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Marty Pettigrew, Principal Pamela M. Williams, CAPA Coordinator The five stars in our school logo represent our vision of "Five Star Service". The five stars represent: 1. Connected Students: Students who have personal integrity, civic awareness, workplace literacy and academic proficiency. 2. Connected Staff: Staff members who are caring, have high expectations and who are committed to diverse strategies for learning. 3. Connected Parents: Parents who are aware of their child's development socially, emotionally and academically, parents who model life long learning, and parents who are involved in the mission and vision of Colonial. 4. Connected Community Members: Adopters who mentor and tutor students, and who are available to participate in various school activities. 5. Connected Programs: Athletics, Fine Arts, and Academic Programs that promote student success.

Celebrating 57 years of excellence in academics and the arts, Colonial Middle School offers students a world-class education in a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility. Colonial offers Optional Programs in both Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) and Enriched Academics, helping students to cultivate their talents in the realms of creativity, the visual and performing arts, and academics. Students enrolled in the school’s CAPA Program gain exposure to cultural appreciation, broaden their creative abilities, develop performance skills, and combine academic excellence with superior instruction in the arts. Colonial’s CAPA students have a proven success record in local, regional, and international performance festivals, workshops, and competitions. Colonial students have the opportunity to travel all over the world to participate in these events, and in recent years, they have traveled to China, Italy, Germany, Austria, England, France, and Canada, as well as throughout the United States, including Hawaii. Students in Colonial’s Enriched Academics Program engage in challenging coursework in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Creative Learning in a Unique Environment (CLUE)* is also available for eligible students. Students may enroll in advanced classes in core subject areas, in addition to exploratory courses in Art, Band, Choir, General Music, Computer, Facing History and Ourselves, Spanish, Teen Living, Health, and Physical Education. Students wishing to get a head start on their high school education may enroll in Algebra I✦ and Spanish I✦ for high school credit. Physical Science is also taught to eighth grade students who qualify. Field trips and extracurricular activities help to create a well-rounded middle school experience for all Colonial Middle School students. Colonial has earned a well-deserved reputation for success in nurturing each student’s unique talents. Colonial’s Drama Program has produced many highly successful performers, including Deidra Shores, who was previously selected from among 40,000 applicants to become the winner of The Today Show’s national Kid Reporter Contest. In addition to being nurtured in academics and the arts, Colonial students are encouraged to be well rounded by developing positive character traits, becoming responsible citizens, and developing their athletic skills. * Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate. ✦ These courses have prerequisites. Participation is dependent on grades from the previous school year and standardized achievement test results.

Mission: Mission The mission of Colonial Middle School is to create high levels of learning as the norm at each grade level through a creative and performing arts curriculum, which emphasizes good citizenship, collaboration and results in a safe learning community. Beliefs The faculty and staff of Colonial Middle School believe: 1. All students can learn and will achieve academic success with highly qualified, educated, and caring educators and administrators. 2. Instructional planning must be data driven, realistic, aligned with the district and state standards, and continuously evaluated to ensure student learning and achievement. 3. Instructional strategies must be research-based and varied to meet the diverse needs of all learners. 4. Instructional time must be maximized to produce high-quality student work and promote student-centered learning. 5. Assessment and evaluation techniques must be varied research-based, and continually evaluated to support instructional modifications and promote individual student progress. 6. Character education programs should involve all stakeholders and be student-centered, promote academic achievement and offer positive social interactions. 7. Effective decision-making and community collaboration are integral components of a successful school. 8. Effective communication for policy implementation is essential in keeping all stakeholders informed of school and/or district expectations, fostering a positive physically safe, and respectful school climate/culture. 9. Technology integration at all grade levels and in all subject areas must address district and state standards/goals, which will lead to increased student achievement. 10. Student involvement and participation in the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) curriculum fosters student goal setting, teamwork, and high expectations, while preparing students for local, national, and international competitions. 11. Student involvement and participation in athletics enhances their overall social interaction skills, develops their physical fitness regime, promotes sportsmanship, fosters a team atmosphere, and involves students in various athletic competitions.

Operating as usual

[08/28/20]   Parents of Colonial Middle School Students,

Due to the threat of inclement weather, the

Friday, August 28, 2020 Drive-Through Textbook pick-up has been postponed.
The new dates are:
6th Grade- Monday, August 31, 2020-8:30-10:00
7th Grade-Monday, August 31, 2020-10:3-0-12:00
8th Grade-Monday, August 31, 2020-12:30-2:00

6th Grade- Tuesday, September 1, 2020-8:30-10:00
7th Grade-Tuesday, September 1, 2020-10:3-0-12:00
8th Grade-Tuesday, September 1, 2020-12:30-2:00

6th-8th-Wednesday, September 2, 2020-2:00-3:30. We look forward to seeing you then. Have a wonderful afternoon.

Padres de estudiantes de la escuela secundaria Colonial,

Debido a la amenaza de las inclemencias del tiempo, el

Viernes, 28 de agosto de 2020 Se pospuso la recogida de libros de texto para conducir.
Las nuevas fechas son:
6to grado- Lunes 31 de agosto de 2020-8: 30-10: 00
7mo grado-lunes 31 de agosto de 2020-10: 3-0-12: 00
8vo grado-lunes 31 de agosto de 2020-12: 30-2: 00

6to grado- Martes, 1 de septiembre de 2020-8: 30-10: 00
7mo grado-martes, 1 de septiembre de 2020-10: 3-0-12: 00
8vo grado-martes, 1 de septiembre de 2020-12: 30-2: 00

6o-8o-miércoles 2 de septiembre de 2020-2: 00-3: 30. Esperamos verte entonces. Que tengas una maravillosa tarde.

Back to School Virtually | What Students Need to Know

Former Colonial students represent!!!

SCS students break down the rules and etiquette for the virtual classroom.

[08/26/20]   Colonial Middle School will host a Drive-Through Textbook Pick-Up for all students on the following dates and times. Please come during your designated times to receive textbooks and materials for the upcoming school year.

Friday, August 28, 2020
6th Grade 8:30-10:00am
7th Grade 10:30am-12:00pm
8th Grade 12:30-2:00pm

Make-Up Day #1-Monday, August 31, 2020-1:00-3:00-All Grades
Make-Up Day#2-Tuesday, September 1, 2020-1:00-3:00- All Grades

Shelby County Schools - SCS

In partnership with the City of Memphis and Shelby County Government, we are conducting a countywide Power Up Hour on Thursday, August 20 & 27 from 9 to 10 a.m. The goal is to have all virtual and in-person students and staff log onto their devices simultaneously. This will allow for internet providers to gauge capacity and respond to any challenges that may arise with that amount of traffic, so we can have a smooth and seamless experience on our first day of school and #ReturnStronger.

Colonial Middle School / Homepage

The supply lists are posted on our website!!!

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Watch a special preview demonstration of what virtual learning will look like to help you prepare to #ReturnStronger on August 31!

Find next week's device distribution schedule and more resources for digital devices at

Learn more about virtual learning and the S.A.F.E. Plan at

[08/14/20]   Good Afternoon Colonial Middle School Parents and Students,

This is Principal Curry with a few updates for the coming the days.

Colonial Middle School has been scheduled for device distribution on the following days:
COLONIAL MIDDLE 6 August 17 8 A.M. - 4 P.M. ,
COLONIAL MIDDLE 7 August 18 8 A.M. - 1 P.M.
COLONIAL MIDDLE 8 August 18 1 P.M. - 6 P.M.

All devices will be distributed at the Teaching and Learning Academy located at
2485 Union Ave.

The make up day for all grade levels will be August 22 from 8 A.M. - 1 P.M.

Also the week of August 17-21 has been designated as 901 Family Week. There are many activities planned to make our transition back to school a smooth one for families. Please check Colonial's or SCS' website for more details.

We are currently completing student schedules and we will send out a messages when those schedules are ready.

We will also send out a notice of the dates and times that students will come to the school to pick up any needed books and supplies in the coming days.

Continue to be safe and we look forward to the start of the new school year.

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Join our Board Members tomorrow for a special virtual demonstration and get live look at virtual education as we prepare to return on Aug. 31.

Watch here:

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Based on the feedback of our families, we are announcing important updates regarding student dress code and bell times. We remain committed to being responsive to the needs of our students and families as we prepare to start school on August 31.

Learn more:

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Hurry!!! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!


The next Parent Technology Training is tomorrow, August 7! Join a live trainings at 10am, 1pm, and 6pm at

Access for All

Click the link below to see the district’s device pick up schedule! Only specific middle and high schools have been scheduled for this week! Other schools will be updated! Colonial has not been assigned a date yet! ONLY parents who are on the child’s PowerSchool account can pick up the device!
💙❤️ SCS Page

Shelby County Schools - SCS



SCS will begin the school year fully virtual on August 31st.

"We are faced with conflicting priorities as leaders entrusted with the safety of 100,000 children and 15,000 employees because lives and futures are at stake. As of today, there are more than 18,000 cases of COVID-19 in Shelby County - a 9.3% positivity rate and growing, with more than 250 deaths. I am told our hospital beds are at 90% capacity. Science tells us that by September, our community will reach the same trajectory as New York City, and this figure does not account for the students returning to school.

Therefore, we will begin our school year FULLY VIRTUAL on August 31. Teachers will have options to teach remotely or in classrooms, but all students will learn virtually at home until further notice."

Find more information, videos, and answers to frequently asked questions about virtual learning at

Voice of SCS



"Hasta hoy, hay más de 20,000 casos de COVID-19 en el Condado de Shelby - una tasa positiva creciente del 9.3%, con más de 250 muertes. Me dicen que nuestras camas de hospital tienen una capacidad del 90%. La ciencia nos dice que para septiembre, la comunidad experimentará el mismo número de casos que la ciudad de Nueva York, y esta cifra no tiene en cuenta los estudiantes que regresan a la escuela.

Por eso, el 31 de agosto, las escuelas abrirán VIRTUALMENTE en el Condado de Shelby, los maestros tendrán opciones para enseñar a distancia o en los salones de clases, PERO TODOS LOS ESTUDIANTES ESTARÁN EN CASA PARA SU DÍA ESCOLAR HASTA NUEVO AVISO."


Shelby County Schools - SCS

The 2020-21 approved calendars are here!

Download the printable versions at

Shelby County Schools - SCS


Middle and high schools that meet the District's readiness requirements are cleared to begin limited team conditioning for all sports Monday, July 20. Coaches at each school will be communicating directly with student athletes and families. Of course, all conditioning activities will prioritize the health and safety of our student athletes and coaches. Coaches and athletic staff have participated in required training based on CDC recommendations and guidelines from state and national health officials. Only outdoor workouts are allowed at this time, with a maximum of 50 total people in a single conditioning session. Student athletes will stay in small groups - or "pods" - of 10 people max at all times. Additional protocols include daily health screenings, social distancing guidelines and required masks for player/coach interactions, among others. Again, coaches will be communicating with student athletes and families about the start of team conditioning at each school.

Watch more videos demonstrating our re-opening protocols at

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Don't forget to choose your Learning Option for the Fall by Friday!

Find more details on Virtual and In-School learning at

Find information on Powerschool at

Don’t forget to choose...

For the Fall Semester, we are offering the choice of in-school or virtual learning to best accommodate our families needs. The period to choose begins tomorrow at 10am on Powerschool and is open until July 18. We will also be releasing our full Re-Entry Plan tomorrow so parents have the information they need to decide.

Learn more at

Mid-South middle schooler makes masks for the homeless

Congratulations, Autumn Skipper!!! Colonial is so proud to have a patriot with such a kind heart!! A young Mid-South girl is stepping up to help people in need during her summer vacation.

Just a reminder parents!!!!

The full S.A.F.E. Plan for School Re-entry is now available at, so that parents can make an informed decision when choosing their child's learning options for the Fall Semester. This choice can be made on Powerschool from today until July 18.

Today starts the opportunity to choose your child’s Fall learning path!!!!

The full S.A.F.E. Plan for School Re-entry is now available at, so that parents can make an informed decision when choosing their child's learning options for the Fall Semester. This choice can be made on Powerschool from today until July 18.

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Pending Board approval, SCS is considering adjusting the start and end dates for the 2020-21 school year. This is based on the Governor’s extended state of emergency declaration through August 29th due to rising cases of COVID-19. This proposal would not alter the structure or total number of instructional days (175) in the current calendar.

Please provide your feedback by JULY 10 in the survey below to help us in our decision:


Pendiente de la aprobación del Consejo Escolar, las Escuelas del Condado de Shelby está considerando ajustar las fechas del inicio y fin del año escolar 2020-21. Esto se basa en la declaración del estado de emergencia prolongado por el Gobernador hasta el 29 de agosto debido al aumento de los casos de COVID-19. Esta propuesta no alteraría la estructura ni el número total de días de instrucción (175) en el calendario actual.

Nos gustaría sus comentarios sobre dos opciones que estamos considerando (Abierto hasta el 10 de julio):

Shelby County Schools - SCS

Prioritizing health and safety and the feedback of our families and staff, Supt. Ray presented his updates on efforts to Return Stronger to education this fall. Find more details at A full plan will be shared the week of July 6.


Priorizando la salud, la seguridad y los comentarios de nuestras familias y personal, el Superintendente Ray presento este actualizar para Regresar más Fuertes a la educación este otoño. Encuentre más detalles en

The Colonial Middle CAPA Art Department is masking up. Let’s keep our community healthy and safe! Masked Self-Portraits
Jennifer Shiberou, teacher
Karla Rodriguez, 8th grade
Whittney Ousley, 7th grade
Sydney Mitchell, 7th grade
Kerena Navarro, 6th grade
Seth Chaney, 6th grade
SCS Optional Schools Shelby County Schools - SCS

New info! Click on the link for details!

With the recent approval of our 1:1 Digital Device Plan, we know parents and students have many questions. Please visit for all of the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Parent survey!!!

Above all, we prioritize the health and safety of our students, families and community. Please take 10 min to help us learn how we can return stronger this Fall and continue educating our students:



As we continue to plan for the coming school year, feedback from our community remains essential. Parents, please your thoughts at one of our upcoming Listening Sessions and/or through our online Re-Entry Survey at

With your support, we can ensure that our plans will serve the 901 best! ‬#SCSis901

Congratulations Mrs. Shiberou, SCS Middle School Teacher Of The Year!!!!!! SCS Optional Schools

Eddie Reynoso, a violinist in CAPA orchestra, came up with his own arrangement of “Going Home” by Alan Walker and Reuben. He put a lot of time and effort into this project all by himself and we are excited with his ambition to be a music producer. Just imagine what he could do with the guidance of his teacher!

#CAPAstrong #cannotstopmakingmusic

If you have not already voted, PLEASE VOTE TODAY!!!!

We are proud to have even more national art competitors, this time in the The Links, Incorporated 2020 Art Poster Contest. Learn more below, and vote for each of our 4 artists today using the links below! #SCSArtsMatter

Meagan Wheeler, Balmoral Ridgeway IB World School:

Tyrione Hopson, Raleigh-Egypt Middle School - SCS:

Saja Al-Bonni, Colonial Middle School Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA):

Gavelis Ventura, Overton High School for the Creative and Performing Arts:



We are so proud of our wonderful students and staff at Colonial Middle School. Though this year has been different than previous ones, we are stronger than ever. This video shows who we are and what we do at Colonial Middle School.

Colonial Middle School 2019-2020 Part I
Colonial Middle School 2019-2020 Part II

The Links, Incorporated National Poster Art Competition


8th grade CAPA Art student, Saja Al-Bonni’s work has made it to the NATIONAL level for the LINKS Art Contest! Please take a moment to vote for her work, as well as the other pieces from SCS students. The last day to vote is May 23. Please see the email below and click on the link to vote.

Saja, Colonial MS (Teacher: Jennifer Shiberou) 2019-20 National Poster Art Competition Voting

Dione Curry-Principal Colonial Middle School

Hello Students and Parents of Colonial 8th Grade Students

We would like to invite you to our Colonial Middle School 8th Grade Mobile Promotion Ceremony this Thursday, May 21, 2020 at Colonial Middle School from 9:00-12:00. 8th Grade Students, simply come to the school at your designated homeroom time and line up in the car rider line to drive through and receive your promotion certificate. Your athletic and CAPA awards have been included.

The times for each homeroom class is included below:

9:00-9:30-8-1 Polk and 8-2 Strickland
9:30-10;00-8-3 Rogers and 8-4 Powell
10:00-10:30-8-5 Martinez and 8-6 Jordan and 8-32 Norrell
10:30-11:00-8-7 Luckett and 8-8 Jones
11:00-11:30-8-9 Hutton and 8-10 Collins and 8-31 Allen
11:30-12: 00-8-11 Umfree and 8-12 Hill
Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you drive through on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Coronavirus Reponse

White Station church is hosting one of the Mid-South Food Bank’s mobile pantries on May 22. Please share this information for anyone in need... Weekly Scheduled Mobile Pantry Distributions - List Updated Daily Clients must bring ID indicating residence in state where distribution is (driver’s license, utility or other bill with home address) and fill out Eligibility Form given at the site or during pre-registration at some sites. ...

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What Does CAPA Dance Mean To You?
What does dance mean to you?




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Opening Hours

Monday 08:15 - 15:15
Tuesday 08:15 - 15:15
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