Guitars-R-Us Memphis

I have 40+ years of playing guitars. I am self taught and know what it takes. I can teach the young and the elderly with ease. I use basic blues to teach too.

Keyboards are also involved when song structures are being learned.

Mission: I teach & "show" folks how to play a guitar. no more, no less

Operating as usual

How to play 'Horse With No Name' by 'America'

Join Shane at for many great lessons with song sheets! Be sure to check out over 100 other videos on this channel! Learn your favour...

How to Level, Crown and Polish the frets on your Guitar

In this video, we demonstrate how to Level, Crown and Polish frets on one of our TCK-10 kits using tools we sell at Solo Guitars. This process can be used on...

[04/28/20]   To anybody looking for beginners guitar lessons using the blues structures, I have a brand new phone number. (901) 596-6908. U can call 24/7 too. Leave a msg. & I will get back to you ASAP.

Tom Feldmann teaches "Jesus Is On The Mainline"

For FREE PDF tab/music for this lesson, go to: Tom Feldman teaches the Fred McDowell gospel/slide ma...

My guitar lessons are priced the
best in town. Only $25.oo!!!
Gimme a call sometime

[06/24/19]   I've been offline for a bit.
I am back now.

[03/03/19]   May be moving to a new location around Oxford, Mississippi

[01/31/19]   I like Greta Van Fleet. They have a sound I love. kinda Zeppelin-ish too. & are on Youtube

Jeffrey Kunde

Learn the exact method I use to get great electric guitar tone on stage with Jesus Culture.


Guitars-R-Us Memphis on Google

I can fix this! Easily too. GUITAR TEACHING AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE One on One Teaching is OVER? With the Internet and YouTube, self-teaching guitar has become more popular than ever. Your average suburban guitar teacher can no longer operate the same way they did before the Internet. Students have much higher expectations fr...

Why Is Teaching Yourself How To Play The Guitar Actually Preventing You From Getting Better? Has your guitar playing come to a screeching halt as if you hit a brick wall? Well, I can relate. I remember when I began trying to teach myself the guitar, I used to feel so frustrated and lost when it came to overcoming my own guitar playing problems.

Guitars-R-Us Memphis - Guitar Instructor in Memphis

I got a NEW website today.
Guitars-R-Us Memphis

check it out!

Guitars-R-Us Memphis

I launched a New Website today. Still in the works though...😉

Anybody wanting to learn how to play a guitar?

Guitars-R-Us Memphis on Google

Anybody wanting to learn how to play a guitar? I teach guitar lessons at a most reasonable price in this area. Beginners to intermediate and all ages young to old.

Guitars-R-Us Memphis


[08/19/18]   I need a brand new place to make into a new studio I have in mind...

[08/15/18]   I miss Elvis. Had he lived... there is no telling the music he was to do.

It is HOT here in Memphis today!!! I will not be Busking much today that's for sure.

Fretlight Guitar

Learn Guitar the easy way. Free
video lessons, songs, chords,
scales and more!

229 Easy Guitar Songs You Can Play with Just 4 Chords

Here is something for you beginners who have mastered the basic chords. Mastered is being able to change chords without fumbling & IN TIME. (Need Help in doing this? Get in touch as I AM Available for you.) Learn how to play 229 easy guitar songs with just 4 simple chords.


30 Cutting-Edge Blues Licks: #26 Horn Part - Guitar Lesson - Jay-P

Solo Music Gear Ltd.

A customer brought in a 1963 Gibson SG. He wanted to install a trem and was prepared to do some modifications. We suggested a Vibramate V5 quick mounting kit & Bigsby B5 bridge, which wouldn't require any modification or damage to his guitar. Not only did he preserve the value of his guitar, but he left a happy customer! We're constantly adding new parts and accessories.

Update: Thanks to the members of this group who confirmed this is a 1973 SG, not 63. Still very cool! Thanks guys for the info!

Guitars-R-Us Memphis

Hello there. I am in the process of improving my Beginning Guitar Lessons.

[04/03/18]   Still... wanting to teach beginners how to play. Most reasonable rates in town too. Google "guitar lessons memphis" & you WILL see for yourselves.

Solo Music Gear Ltd.

It's coming this week! If you haven't already subscribed to our monthly newsletter, make sure to visit our site and signup!

Guitar Tricks Insider March / April Issue - Page 1 Cover Story: Jimi Hendrix PLUS more stories with: Sammay Hagar, Alex Lifeson, Carlos Santana, Vivian Campbell, Gear You Gotta Try, reviews, lessons, tips & more!

[02/17/18]   Fixing to start Spring Classes w/ a little downtown Busking too.

[02/04/18]   Hello there. I am in the process of improving my Beginning Guitar Lessons.

Yamaha SHS-10

I learned basic piano with this thing! Way
Back in the late 80s... The Yamaha SHS-10, known in Yamaha's native country, Japan, as the Yamaha Sholky, Sholky being derived from "Shoulder Keyboard", is a keytar manufactured by Yamaha and released in 1987.

How To Make Money Busking Guitar As A Street Performer

I and a old high school friend did this a couple of weekends ago! We were tipped about 30 bucks in a hour too. Then the Blue Swede Brigade came & ran us off for lack of a permit. (I gots one now though) So, you’ve decided to hit the streets. Busking can be a lot of fun and can also help you gain more live experience. Plus, if you’re looking to make some extra change, it’s not a bad way to put some money back in your pocket. If you plan well, and find good spots to busk at, it can even become a sign...

[10/14/17]   Had some a couple of weekends ago downtown. I and a harp playing friend did a little "Busking" on Main Street until ran off by the Blue Suede Brigade. I now have a permit & hope to do again soon. Don't Fret!

Memphis Blues Society

The Memphis Blues Society Board voted to change the date of the Bona Fide Blues Festival from September 2017 to April 20 & 21, 2018. The festival will still be located in Midtown and more details will be coming soon. Thanks y'all! Keep bluesin' on!

I Teach Music & Guitars

I have over 40 years of playing guitars. I am self taught and know what it takes to be able to play along with other folks. I can teach the young (11) and the elderly (65+) with ease.

(Especially if y’all like the “Andy playin’ on the porch” style.)

BUT... Basically the Blues is what I like to do!

My Dad showed me the “Country Style” as a kid too.

Give me a call sometime. (901) 415-5672

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