USA Manufacturer has produced cot sheets, mat sheets, crib sheets, and school desk chair bags for 30 years. Preschools, child care centers, and Head Starts will tell you our naptime sheets last over ten years if you take care of them. Our chair bags for the school desk last even longer.

We offer the highest quality products you will find anywhere. You will be thrilled to find a product that doesn't rip or tear at the seam. A 3- year warranty is provided.

Being constantly shared with people across the states is why Happi-Nappi lives up to our reputation of durable products.

Visit our website. Discount pricing available.


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Kelly Wills Jennemann
Great site! How ya' doin' Cynt?
Teachers who need to order chair bags....this business is located in Memphis, and the bags hold up really, really well. The owner is awesome!!!
Really cute.
Three Happi-Pocket Chair Bags. The one on the left is 5 years old, the middle one is new and the right one is 2 years old. The one in the middle was decorated.
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Happi-Nappi™ USA factory in Memphis manufacturing durable Cot Sheets, Mat Sheets and Crib Sheets. Two styles of our naptime time sheets are available.

One has the top sheet attached to the bottom cover making an "All -In-One" sheet instead of two separate towels or blankets from home. We also offer bottom only sheets. The cot sheet's thick high quality elastic does not rip out of the seams. A six inch name tag is on each sheet. Twenty of the "All-In- One" sheets fit into a washing machine and one fits into a storage shoe box for the cubby. Th

Operating as usual

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Head Start and Early Head Start are you tired of towels and blankets? Check out the Happi-Nappi All-In-One Cot and Mat Sheet for nap time. No more clutter. Sheets can last up to 12 years. A 3 year warranty is on all our USA Made Sheets.


Happi-Nappi Cot and Mat Sheets Review

Preschools, Head Starts and Child Care Centers need to stop towels or blankets from home in your classroom. Let the Happi-Nappi All-In-One cot or mat sheet help you make nap time easier. It provides a top sheet attached to the bottom cover creating less clutter, easy storage and handling laundry with ease.

Our cot and mat sheets are also available in a durable bottom only style. Discount pricing is available. Sheets have a 3 year warranty.

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Due to Covid-19, Happi-Nappi sheets made with the attached top sheet attached to the bottom sheet can help keep keep down the use of two separate blankets. Handle one sheet instead of two. They can also be stored in a plastic shoe box container. The store box is great for a cubby hole.


Hey everybody we have alot of new smiling faces over here at Happi Nappi! Alot of new exciting things are going on over here, so don't miss out and we hope to hear from you. Make sure you place your order for your favorite high quality chair bags and nap mat's.


Happi-Nappi helps every child sleep in our cot sheet with the attached top cover to the bottom sheet. It makes them feel safe and secure. www.happinappi.com

"Elizabeth was so kind to share her precious son, Theo, napping at a Head Start Center. See how sound he is sleeping in his Happi-Nappi Cot Sheet with the top cover attached to the bottom sheet. It gives children a feeling of security."

Photos from Happi-Nappi's post 06/26/2018

With new budgets starting invest in Happi-Nappi cot, mat and crib sheets from USA manufacturer. ‪#‎earlychildhoodeducation‬

Our products surpass the catalog competition in meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.

Saving people money is very important to me. That is why I work hard to hold down prices yet produce the best sheet you will ever buy.

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From: Kimberly McFall--Mauryk12.org
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 8:13 PM
To: Cynthia
Subject: Re: Happi-Nappi

I learned about the Happi-Nappi Company years ago when I first began working with preschool. I had first used cheaply made sheets and blankets that had to be replaced frequently. Once I found these cot covers I was thrilled! The elastic never came undone or stretched and stayed securely in place on the cots. The fabric is fun and the attached blanket is nothing short of genius! They hold up to thousands of washings and still look and feel good. I most recently used the mat covers with the same design and was equally pleased with them. As funding has waned over the years, some of our classrooms have fully functioning covers purchased almost 15 years ago! I would recommend this company and their products to anyone without a single reservation! You get what you pay for and a slightly larger front end investment will provide many happy returns in this case, as their name suggests.

Elastic picture is 8 year old elastic.

Photos from Happi-Nappi's post 04/24/2018

Happi-Nappi's Chair Bags have made this classroom happy. Thank you to the student who shared their appreciation for our bags. Their desk will be more organized now. These bags last 6-10 years due to USA manufacturing and high quality craftsmanship and fabric.


Putting On A Crib Sheet

Happi-Nappi Crib S

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From: Nikki Head Start
Sent: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 3:08 PM
To: Cynthia Thomas
Subject: RE: Happi-Nappi

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. We will definitely without a doubt will continue to purchase ALL of our cot and mat sheets from you. You have an amazing company and product and we are always satisfied with what we receive. Furthermore, I am happy to be able to keep our business in the US! We don’t plan to open anymore classrooms this year, as of yet. So all of the sheets we order will be replacements, which you know is not very frequent, since they hold up SO well! Even with rough 3 year olds!!

Thanks for reaching out!


Happi-Nappi Sheets are the best on the market. Since the top sheet is attached to the bottom cover, the children feel snug and secure. The sheets are easy to wash and dry and store. No more cluttered nap time. www.happinappi.com

From: Cindy
Sent: Friday, June 2, 2017 12:50 PM
To: Cynthia
Subject: RE: Happi-NappiCYNTHIA LEA, INC.

Absolutely…feel free to tell anyone who wants to know about this product to call me. As the education manager and working within the agency for 23 years, this product has been the best, and by far a blessing for all my classrooms and staff. They are of exceptional quality and most importantly the children love them at nap time.

Thank you again for meeting our needs……


Shemeka with Atlanta School of Excellence Shares Happi-Nappi™

Amy is a proud ower of Happi-Nappi™. 02/16/2017

Amy is a proud ower of Happi-Nappi™.

Our products exceed the workmanship of the catalog’s China made products. I am proud of my company’s reputation for the longevity of our sheets.

Amy is a proud ower of Happi-Nappi™. Please do yourself a favor and listen to Amy tell you about Happi-Nappi.

Children have to have sheet over them. 02/16/2017

Children have to have sheet over them.

Children love our attached top cot sheet to our cot cover.

Children have to have sheet over them. These teachers share with us their students in Pre-K can't sleep without the sheets over them. The attached top sheet makes the children feel safe and secure...

Teacher tells us about the Happi-Nappi™ Cot Sheet. 02/16/2017

Teacher tells us about the Happi-Nappi™ Cot Sheet.

Patricia tells us about Happi-Nappi

Teacher tells us about the Happi-Nappi™ Cot Sheet. Happi-Nappi™ Cot Sheets are made with quality materials not like the catalog sheets. The sheets are made in Memphis, TN not China. The elastic holds up plus ...

Happi-Nappi Cot Sheets 01/10/2017

Teachers and Children love using Happi-Nappi.

Timeline photos 01/05/2017

The Alabama Pre-K Conference has begun with live music. It's off to a great start. Happi-Nappi appreciates our customers stopping by our booth.

Happi-Nappi™ manufactures top qualilty products 10/24/2016

Happi-Nappi™ manufactures top qualilty products

Happi-Nappi™ manufactures top qualilty products Quality is the main reason people refer Happi-Nappi™ all across the USA. Pre-K's, Child Cares and Head Starts purchase the Happi-Nappi™ cot, mat and crib she...


10 YEAR CHAIR BAG.. They do last 6-10 years.

Teachers you have heard Happi-Nappi™ say our chair bags last 6-10 years. LISTEN TO WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY. Discounts available to you. USA MADE


CLEAN,CRISP, AND ORGANIZED!!! This is one of many child care centers in Virginia Beach, VA, that have been using our Happi-Nappi Cot Sheets since 2008. Their organization has made it easy for both teachers and children.


If you are attending the Conference in Orlando, Cone check out our booth 475!

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When Happi-Nappi describes benefits of our sheets, we say organized, uniformed, durable and a crisp clean look. Here is a customer in Virginia who makes all those words a reality.

Timeline photos 08/17/2015

There's nothing more peaceful than a bunch of sweet children napping. They are all nestled up in their Happi-Nappi Mat Covers.

Photos from Happi-Nappi's post 08/05/2015

All snug as a bug in a rug! Perfect display of the Happi-Nappi Nap Bag

NAEYC Conference 2013 06/16/2015

NAEYC Conference 2013

Pat has been a wonderful customer for many years and continues to be. We appreciate all of our customers old and and new.

NAEYC Conference 2013

Photos from Happi-Nappi's post 06/12/2015

Durable long lasting sheets is what Happi-Nappi is all about.

"We have been using these sheets at the Washington County Family Learning Center in Roper, NC for about four or five years... they are the best!!!!"


Our competitors DO NOT share the same views. They want your sheets to fall apart

Photos from Happi-Nappi's post 06/08/2015

STOP!! wasting your money on two separate covers for nap time.

The Happi-Nappi Sheets are a unique 2-in-1 style sheet. Easy to use, easy to wash, easy to store.

Happi-Nappi 06/04/2015


You need to check out www.happinappi.com. We have new fabric choices!

Happi-Nappi Manufacture Cot sheets, mat sheets, and crib sheets for child care centers and head starts and manufacture chair bags for elementary schools.

Crib Sheet.MPG 06/04/2015

Crib Sheet.MPG

Tired of your crib sheets failing the "POP TEST"?

With Happi-Nappi Crib Sheets you'll pass with flying colors. Our sheets are made with the SIDS requirements in mind. No ELASTIC, ZIPPERS or THINNING FABRIC to worry about.

Crib Sheet.MPG Happi-Nappi Crib Sheet! Visit our website at www.happinappi.com Send Us A Email - [email protected] Call Toll Free 877-763-0701

Nap Bag.MPG 06/04/2015

Nap Bag.MPG

Perhaps your child care center, Pre-K classroom, or Head Start wants something other than a cot sheet or mat sheet for nap time. Check out the Happi-Nappi Nap Bag!

Cynthia does a fabulous job explaining how functional the nap bags are.

Nap Bag.MPG Happi-Nappi Nap Bag! Visit our website at www.happinappi.com Send Us A Email - [email protected] Call Toll Free

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Happi-Nappi Cot and Mat Sheets Review
Putting On A Crib Sheet
Shemeka with Atlanta School of Excellence Shares Happi-Nappi™
10 YEAR CHAIR BAG.. They do last 6-10 years.
Happi-Nappi Chair Bags
Competitors' Chair Bags




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