young Turkeys. This school year, Early Childhood teachers are participating in a year-long professional development program focused on literacy.

Head of Early Childhood Christina Block and North Campus Curriculum Director Jessica Lancaster are leading the effort to infuse “LETRS” (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) best practices at St. Mary’s. LETRS empowers teachers to understand the “what,” “why,” and “how” of scientifically-based reading instruction focusing on phoneme awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

Visit the link below to learn more about St. Mary’s Early Childhood curriculum.


Join us for a summer of fun in the sun! You are now able to preview all the 2024 Summer at St. Mary's offerings on our website.

Registration will open on UltraCamp on Thursday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m.

Camps are open to families beyond the St. Mary's community. There are even camps open to boys. We hope you will join us for all the fun as we keep our campers learning, moving, and playing all summer long.

Visit the link below to explore all of our offerings. Please share the link with your friends!


Lace up your sneakers and run home! Registration for the 2024 Alumnae Weekend is now open. We hope to see everyone back on campus from Friday, April 12 to Saturday, April 13. We will celebrate special reunion classes ending in 4 and 9. We have an exciting weekend of events, including Chapel featuring 2024 Outstanding Alumna Jean Vaughan McGhee ’86, brunch, family picnic, St. Mary's cocktail party and auction, and more.

We look forward to seeing you! Click below for more information and to register.

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We have finally reached the point in the year when seniors get to meet their flower girls! This special friendship between seniors and younger students is a cherished St. Mary’s tradition. Each 12th grader is paired with a girl, typically in SK, who will ultimately be her flower girl at graduation.

The little Turkeys crossed the street this morning to attend Chapel with the older students. After performing a few songs, including "The 100th Day of School," they paired up with their seniors. All the girls celebrated with a tea party and made friendship bracelets. This day is simply the beginning of many activities these new friends share during the spring semester.

Photos from St. Mary's Episcopal School's post 01/25/2024

Pre-K girls celebrated their unit on bears with a teddy bear picnic! Girls wore pajamas and brought a snuggly teddy bear to school. Teachers spread out blankets in the Gilmore Lynn Room, and students enjoyed a delicious treat of cinnamon sugar toast with toppings to make them look like bears. Head of School Albert Throckmorton read the girls the story, “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” by Jimmy Kennedy. He even brought his own teddy bear, Professor Bear. The girls loved introducing their stuffed friends to Mr. Throckmorton!

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Each year, the Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards honors exemplary art by students in grades 7-12 in a competitive annual exhibition that provides cash prizes and scholarship opportunities.

The Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards is an annual juried student art contest representing students from over 100 schools in East Arkansas, West Tennessee, and North Mississippi. Submissions to the program are judged on their technical skill, originality, and the emergence of a personal voice.

Gold key winners are exhibited in these galleries, and Silver Key and Honorable Mention Winners can be seen on the two monitors in the galleries. Congratulations to these artistic students!

Caroline Chandler ’26, Horses for Sale, Drawing & Illustration, Gold Key and Middle Division Drawing Award
Ava Dombroski ’28, Charcuterie Board, Ceramics
Ellis Rougeou ’24, Distance, Photography, Gold Key, and Cinched by Expectations, Sculpture, Honorable Mention
Ava Cohen ’26, Chess Not Checkers, Mixed Media, Honorable Mention
Lydia Glomski ’24, Magdalena, Painting, Honorable Mention
Adriana McDonald ’24, Power Lines, Mixed Media, Honorable Mention
Harper Robinson ’26, Don't Be Koi, Mixed Media, Honorable Mention


We love discovering the talents and interests of our faculty and staff outside St. Mary’s! Admission Coordinator and North Campus Registrar Sherronda Johnson ’82 has been passionate about theatre since she was a student. Ms. Johnson was introduced to theatre by her teacher, Mr. Baker, in 8th grade. She was “bitten by the theatre bug in 1980” when actor, director, storyteller, and influential member of the Memphis Theatre community, Barry Fuller, presented at St. Mary’s Career Day.

In the years following her initial introduction to the theatre world, Ms. Johnson has become very involved in community theatre. She has been a stage manager for nearly 40 years and directs plays. Ms. Johnson is engaged with The Hattiloo Theatre and some smaller independent companies and is a teaching artist with the Orpheum Theatre Group Education division.

Theatre Memphis recently cast Ms. Johnson to play Lena Younger (Mama) in their production of "A Raisin in the Sun." We encourage you to see her star in this moving and powerful play about a black family from the South Side of Chicago attempting to improve their financial circumstance and find their place within their heritage. This culturally significant story involves matters of housing discrimination, racism, and assimilation.

We are so proud of Ms. Johnson! "A Raisin in the Sun" will run from Jan. 25-Feb. 4 at Theatre Memphis. Visit the links below to purchase tickets and learn more about Sherronda Johnson.

Photos from St. Mary's Episcopal School's post 01/22/2024

Last month, Gwyn Fisher '96, Chief Economic Development Officer of the Greater Memphis Chamber, was featured on the front page of the Memphis Commercial Appeal. In just over a year in this role, Gwyn has led efforts to bring 11 new projects, 1,600 jobs, and more than $1 billion in capital projects to the Memphis area.

“My St. Mary's education is foundational to my success. I learned the critical thinking, communication, and time management skills that drive the work I do today,” Gwyn said.

Gywn focuses on a data-focused approach to selling Memphis to new companies. She advocates for high-quality jobs with higher salaries which in turn could help break the poverty cycle, help improve school systems, and create more flexibility for families to invest back into our community.

Gwyn says she’s that she is grateful for the strong support system she built at St. Mary’s.

“The friends I made at St. Mary's are still some of my closest,” she said. “The strong bonds that come from surviving AP English have stood the test of time.”

Click the link below to read Gwyn Fisher’s in-depth interview with the Commercial Appeal.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning! Many thanks to our facilities team, who have ensured the campus is ready for our arrival on Monday. Thank you for your patience and understanding. See you tomorrow!

Check your email for more information.


When Michele Loden started teaching at St. Mary’s 10 years ago, she remembers being surprised at how many of her students were anxious about higher-level math classes. Otherwise confident girls were suddenly worried when they walked into her pre-calculus class.

“My mission became: How can I help girls reduce their anxiety and recognize they can be excellent at math?” said Mrs. Loden, who serves as Math Department Chair.

“Every teacher in our department constantly evaluates themselves, their curriculum, and how they teach it. We are looking for ways to improve to help our students learn more efficiently and deeply and hopefully grow their self-confidence in math along the way,” she said.

Using multiple physical senses in classroom learning makes a big difference. “We are systematically helping the girls talk about the math, visualize it, represent it algebraically with a symbol or a mathematical model, and be numerically accurate with their work,” shared Mrs. Loden.

This technique helps students approach the problem using four different vantage points and ultimately grow in confidence.

Visit the link below to read about how Michele Loden and other math teachers support and encourage students to be more confident in this subject.


St. Mary’s will be closed on Friday, January 19. We’re all eager to return to school; however, the ice on roads and walkways has made dangerous travel more dangerous than it was earlier this week. The sideways and driveways on campus cleared yesterday are now covered with a layer of ice. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

Middle and Upper School students should continue to check their email and Schoology for remote learning assignments. Visit the link below for a list of rescheduled and postponed events.

Photos from St. Mary's Episcopal School's post 01/17/2024

Thank you for sharing all your snow day photos! We miss seeing all your smiling faces. Our facilities team has been hard at work clearing sidewalks and preparing the buildings for our return to school. Be safe and stay warm. See you soon!


St. Mary’s will be closed on Thursday, January 18. While our Facilities team has prepared the sidewalks and buildings on campus for our return, the roads remain incredibly challenging, especially for student drivers.

Middle and Upper School students should continue to check their email and Schoology for remote learning assignments.

Stay warm and be safe! Visit the link below for a list of rescheduled and postponed events.


St. Mary’s will be CLOSED on Wednesday, Jan. 17. All on-campus activities, including athletic, auxiliary, and Buckman events, are canceled. Middle and Upper School students, check your email and Schoology for details about remote learning assignments.

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Our Story

St. Mary’s is the oldest independent school in Tennessee, and for over 170 years we have provided girls in Memphis with the finest education possible. Our story includes some of the earliest female leaders in Memphis, the (Episcopal) Sisters of St. Mary, who at their own peril cared for the Memphis community during the yellow fever epidemic of 1878. Their legacy of service and commitment to principles continues to inspire generations of St. Mary’s girls to become young women of integrity, compassion, and confidence.

Our Mission
The mission of St. Mary's Episcopal School is to provide a superior educational experience for girls which will encourage and enable each student to reach her individual potential.

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