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Our mission is to educate, mentor and serve the community by providing quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities for youth!


I’m so excited about this Saturday!! Our students will get their first chance of the year to work on a robot and code!!


You still have time to sign your child up!


We are back, we have a new curriculum for kids to show case their S.T.E.M. skills! At Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy is where Coding and Entrepreneurship meets! Our program is designed to build confidence and teach children to understand the world around them, ages 7-18. Sign up at


Afternoon we are back!

Learning Objectives:

-Future City Design, each student will design what a future city would look like to them.
-Minecraft, students will learn the importance of natural resources and develop small and large structures.
-Entrepreneurship, students will learn how to create a business plan.
-Chess, to develop thinking skills, enhances mental prowess and directly contributes to academic performance.
-Each student will have a membership in National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE Jr)
We have lined up Guess speakers (local and national entrepreneurs, business men and woman) To speak with our students.
-Field trip to a local business once a semester(pending COVID-19 restrictions)

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Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy Saturday Enrichment Camp | MEA - The Kelly Price Project Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy has taken its Saturday fall enrichment camp virtual. The current school system has changed the way we will educate our children.


Get your child signed up, Enrollment is now open! 04/26/2020

Austin ISD Is Rolling Out 110 Buses Equipped With Wi-Fi For Neighborhoods With Limited Online Access The Austin Independent School District says it has deployed 110 buses with Wi-Fi to neighborhoods and apartments where home internet access is least likely


#WhatsInMyTray - STEM Project - How to make a water wheel

Good morning Parents! Here is today's S.T.E.M Project, go outside and get some fresh air and enjoy the sun! Also post a picture when you have completed your project!

Looking for a STEM project that's educational, but also gives you the perfect opportunity to get outside with your class? This activity allows...


Make a Slushy! Yummy STEM Project

Good afternoon parents! Here is your sweet treat S.T.E.M. Project and it should be fun! What will your child learn you ask?:
A slushy is a dense, ice-cold beverage that resembles the thickness of melting snow.

Slushies can be made in two ways: you can flavor finely crushed ice, or you can alter the freezing process of flavored water so that loose, icy crystals form. Shaking the liquid while keeping it at the freezing point does just that.

The freezing point of a substance is the temperature at which the substance changes from a liquid to a solid. For pure water (H2O), this is 0°C or 32°F. At this temperature, water particles start to stick together and form a lattice or a crystalline hard structure.

Dissolving salt in pure water lowers its freezing point. This happens because the salt particles are in the way, making it harder for the water particles to stick together. This phenomenon is called freezing point depression. Salt is not the only substance that lowers the freezing point of water, but it is a very effective one that is commonly available. Dissolving other particles like sugar has a similar but smaller effect. In general, the more particles that are floating around in a fixed volume of water, the lower its freezing point will be.

Find out if it is easier to first mix syrup in with the water and make a slushy of the mixture, or to mix in the syrup after you have created slush from the water alone. Why would this be the case? Which way tastes best?
Try other juices. Which juice is easiest to transform into a slushy?
Find ways to make a larger slushy.
Find out what happens if you mix more salt into the water to create the special ice. What is the coldest special ice you can make?
Test and see what happens if you do not shake the containers while making the slush.
Have fun and post a picture of your project! 😃

Science activity where you make your own slushy. To view written instructions for this project, see the "Homemade Slushies” page at Science Buddies: https://...


Good morning parents! Here is your S.T.E.M. Project of the day! This project was done by one my students last year and I seen a picture of it last night thought maybe y'all would like to try it. Its great project to help kids understand about physics. I hope you to enjoy this project. 04/01/2020

How to make a Car - Powered Car - Very Simple

Good morning parents! Here is today's S.T.E.M. Project! Let's step up our game today! Now this project will take a few things but it is totally worth doing! Your child will love it! Learn how to make a car (powered toy) using a plastic bottle. Enjoy! Facebook: Instagram: https...


Strong Structures with Triangles | Design Squad

Good morning parents! Here is your STEM Project of the day! This project will teach your student how to make strong, stable, and supportive structures. Keep our students thinking! Share with other!

See how Nate uses triangles to make strong, stable, and supportive structures. For more videos, activities and games visit 10/15/2019

Gwen Richardson - Author, Publicist, Entrepreneur

The Kidz Biz children's book series is here! Plant the seed of entrepreneurship and watch it grow in the next generation. The series is designed for children ages 5-8 and each book is only $12.00. Excellent gift for kids and purchase as a bundle for holiday gifting.

Book 1 is available now and books 2 and 3--available in late October and late November, respectively--can be preordered exclusively at the author's website:

Book 1 can also be purchased on Amazon:

If you'd like to donate 30 books to a K-3 classroom, please message the Kidz Biz Squad FB page:

If you're a K-3 teacher and would like to have 30 books donated to your students, please message and we will match you with a donor:


You have time to get your child involved!


Photos from STEM Memphis's post


Photos from STEM Memphis's post


Photos from STEM Memphis's post


Three programs to help your child!!

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A Woman Has Won the ‘Nobel Prize of Math’ for the First Time Ever Karen Uhlenbeck is the first woman to win the Abel Prize for mathematics. 06/13/2019

Inspire365: Only 22 Years-Old and Already a NASA Engineer - Tiera Guinn, a 22 year old woman is already working for NASA as the Structural Rocket design and Analytical Engineer for a Space System that Boeing Company is constructing for NASA. Tiera says that the rocket part that she is in charge of analyzing and designing, will be among the very powerful and.... 06/12/2019

Meet The Kenyan Engineer Who Created Gloves That Turn Sign Language Into Audible Speech

This is amazing!!! Photo: Roy Allela Twenty-five-year-old Kenyan engineer and innovator, Roy Allela, has created a set of gloves that will ultimately allow better communication between those who are deaf and those who are hearing yet may not necessarily know sign language. The Sign-IO gloves in essence translate signe... 06/10/2019

Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' inspires nonverbal boy with autism to sing The song has sparked controversy and spawned a clothing line. It got Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati and has made Lil Nas X a household name. 06/10/2019

This PhD Student is Building a Mental Health App For Black Youth - AfroTech Persisting stigmas around mental health can make it difficult for Black youth to receive the help they need. They’re often forced to navigate misconceptions within their communities and anti-Blackness within the medical industry. One North Carolina based grad student is using tech to erase some of... 06/03/2019

Black female physicist pioneers technology that kills cancer cells with lasers Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green is one of fewer than 100 black female physicists in the country, and the recent winner of $1.1 million grant to further develop a technology she’s pioneered that uses… 05/29/2019

All-Girls Robotic Team From Ghana Wins World Robofest Championship ACROBOT, an all-girls robotics team from Ghana, won the 2019 World Robofest Championship at the United States.

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MEA SUMMER Camp 2019 Registration | MEA

Good Morning Parents

The kids summer vacation is almost here and Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy 6th Summer Camp starts June the 3rd!
Summer Camp registration below: Summer Camp 2019 Registration Address 6010 Knight Arnold RD , TN 38115 Contact Us Kelly D. Price - Founder/[email protected]  Social Media FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM


Camp starts in 31 days!!

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Google has opened its first Africa Artificial Intelligence lab in Ghana Google's first AI lab in Africa is based in Accra, Ghana and aims to provide innovative solutions to problems facing the continent.

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This is one of the task our students preformed, coding the computer to play music! Prepare your child for the future! Me...




Our mission is to educate, mentor and serve the community by providing quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)



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