Black History Month

Black History Month


Hi friends! I was so pleased to have had the opportunity to visit Harriet Tubman’s home 😊 It was an amazing experience! Here is a great video highlighting her story and touring her home. Enjoy the video and feel free to share 😊💛
February, Black History Month: I get these two songs mixed up by artist. I suppose:
Both band names rhyme (I think)
Both were from 1982
Both were the last songs on the album
Both had that uptempo light fun bopping feel
So I decided with that fun to make something happy, which in this case, to me, were the black people, kind of a celebration for Black History Month. While the songs are not extended mixes, both are longer than the 3 or so minute of a radio single. Due to more time, I extended the years from the beginning of its decade in order to get more images. So 1980 through '82 is featured, representing the earliest of the 80's.
I do have to say that there are some controversial images, most of which stem from political views. It can be seen as blacks getting stronger as time has gone by. But we all know that not all history is positive even though that can happen coming through and learning from a negative.
Nevertheless, I hoped to capture an overview of black history over the first three years of the music's decade and I do believe there is lots of good stuff in there as well.
February 1st is Tuesday and starts Black History Month. If you are looking for some activities to teach students about great African Americans in US History check out my playlist of videos and worksheets that accompany them!

Video playlist:

The Black Colour of COVID | Musical Drama

Do you need a topic for Black History month? This page will contain those folks in history that you

Operating as usual


This is what is happening to our children. How can they let go, if this is all that they know? The baby is holding on to life as he knows it…..not a dead mother. Our children hold on to the destruction, foolishness, danger, and bad examples presented by their parents.

Just like this baby, what else do they know to do? This is where the village comes in. We have to open our hearts to ALL children so they have options when their circumstances look like this picture.

⚠️ Warning ‼️

This is what IDOLATRY looks like‼️

This picture was sent to my email and right when I opened it God begin to speak 🗣️ to me!

He said,

“This is what it looks like staying Diligent to something that’s Dying”

It is at that moment when your LOYALTY becomes LETHAL. This is IDOLATRY!

Consider This Scripture

1 Samuel 31:5

“And when his armourbearer saw that Saul was dead, he fell likewise upon his sword, and died with him.”

Truth is some of us are honorably dishonorable, this means you’re more honorable to men than you are to God! You are allowing your Loyalty to cause you to stay pass your expiration, despite seeing signs of demise!

Even if what you serving is DYING you don’t have to Die with It!

God said Let “IT” Go & LIVE AGAIN‼️


Please stop telling folks that everything is not about race. It most certainly is! If it weren’t, why is that question number 3 or 4 on every application we complete?! Jobs, credit, housing, medical care, ….etc. Why do you need to know my race to evaluate my credit application? Couldn’t be for My protection since you haven’t approved me yet. I’m just saying……


Joke time……..

A gentleman was traveling one night. All of a sudden the police got behind him with their lights on. He continued on for a while but eventually pulled over. The officer asked him why didn’t he pull over immediately. He replied……. A state trooper took my wife. I thought he was trying to bring her back!😳


Today's Inspiration..!

You have what you need. You can succeed in spite of the obstacles that you are facing.Yesterday is gone...tommorrow is yet to come. Use today to enlarge your borders and capture what others think you have lost. It is all still there waiting for you to come back. Stop waiting for a miracle and BECOME the miracle!

Forgive yourself, then forgive others. Let's get it!


Heavenly Father, for every person that is scamming people with fake homes for sale or rent; or pretending to be interested in purchasing or selling something; or in any way are negatively impacting the livelihood of those who are trying to make a living; will you please touch their hearts and remove that demonic spirit. Give them a heart of compassion and mercy so that they can use those skills to help others and not hurt them. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Things are going great! God has been good! Then out of the blue, ‘IT’ happens. Death, financial destruction, health problems, abandonment, and the list goes on. Who can you depend on? Who will be there to wipe your tears, accompany you to the doctor, or clean your behind? Do you have someone identified? Do you think you won’t need anyone? Do you believe that your money will take care of everything?

Be advised….the ones you think will be there; never have been. The ones you tossed aside may be the ones you will have to depend on.


Black people. Please stop treating other black people like we are not worthy to be in your presence. Your precious little child is no better than mine. You jump up and leave when certain children arrive to play at the park. I get it….you think you have arrived. But those kids that you run from may be the ones taking care of you when those diamonds that you reared put you in a nursing home. I said what I said.


Dementia is the devil.....

Dementia, senility, Alzheimer's.....whatever the label, is mental illness. If you know someone who is a caregiver for someone who suffers from any mental illness, please have patience with them. Don't take things personal like: The caregiver turns down an invitation to an event or doesn't seem to want company or turns down your offers of help. You must understand that it is diffcult caring for an adult that needs help, but may not have accepted this fact or realize that they need help.

Caregiving is a hard job. When the person needing care is still able to move around and 'get into things', the job is even more challenging. There must be a routine. Any variance from the daily routine causes unrest for the 'patient'. They become confused and combative. Their sleep is interrupted, which in turn interupts the whole day and night for the caregiver.

So if your old friend can't come to the dinner parties or have you over the way they used to; please say a prayer for them. And more importantly don't say things that will make them feel more guilt. Their actions are not a case of withdrawal; it is actually survival.


Next year will be the 150th Kentucky Derby. We need to acknowledge how the Black history of horse racing has been erased.

On this day in 1875, 19-year-old Oliver Lewis rode a horse named Aristides to first place in the very first Kentucky Derby.

Learn your history.


Always heard this but never researched…..,

Japanese Americans received reparations. More research coming…..,,

This law gave surviving Japanese Americans $20,000 in reparations and a formal apology by President Reagan for their incarceration during World War II. But its passage did not happen overnight. It took years to turn the redress movement into legislation.


Sometimes you have to encourage yourself!

Today is my birthday! I am so very thankful that it is a celebration and not a memorial. God saw fit to keep me here in spite of me and my interference. Thank you Father for everything you have done for me! I love the Lord!


Life is Messy. But in God's hands, intended evil becomes eventual good. Genesis 50:20.

Read about Joseph in Genesis chapters 37 and 39-45.

Summary: Joseph was one of Jacob's 12 sons. His father loved him more than any of the others and gave him a coloured cloak. His brothers were jealous of him and sold him into slavery. He was taken to Egypt and eventually became steward to Potiphar, one of Pharaoh's officials. Potiphar's wife tried unsuccessfully to seduce him and after false accusations were levelled at Joseph he was imprisoned. Due to his ability to interpret Pharaoh's dream he was made governor of Egypt. He wisely rationed the country's produce in preparation for a time of famine.

During the famine Jacob's sons came to Egypt to plead with Joseph for supplies. They did not recognize him, but after he was satisfied that they were reformed he identified himself with great joy. Joseph invited his father and brothers to come and settle in Egypt.

Whatever MESS you face; God will use it for good! He did it for Joseph and He will for you. In the meantime don't become bitter or angry. Do what Joseph did.



Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander.

She was the first Black person in the nation to earn a PHD in economics in 1921. Three years she earned a law degree and became the first Black woman to pass the Pennsylvania bar and practice law in the state. In 1947 President Harry Truman named her to his Committee on Civil rights. Thirty years later President Jimmy Carter appointed her chair of the White House Conference on Aging. At the time of her death at 91, she had been awarded 7 honorary degrees and was a revered champion of equal rights for all.

Take some time not just this month, but going forward to learn a little more about our history that some may have forgotten...


Here is a 1936 advertisement for a skin-lightening ointment. As you can see, the idea of people lightening their skin has been going on for DECADES. People are still having this conservation today. Please take a look at the language used in the advertisement. This was taken from The Pittsburgh Courier, an African-American weekly newspaper.

Source: Black Film History


Every case that those Memphis officers have been a part of, needs to be revisited...immediately. My son was not killed by a police officer, but their lack of action indirectly caused his death by homicide. It could have been prevented. I begged for justice and reported the officers for their conduct, but NOTHING was done. I was ignored and now I visit my son at the cemetery.

There are many good officers. But the ones that behave badly make it hard for the good ones. We are still marching, holding hands, and singing for justice and equality that continues to elude black and brown people.


Martin Luther King Jr has been gone nearly 55 years and we are still marching arm in arm and singing ...crying out for justice.


Happy 'DO' Year! Make it count!


She drank whiskey, swore often, and smoked handmade ci**rs. She wore pants under her skirt and a gun under her apron. At six feet tall and two hundred pounds, Mary Fields was an intimidating woman.

Mary lived in Montana, in a town called Cascade. She was a special member of the community there. All schools would close on her birthday, and though women were not allowed entry into saloons, she was given special permission by the mayor to come in anytime and to any saloon she liked.

But Mary wasn’t from Montana. She was born into enslavement in Tennessee sometime in the early 1830s, and lived enslaved for more than thirty years until slavery was abolished. As a free woman, life led her first to Florida to work for a family and then Ohio when part of the family moved.

When Mary was 52, her close friend who lived in Montana became ill with pneumonia. Upon hearing the news, Mary dropped everything and came to nurse her friend back to health. Her friend soon recovered and Mary decided to stay in Montana settling in Cascade.

Her beginning in Cascade wasn’t smooth. To make ends meet, she first tried her hand at the restaurant business. She opened a restaurant, but she wasn’t much of a chef. And she was also too generous, never refusing to serve a customer who couldn’t pay. So the restaurant failed within a year.

But then in 1895, when in her sixties, Mary, or as “Stagecoach Mary” as she was sometimes called because she never missed a day of work, became the second woman and first African American to work as a mail carrier in the U.S. She got the job because she was the fastest applicant to hitch six horses.

Eventually she retired to a life of running a laundry business. And babysitting all the kids in town. And going to baseball games. And being friends with much of the townsfolk.

This was Mary Fields. A rebel, a legend.

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Bessie Virginia Blount, also known as Bessie Blount Griffin, was a writer, nurse, physical therapist, inventor and forensic scientist. Wikipedia
Born: November 24, 1914, Hickory, Chesapeake, VA
Died: December 30, 2009, Newfield, NJ
Education: Montclair State University, Union College

More to come...


Bessie Virginia Blount


This is a difficult time for people. If you were already struggling and then you entered this time of inflation; it only enhanced the stress.

To assist with some of that stress. I would like to ask those who have mechanical skills to use your skills to bless someone else. Some people have cars with issues that dont cost much to repair; but still pose an obstacle for those who are already struggling.

I am building a list of folks who can help others. I am also building a list of folks who need help. If you can help by offering your skills for free or at a VERY reduced amount, please add your info in the comments. I will promote your business on Facebook once per week for $10 per month. All I ask is that you help one person per month by providing your skills for free if they purchase any needed parts.

If you need work done on your vehicle and Truly need help, please add your info in the comments. Please know that this is for small jobs. Not motors or transmissions.

Ronald McNair - Wikipedia 08/16/2022

Ronald McNair - Wikipedia Ronald Erwin McNair (October 21, 1950 – January 28, 1986) was an American NASA astronaut and physicist. He died during the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger on mission STS-51-L, in which he was serving as one of three mission specialists in a crew of seven.

Instagram Photos 07/08/2022

Just a little info....[0]=AZUVSnTXMI5yZAv73l_zXXllEmfvCybw_Ja8QKOw3T_2WYYIaCssmoAPAOWNRNC-2vJvVZ9jwT89gts8Jue3hjeaqxjZ-Btc_A0tZ2QQ-i5oe0RGXuHdYnSuyp6fEkgqxC8eq8j3_qaXjk0akv2mOi_NHPFvS90mTWWKDbyXxQCFGQ&__tn__=EH-y-R

The wealth gap was CREATED, not CHANCE.

We are doing amazing despite the institutional obstacles put before us. If the playing field was level, we would be ahead by a looooonnnnngggg shot.

Reparations can easily be given through below market mortgage interest rates with no PMI rather than lump sums of cash.

The government did it for white farmers through land grants and subsidies…and now their descendants tell us to pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps.

Image RP from


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