A Fellow Traveler Recovery

Do you like where you are on your life's journey? Do you feel stuck? Let's get you going in the dir

Operating as usual


I've had "the opportunity to listen with increasing attentiveness to the depths of my soul. Daily, I waited, in hope and gratitude, for that sure belief and steadfast love I had longed for in my life. In this process I met my God, as I understand Him".
~6/17 Daily Reflection


This is where real strength lies!!


Sure feels like they’re TRYING to hurt you sometimes but feelings are begging to be felt & released- Don’t know about y’all, but I can see now how I’d stored unwanted feelings in a locked closet until I couldn’t fit anymore- that was the beginning of my recovery!!

Ed Sheeran - Visiting Hours [Official Lyric Video] 11/06/2022

Ed Sheeran - Visiting Hours [Official Lyric Video]

Grief is confusing for me… I suppose that’s just how it works- no rhyme or reason. It comes out of no where and suddenly I’m engulfed by grief. Don’t know when I heard this song but I do wish there were “visiting hours”. Sometimes I really miss J. Michael Weiss.

Ed Sheeran - Visiting Hours [Official Lyric Video] Ed Sheeran - Visiting Hours [Official Lyric Video]The new album "=" is out now - listen here: https://es.lnk.to/equalsSubscribe to the Ed Sheeran channel for...




CONFUSED? Confusion is a place between places…

Confusion is a place between places.
The area where my true sense of direction
is obscured by the mists of varying emotion.
The moment before settling into my body
and allowing the potent feeling to fill me...

Here's to confusion...
here's to patterns being disrupted
by life's unpredictable tempo.
Here's to not knowing,
yet somehow grasping
I can withstand
and bend just like open waters;
being receptive to the teachings
of contrast and change
and to finally seeing.

Here's to lost footing—
to being thrown off balance
and breaking through
my deep-grooved thinking
and out-dated styles of perceiving.
Here's to walking into waves
of fresh ideas and
radical ways of being.

Here's to frustration
and disorientation.
To climbing out of the rut of habit
and swimming in waters of freedom.

Here's to to discomfort
and dissatisfaction;
how they lead me to deeper paths
and redirect my attention to
the light of alternative reason.

And here's to pains of truth
overcoming erroneous roots...
Here's to forming new concepts,
gathering bold insights,
and to gaining with each untried day,
a life of profound meaning.

(~written by Susan Frybort, author of 'Open Passages' and 'Hope is a Traveler')


Connecting those dots (FINALLY)

There comes a point when you begin to connect the dots, when the chosen paths begin to mean something, when the picture starts to reveal itself. It is probably not at all what you envisioned, but somewhere deep inside, perhaps you always knew. The journey was there for a reason. It was there for you and for the others that have traveled along with you. The strength and comfort that comes from that awareness is amazing and beyond words. Once experienced, it becomes the biggest part of you. So let it unfold. Let your life reveal its lessons. Follow your heart as it will not lead you astray. Find your passion and let its energy run through you in ways you have never experienced. With that, your real life will begin.



Make peace with your body today my friend,
for it has toiled for many years just to keep you alive.
It has grown, weathered virus and disease,
healed countless wounds and fought many unseen battles, to keep your soul intact for its journey through this life.

Yes it has changed but it has been changing since the day you were born.
And it will continue to change until the day you die.
Make peace with this.

Striving against this change, is like trying to blow away the wind. Futile, pointless, misery-making.
Your body has served you well and done so with your daily hate and disapproval.
It has suffered years of daily, hourly negativity, pulsing its way from your brain to your cells…
Not good enough, not attractive enough, not perfect.

And every day you thought it wasn’t perfect, it really, truly was.

It was keeping you alive, supporting your rash decisions, counteracting your foolish mistakes, doing everything in its power to stay in the game.
For you.

Make peace with your body today, my friend, say your apologies, right your wrongs and move on with appreciation.

You are blessed.

Look around you, not everyone is so blessed.
Not every one is breathing, walking, thriving.
And whilst you are looking around, see that nobody is perfect. The way a body looks, says nothing about its strength, its longevity, its endurance.

This is not a rehearsal, this is your one shot at a life well-lived.

Make it count.

Donna Ashworth
Art by Taynee Tinsley Taynee

From my book
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BDWY9CP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_
US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BDWY9CP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_MykfFbHGYY6E7


Does Kindness Make Us Feel Better?

I know it makes me feel better!!!

Photos from A Fellow Traveler Recovery's post 09/03/2020

Photos from A Fellow Traveler Recovery's post

Timeline photos 07/11/2020

This is so my experience!!


Which one are you?


All of life is a magnificent journey...


Free yourself and you can free your children


Liberate yourself fully. After that, liberate others. After that, liberate the world. 3 simple jobs. Everything else is a waste of time. ~Kyle Cease

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