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“I can be a millionaire tomorrow, that’s why I love tomorrow.”

“You never know what tomorrow brings”


“Godliness is NOT gain or perfection, it’s understanding where you went wrong by violating God’s laws and making a change to be better”
“You thinking that Godliness is a gain of money and material is a corrupt mind”


Black Intersection would like to wish all men Happy Fathers Day


Friday and Saturday is 🐱 day lol


I’m trying to figure out why are these dudes six feet tall, muscular with a full beard complaining about BLK women for? You can get any woman you want to. It’s really us skinny/fat/short dudes who BLK women think are broke and dusty….🤷🏾‍♂️


Does dating/relationship/marriage sometimes feel like slavery? Like a servant? Like as if you owe somebody something?


That whole thing with AI women is NOT normal in fact it’s not healthy because it distorts our reality of real women….


I renamed the group

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To answer somebody question, Black Intersection owns and created its own Beyond Submissive group six years ago.


The point of this platform is to motivate encourage and educate young black ppl in America about the world around them and the forces and agendas put in place to distract and brainwash them….


BLK manosphere and Kevin Samuels community: *complains about women*

Me: You guys are really really dumb only wasting time time complaining about the same bunch of women making under 40,000 a year just like you.

BLK manosphere and Kevin Samuels community: Women are easy….

Me: Women are NOT supposed to be easy, if they so easy, why you guys not married? If every woman is “easy”, they’d all be giving the goods to literally every man that asks for it. If women are “easy”, they’d all would say “yes” to every man that ask her to be in a relationship or to marry her. If she’s “easy” for you, then she’s probably “easy” for every man who talks to her then. Am I right? S*x workers are easy, but most women are NOT easy. So therefore, you shouldn’t want nothing “easy”you didn’t work hard to earn……


Help me out here which woman should I choose….

Woman A is 25-29 years old single no kids, has her own place, has her own car, works 12 hours a day 60 hours a week, skips work once a month, holds a job for about three years then quits, but still asks for money every week to pay a bill. We still go out on dates every weekend….

Woman B is 25-29 years old single no kids, she doesn’t have her own place or car, works 12 hours a day 60 hours a week, skips work once every other month, holds a job for about a year then quits, but only ask for a couple hundred dollars every month. We still go out on dates every other weekend….

Woman C is 30-35 single no kids, she has her own place but no car, works 12 hours a day 60 hours a week, never skips work, holds a job for five years then quits, asks for money on weekends when we’re not going out on dates….

Woman D is 30-35 years old, single no kids, doesn’t have her own place but she has a car, works 12 hours a day, 60 hours a week, skips work twice a month, holds a job for two years then quits, asks for money on the weekends when we do go out on dates…..

Which is better? Who should I choose?


Proof that half of everybody that’s taken or married now don’t even wanna be in the commitment they’re in. This is misandry too.


I just don’t understand what does she want from me? Maybe if I bring money into the conversation maybe that’ll change the game-plan…


I used to be at 39 dollars an hour then lost my job now I’m back at 19 dollars an hour


I never said I was financially stable. In real life, I only have and make enough money to pay my bills on time every month. No money saved or leftover….


When you meet that right woman, with the right body (legs, hips, thighs, curves) and a cute natural face and natural hair….


That’s stupid as f**k to compare and make black male patriarchy and authority parallel to the equivalent of slavery, but then when it comes to other male patriarchies and authority, it’s just “the norm” like GTFOH…..


I appreciate all the BLK women out there who get up and work everyday, pay their bills by themselves, who got their own place alone and take care of it and take care of their kids too…..


I saw n*gg@s shorter than me get more women than me. I saw n*gg@s with no job get more women than me. I saw n*gg@s as skinny as me get more women than me. Kevin Samuels rules don’t mean s**t. MFs just need charm and charisma….


The way I look at it, the BLK manosphere and the Kevin Samuels community is either leading a lot of men down the wrong path to loneliness or these men just wanna complain but don’t wanna improve themselves…..


He’s right because most women on dating apps are only looking for men that’s in the top 20 or 30 percent, they’re not looking at or looking for the men in the remaining 70 percent because they’re mostly average…….


Is it something else that when I’m destructive that’s the only time I get attention but I’m when I’m helping and being creative it gets ignored?


That time I je**ed**** using hand sanitizer….lol 😲😵


The problem with a lot of women is that they think that most single men have two or three women they can get 🐱 from for free. Most men can’t even do this, that’s just only the men you slept with for free…..

Photos from Black Intersection's post 04/27/2023

Oh my god, everybody keep asking the same question…..


You know what? I tried to prove the BLK manosphere and the Kevin Samuels community wrong and the only thing I did was prove them right and prove that I was a simp too….


Man you guys have gotta stop dealing with broke unemployment black women so you can stop thinking all black women are the same…..


Might as well compete with women if I want the woman of my dreams. If I gotta start a business, I’ll start one. If I gotta get a second job, I’ll get one. If wanna be a manager, I’ll be one…..


So you guys still think most black women are single moms, unemployed, and living off the government and child support?
That’s immature and elementary AF. You only described just 20 percent of them….


I’m so sick and tired of this “feed the bears” mentality from all these ppl that’s NOT even homeless and are able to work…


Well 1000 dollars a week off one income isn’t gonna keep that relationship/marriage together.


Men shouldn’t be laughed at or trolled just because made an effort to attract women or because they had a preference. Just a thought.


In regards to that last post, it’s no use being celibate or abstinent as a man if you really weren’t even getting 🐱 🍑 everyday anyway. You not really hurting that woman by keeping and taking 🍆 away from her….


For all the women that are either over 200 pounds or single with kids, if you got a man now, would you still be with that same man if you weighed less or if you didn’t have kids at all?


Why do women think I’m gonna use them for their money just because I make less than them? I’m still paying my bills with my own money as always….


Is it not true that all us black men who DONT have kids are the real losers?


Maybe some women but NOT all….


There’s nothing wrong with a BLK woman between 200-230 pounds, especially if she curvy with a shape. I see these raccoons with fat WW (acting and thinking they BLK) all the time acting as if they got a good thing like gold/sliver. Raccoons didn’t do nothing but get a white version of a BLK woman (hood/ghetto specifically)

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