She Builds According To Her Faith

A community for women visionaries daring to create Life, Family, and Legacy that transcends time

She Builds... is for women visionaries daring to press forward in making their dreams a reality. Life doesn't have to be perfect to pursue your dreams, you just need to realize that there's no better time than now to Build According To your Faith.


You would be surprised how beneficial creating a daily routine is. Routines can help reduces stress, help you sleep better, and so much more. What does your current routine look like?


Thinking strategically means you focus on the future. You anticipate what needs to happen, what can go wrong, and who you can work with. You can see patterns and ways to connect them with new ones.


Establishing a strategic life plan is something we can all aim to achieve. It’s not always easy to but, will be worth it at the end.


Strategic Thinking is a skill set you can grow to learn! If you can focus on consistently using these 3 methods in your daily routine, you can grow your strategic thinking tremendously!!

🌟Question why.
🌟Reflect on your day.


Strategic thinking is a type of mindset, a soft skill that requires you to analyze the present to shape the future for yourself, your life, and your organization. Take a look at the ten benefits of being a strategic thinker. 🤔🤔


As you evolve into the person you want to become, there's always room to improve and grow. 🌱


You encounter many daily situations that cause you to react or say something. Don’t just dive into them immediately with an unconscious response.

How to use intelligence rather than emotion:

✨Understand your motivation.
✨Train your conscience.
✨Reflect on your past.
✨Evaluate the consequences.


We have made it! You have brainstormed, written a few rough drafts that include your goals, values and skill sets. Now it's time to put it all together and create the final draft. Take some time to find a few opening words that speak to the vision you are wanting to create.


A process we often find the hardest to master is being honest with one's self. When creating a Vision Statement being honest with your inner self is the most crucial part of the process. Follow our Key Factors to create your Personal Vision Statement.


How do you define yourself through your personal values? Do they align with your personality or they way you want to live? In the comments below, let us know what your core moral values are.


At the end of the day, we have to put in hard work into our personal goals, a dash of prayers, and have faith in ourselves that we will reach our personal vision statement. ✨✨


At some point, we struggle with the person we want to be. We get distracted with the daily life struggles, the demands of creating a work-life balance, and the stresses life gives us. Creating a vision statement helps pave the pathway for you into becoming the best version of you! 🥳 Vision statements are not only made for businesses or companies, but they are also made for individuals to create a future they are proud of! Follow along as we start our journey of Preparing for the Future You Want🤩



Change The Course of Your Life


By Faith she builds life, family and legacy! With God, she knows she is unstoppable.


This community was created for women visionaries working to build the dreams God gave them. She knows she is destined for greatness

She is working to build a Life, Family, and Legacy that will live beyond her own.
She is building wealth that passes through generations.





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