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Since March is the most lucrative month of the year for Irish Musicians in terms of gigs, we're going to hold our session at the end of the month on Sunday 03/27/2022 as a chance to recover from all the Shenanigans of Saint Patrick's Day, and play some tunes for fun!

The Details:

Where: Lockhart Arts and Craft
113 A North Main St
Lockhart, TX 78644

When: Doors open for business at 4:00 pm, Session starting at 4:30, going until 8pm

Parking: It's free, plenty of street parking available around the Caldwell County Courthouse Square. The most you should have to walk to the venue is two blocks.

Food And Drink: Most restaurants in Lockhart start closing at 8pm on Sundays. It's recommended you grab a meal from one of Lockhart's amazing restaurants before the session starts. Black's BBQ is only a block away, and Smitty's Market is just on the other side of the square. Load Off Fanny's just off the square does have vegetarian cuisine on their menu. Loop & Lil's Pizza next door to Lockhart Arts and Craft is open until 10pm, and serves fantastic food. Lockhart Arts and Craft serves Draft, Bottled, and Canned Beer, Wine Cocktails, and a wide assortment of Non-Alcoholic beverages.
Can’t wait! Reel Treble & friends☘️
Matt Cook, Antonio Lorenzo Santiago, Keyreel Raskolenko, Joseph Carmichael, Angelika with McAllen Irish Arts & Alexis, Britany, Emma & Mary with Shandon-O'Regan Irish Dance Academy!
Get ready for upbeat Tunes & Dancing!
Hello Everyone!!
Where on count down to the North Texas Irish Festival‼️

We’re Excited our good friends Matt Cook on Bodhran with Slugger's Rule and our Epic dancers, my sister Angelika with McAllen Irish Arts and Shandon-O'Regan Irish Dance Academy will be joining us!!

Check us out on:
Trinity Stage 11:00
Harkness Stage 5:00

Trinity Stage 6:00

We can’t wait to see y’all!!

Matt Cook, Antonio Lorenzo Santiago,
Keyreel Raskolenko & Joseph Carmichael

After checking the local Covid data, the numbers are moving in the right direction and cases are rapidly decreasing. With Austin poised to go down to stage 4 (and possibly even stage 3), we feel confident that we’ll be able to hold our monthly session on Sunday February 20th. The following Monday is Presidents Day, so if you have Monday off, open invite to anyone who would like to drive in from Lubbock, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, etc. and spend the night and drive back home the next day. Lockhart Inn has king size beds available for $69.99 a night.

The Details:

Where: Lockhart Arts and Craft
113 A North Main St
Lockhart, TX 78644

When: Doors open for business at 4:00 pm, Session starting at 4:30, going until 8pm

Parking: It's free, plenty of street parking available around the Caldwell County Courthouse Square. The most you should have to walk to the venue is two blocks.

Food And Drink: Most restaurants in Lockhart start closing at 8pm on Sundays. It's recommended you grab a meal from one of Lockhart's amazing restaurants before the session starts. Loop & Lil's Pizza next door to Lockhart Arts and Craft is open until 10pm, and serves fantastic food. Lockhart Arts and Craft serves Draft, Bottled, and Canned Beer, Wine Cocktails, and a wide assortment of Non-Alcoholic beverages.
Bear Dance. This is the version that I'm most familiar with which is done here by Kings Galliard. I bought their CD in the early 90's at Half Price Books in Corpus Christi. There are two versions of this tune which can be heard in this nice arrangement.
The North Texas Irish Festival is “1” month away!
They will be having Music & Dance workshops at NO Charge for ticket holders!
Each day I will be posting one of our incredible instructors Bios for you to enjoy and you’ll want to take part in all the workshops!!

Please join the instructors on:
12:00 EJ Jones / Whistle
1:00 Frances Cunningham / Tenor Banjo
2:00 Paul Dryer / Guitar
3:00 Rick Holt / Bodhran

12:00 Alli Johnson / Singing
1:00 Angelika Gualberto / Dance
2:00 Evan Powell / Flute
3:00 Gordon McLeod / Fiddle

The workshops will be taking place on the Sligo Stage left of the Women’s Building.


North Texas Irish Festival (NTIF) O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat

Angelika Eleni Ruiz Gualberto
McAllen Irish Arts 5 Second Rule Gordon McLeod McLeod Nine Evan Powell
Join the International Museum of Art & Science and the McAllen Creative Incubator this evening for Virtual Art Walk!

Virtual Art Walk is hosted online via YouTube by Angelika Eleni (McAllen Irish Arts) & Victoria Lopez (Poetry On Demand) and in collaboration with Mike Medina of Photos by Michael Angelo, and Mr. Joe Martinez, of 97.7 The City.
Getting ready to play some tunes with my sister Angelika‼️She will be Speaking at the Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center in McAllen, Texas about Irish Dance and her first South Texas Irish Festival, she’ll be Dancing & playing Fiddle & Mykel on Bodhran!

Angelika Eleni Ruiz Gualberto
Antonio Lorenzo Santiago
McAllen Irish Arts

Happy St. Patrick's day!
We are proud to feature our very own, Irish girl!
McAllen Irish Arts

Irish Festival is this weekend.... don't miss it!
Virtual Art Walk is hosted by Angelika Eleni McAllen Irish Arts & Victoria Lopez (Poetry On Demand) and in collaboration with Mike Medina of Photos by Michael Angelo, Mr. Joe Martinez, of 97.7 The City, and we'll introduce you to NEW Artist collaborators who've joined the team.
We hope you had a chance to view Februarys' Virtual Art Walk. Special Thanks to our Sponsor Raising Cane's Chicken FingersOur Hosts: Angelika Eleni McAllen Irish Arts & Victoria Lopez (Poetry On Demand) , Collaborators: Miguel Medina Photos by Michael Angelo & Joe Martinez 97.7 The City and Artists: Dania Olivares Doko Casual Art, Brianna Olivares, Artist Performance , International Museum of Art & Science, Lane Cheever & Jenna Pena, Jewelry Artisans , Creative Arts Studio Creative Arts Studio, Carmen Costillo, Artist Performance , Tropicasa, Local Feature and Cultural Arts Coordinator Laura Robles.***Disclaimer: this episode had live audio tech difficulties.. However, our featured studio content & artists are amazing!
Virtual Art Walk tonight with Incuabtor Tenants McAllen Irish Arts Angelika Ruiz & Poetry On Demand-Victoria Lopez hosted by the McAllen Creative Incubator.

Send in your Artist entry for February here--->

The first studio of Irish dance & music in McAllen, Texas. Community-building, cultural appreciation

Operating as usual


What a weekend and what an absolute HONOR to share the stage with these instructors, I’m starstruck by them all 🤩 Thank you for the fire set, hornpipes forever.

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 06/03/2023

And, like that, I was gone.


The echo in here always breaks my heart.


Dusting off a step this evening to clear the senses. It’s so freeing to get tranced into the beat ✨ I’ll be teaching at the Gulf Coast Cruinniú in a couple of weeks & all levels are welcome! As you can see, you’re welcome as you are- no fancy shoes needed. Gorgeous reel set played by Kevin Lee & Sebastian Block on youtube 💓


I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since North Texas Irish Fest already 😱 I drove 8 hours from McAllen to Dallas, directly onto that floor for performance, because maybe I’m a little crazy but I just can’t say no to the excitement! While I may be a little newer down south, I’m proud to represent the when I’m out doing regional and international events. I love talking to the audience afterward and telling them about what we’ve got going on down here. Let’s keep the arts going strong and keep building the community. A rising tide lifts all boats 💪🏼


Today is session day! Come to the for good tunes & company, 5pm-7. All are welcome. There are no strangers, only friends who have not yet met! This is also a chance to send off our gallery on its final day: To the Standing Stone, a collection of commissioned & created canvas over the past three years as McAllen Irish Arts.

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 04/27/2023

Up next & coming at us fast, is around the corner! This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to get plugged into the tradition, fitting tidily into a weekend, filled with sessions & merriment. So honored to be an instructor amongst greats, you truly have world class talent to learn anything & everything. Never been to a retreat before or have questions? Dm me! Come on out, would love to teach you a few steps 👞👞🎶

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 04/14/2023

Come see me in the gallery tomorrow 6pm-9 for Art Walk & bring an instrument if you so fancy a few tunes! Setting up in this gallery always gives me such reflection & catharsis, putting things into perspective. I’ve been profoundly lucky to be surrounded by constant creation the past few years, an incredible & moving chapter of my life. Would love to share it with you. 🌑

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 04/09/2023

It’s this head of hair’s birthday today 🎈 Remote half of McAllen Irish Arts, Antonio Lorenzo Santiago is about to get a lot more remote, he’s moving to Spain tomorrow💃🏻 Just the sort of reason for me to hop over for some tunes obviously.


The day after the fest 🙃 Didn’t bother to brush my hair, had lunch at 4pm, on my third cup of coffee & window gazing. Got this tune from a friend at the afterparty session last night, like a small cosmic gift, a universal nod that I take as an ‘all’s well that ends well’, a little recovery & relief that is stuck in my head now. This tune is a little bittersweet & even a bit romantic. King of the Foreigners.


What a special experience!! So grateful to have had colibrí with us this year!


Love these girls, watching them dance at the fest brought me such joy!! Here's to next year!

Thank you, . Our lovely dancers had a great time performing for the Irish Festival and enjoying the food and festivities.

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 04/01/2023

It’s the day! April 1st, 12pm-7 at the Old Church Winery (700 N Main St.) You should be there and that’s that. See you soon ☘️

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 04/01/2023

Introducing our performers for tomorrow!! 🙌🏼☘️

Antonio is a multi instrumentalist from Dallas and has performed throughout the US with his band Reel Treble. He has also performed and competed in the Fleadh in Ireland through out the years since he was 11. He was the first youth in Texas to win the Midwest fleadh placing first in Banjo & mandolin.

Cellist Patrick Hopkins is an active soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player having performed nationally and internationally in venues such as Alice Tully Hall, David Geffen Hall, Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Merkin Hall, and Suntory Hall. He made his Lincoln Center debut in 2008 as soloist with the Juilliard Pre-College Orchestra. Mr. Hopkins joined the faculty of South Texas College in the fall of 2018.

Becky Koehler is a dentist in the valley and Brandt Kronholm is a professor at UTRGV. They have been playing music together since 1998 and married since 2003.

The colibrí children’s choir is a community, auditioned treble choir for students in first through twelfth grade from public, private, parochial, charter, and home schools. The choir has also appeared at many local venues including Quinta Mazatlán, the National Butterfly Center, the International Festival at St. George Orthodox Church, the MLK Celebration at Cine El Rey, UTRGV's production of Carmen, and the Rio Grande Valley Ballet's production of The Nutcracker.

Fergus Dowling was originally born in Dublin Ireland in 1965 and has been performing solo and with his band The Rovers for many years. He embraces any opportunity to revisit the songs he grew up with.
Katia Dowling caught the performance bug very early and at age 16 already performs locally with her band Monarch and is heavily involved in theatre at pioneer high school. Its always a pleasure for father and daughter to share the same stage.

From around the Austin area, Erica, Jaimee, & Jay are great friends who love a good tune and a step. With Erica on concertina, Jaimee alternating between fiddle and viola, and Jay holding it steady on the bodhran, you’ll be sure to jump up and dance!

The McAllen Fire Department Pipe & Drum Corps played its first performance in July of 2022. Its members consist solely of active-duty McAllen Firefighters—the same ones who respond to emergencies 24/7. As of March 2023, the band has performed 13 events—assisting agencies such as Customs & Border Patrol and other fire departments.

Laura S. Sanchez-Martinez is a Writer, Director, & Storyteller.

The McAllen Session Players meet at the McAllen Creative Incubator on the last Sunday of every month, as a creative community project by McAllen Irish Arts. With players driving in every month from as far as Corpus Christi, the session is open to all players and visitors that enjoy a good tune & good company. The Players often perform around the Rio Grande Valley in varying combinations known as “Gan Ainm”, which means “Without Name” in the Irish.

Dancentre of Edinburg is a local dance studio that puts on an annual Irish show. The dancers become experts not just in classical technique and various dance genres, but also learn how to perform and connect with audiences of all ages.


Aaahhh we’re getting closer!! This Saturday, 12pm-7pm @ the Old Church Winery. Come for the food, the vendors, the tunes, and the friendships that are good for the soul.


Free Whiskey Tasting sign up is now live! (Link in my bio) We’re putting Jameson back on the shelf and trying out something new.. can you guess what labels we’ve chosen for this year? 🥃


Whiskey Tasting registration & performance schedule dropping tomorrow 🤩🥃 Y’all ready?
This Saturday, 12pm-7 @ the Old Church Winery.


Saturday, April 1st @ The Old Church Winery, 12pm-7. Just pop that into your calendar & we’ll be grand ☘️


What a Sunday session!! 🤩 We’re ready to see you April 1st at the Old Church Winery for 🥃 12pm-7pm, free admission, all day music, dance, food, & drink. Really, you shouldn’t be thinking of doing anything else.


Halfway through a metal March & 2 week countdown to third year of Briiiiiing it.

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 03/18/2023

New city who dis. All my San Antonio folks, come out to for a rock & roll Irish-Mexican fusion celebration 🔥


Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit ☘️


Hop over to tonight for a few pints with us. It’s only right!! ☘️🍻


Come out for a few tunes and steps! I personally LOVE Quinta Mazatlan, if you haven’t been yet or recently today is the perfect day ☘️


Come say hi!! 🎶

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day we invite you to wear green and come out to enjoy the music and dancing of Angelika Eleni, Director of McAllen Irish Arts! Be ready to dance the night away on the Front Lawn of Quinta Mazatlan as Angelika will be inviting guests up to learn some dance moves and dance along with her. Purrfect Bake Shoppe will be here with some Irish inspired baked goods and of course their famous Turtle Conchas!

Tickets are $7 and can be purchased at


Setting my piece for the Irish Show!! Happening this Sunday, March 5th, at ☘️ Come support these incredible students, you’ll want to hop out of your seats to dance with them. I’ll also be dancing for 4 minutes straight because I thought it’d be a fine idea at some point in time, so there will be that 😅


Y’all, it’s time!! Official call for sponsors, vendors, & artists! DM me at or [email protected]
Last year we had over 60 vendors, 15 performers, & 8 visual artists participating. Free whiskey tasting from my studio to you & free beer thanks to sponsoring our shenanigans!
Due to construction work, this year we’ll be partying across the street at the Old Church Winery and I’ve been brainstorming up a whirlwind. Come be a part of the excitement!


Today was Riverdance’s 28th birthday! Here’s a share from this summer, an incredible week of dancing rotations with the Lagan group at the historic Gaiety Theatre. The importance of this show to me can never be overstated. It spurred me into a life of loving the stage, music, and physical expression. Its inspiration goes beyond Irish dance and into the realm of shared transformative space that live performance creates, equal parts mystical and necessary to sustain life. Happy birthday, and to many more ☀️

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 02/04/2023

Registration opens today for ! Last year was the first time in person and became an instant classic! So excited to be an instructor this year and ready to teach a few shteps 👞👞 If you haven’t experienced a retreat before, this is a great one to start off as a short weekender, packed with fantastic sessions. See y’all there!


Sean Nós surfboarding 🏝️ We had a miiiighty session on Sunday! Come out to the McAllen Creative Incubator the last Sunday of every month for good company, good chats, good tunes, and some good whiskey if you so fancy it. Loved having our visitors in from the Irish Lockhart Session ✨



Happy 1am 🌚 I’ve had this lovely, tiny tune stuck in my head the past few days and just had to get it out! Haven’t finished the set yet, so you’ll probably get a repeat of it soon when I’ve got it fully. Because it makes my heart happy in the candlelight and the smell of pine trees in my living room and the cold outside, and it lifts my spirits and it just makes me want to dance.

McAllen Session Tunes 09/21/2022

McAllen Session Tunes

It's Session week, y'all! This Sunday from 5pm-7pm is our regular monthly session at the McAllen Creative Incubator. All levels of musicians, as well as friendly visitors, are welcome. I've put together a list of tunes as a resource to help prepare for the session, along with a crash course guide on what to expect at a typical session.

Each tune has a link to its notation on (written out in tablature and staff notation). If you learn by ear, you can record tunes during the session to take home and learn. This resource will grow and refresh with the session organically.

Can't wait to see everyone!

McAllen Session Tunes Sheet1 Welcome! Céad míle fáilte! McAllen Session Sets!,[email protected],These tunes are not required to take part in the wonderous excitement that is the session! This is only a resource to help newcomers and seasoned participants alike grow their repertoire of common tunes. We take t....

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 08/21/2022

What an incredible, full circle moment for me. More than two decades after finding Riverdance and the music still gives me chills. A testimony to that magic composition that moves, so familiar but feeling new each time. So humbling to work around and learn from top performers that I have seen smash through social media, and even some I’ve seen perform 5 years, 10 years.. 15 years ago (!) on tour in the states and in Dublin. In a field of performance that could be very competitive or material, this experience was supportive, holistic, and inspiring. So happy I had the chance. I’ll be icing the legs for another week though!


This tune lights up all the pleasure centers in my brain. Chances are if you see me quiet, it’s running through my head.

First day back from Ireland and so much I’ve taken back with me. So much wistfulness and joy it could make my heart burst. The universe keeps sending the same lesson until it’s learned, this summer I’ve walked through the same steps I did ten years ago but now I see things differently from the perspective of patience, wisdom, excitement.

This idea, that the universe responds when you go forth, along with this tune that I follow around, are my themes this year.

Damien Mullane’s Pop Polka #1

Photos from McAllen Irish Arts's post 08/01/2022

En route with .and.banjo to ✈️ The last time we were in Ireland at the same time was a DECADE ago! So hyped to be dancing with the & to finally experience the fleadh 🙌🏼


One week until summer camp! Have you signed up yet? All levels welcome. DM or email for questions 🎶


Foot meet foe. Time to break these in 🥲


Back into it this evening for our monthly music session 5pm at the 🎶

What is a session, you ask? It’s a social event and music jam where we play traditional Irish tunes, occasionally hop into other genres, enjoy good company, and learn new things. Not musical (yet)? No problem, come for the vibes.

All levels, all ages, all instruments
Learning resources available
Last Sunday of every month
5pm-7 @ McAllen Creative Incubator
601 N Main St. McAllen

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in McAllen?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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This tune lights up all the pleasure centers in my brain. Chances are if you see me quiet, it’s running through my head....
North Texas Irish Fest 2022, Dallas
Back from @oflahertyretreat & my heart is so full. At 3am full session going Monday morning & trading steps. We’ve all w...
Start slow, warm up. Being mindful of starting my practice patiently. I can play fast and loose with finger placement, s...
Dancing for B-roll like 😅♻️ #thisisthebeatthatneverends
Travelin, the gigs are picking back up & it’s good to be trouble making with @tony.and.banjo
Took an important step out of the office to wish y’all a Happy St. Paddy’s!! ☘️🎶#legislativesession
Oh you know a bit of hard labor for our viewers because it’s Maaaaaaarch! ☘️🙌🏼 Here’s a sneak peak of this episode’s set...




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