Professor Sko

Professor Sko


Congratulations to Mark A Thompson and Brenda Skoczelas on their award-winning Professor Sko Science Show! We were honored to be a part of such an incredible year and look forward to a science-filled future with you and Sparky and Rusty.
We had such a great time sciencing with Professor Sko at DiveN2Life this past summer! Check out our Marine Technology students welding in the shop. Learning to weld is an important skill for research divers and crew on research vessels and while sciencing in the field. Plus, it is fun! Thanks again for sharing our Summer 2021 Term with us, Professor Sko.
DiveN2Life really enjoys when Professor Sko joins us on "working vacations" in the Florida Keys. Check out our students Kara, Cameron, and Kate sharing their experiences with DiveN2Life, Mote Marine Laboratory's coral research and coral husbandry, and SCIENCE!

Protect Our Reefs
It's always great to see what our Leaird's Underwater Service students get into after getting certified with us! Check out Professor Sko and her
It was so much fun working with Professor Sko this summer! Check out the episode where she dives into our "pool party" at Looe Key Reef Resort with the DiveN2Life gang!

Equipment: MARES - just add water
We had the opportunity to host Professor Sko, our friend and an inspirational scientist whose video blogs are reaching thousands of kids. Take a look at the last couple episodes featuring the The College of the Florida Keys Aquaculture Lab, Summerland Ocean Life, and soon to be released Key West Aquarium!
Welding Lessons in the middle of July in the Florida Keys?!?! Sure! Why not? Our experienced welders, Kara and Ana, shared the craft with new members of our Jr. Scientific Dive Team, our Visiting Professor Dr. Walsh, and our guest this week, Professor Sko! Marsella showed Dr. Walsh how to use a grinder, too! Our new students had the opportunity to try welding for the first time. If they enjoyed it, we will definitely provide plenty of opportunities to learn more....but, we will wait until November to start that class. It is pretty warm in July!
It was so much fun hosting Professor Sko at DiveN2Life! Here she is with newly certified DiveN2Life Jr. Scientific Dive Team member Libbi! Be sure to LIKE Professor Sko's page so you can keep up with all of her amazing SCIENCE VIDS for KIDS! Soon, there will be a handful of videos featuring DiveN2Life.

Photo Credit: Dive Mom Patti

We thank our program sponsors, partners, and individual donors for your support. Without you, we'd be lost at sea without a compass!
Looe Key Reef Resort
Protect Our Reefs
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Here’s a Little Skittle

Hey! It's me, Professor Sko, and this is my page! Here you can learn about my show, stay up-

Sko Labs, Inc is a 501c3 organization based in Florida and Nebraska. Sko Labs supports teachers in promoting a love of STEM education in young people. The most prominent initiative is The Professor Sko Science Show, a stage performance and YouTube channel that teaches STEM content through interaction and entertainment. In-person appearances are also available through "Sko Solos." Visit or email Dr. Mark Thompson at [email protected] for more information.

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Oh, beakers! We need lots and lots of seats for our big 2023 adventure. Announcement tomorrow! Sparky is working on it right now.


We have been busy at Sko Labs this year, but hold on Sko fans and skittles. There's a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming this week about 2023! Buh-BAM!

NASA: Artemis I 11/19/2022

NASA: Artemis I

You can have your own personal Mission Control! Click the pic below to track the Orion capsule in real time and even drag & move the display around and to see exactly where Orion is. This is a fun way to keep sciencing! Thank you, NASA and ESA.

NASA: Artemis I Artemis I will be the first in a series of increasingly complex missions to build a sustained human presence at the Moon for decades to come.



"We leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return: with peace and hope for all mankind." -Gene Cernan, Apollo 17

Over 500 Years Later, MIT Proves That Leonardo Da Vinci's Bridge Design Works 11/11/2022

Over 500 Years Later, MIT Proves That Leonardo Da Vinci's Bridge Design Works

Holy Schneikees that's amazing! Shout out to our friends at MIT. You know you are way on top of your game when it takes someone half a millennium to prove you're right or wrong, so kudos to Leo, too!

Over 500 Years Later, MIT Proves That Leonardo Da Vinci's Bridge Design Works If accepted at the time, the design would have likely revolutionized architecture.

Huge, unusually powerful explosion in space just detected by scientists 10/18/2022

Huge, unusually powerful explosion in space just detected by scientists

Oh, beakers! It took 2 billion years for this explosion to reach us but it was totally worth the wait! (Thank goodness it's so far away so I know it's not Rusty's fault.)

Huge, unusually powerful explosion in space just detected by scientists "It's the equivalent of getting front row seats at a fireworks show."


Thank you to Nebraska EPSCoR, the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Young Nebraska Scientists Program for this opportunity. I'm looking forward to sciencing with under-served elementary schools in the Cornhusker State!



It's against the advice of Sparky, but Rusty is very excited about it! After all, it's for science! Deets are coming soon. 07/29/2022

It was our second year at Camp Villages for some seriously sweet summer sciencing! Would you like to have this at your school? Message me and ask for our 2022-23 Menu of Services!

Thank you Camp Villages and thank you Patrick Briar for the great video work. The Villages is America's premier Active Adult Retirement Community located in sunny central Florida. Learn all about the #1 55 place with the retirement lifestyle you've been searching for right here in The Villages, Florida.


First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope 07/12/2022

First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope

I have been waiting for this! The first image from the James Webb Telescope; a remarkable feat of engineering. The galaxies in this photo are over 5 billions light years away! Pretty cool, huh? Read the article below and check out upcoming photos from NASA. The universe is full of unexpected things. It's time to go explore!

Professor Sko

First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope The first images from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, the world’s largest and most powerful space telescope, will demonstrate Webb at its full power, ready to begin its mission to unfold the infrared universe. The first images will be added to this page as they are released.

Photos from Professor Sko's post 07/11/2022

It's been a busy Summer of Sko everybody! Here are some great pics of me sciencing with some cool skittles, courtesy of Thomas Yaccarino Media and Camp Villages. We will soon release information on how you can have me at your school virtually or in person, and a HUGE announcement about our next stage show! Oh, beakers!

Huge underground search for mysterious dark matter begins 07/07/2022

Huge underground search for mysterious dark matter begins

Why didn't they call me? Lord Dark Matter hangs out in Sko Labs! You shouldn't be anxious to meet him. He's a grumpy old curmudgeon. Yeesh!

Huge underground search for mysterious dark matter begins LEAD, S.D. (AP) — In a former gold mine a mile underground, inside a titanium tank filled with a rare liquified gas, scientists have begun the search for what so far has been unfindable: dark matter. Scientists are pretty sure the invisible stuff makes up most of the universe’s mass and say we w...

A Comet Nearing Earth Could Be One of the Largest We’ve Ever Seen 07/01/2022

A Comet Nearing Earth Could Be One of the Largest We’ve Ever Seen

Hey, check out the BIGGEST COMET EVER SEEN this month. It won't be very close to Earth, but because it's twice the size of Rhode Island, you can see it with a small telescope. Sparky, Rusty, and I will be checking it out from Sko Labs. Say hello to this ancient visitor and keep sciencing!

A Comet Nearing Earth Could Be One of the Largest We’ve Ever Seen A Comet Nearing Earth Could Be One of the Largest We’ve Ever Seen


Thanks for the shout out. Keeps those emails and texts coming!


S3 E2 Let's Go Cut Coral 05/14/2022

S3 E2 Let's Go Cut Coral

It takes decades for coral to grow, but these amazing young scientists are using "cutting edge" science to give the coral reef a fighting chance - and they let US do it, too! Hang on for some serious marine biology, genomes, anatomy, and general science... a Saturday most people only dream about!

Summerland Key Florida

S3 E2 Let's Go Cut Coral Work with Professor Sko in the Mote Marine Laboratory to cut and grow new coral and try to save Florida's reef! She makes a new friend that shows her how to ...


Oh, beakers! My friends at Mote Marine Laboratory let me use the power saw to cut coral and help it grow faster. This is beyond cool and their work is so inspiring. Join me Saturday and you help save our coral reef with me!


S3 E1 SKO CONVO Let's Go Talk to Allison! 05/07/2022

S3 E1 SKO CONVO Let's Go Talk to Allison!

Season 3 is here! Check out Allison at Mote Marine Laboratory. She and her team of super scientist are saving our reef! Lots of science here Sko fans and skittles!

S3 E1 SKO CONVO Let's Go Talk to Allison! Professor Sko takes us back to the Florida Keys to meet Allison Delashmit. She and her team of scientists are working to save the only coral reef in the cont...


The Season 3 kickoff is Saturday with a Sko Show Convo! Meet Allison Delashmit of Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium and her team of young scientists who are saving our coral reef. There's a lot of science in this one, Sko fans and Skittles. See you Saturday!


Bison are back, and that benefits many other species on the Great Plains 04/18/2022

Bison are back, and that benefits many other species on the Great Plains

Welcome back, big boys. We missed you!

Bison are back, and that benefits many other species on the Great Plains A young bull bison grazes on the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Matthew Moran, CC BY-NDDriving north of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, an extraordinary landscape comes into view. Trees disappear and an immense landscape of grass emerges, undulating in the wind like a great, green ocean. This i...



We are excited to receive this seriously cool fan art from the TikTok'er "knifefight" who created this explosion of color and energy. The artist gets the details of my outfit right and definitely captures the vibe of our tribe! We love it, KF, thank you. Keep sciencing!




‘Astonishing Condition’: Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Found Amazingly Well-Preserved in Antarctica’s Waters 03/09/2022

‘Astonishing Condition’: Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Found Amazingly Well-Preserved in Antarctica’s Waters

Hey skittles! If you don't know about Ernest Shackleton, this is a great time to learn about an inspiring leader and explorer. He so impressed the world of science that there is even a crater named after him on the moon! (On its south pole, of course.) Check out how the cold water works to preserve a shipwreck that's over 100 years old. Holy Schneikees!

‘Astonishing Condition’: Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Found Amazingly Well-Preserved in Antarctica’s Waters Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s polar expedition ended abruptly in 1915 when his ship Endurance froze and sank in a field of ice in the Weddell Sea off the coast of Antarctica. For more than a hundred years, explorers have searched for the vessel, assuming whatever they eventually found would be most...


Keep sciencing, girls!


Four shows but three have sold out! Get your tickets at EventBrite. Students are $10 each; Teachers and chaperones are free!


Wish someone had given me this advice a long time ago!

Core memory weavers and Navajo women made the Apollo missions possible 03/01/2022

Core memory weavers and Navajo women made the Apollo missions possible

We kick off International Women's Month with the story of Navajo women who used their detailed and precise blanket-making skills to make computer chips for the Apollo Program .... BY HAND! Holy schneikees! To all our Navajo sisters who made this crucial contribution to science, Ahéhee'

Core memory weavers and Navajo women made the Apollo missions possible The stories of the women who assembled integrated circuits and wove core memory for the Apollo missions remain largely unknown.

Meet Professor Sko

Professor Sko is taking the science world by storm! Along with her robot lab assistants, Rusty and Sparky, and the mysterious lord Dark Matter, she invigorates students and gets them excited about science and teaching science! She is a science teacher's best friend by providing content that supports both public school and home school curriculum, and giving students access to college-level science.

Wait a tick! What age students is Professor Sko good for? Her instruction is good for elementary, middle, and high school level science classes. Just watch for the designation for each stage show and podcast.

Who is Sko? She is a real life, award-winning college professor of Physics. She grew up as a girl who loved all things STEM, but without a female role model in her field, and often without encouragement to pursue her passion. A few years later, she developed another passion, this time for teaching. Sko wants to be the role model for young women in math and science that she never had, and is excited to help all young people love STEM, and explore a career in teaching.

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Big announcement, Sko fans and skittles! Now we have another awesome way to science together!#professorsko #sko #science...
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That's one way to stop a skateboard!#professorsko #stemkids #stemgirls #sko #stem #physics #STEM #science #skateboard
Season 3 is coming!#professorsko #physics #stemkids #stem #sko #stemgirls #science #STEM
#professorsko #sko #science #STEM #stemkids #stemgirls #physics
Get your present this Saturday from Sko Labs. All 19 WonderWorks episodes in one EPIC Sko Combo! Mercury, Space Shuttle,...
Hey Sko fans! We said "2021 is the Year of Sko" and boy was it ever! Here's an entire award-winning year in less than a ...




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