👑 Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

🎾 Our team of female coaches has always consisted of talented, confident strong women. Thank you ladies for all you do in growing our tennis community here in Loudoun.

🏐 Thank you Josi with Loudoun County Volleyball for building such a positive & empowering volleyball club for our girls.

🥍 Dulles Storm LAX has been a great league for our daughter to learn and develop in the sport. The sportsmanship & integrity the coaches instill will go way beyond the lacrosse field.

🙏🏼 We are blessed to live in a County where we have some of the best leagues & coaches offered to our young female athletes.

Monica Patino Luis Rosado Rhonda Wilson Jenny Moore Jamila Martínez Mardini Reston Shirt

I have practiced yoga a few times with Rhonda and have loved every minute. Rhonda is a clear and powerful instructor who is easy to follow. I feel stronger after her classes. Thank you Rhonda!!
Rhonda made my day! Thank you for sharing your love for yoga! Today’s class was tough and sweaty and wonderful! It’s been a while since I felt that relaxed and revived. Thank you Rhonda!!! Can’t wait to take more of your classes
I’d like to thank everyone for all of the good vibes this year and for your continued support of Druminyasa. Love all of you!
Two more opportunities to close out 2018 on New Years Eve outside of DC with these awesome teachers!
Ashburn-Sterling Lifetime w/ Rhonda Wilson (1130a-130p flow+social) - register at activities desk; open to non-members
Arlington The Energy Club w/ Erin Sonn of Eat.Yoga.Drink (3p-430p) - 5 spots remain at eventbrite
Ready to roll into 2019 with you guys in the (that’s what they call it now even though when I was growing up there we called it the DC Metro area..cause you got your license at the DMV 🤷🏼‍♂️)
Look forward to rocking with you New Year’s Eve Monday 12/31 with these rad teachers. Let’s get rid of the old and give a huge butt kick to 2018 in style🦵🍑 🎉
CR Kai Eason Photography
Ashburn Lifetime Fitness Ashburn-Sterling w/ Rhonda Wilson(1130a)
Arlington The Energy Club w/ Eat.Yoga.Drink (3p)
More details on www.druminyasa.net
“My coach said I ran like a girl, I said if he could run a little faster he could too.” -Mia Hamm ⚽️👑

“I've had to learn to fight all my life - got to learn to keep smiling. If you smile things will work out.” Serena Williams 🎾👸🏾

🙏🏽Thank you for sharing this Rhonda Wilson 🧘🏻‍♀️

Thank you Inside Loudoun , Silvey Residential & Dianne Buckley with Staged Envy for this fun night of Polo at Morven Park. 🐎

We are looking forward to the 2019 summer polo season!

🎾Luis Rosado
🎾Jeanise Y. Rosado
🧘🏻‍♀️Rhonda Wilson
Just announced!! Excited to join fellow Wanderlust presenter Rhonda Wilson and others next month (Aug 24-26) for Experience Exhale Yoga Retreat at the renowned Lansdowne Resort & Spa outside of Washington DC. This weekend retreat includes a packed schedule of yoga, yin & nidra, meditation, sound therapy, mindful eating workshop w/ Lansdowne executive chef Marcus Repp plus more and will be capped off with a special Druminyasa class on Sunday morning led by Rhonda that will leave you revitalized and energized. This is the perfect urban oasis retreat close to home! Registration link and details at https://www.destinationhotels.com/lansdowne-resort/offers/exhale-retreat Lansdowne Resort and Spa Human Activation

Classes and courses designed to support healthy, peaceful communities by way of yoga, meditation and Rhonda is a breath and movement artist, teacher and guide.

Rhonda believes life is yoga, that the same patience, persistence, focus, dedication, submission and light heartedness required are necessary both on and off the mat. Rhonda is a 200 E-RYT and teaches prana based yoga. She will support you through a balanced class combining traditional and creative flows while utilizing your breath as a guide. Rhonda has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teachin

Operating as usual


It all begins with being connected to your breath.

To connect with consciousness we must first must pause and connect intentionally with our breath. It is within the dimensions of our breath where we learn to live and move spontaneously, rhythmically in flow with all that is around us while maintaining a calm and steadiness of mind like the reflection of the moon in moving waters.


The days are getting shorter but when you’ve got heart and dedication, you show up.

What small practices or changes to your current schedule can you make to change your current pattern or cycle?

Whether you already have an established gym routine or morning practice, it’s good to change things up to see growth in your life.

5am Rise & Shine yoga on Tuesday mornings helps us break away from the mundane, ease into the morning, and nourish our bodies with gentle, breath focused movements that set our day off right.

Integrating small disciplines into your life these last few months of the year will make the transition to your new set of goals less bumpy.

See you on your mats in the morning, yogis.

To register: https://www.exhaleyogi.com/book-online

Class is included with a membership or only $20 to drop in.

Breath Practices for Calming Your Mind & Body 10/27/2022

Breath Practices for Calming Your Mind & Body

“Have you ever noticed when you get really excited, nervous, or stressed your heart rate increases, you feel warmer, and you begin to breathe and talk faster?

Alternatively, have you ever noticed if you’re sad, feeling lonely, depressed, you feel colder, you move more slowly, and overall slow down? “

“Our breath is constantly communicating to us exactly what our body is experiencing and by attuning ourselves to our breath we can know exactly what our bodies need in any given moment. “

To learn more:

Breath Practices for Calming Your Mind & Body From the moment we open our eyes upon waking, to the moment we sleep, we are engaging with the world in a variety of ways that can change the rate of our heart beat and pace of breathing. Have you ever noticed when you get really excited, nervous, or stressed your heart rate increases, you feel warm...


Have you ever felt confused about the differences
between Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana Ill) and Half Moon
(Ardha Chandrasana) when you’re in the middle of a
yoga class?


🙏🏾 You may find more daily inspiration on Chopra.


Bend & Brew Yoga Class Changes!

Sun. Oct. 16 - Cancelled

Sun. Nov. 13 has been moved to Sat. Nov. 12 to coincide with Lost Rhino Brewing Co. live music and oyster fest.

Druminyasa: Connect with drum playing like never before 10/13/2022

Druminyasa: Connect with drum playing like never before

Good beats! And good vibes!!

Way to go Brad!

Druminyasa: Connect with drum playing like never before You can feel the vibrations of the drums as you connect breath, heartbeat, mind, and body to your practice.

Programs | EXHALE YOGI 10/04/2022

Programs | EXHALE YOGI

Tuesday Rise & Shine Yoga at 5:00am and Wednesday Lunch Time Chair Yoga at Noon still have some availability. Sign up for your free trial and register to attend.

Find your breath again 🧘🏻‍♀️

Programs | EXHALE YOGI

Timeline photos 09/28/2022

Timeline photos



WHAT'S NEW IN OCTOBER IN PERSON EVENTS & ONLINE CLASSES We have had such a blessed summer together and as we transition to autumn I am excited to share there will be more opportunities to connect with our practice and each other both online and in person. October 2 Petals & Poses at 8 Chain Winery North in Waterford October 14 Yoga Brunch with Fleur de C...

Photos from ExhaleYogi's post 09/28/2022

Can you even believe it’s Wednesday already?!

These extra three day weekends from the Monday holidays have us going at a faster pace than usual.

Create some space for yourself this weekend to recharge and reset for the week ahead.

This Sunday, October 2, my event partner, Angela Rabena of and I will be presenting Petals & Poses at

This beautiful estate vineyard is located an easy 12 minutes from the Town of Leesburg and has the most peaceful views.

We will begin with yoga at 10:00am in their grand ballroom and afterwards break for a tasting and meet upstairs in the Vine Room at 11:00am for a floral arrangement class.

Remember to dress in layers and bring a yoga mat.

All floral materials will be provided so you can take home your beautiful creation afterwards.

Stay and make a day of it and enjoy all this gorgeous venue has to offer.

There are a few tickets still available.
Visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/395536388987 to secure your flowers and your yoga spot.


Chair yoga is the perfect mid day break when you don’t have the time to “change and workout”.

Our culture has glorified the grind. It is common place and considered brag worthy to live lives of endless task lists, back to back meetings, calls, and deadlines.

When was the last time when you were asked how you were doing that you didn’t answer with “swamped”, “overwhelmed”, or some explanation of all the great accomplishments you’ve made and how many more things you’re doing.

It’s exhausting just listing all that.

Pausing for just a few moments a day can help you reclaim your inner space. Your space.

Not “my space”, “book of faces”, or “their space”.

If you join me on Wednesdays at noon you’ll get time to set aside in the middle of your week with group accountability and support. You’ll get 30 minutes to reclaim your own inner space.

Will you join me?

Let’s start with a little gratitude today in preparation for our class next week.

Drop a ⭐️ below if you could use a break like this in the middle of your day.


Starting next Wednesday, October 5, I’ll be sharing chair yoga every Wednesday at 12:00pm noon for 30 minutes.

This is perfect for those who work at desks, in offices, or do a lot of commuting.

No mat?
No yoga clothes?
No problem!

This class will be designed to calm your mind and allow you to find more ease and comfort in your body by way of mindful breathing and gentle stretches while in a chair with a desk, table, or wall as an assist.

Gift yourself this 30 minute pause that will allow you to reclaim your inner peace so you can move forward to your lunch or the rest of your work day with grace.

This class is free with a membership and only $20 to drop in.

To register:

Class is accessible via zoom. Access will be granted with registration.

Come breathe with me.


The benefits of yoga are endless.

Reclaim you peace.
Reconnect with your joy for living.

Whether it’s a solo practice, an online practice, or a practice in a group setting, yoga brings us peace in the middle of chaos.

Let’s begin.


Rhonda Wilson on Instagram: "Two new online classes available! Start your morning and week off right with a Tuesday morning 5:00am Rise & Shine Yoga class accessible to beginners. For mid week, I’ll be offering a Lunch Time Chair Yoga on... 09/21/2022

Rhonda Wilson on Instagram: "Two new online classes available! Start your morning and week off right with a Tuesday morning 5:00am Rise & Shine Yoga class accessible to beginners. For mid week, I’ll be offering a Lunch Time Chair Yoga on...


Rhonda Wilson on Instagram: "Two new online classes available! Start your morning and week off right with a Tuesday morning 5:00am Rise & Shine Yoga class accessible to beginners. For mid week, I’ll be offering a Lunch Time Chair Yoga on... Rhonda Wilson shared a post on Instagram: "Two new online classes available! Start your morning and week off right with a Tuesday morning 5:00am Rise & Shine Yoga class accessible to beginners. For mid week, I’ll be offering a Lunch Time Chair Yoga on Wednesday at noon. Pause. Breathe. Move. Recla...

Timeline Photos 09/20/2022

Timeline Photos

If you use Instagram, follow me here: https://bit.ly/3mJmK5B

Timeline photos 09/20/2022

Timeline photos

Programs | EXHALE YOGI 09/14/2022

Programs | EXHALE YOGI

September Updates!

My first FB live in ages. Had to work thru some focus / auditory / visual processing issues but the message is there! Thank you for popping in for a listen!

For a much more focused message, check out my stories on my personal page or my Instagram.

Lots of good things coming for September!!

Fri. Sept. 16 10:00am
Yoga Brunch + Mimosa & Juice Bar

Sun. Sept. 25 10:00
Bend & Brew

Tickets available at:

Starting next Tuesday 5:00am I’ll have some live sessions available with membership through my website and app!

Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Programs | EXHALE YOGI

Rhonda Wilson 09/09/2022

Rhonda Wilson

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I have a totally random ask.
With there having been a lot of transition in my online business stuff I had to restructure my Eventbrite page. As a result I don't have as many "likes" as before.

If you have a moment to spare to click "Following" for me on my Eventbrite page that would be AMAZING.

Thank you for your support!


If the link isn’t taking you directly to my profile, please try this route instead to “follow” the organizer


Rhonda Wilson Breath and Movement Artist, Teacher, Student, and Spiritual GuideThank you for visiting this page and for being a part of this community. As we take this path together we will be learning much about one another. Here is a little bit about me and why I am so passionate about sharing the practice of y...

Yoga to Improve Sleep 09/08/2022

Yoga to Improve Sleep

Struggling with sleep?

Yoga to Improve Sleep Use these techniques at any time throughout the day when you need to rest or to transition your mind and body to rest in preparation for bed

Photos from ExhaleYogi's post 09/03/2022

Cherishing these last moments of summer while looking forward to the blessings ahead.

So many classes and new experiences to look forward to!

I hope you’ll join me for a class!

Upcoming Classes:

Fri. 09/16 10:00am Yoga Brunch + Mimosa & Juice Bar at

Sun. 09/25 10:30am Bend & Brew Yoga at Lost Rhino Brewery on 09/25

Sun. 10/02 10:00am Falling for Flowers, Yoga & Wine with Petals and Poses at 8 Chains North

Fri. 10/14 Yoga Brunch + Mimosa & Juice Bar at

Sun. 10/16 10:30am Bend & Brew

Fri. 11/11 10:00am Veterans Day with Petals and Poses at 8 Chains North

Sun. 11/13 10:30am Bend & Brew at

Fri. 11/18 Yoga Brunch + Mimosa & Juice Bar at

For tickets: https://www.exhaleyogi.com


Make sure you take some time to yourself…

Photos from ExhaleYogi's post 08/22/2022

And the blessings continued 🥰

Thank you, to everyone who joined us for yoga today at for “Bend & Brew” ❤️

One of the things I love most about what I do is that I get to live in a constant state of “go with the flow”. Every class I teach I usually walk into the space knowing just a few facts. From the moment I walk into a space, until it fills with beautiful souls, to the very end, there are many variables and unknowns that only make themselves known moment by moment.

Each class is different because each group is different. Even if the same people attend, what they need to receive from the practice could be different than the last time.

In the course of teaching pop up yoga classes, I’ve only taught maybe 2 or 3 yin / restorative classes from beginning to end. Usually the classes are a blend of every single teaching type I have in my teacher toolbox to cater to as many needs as possible. If you would have asked me yesterday, I was planning to and fully intending to teach a class that incorporated a little more strength. The universe had other plans.

In years past this might have rattled me as a teacher. Causing panic, anxiety, frustration and even a little fear, but today, I just honored it. I noticed what came up and trusted our journey.

Today we focused on breath and rest. Our postures were simple and our only objective was to notice how our breath felt in our bodies as tension melted away from our hips, ribs, shoulders, neck, back of our heads, and length of our spine.

It’s practices like this that remind me how much beauty there is in simplicity.

Thank you for the lessons today.

Until next time, Namaste ❤️🙏🏻✨

Photos from ExhaleYogi's post 08/20/2022

Such a blessed morning!

Thank you to for co-hosting our beautiful morning out and to all those who joined and me for “Petals & Poses”!

The morning couldn’t have been more lovely!

We got to know one another, built a lovely class together that mixed a little recovery, a little strength, and ended with purposeful rest, integrating us back into our natural space to connect more deeply with nature and our creative selves.

The creations were absolutely stunning today!

For a list of all my upcoming yoga events, please check out

See you again on the mat soon, Yogis!


Photos from LoveYourBrain's post 08/16/2022

Sharing on behalf of my LoveYourBrain and Veterans Yoga Project friends. ❤️

Photos from ExhaleYogi's post 08/16/2022

It’s “Back to School” season and I want to express my extreme gratitude for all the educators out there who are making it happen!

and I are teaming together to offer all teachers 15% off the general ticket. A special “teacher” ticket will be available starting today!

Sunday, August 21
10:30am Yoga
11:30am Mixer

N/A Beverages, Seltzers, Beer and Wine are available at this family friendly venue.

Must be 21 to drink.

Tickets in bio or at:

Please share and invite all your favorite educators so they can feel all the love and support they need as they prepare to embark on this new school years adventures.



The state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.

Why yoga?

Yoga helps us lean into the now, sharpen our focus, and enhance our ability to see things more clearly.

Even when things feel all topsy turvy.


Read this twice👆

Photos from ExhaleYogi's post 08/16/2022

Only 5 Days left to secure your ticket for Bend & Brew at

If you’re looking to visit a hip brewery to celebrate Craft Beer Month in Loudoun County and make it count with a little yoga before you try what’s on tap, this is the event you’ve been waiting for!

Sunday, August 21
10:30am Yoga
11:30am Mixer

N/A Beverages, Seltzers, Beer and Wine are available at this family friendly venue.

Must be 21 to drink.

Register today at:

(link also in bio)


The balance between effort and ease.

Yoga sutra 2.46 – “sthira-sukham asanam”
Roughly translated “postures should be stable and comfortable”

How, you may wonder 🤔


It all starts at the very beginning.


First we start with simple breath, simple shapes and as we find greater range of mobility and strength, we find ease again and again and again. It’s training your mind, body, and your breath to work in unison.

When you are ready, I’ll be here.

If you’re interested in pursuing a practice but are nervous or would like private classes, I have an opening for one more private student.

DM for details.
Serious inquiries only please.


Well… I’m finally cool enough to have a QR code now.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat, Yogis!


Do one thing per day that challenges you.

Timeline Photos 08/03/2022

Timeline Photos

I share quotes daily on my Instagram 👉 https://bit.ly/3mJmK5B

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

Timeline photos


I mean, do you really expect anything “not weird” from me 🤣

Revisiting my relationship with the Yoga Trapeze.

The last time I tried to use this very cool piece of yoga equipment it was too early in my recovery.

At the time I was still struggling with many vision and vestibular issues that resulted in constant nausea and feelings of vertigo, tinnitus, the works. There were times the symptoms would be so severe I was unable to function for days on end - even after months and months of OT & PT.

It was a long journey but I remained kind to myself and patient. I had to constantly remind myself that nothing is permanent. Nothing is forever. That there is a beginning and end to every cycle. At the same time I had to remind myself to also not be attached to a specific outcome.

I kept this tucked away waiting for the time I felt like my body would say “It’s ok. Let’s try again”.

This is how our entire life practice is, it’s not just yoga. It’s life - on and off the mat.

If you don’t succeed at something the first time. Don’t give up. Be patient. Be kind. Be loving. We are constantly learning and growing new neural pathways every single day of our life.

So that thing, that you’ve been afraid of trying again (even though you really want to do it) because you “failed once” - go out there. Try it again. And again. And again.

Your body knows what it needs to thrive.

Listen to the still, calm voice within.

Back away when you need to.

Follow the path when you need to.

Your greatest teacher resides deep inside of you.

Keep practicing.

All is coming ✨🧘🏻‍♀️✨

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The days are getting shorter but when you’ve got heart and dedication, you show up. What small practices or changes to y...
Have you ever felt confused about the differencesbetween Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana Ill) and Half Moon(Ardha Chandrasana)...
Bend & Brew Yoga Class Changes! Sun. Oct. 16 - CancelledSun. Nov. 13 has been moved to Sat. Nov. 12 to coincide with Los...
Make sure you take some time to yourself…#justbreathe #sunsetvibes #nofilter #mondaymood #explorepage
Showing a real time video so you can experience a little strengthening and lengthening exercise today. Great for dusting...
Savasana in the sun …A beautiful way to end your practice ☀️🧘🏻‍♀️ Illumination Yoga at Firefly Cellars
New Events Posted!
Not broken. Just healing. So often times the greatest conflict we experience is within ourselves. The inner dialogue we ...



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