Holy Spirit Mothers' Day Out

For more information, please contact Kim Mantel (Director) at [email protected] or 901-75 Holy Spirit Mother's Day Out provides a loving, happy, Christian environment for children to learn in a healthy, caring atmosphere.

Christian education is incorporated into our curriculum through daily prayer and weekly Bible class. Music, Art and Computer are also offered. Our classes have a low pupil-to-teacher ratio which enables individualized attention. Our program considers the developmental needs of each child and emphasizes three areas of growth: mental, physical, and spiritual. Our classrooms are child-oriented and th

Operating as usual



Instead of Elf on a Shelf, move Mary and Joseph thru your house on their “journey to Bethlehem” and end up at the Nativity scene Christmas Eve.


We have completed 3 weeks and all the children are settling in. Thank you for your support & cooperation. Have a safe Labor Day. We will see you on Wed., September 8th.


See everyone Monday, have a great weekend.


We did pretty good this morning with our rainy day drop off. Please remember review the rainy day drop off and pick up COVID procedures. Thank you for your cooperation and support.



It's not my turn.

It's not my turn to go where I want, when I want.

It's not my turn to put my wants and needs first.

It's not my turn to get butterflies on a first date.

It's not my turn to plan a wedding.

I've had my turn.

It's not my turn to leisurely enjoy my coffee with slow mornings.

It's not my turn to explore all of my interests and hobbies.

It's not my turn to spend my days as I please.

It's not my turn to spoil grandchildren.

Hopefully, I'll have my turn.

It’s not my turn to take a Mediterranean vacation.

It’s not my turn to maintain a luscious backyard oasis.

It’s not my turn to have abs.

It's not my turn to binge-watch Netflix when I've had a hard week.

Maybe one day I'll have a turn...or, maybe not.

But, it is my turn…

It’s my turn to have some sleepless nights.

It’s my turn for late-night snacks, so I don’t have to share.

It’s my turn to have my clothes stretched out by little hands.

It’s my turn to have fingerprints on the screen door.

It’s my turn to have Cocomelon stuck in my head.

It's my turn to do laundry. So. Much. Laundry.

It's my turn to keep romance alive amidst the routine.

But even more than that,

It's my turn to start family traditions.

It's my turn to memorize the perfect squishiness of chubby baby faces.

It’s my turn to let a popsicle make anything better.

It’s my turn to heal boo-boo’s with a kiss.

It’s my turn to cuddle and rock.

It’s my turn for park days and play dates.

It's my turn for first steps, first words, and first days of school.

It's my turn to earn my laugh lines and gray hairs.

It's my turn to soak up the beautiful, exhausting, magic of motherhood while the turn is still mine.

Shared with permission from Okie Sunshine


St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Craft


Hope you have enjoyed your snow days and the memories you have made! Now, looking forward to school tomorrow I just want to touch base on the water situation. We have working restrooms and water to wash hands. However, each child will need to bring a extra water bottle / drink until the drinking water issues in Memphis are resolved. Expecting a nice melt off of the roads and the parking lot today, but please be careful upon arrival in the morning. Looking forward to seeing all the smiling faces tomorrow morning.😊



Now this is an interesting way to use a pool noodle!



Parents and staff of Holy Spirit MDO, due to current road conditions,the impending inclement weather, and limited hours of the church offices being open tomorrow, we will be canceling MDO for Wednesday, February 17th. Enjoy your snow days and memories you make, stay safe and warm. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, February 22nd.


Just in case the forecast for tomorrow is true...❄️❄️❄️

Children Should Be Outside for 4-6 Hours Every Day — 1000 Hours Outside 02/12/2021

Children Should Be Outside for 4-6 Hours Every Day — 1000 Hours Outside

Children Should Be Outside for 4-6 Hours Every Day — 1000 Hours Outside If children can consume media through screens 1200 hours a year on average than the time is there and at least some of it can and should be shifted towards a more productive and healthy outcome. ​

Timeline Photos 02/12/2021

Timeline Photos

We couldn't resist passing this fun activity on to you - the children will love it! In wintry temperatures, fill balloons with water and food colouring. When the water has frozen, remove the balloon and you have giant marbles! (from homesteadsurvival.com)


Easter Peeps Houses! ADORABLE ❤ Saving this... https://www.smartschoolhouse.com/holidays/peeps-houses



These bento boxes are on sale if you have been looking to purchase, other prints to select from


The power is currently out at MDO, with an 8:30 AM estimated restore time. Please do not come to MDO until an all clear message is sent. If no message by 9 AM school is canceled.




Merry Christmas!


Dr Mokone & Partners

👣 Newborn notes, specially for new moms..

1. The hiccups are normal.

2. The sneezing is normal. It’s not allergies.

3. The b***y is going to get red (baby's, not yours). This is from the constant wiping and moisture. If ulcers start to form, be more gentle with the wiping or even run that t***y under some warm water in the sink rather than wiping, and apply a barrier cream with each diaper change. Air dry b***y often.

4. No amount of lotion will help that peeling, flakey skin in the first few weeks. They shed that first layer after they're born.

5. No need for lotion, unless your pediatrician tells you so.

6. After they lay down for awhile, they often sound congested. This is usually because of reflux, which all infants experience at some point or another.

7. If you’ve chosen to breastfeed - congratulations on a great way to feed and nourish your child!

8. If you’ve chosen to formula feed - congratulations on a great way to feed and nourish your child!

9. Spitting up is normal now and then. Sometimes it comes out of the nose, yes. That’s okay.

10. Putting the baby on a schedule is hard at first. They really need to eat as much as their brains are telling them to - and that often seems sporadic and chaotic, but it needs to happen. You can start some simple sleep training steps from day one, though. Start waking your baby at the same time every morning. And put her in the living room during the day for the first month - make sure there’s lots of light and noise in the area. Even if she’s sleeping through it, this will start to “set” the circadian rhythms - which tell her when to be awake and when to sleep. At the same time each night, turn lights low and put baby in a quiet room.

11. During the day, feed your baby at least every 3 hours. They’ll want to eat more often than that sometimes, and that’s okay. But if it’s been 3 hours, go ahead and wake her up. We want to get as many “daytime calories” in them as possible!

12. There is a very common, very gassy/grumpy phase they start around week 3. It is called the Period of PURPLE Crying. Often, during a certain part of the day (i.e., evening), they will cry, grunt, and generally look uncomfortable.

13. Some babies p**p with every feed. Some babies p**p once a week. Both are normal.

14. It’s common for the hands and feet to be purple sometimes, especially if their leg is squeezed or they’re cold. This is called acrocyanosis and goes away with time. Always call us or an ambulance if you’re noticing any difficulty breathing, or if the tongue or gums look dusky or purple - this is different.

15. You don't have to clip the finger and toenails. You can peel or file them down.

16. Belly buttons are weird. Umbilical cords are weird. They ooze a little now and then and sometimes there’s a spot of blood on the diaper as they’re drying up and falling off. Let your pedi know if the skin around the cord is red and if that redness is spreading. Or if you feel like yellow goo oozing from it is excessive or soaks into clothes.

I know you feel alone, but know that you're not alone in your isolation these days, and there are still ways to connect. Create a safe "pod" of help and support and if you're my patient, know that I am in it with you.

It's okay to feel weird, and "off" those first few weeks or months - I did.

It's okay if you don't feel connected to your baby at first - I didn't. It was like a loud elephant was suddenly in the room.
If your feelings overwhelm you or worry you, PLEASE ask for help.

Book smarts are nothing compared to experience, my friends. You will know more every minute, hour, and day.

Take care.


The Slow Roasted Italian

How fun are these salt dough footprint reindeer ornaments Amber Roses kiddos made?!

Directions: https://www.craftymorning.com/salt-dough-footprint-reindeer-ornaments


It is not too late to start❤🎄❤

comicbook.com 11/18/2020

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Christmas Specials To Air on Broadcast TV After All

comicbook.com Peanuts fans upset by the classic Charlie Brown holiday specials leaving broadcast for streaming [...]



You'll never go back to graham crackers after making gingerbread houses out of pop tarts! They work so much better! Make sure to use a serrated knife and gently saw to cut the Pop Tarts. MORE tips + ICING RECIPE HERE: https://gluesticksblog.com/make-a-pop-tart-gingerbread-house-video/


Ideas & Fun

BIRDSEED ORNAMENTS - These are so simple to make and look so pretty hanging from the trees outside! Only 4 ingredients!



The Slow Roasted Italian

So many AWESOME Christmas Treat ideas for Kids!

Find them here --> https://kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com/best-christmas-treats/

amazon.com 10/13/2020

Bentgo Kids Brights – Leak-Proof, 5-Compartment Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box – Ideal Portion Sizes for Ages 3 to 7 – BPA-Free and Food-Safe Materials (Citrus Yellow)

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October 12 thru 16
Stay safe and enjoy!


First day back😊Thank you for your patience this morning, it went about as we expected. We will get better everyday. The children all settled in and have had a good first day. Way more smiles than tears. We love our children and families❤



brb making all of these right now

See more of The Bast Family here:



I have no explanation other than it’s magic 🤩😂. I recently saw my friend Bonnie @make_it_your_own_ do a water play activity using wax paper and colored water that triggered this idea 😍. She was right. This activity did not disappoint 🌈. I’m certain most of you have these items at home! I hope you try it out ❤️.

-Parchment paper
-Permanent markers
-Food coloring
-Toothpick or bamboo stick
1️⃣Tape down a piece of parchment paper to the table
2️⃣Using a permanent markers, draw some buckets or circles of different colors.
3️⃣Mix a little bit of water with food coloring to create colored water.
4️⃣Use the dropper to drop some colored water onto the parchment paper.
5️⃣Use the toothpick to carefully drag the drops to the correct color baskets


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Thank you to all our families and friends who came out to support us! We had a record crowd. We really appreciate the op...




2300 Hickory Crest Dr
Memphis, TN

Opening Hours

Monday 8:45am - 2:45pm
Wednesday 8:45am - 2:45pm

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