Excellence in Education Foundation FBO Lynbrook, NY

Excellence in Education Foundation FBO Lynbrook, NY


Please see below regarding Lynbrook LIRR station
The Lynbrook Police Departments Drug Take Back Day was a huge success. Thank you to all the residents who participated. For every person who dropped off their expired/left over prescriptions, it's that much less that will find its way into our water supply.
Date: April 27, 2018

Secures over $9.2 Million for County Roads

“Let’s fix our county roads,” said New York State Assemblyman Brian Curran. “The Nassau County-owned roadways have been neglected for far too long. Some of them look like we are on a battlefield, with potholes wide and deep,” he continued as he recently secured over $9.2 million in state funding for Nassau County’s road infrastructure improvement in the 2018-19 state budget.

“When I was a youngster, you could tell when you crossed over from the city to Nassau County by the way your car stopped bumping up and down because of the freshly paved, pothole–free roads”, said Assemblyman Curran. “Today, there is virtually no difference. I want to get back to the way it was: better, safer and less wear and tear on our vehicles. That is why I fought so hard to put the money back in the state budget for our county roads.”

Assemblyman Curran worked to restore these millions in funds after they were cut by Governor Cuomo in his original fiscal plan.

“During the course of my travels in and around my district, and hearing from my constituents in the area, I have noticed that there is a real problem with the county road infrastructure,” Assemblyman Curran said. “I brought this to the attention of County Executive Laura Curran in a letter and want to see if we might work together to repair our county roadways.”

There is a noticeable increase in potholes and the overall degradation of county roads such as Lakeview Avenue, Long Beach Road, Peninsula Boulevard, Oceanside Road, Franklin Avenue, Hempstead Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Whitehall Street/Railroad Avenue, Grand Avenue and Broadway, in particular.

“In many cases, potholes cannot be fixed because there is no asphalt or cement left to fill it with hot or cold patch”, Assemblyman Curran explained. “Many streets are down to the steel and dirt. Road markings have worn off, lane identification lines are spotty or missing, shoulder reflectors have broken away, and street crossings have been compromised because of the wearing down of the streets. We need to act and act now before we have serious motorist and pedestrian issues,” he said.

In the newly passed New York State budget for fiscal 2018-19, Assemblyman Curran and his colleagues fought to restore the Governor’s cuts to CHIPS, Extreme Winter Recovery and PAVE-NY funds to assist with the county’s infrastructure issues. This year, the county should receive over $9.2 million in road repair funding.

“We need to act as soon as possible now that the asphalt companies appear to have re-opened for business after the winter. Our county roadways are moving towards a crisis stage and I believe we need to address this in an expeditious manner. Hopefully we can all work together to get our roads back in shape. We must make them safer for all who travel and our pedestrians who frequent these areas,” Assemblyman Curran concluded.
Let's Fix Our Roads! Attached is a press release sent to the various local papers.
Held my 2nd annual Youth Leadership Event this past weekend recognizing students in the 21st Assembly District and their contributions to their schools and communities. Congratulations to Ally Fitzgerald and Allison Kunstler! Keep up the great work!
I was so happy to participate in the Lynbrook Republican and Lynbrook New Vision Guest Bartending Night at the VFW benefiting the Lynbrook Mom & Dad's Club. This is the second year the Republican Club and New Vision Club have
held this fundraiser. Last night, the event raised over $1,600 for Lynbrook High School athletes.

Great job by both local political parties in supporting our kids! Thank you to all of the parents and club members that supported the fundraiser. Special thanks to Lynbrook Mayor Alan Beach, Town Councilman Anthony D'Esposito, Deputy Mayor Hilary Becker, Trustees Hawxhurst, Reardon and Boccio. Thanks to the VFW and Roseann Strife.
Had my annual head shaving in honor of St. Baldrick's Foundation, a great organization that works towards ending childhood cancer.
Thank you BOE, Lynbrook. Faculty and Administration.

Let’s all come together as a community to assure the No Harm Policy does no harm.

Let's encourage our students to be more motivated now than ever before.

Let’s inspire them to use this no-harm policy to their advantage, instead of considering it as a safety net.

Let’s insist that they study harder to have a positive score contribute 20% to their overall GPA - placing them at an advantage to our neighboring and competing schools.

Let’s strive to maintain the academic rigor that sets Lynbrook apart.

Let’s assure our students set their goals high.

Let’s maintain Lynbrook’s designation as a Reward School and hang that plaque proudly in the High School office.

Go Owls!!!
Great work!!! So happy this bond passed! 💚💛🦉

Innovating Lynbrook School District through private donations and grants

Operating as usual

L.I. Holiday Sports Heroes Video Challenge 2021 - Team Up 4 Community 12/16/2021

L.I. Holiday Sports Heroes Video Challenge 2021 - Team Up 4 Community

L.I. Holiday Sports Heroes Video Challenge 2021 - Team Up 4 Community L.I. Holiday Sports Heroes Video Challenge 2021 We challenged our L.I. Athletes to be a Sports Hero to a cause or someone in need this 2021 Holiday Season to see how big of an IMPACT we could make together in our L.I. Communities! All those who entered have a chance to receive...


Cast Your Vote for 2 LHS Science Research Students

Click this link Sign In (arcgis.com) and at the bottom of the page click “Create public account”

Fill out information then open the verification link that will be sent to your email

Once clicking the new link complete account information and click create account

Then go to Cast Your Vote! esri.com, scroll down and select the project titled “Using Microbiology to Cleanup Oceanic Oil Spills”

Log in to your new account if it asks and finally click Up-Vote!!!!!


Thank you to all who purchased bricks in our Scholarship Campaign. The bricks are installed and we will be sharing pictures once the landscaping is done. We are hoping by September 1st.

We are able to sell 50 more 4x8 engraved bricks to complete the flagpole location. If you are interested, get one(or more) ASAP. This is the final chance to purchase at this location.

4x8 bricks are $100 or $125 with clip art or LynbrookOwl Logo. Sorry but we can not do custom logo's on a 4x8 brick.

Lynbrook HS PTA
Lynbrook Parents and Friends of Music
Lynbrook S.E.P.T.A.
Friends of Lynbrook Swimmers
Lynbrook Moms' and Dads' Club - Athletics
Lynbrook Hoops Club


Excellence in Education Foundation FBO Lynbrook, NY updated their address. 08/11/2021

Excellence in Education Foundation FBO Lynbrook, NY updated their address.

Excellence in Education Foundation FBO Lynbrook, NY updated their address.

Photos from bsquared photography's post 07/19/2021

Photos from bsquared photography's post


Please show your support tonight: there is a code to use if you order online. 🌯🌮🦉


Due to a slight change in the installation schedule, we are able to open our website for a few more days. We must have a MINIMUM of TEN orders to add to our existing order. This is really the last opportunity to purchase a brick for the first phase by the flagpole.
Order before 5/15!


Lynbrook Schools Board of Education Meeting March 10, 2021 03/10/2021

Lynbrook Schools Board of Education Meeting March 10, 2021

Lynbrook Schools Board of Education Meeting March 10, 2021

Lynbrook Council of PTAs Pave a Path to the Future Donor Site 02/28/2021

Lynbrook Council of PTAs Pave a Path to the Future Donor Site

Lynbrook Council of PTAs Pave a Path to the Future Donor Site Lynbrook Council of PTAs, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, raises funds annually for scholarships for the graduating seniors of Lynbrook High School. We have awarded a total of over $150,000 over the past 10 years to hundreds of deserving students. All proceeds of this campaign will go into the....


Please support this great opportunity to be part of Lynbrook's legacy.

Lynbrook Council of PTAs, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, raises funds annually for scholarships for the graduating seniors of Lynbrook High School. We have awarded a total of over $150,000 over the past 10 years to hundreds of deserving students. In prior years the majority of our fundraising was done at the annual homecoming football game. That game was unable to be played this year due to COVID.

We are very excited to share our new fundraising campaign. We have partnered with Brick R Us for our Pave a Path engraved brick fundraiser. Our goal is to present the Class of 2021 seniors with the same scholarships we have in the past. Check out the link for more details .



Lynbrook High School National Art Honor Society members, along with NAHS adviser Michael Kunz, recently facilitated their fourth “Gifted” online art auction during the Thanksgiving weekend. They raised $840 and will use the funds to purchase Target gift cards for Lynbrook High School families in need this holiday season.

The online art auction featured fall themed still life paintings created by 18 talented members of the school’s National Art Honor Society. The 8” x 10” framed paintings showcased pumpkins, apples and turned leaves with a warm autumn color palette. Bidding for each piece started at $15 and some paintings sold for more than $100, making the auction a large success.

Don't Cut Education Funding - our students, staff and schools need our support now more than ever 11/18/2020

Don't Cut Education Funding - our students, staff and schools need our support now more than ever

Don't Cut Education Funding - our students, staff and schools need our support now more than ever The NYS PTA and other statewide education groups called on state policy makers to support schools, and oppose any cuts to state aid for schools.  The 20% reduction in state aid that schools have been warned about for months as a state budget...


Our first fundraiser of the year. One of our members has graciously volunteered to take Back To School porch pics and donate all the proceeds to the Foundation. This will be a hard year for all, but our mission stays the same. Schedule your photo shoot now.


Please get your information about reopening directly from the district. Put 8/12/2020 on your calendar for the live roll out of the full plan.

The Lynbrook Board of Education held a work session meeting at Lynbrook High School on July 21. The community was invited to watch the meeting through a livestream on the district’s website.

Board President William Belmont provided the community with a timeline for the district’s reopening plans. Under the guidance of New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the district will submit their plans to the state on July 31. The governor will then decide on Aug. 7 how he will address those plans and the board will meet on Aug. 12 to present the plan to the community. This meeting will be held in the Lynbrook High School gymnasium and be livestreamed. Due to state regulations on large gatherings, some residents will be able to attend the meeting. This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Prior to the meeting, the presentation will be posted to the district website, lynbrookschools.org, to give community members a closer look at what to expect in the fall.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak shared further details regarding reopening. “There are many requirements and we, in Lynbrook, are doing our best to provide a safe environment for all staff and students,” she said.

She detailed different models that the district is reviewing. For example, on the elementary K-5 level, introducing a gold model and green model. The gold model will represent in-person instruction, every day. The green model will be the remote model for students who need to remain at home. At this time, the remote or green model, will involve a live, digital interactive experience with a certified teacher.

Due to the amount of movement that takes place all day at the secondary level, the models that the district is looking to implement for grades 6-12 will look different than the primary level. The green model will be for those who need to remain at home and will involve a live, digital synchronous experience. The blue model will allow for students to attend school in-person, every other day with the alternating day consisting of the live, digital synchronous learning.

The district is still exploring the logistics about classroom and large space utilization in all buildings. Health and safety protocols are being finalized, along with scheduling and the delivery of courses in the school buildings. Once the district’s plan is submitted to the state, families will be asked to submit a letter of intent indicating which model they would like. Families can change their decision at a certain point during the school year.

In addition, Dr. Burak shared the decisions that have already been made to properly clean and disinfect the buildings for the safe return of students. This includes:

• Postponing the adult education program until the spring semester.
• Postponing the before school intramural program until November at which time, the district will revisit the status of the public health situation.
• Requiring PPE for all when social distancing is not feasible. At the very least, this means any movement in the building between classes, in stairwells, hallways and during staff-student meetings, face masks must be worn.
• The elementary RAS program operating under the Department of Health guidelines; however, students must remain in their home school. This means that kindergarten students will remain at the Kindergarten Center this year rather than be bussed to another elementary school to be with siblings. The district understands that a staggered pick up time must be arranged for families that need to pick up in two locations.
• Delaying the fall sports season (at this time) until Sept. 21 as per the state athletics association.

The community is encouraged to visit the district’s Reopening Plan page at www.lynbrookschools.org/district/reopening_plan as information will be forthcoming.


Lynbrook Public Schools has formed a Reopening Schools Task Force that is meeting throughout the summer to create a District Reopening of Schools Plan that will provide a safe and effective learning environment for all students and staff for the 2020-2021 school year.

To ensure all stakeholders are provided with up-to-date information, the district has created a Reopening Plan webpage. The page will be continuously updated throughout the school year to provide important information to our school community. To access the reopening page and all relevant information, please visit this link. https://www.lynbrookschools.org/district/reopening_plan

Lynbrook Council of PTAs Community Survey 06/23/2020

Lynbrook Council of PTAs Community Survey

Lynbrook Council of PTAs Community Survey The Lynbrook Council of PTA's has the opportunity to apply for a a National PTA Grant to help our community. Please take a moment to respond to the follow questions which will help us determine where the need is greatest here in Lynbrook. Feedback is requested by Friday, June 26th.


We are getting ready to announce our 2020 grant winners.
As we prepare for the exciting news, we are looking to fill two spots on our executive board for our 2020-2021 school year: corresponding secretary and recording secretary. Please email [email protected] if you are interested or want more information. Thanks.


Very happy that the school budget passed, but let’s not forget that the state is still threatening to reduce how much they contribute. Make sure you are reaching out to your legislators and let them know that our community pays enough in taxes and we need their help more than ever.


Congratulations to all the students who were inducted into Lynbrook High School’s Tri-M Music Honor Society! Please click the following link to view the virtual induction ceremony: https://youtu.be/9q2KmATRf_w

Photos from Excellence in Education Foundation FBO Lynbrook, NY's post 06/04/2020

Vote Yes for the Budget and the Propositions and vote for the candidates that you believe will be best for our school district. Watch the recorded Q&A session here: https://youtu.be/Jm6GhDtivmo


Lynbrook Public Schools plans for reopening

Following the closure of school buildings due to COVID-19, schools across New York State were tasked with providing remote learning instruction to thousands of students. With the possibility of school buildings remaining closed in the fall, the Lynbrook Public Schools formed a reopening committee to examine its remote learning program and ways it could be further improved.

Consisting of teachers, parents, students, support staff and administrators, the core committee and its subcommittees reviewed the district’s current model and worked to create a plan that will offer structure for students, increased communication for parents and professional development for staff. Areas of focus for the committee were: acquiring a standardized learning management system, creating a full structured day of learning at both the elementary and secondary levels, improved communication between the schools and the home, providing differentiation virtually, board policy updates, professional development and supervision, among others.

“Our goal is to provide a full, balanced educational program should remote learning continue in the fall,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak.

As part of the proposed plan, all students would begin their day in the morning with daily announcements. This would be followed by live instruction daily. In addition to live instruction, students would be provided with independent assignments and scheduled extra help opportunities.

Full details of the plan will be presented at the Board of Education work session scheduled for Thursday, June 4 at 7 p.m. Residents are encouraged to view the meeting to hear the details of the reopening at https://lynbrookschools.org/boe/virtual_meetings.


The Lynbrook Council of PTAs will host a "Meet the Candidates" night on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 to begin promptly at 7p.m. There are four candidates running for two open seats on the Lynbrook Board of Education. Each member serves for a term of three years.

Candidates in this year’s election:
• Nazia DeFrank
• Ellen Marcus (Incumbent)
• Patrick Palleschi
• Julia Scholl

Due to the current climate, the Lynbrook Council of PTAs will host this event remotely. The livestream link will be posted at https://lynbrookschools.org/boe/virtual_meetings.

Questions are being complied ahead of time via email by May 30th. Please email your questions to [email protected].


The HS Food Pantry is still accepting donations for non-perishable items to assist our Lynbrook children and families. The pantry at LHS will continue throughout the summer months. Donations can be dropped off at LHS on Carpenter Ave (because of construction in front of LHS) on any Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-12pm. Amazon deliveries are also accepted to Lynbrook High School attention: LHS Food Pantry – Laurie Mitchell
For our pantry, we could use:
No soup please
Macaroni and cheese
Beans (dry or canned)
Canned Tuna, salmon, chicken
Cereal, oatmeal, granola, and breakfast foods
Cookies, Chips, snacks, popcorn, pretzels, goldfish
Juice boxes/pouches
Dried noodles
Milk that does not need refrigeration
Condiments: mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise
Jarred pasta sauce
Tomato paste, sauce, etc
Peanut butter
Vegetable oil, olive oil

Bar Soap
Body wash
Baby wash (Aveeno, Johnson’s)
Dish soap
Cleaning supplies: Comet, Bleach, Tilex
Paper goods: Toilet paper, paper towels
Tampons, pads
Gift cards to supermarket, target, CVS, Rite Aid, local eateries


Congratulations to Lynbrook High School.

The State Education Department today identified 582 schools that are high achieving and high progress as Recognition Schools, Interim Commissioner Shannon Tahoe announced. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan, Recognition Schools are those with high academic achievement and strong progress, that also perform acceptably for all subgroups for which they are accountable. This year’s designees represent 13 percent of New York State public schools.

232 are New York City public schools; 313 are public schools in the rest of the state; and 37 are public charter schools, of which 35 are located in New York City.

“These are exemplary public schools that demonstrate that all students can achieve at high levels with the right supports and resources,” Board of Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa said. “Recognition Schools help to ensure equity for all children across New York State. The Regents and I are grateful to all of the teachers and administrators who, in concerted effort with their school communities, are guiding our students toward success.”

“Recognition schools are the highest performing and rapidly improving schools across the state,” Interim Commissioner Shannon Tahoe said. “Recognition Schools across the state demonstrate the relentless commitment of teachers, administrators, staff and parents, without whom this growth would not have been possible.

Details on this achievement, plus the full list of schools can be found in today’s release: https://bit.ly/2YaVQLF


Streaming live now.

The Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, April 21st at 7:30 pm will be held remotely and live streamed. It can be viewed live at: https://www.lynbrookschools.org/boe/virtual_meetings

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AOH Division 14- Rockville Centre-Lynbrook New York AOH Division 14- Rockville Centre-Lynbrook New York
235 Merrick Rd
Lynbrook, 11563

Division 14 sponsors charitable activities, provides educational scholarships and participates in many activities in support of our Catholic-Irish Hertiage

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