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The MC Scots in the Maryville College Psychology, Child Development, and Neuroscience Advanced Studies in International Child Welfare are back home, but the experiences in Switzerland are ones they’re still processing.

They included a lot of firsts: “My first plane experiences (not so amazing), my first out-of-country travel, new concepts, new friends and so much more,” says Autumn Carroll, who just graduated with a psychology major. “This trip forced me to open up to things I was scared of and think of (and) view things in a light I never did before.”

Case in point: The youth correctional facility the group toured.

“It gave me a visual of how different we are in our treatment of young adult and juvenile offenders,” she said. “All of this insight, along with the information we learned in class regarding child welfare, has given me a new perspective, and I am truly grateful for the experience.”

Before their trip, members of the class toured a similar facility here in East Tennessee, and the differences, according to rising senior and neuroscience major Erin Knocke, were illuminating.

“These visits were an eye-opening experience, (and) this trip allowed me to broaden my perspective by viewing the world now on a global scale, when before it was more (of) a national view,” she said. “This trip abroad also gave me the opportunity to grow closer to my peers and professors; it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget!”

And of course, it wasn’t all work and no play! From Swiss chocolate to the Swiss Alps, they took full advantage of the opportunities presented by Dr. Ariane Schratter and Dr. Lori Schmied, who are always up for an international adventure through the Maryville College Center for Global Engagement! At Maryville College, we don’t just encourage you to study everything; we encourage you to try everything, because expanding your horizons and broadening your perspectives will only serve you well in the futures you make!
Participants in the Maryville College Center for Global Engagement Scots Abroad program are finishing up a 10-day 2022 Bonner trip to Puerto Rico, one "rooted in service and culture exchange."

According to the MC website, the trip is built around six Bonner pillars of service: international perspective, community building, diversity, social justice, civic engagement, and spiritual exploration.

These students are, in effect, serving as ambassadors: not just of Maryville College, but as inquisitive and globally conscious young minds who seek to do good on the largest possible scale, as our founder encouraged.

And clearly, they've had a little fun along the way! At Maryville College, we're grateful to have forged these partnerships over the past two centuries that allow our students an opportunity to experience what President Bryan F Coker so often emphasizes: We are all connected, and cultural differences are to be embraced, celebrated and respected so that we may move forward in unity, no matter the place we call home.
Those who said the most at Dr. Lori Schmied’s retirement reception this afternoon weren’t even present.

Dr. Crystal Wright Colter — her colleague in the Maryville College Psychology, Child Development, and Neuroscience departments — read one testimony after another from former and current students who described in glowing detail the impact that Dr. Schmied has had on their lives over the past 33 years. As a psychology professor, she’s introduced them to concepts that some have turned into lifelong pursuits. As the founder of the Neuroscience program, she’s established a discipline at MC that will be a lasting testament to her academic dedication.

But that’s not all she’ll be remembered for. Her advocacy for international students and international travel through the Maryville College Center for Global Engagement … her advocacy — pointed and critical, but always congenial, one administrator after another noted — for faculty members and programs … the way she continually pushed her students to reach the heights of their potential … what more could an educator hope for?

Her retirement begins as soon as Commencement wraps on May 7, but she’ll still be around and still be a part of Maryville College — physically, through Maryville College Scots Abroad, but in spirit as well, through the long and lasting legacy she leaves behind.

Job well done, Dr. Schmied. Thank you!
Dr. Lori Schmied would be reticent to take credit for the successes of the Maryville College Psychology, Child Development, and Neuroscience programs over the three-plus decades she's been a part of them, but trust us: Her modesty belies the profound influence she's had on both academics and the futures of so many students who have gone on to do good on the largest possible scale.

Her retirement reception will take place one week from today, and while we're excited to see what she'll do when she's no longer teaching full-time — because she'll still be active as part of the Maryville College Center for Global Engagement — it's safe to say that the woman who helped establish Neuroscience as a vibrant and engaging field of study at MC will leave big shoes to fill.

Dr. Schmied, we salute you. As a Scot who's invested so much of herself into this institution, we're grateful that you're leaving the College better than you found it.

Please join us on the 27th to wish her well!
The Maryville College Center for Global Engagement capped International Education Month on Tuesday by gathering students on the lawn in front of Pearsons Hall and handing out cups of colored cornstarch to toss into the air and onto one another as part of Holi: A Festival of Spring! With roots in India, the colors symbolize the vibrancy of spring, and the mixing of them, in the air and on one another, demonstrates the blending of people and cultures that make this campus such a dynamic place to live, love and learn.
As she biked 800 miles alongside the Mississippi River, journalist and writer Devi Lockwood noticed a common theme in the conversations she initiated with people about the land upon which they call home: water.

The ways in which it spilled over the banks, year after year, as rains turned the Mississippi into a maelstrom of destruction. The parched patches of cracked ground, where it receded during all too frequent droughts. The salinity of encroaching seawater, the closer she got to the coast. Talking about climate change, she realized, was too complex and polarizing, but water was and remains an issue that affects everyone.

That led to her book, "1,001 Voices on Climate Change," born of her travels and her insatiable desire to tell real stories of real people. She'll discuss the book and those conversations on Wednesday here at Maryville College, as part of International Education Month activities sponsored by the Maryville College Center for Global Engagement. Details:
Last year, in the midst of COVID-19, the Maryville College Center for Global Engagement decided to bring the world to Maryville College.

Lockdowns and travel restrictions have, for the past two years, made the Center's primary mission — to encourage international studies by MC students and recruit international students to our campus — more difficult. But through the dedication of staff members, the Center designated March as International Education Month and showcased this vast and wondrous planet that exists beyond the confines of our lovely campus.

They're doing so again this month, with international cuisine being prepared by Metz Culinary Management at Maryville College, a spring festival at the end of the month, seminars and programming and so much more, all of it designed to encourage the MC community to embrace and examine the exciting possibilities of study abroad. Read more:
So You Think You Can Dance?

Travel the World Through Dance

Join GCO to learn dances from around the world at the International Dance Party

Maryville College Center for Global Engagement
The news out of Ukraine is a firehose at the moment, with chaos, instability and violence changing the narrative on an hourly basis. It may seem impossible to keep up with it all, but on Friday, MC faculty members will offer some background.

"Ukraine in Context" is a roundtable discussion of the Maryville College Center for Global Engagement, Maryville College Division of Social Sciences Maryville College Division of Humanities, and it's designed to give attendees a glimpse into specific historical perspectives, talking points and political situations that inform what led to the current conflict and how it may play out.

Tune in to this page on Friday to join us. Details:

The Center for Global Engagement supports international students and study abroad students at Maryvi Find our study abroad page @mcscotsabroad

The Center for Global Engagement at Maryville College supports the academic and personal development of international students coming to study in the USA. From admissions through graduation, International House will be your home away from home.

Operating as usual


Maryville College Center for Global Engagement is hosting another 15 minute webinar next week! Come learn about unique scholarship opportunities for international students here at Maryville College. Bring your questions and we will do our best to answer them! 🌎🌍🌏

See you there or See you another time!


News: Renew The Rivalry 08/18/2023

News: Renew The Rivalry This fall, the MC Fighting Scots Football team will kickoff the season at Sewanee on September 2, at 1:00 pm CT. Join with fellow alumni, families, and Scots fans to cheer on the Scots to victory by taking our fan bus to the game.

Photos from Mountain Challenge's post 08/17/2023
Photos from Maryville College Scots Abroad's post 08/09/2023

Starting Maryville College Center for Global Engagement's annual "MC Instagram Live" series THIS FRIDAY with a 15-minute info session on (just a few of) the benefits of a Maryville College education for international students and those looking to do good on the largest possible scale. 🌏🌍🌎

When: August 11
Time: 9:00am Eastern Standard Time (EST)

More sessions to follow including on topics such as: international scholarships, visa interviews, Eastern Tennessee as a location, safety/community in America, and much more.

If there is a topic YOU would like us to discuss in future sessions please let us know!

See you on Friday!

EducationUSA Study in the USA ISEP EducationUSA Indonesia

Photos from Maryville College Center for Global Engagement's post 08/03/2023

Thank you to , and for helping bring "The Superlative Artistry of Japan" exhibit to ! Maryville College and Japan share a deep partnership academically and culturally and this showcase of artworks exemplifies that strong relationship. 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇺🇸🇺🇸

The exhibit is free & open to the public. It will be at the Clayton Center for the Arts from now to August 11th from 9 am to 6 pm!

Maryville College Scots Abroad


Stacey Pinel, Global UGRAD 2022, comparte esta anécdota: Soy una persona amante de los deportes, sobre todo el basketball. Estando en los Estados Unidos, gracias al programa Global Ugrad, logré cumplir mi sueño de poder asistir a un partido de basketball profesional. Con mi “madre anfitriona” y sus amigas de Maryville College (la universidad a la que asistí), fuimos a ver al equipo de UTK University of Tennessee, Lady Volunteers. Disfruté cada segundo del partido. Desde el ingreso al magnífico Thompson-Boling Arena, los fanáticos de Lady Volunteers vestidos todos de naranja, las canciones entonadas en coro por la audiencia, las cheerleaders, el espectáculo de medio tiempo, el nivel de juego de las jugadoras, la intensidad y competitividad de los equipos - en pocas palabras - TODO. Hasta el día de hoy sigue siendo una de mis experiencias favoritas de mi intercambio.



The Center for Global Engagement is so excited about meeting Maryville College's incoming cohort of international students. They are coming from all around the globe to have a truly wonderful experience here at the College in the Great Smoky Mountains. And that majestic moment will be before we know it (which we do actually know is two weeks from today!). 😀


EducationUSA StudyTennessee


Last month, LDA Engineering, led by CEO and President Jason Brooks '97, was presented the 2023 National Recognition Award at the ACEC National Engineering Excellence Awards in Washington, DC. The award recognized the innovative WalknBike Plan in Nashville, developed by LDA in partnership with the Nashville Department of Transportation & Multimodal Infrastructure, that paves the way to make the city more walkable and bikeable and deliver infrastructure projects faster and at less cost.

While LDA partners with municipalities across the region, they also give back to support STEM, specifically engineering, education locally, including with a scholarship for Maryville College students.

Join us in congratulating Jason Brooks and the LDA team! Read more about the achievement and innovative project:


Hidden within the Maryville College woods is our historic boutique inn! Call RT Lodge your home away from home for the weekend.

photo: Clark Brewer Photography


Maryville College International Alumni Form 06/29/2023

Hello MC International alumni,
The Center for Global Engagement is updating its international alumni database and would really appreciate your assistance!
The link below is a form that will go a long way in helping stay connected with you and also better understand ways to assist our current and future international students here at MC!
We know there is a lot going on and cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy day to complete this form. It should only take 2-3 minutes.
Thanks again and go Scots!!

Maryville College International Alumni Form Hello Maryville College alumni! This Center for Global Engagement (formally Center for International Education) form's purpose is to better stay up to date with the amazing international alumni/exchange students that once studied at Maryville College and who continue to "do good on the largest scale...


May this Eid al-Adha bring joy, peace, and happiness to the hearts and homes of Muslims across the world on this great holiday. Eid Mubarak!

Photos from Maryville College's post 06/26/2023
Photos from Maryville College Center for Global Engagement's post 06/24/2023

Maryville College' Center for Global Engagement Director and fearless leader, Sra. Kirsten Sheppard, recently traveled the width and breadth of the Land of La Albiceleste. Take a look at some of her photos and contact us if you are interested in studying abroad in Argentina or if you are an Argentinian student looking to study at Maryville College. 🇦🇷🇦🇷

Maryville College has scholarships for international students and the community loves watching football (the Cinco Grandes kind!). ⚽⚽

EducationUSA Argentina República Argentina HoLa Hora Latina

Photos from Maryville College Alumni's post 06/23/2023

Maryville College's Center for Global Engagement's Summer Student Series continues this week and we could not be more excited to highlight Ms. Diya Patel from # ! 😎🇮🇳🇮🇳🇺🇸🇺🇸

So, what is Diya up to this summer, besides being a rock star and putting into practice the things she has learned here at Maryville College? Well, let's find out...!

StudyTennessee Knox Asian Festival

News: Maryville College soccer coach recruits around the country, world 06/16/2023

“A man with new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph.” ~ Marcelo Bielsa

Maryville College Men's Soccer College Women's Soccer coach Pepe Fernandez has triumphed A LOT! Always bringing ingenuity, intelligence, and insight to the pitch, Maryville College is very lucky to have coach Pepe on and off the field.

Read the recent article on Maryville College's gaffer and recent recruits below:

And if you are interested in playing football (soccer) at Maryville College please click the following link or give us a shout to help connect you to the legend himself ! ⚽️⚽️

Maryville College Athletics

News: Maryville College soccer coach recruits around the country, world Pepe Fernandez has been building something special for more than three decades, and his soccer players keep coming from all over the world.


Maryville College Center for Global Engagement's Summer Student Series continues this week and we could not be more excited to highlight Mr. Michael Bailey from ! 😎🇯🇲🇯🇲

So, what is Michael up to this summer, besides being super cool and putting into practice the things he has learned here at Maryville College? Well, let's find out...!

Maryville College EducationUSA Jamaica StudyTennessee


Today, we are doing our best Walter Murch impression to give you a truly passionate redux video as to why might be the right place for you. Take a watch. Soak it in. And if you think becoming a Maryville College Scot is in your future, apply at the link below:

Over 70 programs of study
Over 30 clubs and organizations
Close proximity to mountains
Safe and near to the airport, too (just saying!)

There will be more videos to come, don't you worry! 😎🌍

Best enjoyed with SOUND ON**

EducationUSA McGhee Tyson Airport Knoxville, TN


Light from above.

On an enchanted evening near , a sliver opened in the clouds allowing the sun to illuminate the Smokies in an unimaginable way.

“Always never the same.”


Maryville College Center for Global Engagement is kicking off its annual Summer Student Series and we could not be more excited to highlight Ms. Nereida Djassi from to commence our program. 😎🇨🇻🇨🇻

So, what is Nereida up to this summer, besides being uber cool and putting into practice the things she has perfected here at Maryville College? Well, let's find out...!

.caboverde Ministério da Cultura e das Indústrias Criativas Africa Fulbright Network StudyTennessee


Feelin' Smoky

📸 : @ leevandyke_photography on IG

Photos from Maryville College Center for Global Engagement's post 06/05/2023

Maryville College Center for Global Engagement had a very productive time in our nation's capital this past week for the annual NAFSA Association of International Educators 75th conference! Our delegation was able to learn a lot of valuable information regarding international education trends and partnerships and had the ability to continue fostering relationships from around the world. When team members were not diligently involved in conference sessions, workshops, trivia nights or events, we were also able to take in some sights of the Federal City. Thank you to all involved. We will see you next year in !! 😎🌏🌎🌍

Also, does anyone recognize those famous steps?! Let us know in the chat box!

Morocco LEGO IACAC StudyTennessee


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" —John Quincy Adams

Be a leader. Apply to Maryville College. Show the way!

EducationUSA International Scholarships


EducationUSA India Nepal


Want to see what some of our Maryville College students are up to this summer? Take a look at the blog post below. If you come to Maryville College, this could be you, too! 🇺🇸🇨🇷 😎

EducationUSA Costa Rica Embajada de Estados Unidos en Costa Rica Maryville College


Still not sure where to start? The Maryville College Enrollment Checklist is here to assist you. Applications (free to apply) remain open for fall 2023. International scholarships still available, too! Don't miss out on becoming a Maryville College Scot! ☑️


Maryville College students, staff and faculty often find a nice balance of fun and study. After 200 years of practice, we know full well they are not mutually exclusive! 😀🌍🌎🌏

EducationUSA IACAC CiS Scholaro IELTS by IDP


See you this fall, future Scot! More information below. Please click the links and read thoroughly to make sure Maryville College is the perfect fit for you (if you are looking for a world-class education with wonderful students, staff and faculty and a breathtaking campus/mountain scenery, then odds are it just might be!). 😀🌏🌎

International admissions:

International scholarships/costs of attendance:

English language proficiency information:

Proof of finances/funding information:

Ready to apply?

Thank you! Go Scots!

StudyTennessee Consulate-General of Japan in Nashville 在ナッシュビル日本国総領事館 Knox Asian Festival


A hand-off post from our sisters over but the moral of the video is the same: study at Maryville College and do cool things (like a summer faculty-led course to Costa Rica!). Hard to complain about obtaining credit for your degree while learning how to make authentic chocolate or white-water rafting, right?!

Furthermore, international students CAN study abroad on experiences like these, too (and let's not get too Christopher Nolan-esque here, but abroad abroad since you are already studying abroad, technically). Whew!

Learn more here. Still time to apply for this fall. Link below:

U.S Embassy - Costa Rica .cr EducationUSA Costa Rica


With monetary ranges between $18,000 - $26,000 USD per year, Maryville College has scholarships for international students seeking to gain a world-class education in America (in beautiful east Tennessee, no less!).

These merit scholarships are available NOW and when you submit your application you are automatically submitting yourself for additional financial aid.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to meet extraordinary people from all over the globe while obtaining the necessary skills needed to succeed in life. FREE TO APPLY! APPLY NOW:

Go Scots!

EducationUSA Indonesia

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Maryville?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

To truly learn a language, you need to live it...

Maryville College provides a diverse and safe environment in which students feel comfortable completing their undergraduate degrees (BSc or BA). We also offer an intensive English program and a pathway program to college that keeps students practicing and applying their English skills in an authentic setting. Our small class sizes, quality instruction and flexible schedules allow students to have the personal attention needed to achieve their educational goals.

It is our mission to help you to achieve your goals.

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Interested in finding your long-lost best friend? Join Maryville College Center for Global Engagement's iMentor program ...
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MC LIVE: How to Complete the Maryville College Application




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