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It's now easier to send Great Lakes Goju Ryu a message. 10/27/2021

It's now easier to send Great Lakes Goju Ryu a message.

It's now easier to send Great Lakes Goju Ryu a message.


Today i want to congratulate Aiden and Landen on an amazing job in their first test. They have earned the rank of 9th kyu.


Here are SOME pics from our May 10th testing. More to come and some videos.


So I don’t have photos to post yet but a huge round of applause to those that got promoted Thursday May 10. First was Sensei Marci Faustini to Renshi. She not only did an amazing job, but is an awesome teacher and mentor. Sensei Griffin Stechmesser to Sandan. He is lead Sensei of the school. He is determined and a great leader with focus and determination. Next is Sensei Sierra Siders to Nidan. She has a fighting spirit and never gives up. Don’t let her tiny stature fool you. She is an animal. Myself, Eric Kolar Shodan ho to Shodan. I have learned a lot from the group above as well as from Hanshi Kevin McGrath in the 2 days i knew him and from Shihan Mark Stephens who was the one that introduced me to Goju Ryu. Finally, Zoe Kolar who was able to have her first promotion to 9th kyu by all mentioned above. She is a little spitfire and has the heart of a dragon. Thank you to everyone that showed up to test us an support us in all the endeavors of the past and future. Thank you Hanshi, Shihan, and Renshi for traveling to us to help us move and improve. We have an amazing family in these Goju sister schools. OSS!!


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May 9&10 2018 05/11/2018

Testing with Hanshi McGrath and Shihan Mark Stephens

Testing with Hanshi McGrath and Shihan Mark Stephens


Last night was an amazing night with our extended Goju Ryu family. Learned a lot and got tossed around pretty good. Craving more at Black Belt test tonight.


NEXT WEEK Goju-Ryu Karate Do

Special Events Invitation Wednesday May 9

Thursday May 10 at Manitowoc WI YMCA We have come events coming up that includes a seminar with Hanshi Kevin MacGrath who is 10th Dan black belt and one of the presidents of USA Goju Ryu, Shihan Mark Stevens who is a 7th Dan black belt as well as the YMCA former teacher and current mentor, and Sensei Marci Faustini who is a 3rd Dan black belt and teacher in Sturgeon Bay and current mentor to our program.

This seminar is an “open floor” seminar meaning it’s open to the public and anybody can participate if they desire. So bring your friends and family. This can be a great introduction to our great art as well as a way to get more students in our program. This seminar will be held Wednesday May 9th and held in Gym 2 from 4 – 6 pm

As it is a seminar, there is a cost for plane tickets and expenses, we are asking for donations of $20 or more to help with the expenses.

The next special event is our black belt testing. The instructors above will be testing Sensei Griffin Stechmesser for his Sandan (3rd Dan). Sensei Sierra Siders will be testing for her Nidan (2nd Dan). Eric Kolar will be testing for his Shodan (1st Dan). Please come and support your fellow teachers. Testing will be held Thursday May 10th in the normal studio from 4 – 7 pm. MARTIAL ARTS


Today we tried something different in class. Instead of lining up in rows, the students formed a u shape. Seemed like it worked well. Oss!


Some newcomers to the class. Welcome Gavin, Heaven, David, and Kai. They are excited to be in class!!


Yesterday was testing day for 7 students. Was a great test. Had lots of fun with good students and family.


Yesterday Olivia received her testing certificate from Hanshi and we intriduced 2 new students, Aiden and Landon. Welcome to class guys. Oss


Testing day for Miss Olivia Hagen. Congratulations on receiving 4th Kyu!!


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In honor of Shihan Mark Stephens 59th birthday, we did sets of exercises all the students could do together. 59 seconds worth of plank. 59 punches and side straddle hops. 59 calf raises, and kicks/blocks combined to 59. Was a great time. We miss you Mark. Oss!!


Not many pictures taken, but today we had fun with self defense. Class seemed to have a blast at it.


Respect the Sensei. Your Sensei has sacrificed more than you can ever imagine to get where they are. Never take them for granted, their lessons, their stories or the training…ever. A Sensei will be respected no matter what ' The Sensei has walked the path you are on, they have not only been through more than you but they have triumphed over all sorts of hardships, failures and more…and they are still right there, teaching, training and improving.


Testing day went very well yesterday for Miss Ashley earning her 7th Kyu, Mr Kaden and Mr Sebastian for earning their 9th Kyu belts. Was a lot of fun and am very excited to see further progression from these students.


Exciting moment yesterday. Tested for my first kyu and preparing for next year for my Shodan. Next Tuesday we are testing 3 others as well. We can’t wait. More pictures to come.


More pictures from testing 25 May


Here are some pictures... FINALLY... from out 25 May testing. Hope You enjoy


Congratulations are in order for the following promotions. Ashley for her promotion to yellow belt. Clara for her promotion to green belt. Alex for his promotion to purple belt/white stripe. Jonathan for his promotion to purple belt. And Quinton and Eric for their promotions to brown. We are very proud of the hard and dedication from each student. Pictures to follow.


Tonight is going to be an exciting night. We have a special guest coming from Sturgeon Bay, Sensei Marci Faustini. She is coming to help and give support for the 6 students we have testing. Thank you Sensei. We are all looking forward to tonight.


Sensei Griffin Stechmesser and I had our first promotion together as well as our first in the Little Warriors. Was an amazing day for Zoe. She was so very proud as was I.

Shihans Birthday and send off' 02/10/2017

Shihans Birthday and send off'


Shihan Mark Stephens

August 9, 2016 08/31/2016




Photo of the day

8/9/2016 08/10/2016

Great Lakes/living hope dojo Unit again' Shihans New Flag and some Promtions!

Great Lakes/living hope dojo Unit again' Shihans New Flag and some Promtions!


August 9, 2016


Great Lakes Goju Ryu

Sharing again this was a great day women's self-defense Stephens Shihan!

Self defence class 2/19/16 02/21/2016

Self defence class 2/19/16


Great day withe the Lean in the Lakeshore group!!


Great Self defense class today all did fantastic !

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