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I am elated to have spoken on KWAM with Marybeth Conley about knowing the risk of being fragile and being prepared! Every time we get in the car, we honor the risk of being in an accident by putting on our seat belts! Over 60% of us struggle with anxiety, 36,000+ contemplate suicide, everyone needs to wear an emotional seatbelt of being prepared daily for having "that moment" by having a plan in place! Check out my website under Resource Page to get your own Mental Health Plan for yourself and your family!

It's time for The MaryBeth Conley Show on The Voice!

Today we have Grace McLaren of First Responder Coaching in studio and a phone call at the bottom of the hour from Dr. Dale Foster with Neurosource!

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Self-care isn't enough. We need community care to thrive.

In this day with technology, we are all indeed challenged to be present for people in need! The best evidence of caring is action! "Asking: What is it they need?" and respond! Giving the gift of presence is the one gift that comes back to you 100-fold! Self-care alone can't heal communities.

How does a person get to say, at the end of his/her life: "It was a good life? It begins with vision! This is one of the tools used to keep us on the right track? My vision board even controls the food I eat! I may not have chocolate Napoleon's from La Baguette every day! Only if I am under s certain weight may I enjoy such a treat!

Expert explains how to cope with holiday depression

I am honored to encourage all to remember: LESS IS MORE!!! The greatest gift you can give your family is your own self-care plan being in place and then theirs!
If you see any friend or family member as FRAGILE, take a moment and talk with them, share your concern and listen to their pain! Experts say anxiety and depression can increase this time of year.

First Responder Coaching

I love the gift of speaking about tools we all should have in place to better manage our lives during personal, fragile moments. We have a plan in place for fires with fire drills. We have a plan in place for Active shooters. We have a plan in place for heart attacks or choking episodes with CPR and Heimlich Maneuver training. Why not have a plan in place for fragile times - Don't we all have them?

"The question for each of us is, what do we do to change the direction of suicide?" As so many walked out of darkness and toward light this morning, it is so important to honor those that we have lost by asking and acting upon this question. Watch Grace McLaren's full remarks at the Out of Darkness Walk here.

It was an absolute joy to be a part of supporting a vital group, The Memphis Crisis Center, in helping them respond to the many people who call into their center in need of care! They are indeed First Responders on the front line!

We are grateful for the opportunity to share First Responder Coaching knowledge and tools with the Memphis Crisis Center. Thank you to the wonderful team that engaged with us last night! - with Grace McLaren


It has been with the greatest of care and prayer that I have worked with Wendy Kleinman in the re-design of Aim to Be Coaching website. I hope you take time to read it, review and share with any one who might be struggling themselves, have children who are struggling. It is a rich blessing to have spent time needed with each person to work them out of their darkness and give them skills to define and live on their vision! It is a gift to my soul to witness lives being changed!

Take time to look over this vision board! Look at the details he has determined he is worthy to declare to be rightfully his when he is 90 years of age! What a gift to take TIME to determine the looks of 90 and make plans to move in that direction! LIFE doesn't just happen, it requires directed energy toward a goal!

What an amazing gift it is to spend time with an up-coming college student to equip her with her vision, an understanding of nature, clarity in values and a clear picture of the undeniable law: For EVERY CHOICE is a POTENTIAL HABIT that impacts LIFESTYLE! It is so exciting to see how she has created her own set of rules to follow when in college before she even arrives!

I love working with young people who are headed for college and give them a chance to create their vision board for how they will want their life to be when they are 90! What a grand tool for them to see each day and ask: Am I on or off my vision?


I am honored to work with a group of moms and daughters to allow them to build their vision boards in a techno free zone! What a joy to hear moms and daughters laughing and talking together about how they want their lives to look when they are 90! Clearly, we spent more that 8 minutes of silence, but when you think of all the time we have to live, why not take time to imagine how you want it to appear! As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be! How can you "BE ALL YOU AIM TO BE" if you don't think about it? If you have a group of moms and children you want to build on vision together, feel free to give me a call!


Regardless of your day and what might happen, the question to ask: AM I ON OR OFF MY VISION? So many times, we get lost in the day to day activities that the vision for what I want in my life, marriage, with children, education, friends, home, chairites tend to get lost in the detail. Here are some actual vision boatds people spent hours designing to insure their were ON THEIR VISION each day! What a gift!

[08/12/17]   Here is a 30 minute video with George Flynn interviewing me on the coaching process of vision aligned with energy, values and choices! I've coached people ranging from high school through 80+. I am honored to help them live align their lives with vision!

This young man took time and energy to clearly discern what his life would be when he turns 90 and he is only 18 years of age! I wish I could have done this at that age!

There is no age limit to when you can get starting learning to ask the question: Am I on or off my vision board? When this 7 year old's grandfather called to say that she was having salmon for dinner, we responded: "I'm sorry, she only has cupcakes and chocolate on her vision board!" If you don't ask, you will never get what you want!

I had am amazing time working with a group at Monteagle Sunday School Assembly in guiding them to design their vision boards, write out and declare their vision and understand their energy through the DISC Personal Profile and in discern ways they can better work toward their vision!

[07/28/17]   How often do we quiet our weary souls and listen to the desires of our hearts and ponder? Here are two 30 second videos to enjoy God's amazing beauty and enjoy the simple sounds of a waterfall!

What a sad day for many Ole Miss fans! More so, what a sad day for the Freeze family and for Hugh Freeze!

Hugh Freeze was "living the dream" from being a volleyball coach to being head football coach at Ole Miss! What happened?

He had his vision! He had his values of faith, family, career/achievement in place!

He ignored one harsh reality: For every choice is a potential habit that affects lifestyle!

He is a person of faith, so I am! We are all born sinners in desperate need of God and all the help He can bring. Anyone who wants to judge him might overlook one fact: We are all broken. God will love me through my brokenness and forgive me. I pray I seek help for my choices I Make that can ruin my lifestyle! I pray Hugh Freeze finds the help he needs and gets healing.

Why is so much attention being given to O.J. Simpson? He has captured the dark side of many hearts. When you take a hard look, the emperor has no clothes. Here is a man who had overcome many life challenges to attain his vision: NFL star, sports news reporter and family.

O.J. did not manage his energy well! He was controlled by the thought: I want what I want, when I want it, the way I want it!

O.J. ignored the irrefutable life formula: For every CHOICE is a POTENTIAL HABIT that affects LIFESTYLE! He made a series of endless choices that became a habit that affected his lifestyle.

I believe there is a lesson for all so eagerly watching him to ask themselves: Is my own vision clear to me? Are the choices I am making every day supportive of that vision? If not, look at O.J.'s life, pity him, learn how you do not want to live!

[07/17/17]   Aim to Be Coaching clearly looks at all choices to understand the potential habits that affect lifestyles and to compare the projection of all choices to vision to discern if healthy or destructive choices based on your vision!

It is majestic to watch a person design the vision of his/her life when they are 90 years of age and then work to align energy, values and choices to support that vision and to make changes that have been undermining that vision!

Aim to Be Coaching allows you to create your vision of what you want your life to look like when you are 90 years of age and then to back it up to insure that reality with energy, values and choices all aligned! Here is an actual vision board!

So your kid is graduating

With so many kids headed off to college or managing the many decisions of their senior year, Aim to Be Coaching helps insure a strong pan is in place to protect the reality of their vision! Wisdom is knowing to say: "NO" to so many choices that might destroy vision!

Grace McLaren (901) 351-6957

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