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Photos from Lau Kune Do Temple of Martial Arts's post

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Two roads diverged in a wood...... I took the one less traveled by...... that has made all the difference......

…... To my teacher and my dear friend Sifu Richard Tsim who has made an enormous influence on my life......

Sifu Tsim strikes me as an exemplary man of meaning...... a man full of purpose, intent and internal harmony...... he pursues his vision with undeterred resolution...... no matter what is happening, he does not waste psyche energy on doubt or fear...... He is a man of serenity who has come to terms with himself...... His purposefulness, resolution and harmony have verified his life and given it meaning by transforming it into a unified, flowing experience, just like the art he teaches...... he is an inspiration to all his students. His contribution to and influence in the marital arts world is tremendous...... his skill in Qi Gong healing, his Ba Qua, Tai Chi push hands, Iron Palms, and 12 steps with shadowless kicks and triple sweeps techniques are remarkable.

In the past 40 years Sifu Tsim's art has touched a generation of lives. He continues, unwavering, on his path to realize the vision of a spiritual center and a university. His persistence is like a mighty river cutting through hard rock after years of consistent streaming. Despite rough twists and turns, the course of his quest has inevitably led to this very moment, and it is indeed an auspicious place for all of us to be. He is determined and purpose driven, set forth to help people to live a peaceful, simple, and balanced life. Sifu believes a strong philosophical foundation combined with daily practice that will nurture a higher level of mental and physical health understanding and positive influence will assure one's success in life.

Today I am humble and honor to be appointed by Sifu as his executive vice president (EVP) of the Lau Kune Do spiritual center/Tsim university. Thank you, Sifu for giving me the opportunity and letting me to share your path. I hope I can live up to the trust that you put in me.
Thank you again.
With my deepest respect

Dr. Khonsura A. Wilson Ph. D.
Vice President
LKD Spiritual Center/Tsim University
LKD Blue Sash, Tai Chi “A” Level
Professor Department of Black Studies
California State University, Long Beach, California USA

Photos from Lau Kune Do Temple of Martial Arts's post 01/04/2021

Photos from Lau Kune Do Temple of Martial Arts's post


Lau Kune Do Tai Chi first form starts with three point concentration

Tai Chi in Everyday Life

Several years ago, my life seems to be a routine, lacking motivation, and missing the purpose. Long hours of work as a nurse can be very exhausting. Work, eat, sleep or vice versa. It caused me a huge burn out that was very unhealthy physically and mentally. I therefore turned myself into music. I played in various bands as a bass player, signed by decent labels, and toured in different states. Once again, I reached exhaustion from long road trips, flights, late night shows, and demanding rehearsal hours. At the end, I felt that my life is missing the balance – the yin and yang.

Concerned friend told me to exercise to increase my energy level and protect my health. Various physical activities were great at first until the lack of motivation blends in. After a while, gym time turns into once a week, once a month, every three months, and sadly, once a year. It all goes back to square one where the purpose is missing.
Through a great circumstance, I was fortunate to meet Sifu and learn the art of Tai Chi. With the concept of the positive and negative energy, Tai Chi taught me the form of forces coming from within the body. This form of martial arts helped me connect with my mind, body, soul, and the environment. It showed me movements of birds, animals, trees, and the environment around me in the most gentle and graceful way. It taught me the exercise to calm the mind and body through smooth movements and transitions.

With my learned beliefs in Chinese medicine and philosophy, the circulation of “chi” is vital in achieving a healthy mind, body and soul. Once the “chi” circulates around the body, it goes to the peripheral and vascular nervous system promoting healing and vitality. Sifu taught us the six healing sounds and the Dao Yin Qi Gong an ancient therapeutic technique. The six healing sounds caused vibration to the vital organs – heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, and colon. The heart pumps the blood throughout the body; the lungs, being married to the heart, bring oxygen into the body; the liver processes nutrients and removes waste products of the body; the kidneys filter the blood and remove excess fluid from the blood to form urine; the spleen contributes to the production and storage of blood cells; and lastly, the colon works in the final stages of digestive process.

Tai Chi continues to provide me a better balance, control, alignment, and rhythm of my body. The key is everyday practice and movements. All the aches and pains are suddenly not present any longer. Previous injuries and tension pain does not inhibit correct posture and body alignment anymore. Instead of black and white, my surrounding becomes colorful. I can now balance health, family, friends, work, and music through the practice of Tai Chi.

I deeply thank Sifu Richard Tsim for teaching me a better meaning and purpose in life. Thank you for continuing to share your art, philosophy, and vision to all of us hopeful students.

With my deepest respect,
Melanie Cariker RN

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Spiritual Cultivation Near Tibet


An over a quarter of a century juniper at the back garden of the temple

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Sifu Tsim and Simo Dr. Jane were married on the island of Fiji

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Lau Kune Do 1st Official temple in California 1980


A Tribute to Master Richard Tsim – My Teacher, My Friend

On Lau Kune Do's 30th Anniversary September 2005

It is said the long road tests the strength of the horse and that time tests the true character of a man. For the past 30 years, Master Tsim has weathered life’s storms and spring days with equal parts poise and humility. Like all travelers, he has endured rough roads and smooth, success and setbacks, bad times and good. So it goes in any life. However, Master Tsim walks his path well.
Masters, no matter what their callings, are hard to find in this day and age. It is with great fortune that we come across one. Master Tsim has dedicated his life to the pursuit of excellence. He is the master of his art and his art is his life - few people master this elusive and often time reluctant medium.
When I first met Sifu in an interview back in the 90’s, I was impressed. He had a self-assuredness that I admired and his skill speaks for itself. Born in Tian Jin, China, Sifu's first teacher was renowned Northern Shaolin and Tai Chi master, Lung Chi Cheung. Later, his mother, May Wong, being friends with legendary Hung Gar master Wong Fei Hung's wife, brought him to Chan Hon Chung, a Hung Gar stylists, to strengthen his lower base. While attending King George V Middle School in Kowloon City, Hong Kong, he was given the opportunity to train under Wing Chun teacher, Leung Sheung.
Years later, while he was doing research work on Eastern philosophy for the University of London, his friend, Chow Yim Tong, thirty years his senior, a Chow Gar Kung Fu master, introduced him to Jiang Yung Chiu, a professor and scholar of Chinese literature and Eastern philosophy who was also a master of Ba Qua Chang. Under Jiang's guidance, Sifu Tsim explored the Taoist internal art of Ba Qua and Nei Gong, art of healing.
In 1975, from these few building blocks, the young Chinese born American devised the system of Lau Kune Do while attending the University of Massachusetts. Since that time, Sifu Tsim has taught his art and touched the lives of close to half a million people.
In the end, our lives become a work of art and Master Tsim's work equals any Picasso or Van Gogh hanging in a museum. However, instead of leaving his mark on a canvas or piece of paper, Master Tsim has left his art and teachings within the students he has taught. Each student is a living, breathing work of art touched by the master's hands.
When I think about all these years that I have experienced at the Lau Kune Do temple, all the changes that I have made, I cannot help but shake my head in amazement. I feel that I have found a self, a self that never let his head drop too low, a self that never opened his mouth too often, a self who never quit. Sifu, on your Lau Kune Do 30th anniversary, I want to thank you for the strength you have given me and the path you have been showing me. Sifu, …. I am walking ….

With My Deepest Respect,

Sifu Mathew Carver
LKD Blue Sash
Lake Forest Branch
Temple Keeper
San Pedro, California

Photos from Lau Kune Do Temple of Martial Arts's post 07/26/2020

Photos from Lau Kune Do Temple of Martial Arts's post


Two years after Bruce Lee passed away, Sifu Tsim kicked it off Lau Kune Do in North Andover, Massachusetts 1975. Sifu was in his young teens.

People and Events 06/24/2020

People and Events

People and Events 05/25/2020

People and Events

.... There are many great teachers of marital arts who have changed the lives of hundreds....
... There are legendary martial arts fighters whose outstanding records and competitive spirit have been applauded by many of their audiences....
... A handful of martial artists have displayed their physical abilities on films or on a television screen entertaining the public....
... However, only a few have created a near perfect balance of martial arts skill, tradition, philosophy and personal success for themselves and subsequent generations....
... Richard Tsim is one of these few....
... He is a warrior, a philosopher, a healer, a great teacher and a leader all in one....

Theo Douglas
Staff Writer
Press Telegram
Long Beach, California

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People and Events

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Long Beach Temple

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