Bamboleo classes offer young children and their families joyous experiences while immersed in the Sp Bamboleo: Where kids sing, dance and play in Spanish!

Bamboleo classes offer young children and their families joyous experiences while immersed in the Spanish language. Kids enjoy learning songs, dancing and moving to lively music, role play, story time, games, art and much more during our classes. Parents learn how they can support growth in a second language at home. Our programs offer more than three years of original content in class and at home

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Photos from BAMBOLEO's post 07/16/2022

Uno, dos, tres caracoles. Cuatro, cinco, seis caracoles. Siete, ocho, nueve, diez caracoles. How many did you find on the beach in Puerto Rico? Did you enjoy playing with waves from the sea? Sure, you did!! Me too!! We had so much fun spending the day at the Luquillo beach, feeling the sand under our little feet.

Photos from BAMBOLEO's post 07/12/2022

We went to Luquillo beach in Puerto Rico with the power of our imagination. Our Amiguitos and Amigos had a blast playing with our "pelota de playa." It was super fun! ¡Fue súper divertido!


Serious fun going on now with Maestra Susy!! Fall Session I - Argentina started today and we had a blast with our Amiguitos. You can still register for the sessions starting on Sep. 3, 4 & 7. You won't want to miss this great adventure. Enroll Now!!
(562) 661-3168


Serious fun going on right now in our Costa Rica session. Did you miss the last class or did not get to do our art activity? Maestra Susy and Abby will show you how to do it in this video. Do not forget to ask Maestra Susy for your art materials to create this beautiful "perezoso"!


Our next Bamboleo adventure starts tomorrow!! ¡Nos vamos a Costa Rica! We´re going to Costa Rica! I am so excited to see again all our Amiguitos and Amigos again. Puerto Rico session was a blast, and Costa Rica will be so much fun too.


Summer Session Two-Costa Rica starts on July 24th for Ages 2-4 (Amiguitos) & 4-6 (Amigos) at Cherry Park in Long Beach. Links for enrollment at Serious fun with Bamboleo!!

Vamos a jugar! Let's play! Children are immersed in the Spanish language via a unique style of storytelling, music and movement, games, role-play and art.

***Location Changed to: Heartwell Park
Classes start Jul 24, - Aug 28, for ages 2 - 4 yrs.
Register today at


There is still time to join our Puerto Rico session!

Join us as our little inquisitive friend enjoys the beaches of Puerto Rico, the seashells on the sand, and the sweet singing of the coquí while asking “¿por qué?”/“why” about everything!!

In-person & Online Sessions
Amiguitos (2-4 years) & Amigos (4-6 years)
In-person classes at Cherry Park - Starts June 12
Saturdays | 9:00 & 10:15 AM | Amiguitos
Saturdays | 11:30 AM | Amigos
Online Sessions - Starts June 14 & July 19
Mon & Wed | 10:15 AM | Amiguitos
Mon & Wed | 9:15 AM | Amigos


Bamboleo Kids is Back!

¡Vámonos todos a Costa Rica!
Let's all go to Costa Rica!

¡Vengan Ticos, vengan Ticas estamos en Costa Rica! Come on Ticos and Ticas, we're in Costa Rica. We're in the tropical rainforest, where kids will meet all sort of animals, including a lazy sloth and hungry anteater. Kids will hear the story of the wide-mouth frog, who curiously wonders what everyone eats for dinner. Kids will also prepare and participate in a parade, trotting like horses, dancing baile folklorico and marching with the band.

In-person & Online Sessions
Amiguitos (2-4 years) & Amigos (4-6 years)

In-person classes at Cherry Park - Starts July 24
Saturdays | 9:00 & 10:15 AM | Amiguitos
Saturdays | 11:30 AM | Amigos

Online Sessions - Starts July 5 & Aug. 9
Mon & Wed | 10:15 AM | Amiguitos
Mon & Wed | 9:15 AM | Amigos


Bamboleo Kids is Back!

¡Nos vamos a la playa... en Puerto Rico!
We are going to the beach... Puerto Rico!

​This summer, take an imaginary trip to the island of Puerto Rico, where we'll explore themes of beach and sand play, pirates and treasure hunts, and much, much more! Hear the story of the curious child whose favorite question is "¿Por qué?" ("Why?"). Kids will also hear the iconic little coqui's song (the island's beloved little frog), pretend to put on sunscreen and beach gear, and hear the story of a silly pirate captain's plan to save his crew from a whale, and of course, practice rolling our Rs... or "¡Errrrrrrrres!" as we hunt for treasure! It will be a SPLASH! ¡ERRRRRRRE!

In-person & Online Sessions
Amiguitos (2-4 years) & Amigos (4-6 years)

In-person classes at Cherry Park - Starts June 12
Saturdays | 9:00 & 10:15 AM | Amiguitos
Saturdays | 11:30 AM | Amigos

Online Sessions - Starts June 14 & July 19
Mon & Wed | 10:15 AM | Amiguitos
Mon & Wed | 9:15 AM | Amigos



A message from Bamboleo with Susana
Hola amigos, I hope you are doing well. I haven't forgotten about you. I miss all my kids, and as you know, I am very committed to giving them the best. I wanted to take some time to adjust to the school routine of my children and my courses at the University, and I wanted to let you do the same and know what would work better for them before I open more online sessions.
I'm planning to open enrollment for fall and winter seasons. Please, help me to determine the best schedule for you and your family by filling out my interest list form:

ONLINE SESSIONS - INTEREST LIST Thank you for your interest in our programs. Please, help me plan my next sessions by letting me know what works better for you.

Timeline photos 09/22/2020

Gracias, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Hace unos días murió la jueza Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Estos son algunos de los derechos por los que luchó y por los que será recordada 👩‍⚖️💪


Costa Rica Session

Congratulations Susana Paniagua, for a wonderful VIRTUAL Bamboleo adventure!!!


Costa Rica Session

Our online adventure to Costa Rica was so much fun. We met with some friends on our trip to the jungle and the city of San José. We sang, danced, and played all in Spanish.

Do not miss out on our next adventure to Puerto Rico, where we will enjoy playing at the beach and becoming pirates! Our adventure begins on Aug. 10th and 11th Visit:


Hola to our beautiful Bamboleo Family! We are back! With ONLINE Sessions! Maestra Susana is offering Bamboleo Bebé and Amiguitos programs this summer.

Enroll directly with Maestra Susana at:


The health and safety of all our Bamboleo families is our top priority. Unfortunately, we had to cancel all our classes for our Cuba Session due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We miss you already and hope that everything will get back to normal soon. We will keep everyone post on new sessions as soon as it is safe to meet again. ¡Gracias!


"¡Corre, corre, corre bombero! ¿El incendio en dónde está?" "Run, run, run fireman! Where is the fire?" We are having a blast with our Amiguitos. This time our imagination has taken us to Uruguay. Next stop: Cuba!


Our best wishes for renewed dreams, energy and hope to all of our friends and families, from Bamboleo.
Nuestros mejores deseos de sueños, energía y esperanza renovados para todos nuestros amigos y familias.


This session has definitely been a favorite for all our Bamboleo families. We are visiting El Salvador with our amiguitos asking mamá how we can help around the house and all in Spanish!! We are even learning how to make deliciosas pupusas para la familia. It has been so much fun for all our "cipotes". Yes! because that is how we call our "niños" en El Salvador".
[email protected]
(562) 661-3168 Call or Text


We said ¡adiós! to Chile. It was super fun to visit grandma's farm. Don't miss out on our next adventure to El Salvador. How do you make a pupusa? You'll have to join us to find out how Bamboleanos make yummy pupusas (hint: using a lot of imagination, song, and play!).

El Salvador session starts this Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Heartwell Park in Long Beach for our Amiguitos (2-4 years) and Amigos (4-6 years). Enroll now!!
[email protected]
(562) 661-3168


¡Vamos a cosechar! Let's go to harvest!

¡Vamos a cosechar! Let's go to harvest! Our kids had so much fun with this song with the awsome participation of our parents. We are so happy to be a place where you can bond with your child and build memories. And all in Spanish!! Thank you!!


Where will we be going this time? Fall Sessions start this week! Join us in our next six-week adventure to Chile! We will be visiting "la granja de la abuela" (grandma's farm) Oh, wait! Abuela doesn't call it "granja" but "fundo". Wow!! We will be learning a lot with her as we help to harvest apples and vegetables.

Enroll Now!! Visit or click on link


¡Vámonos a Costa Rica! Let´s go to Costa Rica! Summer Session II starts tomorrow at Heartwell Park for our Amiguitos (2-4 years) and Amigos (4-6 years). Join us in this new adventure all in Spanish!!

Link for enrollment:
Amiguitos / SAT / Jul 27 - Aug 31 / 9:15 & 10:30 am
Amigos / SAT / Jul 27 - Aug 31 / 11:45 am


Serious fun going on now. We are in Puerto Rico having a blast, gathering and counting seashells at the beach and playing in the waves with our beach ball. ¡Cuidado! ¡Ahi viene una ola! Watch out! There comes a wave!


Update: It's working now!!! Thank you for your patience.


Our mobile website is down. Please bear with us as we get it fixed! is fully functional on desktops.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Our Mexico Session has been so much fun as we celebrated Mother's Day with songs, art, colors, and love. Thank you to all the parents for participating and making this session so beautiful and full of fun.


Look who is getting ready for "Día de las Madres" (Mother's Day). It seems like our "amigo" Mateo is planning something special for his "mamá". ¿Una serenata? A serenade? Let's find out! Join Mateo in our next adventure in México. It's going to be "padrísimo"!

Sing, Dance & Play in Spanish with us!
Amiguitos Program Ages: 2 - 4
Spring II: Mexico start dates: Apr. 27 / Apr. 30 / May 2 / May 3

Click on the link to Enroll Now!!


Next Bamboleo session is all about the colors of spring all around us...

BAMBOLEO FUN 04/21/2019




Pedro Conejito has found something on the ground. ¿Qué será? (What is it?) ¿Es duro, suave, grande o pequeño? (Is it hard, soft, big or small?).

Serious fun going on now in Long Beach.

Session starting soon in Covina:

Fridays / March 29 - May 10 / 6:30 - 7:20 pm at Cougar Park.

Visit us at: for further information.
(562) 661-3168
[email protected]


Spring I: Guatemala Session starts this week. Don't miss out this new adventure. This session focuses on the great outdoors! ¡Paseo al aire libre, ando bajo el sol! (Walking outdoors, I go under the sun!) As we imagine mountains, trees, and natural objects, we will explore practical and fun descriptive words, such as tall and short, smooth and rough. We'll finish the unit off with a fun bug search--ever wonder how to say dragon fly in Spanish? ¡Libélula!

​Join us for a highly interactive and fun 6-six week session. As they say in Guatemala, it will be "­¡Chilero!"

Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. at Heartwell Park.

Link for enrollment: (Check out our new website)
(562) 661 3168
[email protected]


It keeps raining in Colombia and mom says we have to stay "dentro de la casa y usar nuestra imaginación" (inside the house and use our imagination). Hey, mom! Look at me! "Soy un hada y puedo volar" (I'm a fairy and I can fly!) "y yo soy un superhéroe y puedo salvar al mundo" (and I'm a superhero and I can save the world!).
(562) 661-3168


Serious fun going on now!!! Our winter session has started in Long Beach at Heartwell Park.

We are in Colombia!!! It's raining outside and we've got to stay at home but that is not a problem because we can use our imagination. Chairs and a blanket? We have a mountain now!! A table and a sheet? It's a tunnel!! Towels and paper? Let's cross the river and step on the stones!!

We've been having so much fun and ALL IN SPANISH!!!

All of our amiguitos have access to the music and digital book for this session so they can keep having fun in Spanish at home, in the car, everywhere!!



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¡Vamos a cosechar! Let's go to harvest!





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