Great Beginnings Preschool - Leesburg United Methodist Church

Great Beginnings Preschool - Leesburg United Methodist Church


I cannot express urgently enough how our attitudes rub off onto our children. I have seen this in a lifetime of working with children, most recently in political turmoil and accusations (both sides) and then fear in the pandemic's buildup before our quarantine mid March. As Christians we love God and love and care for others, all others. Read Psalms and New Testament stories of hope and forgiveness, and Bible stories and songs of praise and hope. Endure. Love. Be a positive example for all, and most particularly, for our children.
So excited to start KinderCamp this week! The binder looks awesome! Heather Gonzalez
We had so much fun tonight, thank you Heather Gonzalez
Our Leprechaun Trap is set!!
Check out Reese playing “chapel” 😊
Hi, I've been trying to get in touch with someone from the preschool for over a week now. I've called and emailed twice. Additional suggestions would be appreciated...

We offer a warm, caring preschool program for children ages 2-5 from 9:00AM-12:00PM. As a mission of Leesburg United Methodist Church we have provided a warm, caring and nurturing preschool program for the children of our community for over 50 years.

We recognize that children learn best when they are given opportunities to discover, explore and problem solve through direct experience. We emphasize Christian concepts and a developmental curriculum to enhance physical and intellectual growth and prepare children for kindergarten.

Operating as usual

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Happy Halloween from GBP! 💙🧡🖤

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Halloween fun at GBP!
Our Bees went on a spooky letter hunt and our Owls chased Runaway Pumpkins! 🧡🖤🎃


Last week, the letter of the week was D. Our Monkeys celebrated with a Donut tea party!


On Friday, we read Pumpkin Jack live on Facebook (video linked below). Our GBP Pumpkin Jack will be hanging out in my office until it’s time for him to head out to the Wirt Street garden!

Pumpkin Jack read aloud:


Calling all Local Vendors!!! GBP’s annual Holiday Vendor Fair is November 9th and 10th! We’d love to see you there!

Vendor Application:


We’re kicking off Halloween at GBP! Help us celebrate the color of the month for October-ORANGE! Wear orange or your favorite Halloween shirt/socks/bows!
-MW 2s, MWF 3s and Bees-wear orange today
-T/TH 2, T/TH 3s and Owls-wear Orange tomorrow (Tuesday)!

SHINE ON! 10/22/2022


Next week is Halloween at GBP! Can’t wait to see our Sunbeams in their costumes!

SHINE ON! SHINE ON! Week of October 24, 2022

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My adorable chapel helpers this week! Thank you for helping me tell our Bible Story!!


Let's Read the Bible!

Sometimes we think to ourselves, “I’ve already read most of it,” or “I know the stories well enough.” But that’s not the purpose in reading it.

When I was a little girl, I loved The Sound of Music. It usually aired once a year on one of the networks and eventually we were able to tape it so I could watch whenever I wanted! I measured my growth by which of the Von Trapp kids I was closest to in age. I knew all the songs, well, I knew the songs the kids sang. I thought that’s what the movie was about: kids who sing with their nanny!

As I got closer to Louisa’s age, I became aware of the romance between Liesl and Rolf. A few years later, suddenly there was a whole romance between Maria and the Captain. It probably wasn’t until I’d seen the movie a hundred times that I understood why the N***s were around and the backdrop of the looming Anschluss.

I went through a season of mourning when I realized that the story wasn’t really true. Well, it’s true, but it’s not historically accurate. I’m happy that the captain wasn’t really such a jerk, but sad that Maria probably wasn’t so sweet. The kids all had different names and the chronology was way off.

Once I reconciled all of that, I was finally able to appreciate the story the writers and producers sought to tell. They had little interest in producing a biography, they wanted to change the world with their story. That’s what art seeks to do.

We will rarely fully appreciate the message an author is trying to teach on the first reading of a story. It takes many readings. It also takes us going back to a story at different points in our own lives, as our own life experiences have changed us, that we can pick up on nuances that were hidden from us before.

There are a lot of voices telling us what the Bible says today and how we’re supposed to respond. Maybe it’s time we read for ourselves what it actually says again.

First, this is not a “read the whole Bible” plan. This is going to be an overview, pulling out important moments in the story to get the big picture. I believe that too often, we focus on individual verses and lose sight of their context. This can lead us to debate relatively minor points of the overall story of God’s grace and mission, which can cause hurt feelings and broken relationships. There’s a lot going on in the Bible, but what is God trying to say to us through it?

Second, we need to be clear about the approach. This will not be a study where we treat the Bible as if it were handed down from heaven as a guide for how to live our lives; rather, as a collection of writings, written in varying forms, over about a thousand year timespan, by dozens of men who were inspired by God to write about their encounters or to write about the encounters others had with God, and through this collection, God can be revealed to us.

Third, we need to understand that we are not the first people to have ever read it, and it wasn’t written with us in mind. The men who wrote the texts spoke different languages from us; they lived in a different time in a wholly different culture. They were nothing like us. They couldn’t even imagine the world that we live in today. They were barely literate by our standards. They didn’t know that the earth is round or that it revolves around the sun. They didn’t know that when they looked up at the night sky, they were seeing light from distant galaxies that took millions of years to reach their eyes.

Most of them never saw (or heard of) a white person. English wasn’t even in its infancy. For most, their entire world fit between Egypt and modern-day Iraq; by the final writings, it had expanded to Spain, Ethiopia and “the East.”

All of this means that we have to work harder to understand what they were talking about. Ideally, we gather in community and discuss our thoughts and insights, so I would encourage you to find someone to do that with.

Each week, I’ll post a new piece that will encourage you to read a section, maybe a chapter or two. Be sure to check back on Wednesday evenings and give it a “like” so that it will be more likely to show up in your feed the next week.
by Angela Becek on October 18, 2022

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We had such a blast at the Fun Run yesterday! The weather was gorgeous, the ice cream was delicious and our runners were in it to win it!Huge THANK YOU to our corporate sponsors, student sponsors, volunteers, our amazing runners and supportive families!


Mark your calendars! Every November GBP welcomes local vendors to Asbury Hall (meeting hall above the preschool) for our Holiday Vendor Fair! It’s Christmas in November folks!
Join our Fair FB group to meet the vendors and stay up to date on Fair details and door prizes:

Vendor Application:


Gorgeous Day for our Fun Run! Thanks Good Signs!
Join our Fun Run FB Group for pics and updates:
Still time to register:

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Our GBP Halloween Fun Run is tomorrow!!! We cannot wait to see our Sunbeams, alumni, friends and family at the Balls Bluff Elementary School.
Registration is open until 9:30am tomorrow! All are welcome to join us!
Register here:
Thank you Holton Designs for our awesome shirts!!!

SHINE ON! 10/15/2022


Weekly Newsletter (10/17/22)

SHINE ON! SHINE ON! Week of October 17, 2022


Our Halloween Fun Run is in 3 days!!! Cannot wait to see our Runners, families and friends on Sunday at Balls Bluff Elementary! To register, sponsor a runner/donate or volunteer: visit our website


Our 2022 GBP Fun Run is in 6 days!!! WOO HOO!!! We are very excited to welcome our 34 runners, family and friends! If you’re not able to attend but still want to support GBP, you can make a donation using the link below. All funds raised go directly to curricular supplies and materials! THANK YOU for helping our Sunbeams SHINE bright!

Fun Run Registration:


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Our friends from Station 20 visited GBP today in honor of Fire Prevention Week!! They’ll be back tomorrow to see our T/TH friend and Owls.
We chatted about STOP, DROP and ROLL (don’t forget to cover your face) and saw our very own Mrs. Fensterwald in the fire suit! Just a reminder not to hide from the firefighters if they ever come to help you!
AND best day EVER: everyone had a chance to sit in the fire truck!!!! 🚒
We are so grateful for our local heroes!!!

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Visited these GBP Alumni during snack time at LUMC’s Camp this morning! 💙🧡


Our Fun Run is only 11 days away! We Cannot wait! Today is the last day for guaranteed shirt orders! Link to register below.
Can’t attend but want to donate? 🧡💙 Use the sponsor form linked below.

Sponsor form:


GBP Fun Run Sponsor Update!!! Thank you Pawsitivity Pet Services!! We are grateful for your donation!

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It’s Fire Prevebtion Week! Our Bees practiced calling 911 (pretend phone) and climbing the ladder to rescue a letter!
Art at GBP: Pop Art cupcakes/donuts and using the free expression method.


Thank you Sarah Hafeman Photography for Sponsoring our GBP Fun Run!


Tomorrow is October 1st…that means it’s almost Fun Run time!!! Register now to secure your t-shirt order!

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Enrichment at GBP!!! Our first sessions of Dance and Art have been a BLAST!
The Abstract Art Gallery was featured at Special Chapel and is now in Wesley Hall.
Session 2 of Art begins October 11th.
Session 2 of Dance begins October 26th!Register here:

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Our Owls used their 5 senses yesterday for a pretty awesome art project! First they looked at, smelled and tasted Jell-O mix. Then they painted with it! We decided it didn’t have a “sound” but it did make a bumpy feeling paint if the mix wasn’t fully dissolved.


Apple Dumplings!!! One of my favorite LUMC Traditions!!! Order your homemade apple dumplings from our United Methodist Women and treat yourself (and your family) while supporting LUMC’s missions! Win-yummy win! Order online pick up at LUMC/GBP!

It's that time of year again: Apple Dumpling Fundraiser! Don't know what we're talking about? Learn more about this annual United Women in Faith fundraiser for missions and order your dumplings today:


Thank you for sponsoring our Halloween Fun Run

Photos from Great Beginnings Preschool - Leesburg United Methodist Church's post 09/28/2022

We had an apple-tastic Tuesday!


Our first prize donation for the 2022 Halloween Fun Run is….One Hour Lane Rental at The Branch! Thank you for your generous donations!

Don’t forget to register for the Fun Run!


Last chance for Early Bird Registration deals!!

GBP’s Halloween Fun Run is October 16th!!! Early Bird registration deals end today!!!!
Registration fees are $10 until midnight tonight and $15 starting tomorrow! Registration includes race t-shirt!
For more information or register:


GBP’s Halloween Fun Run is October 16th!!! Early Bird registration deals end today!!!!
Registration fees are $10 until midnight tonight and $15 starting tomorrow! Registration includes race t-shirt!
For more information or register:


Our kids had blast at VBS this summer, so why wait a whole year? Don’t miss out on camp this Monday! Sign-up before it’s too late.
Elementary registration here:
Middle School registration here:


GBP’s Halloween Fun Run is Sunday, October 16th!! Early Bird Registration deals end THIS FRIDAY!!!!
Current GBP Sunbeams, GBP alumni, siblings, neighbors, friends-all are invited to participate!!!
*Register each runner separately to ensure they receive their race t-shirt so we can track their laps!
Register here:

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We had quite a great day! Our Monkey and Bear chapel helpers found all the clues to the story of Noah’s Ark! 2 Sunbeam birthdays and lots of learning fun!


GBP is honored to win the September Good Morning America Book Club pick of the Month for our Little Free Library! Thank you GMA!! ,

Photos from Great Beginnings Preschool - Leesburg United Methodist Church's post 09/20/2022

Some of our GBP siblings at Lunch Bunch yesterday! 💙🧡

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Last week our Bears used Three Little Kittens to practice color and number recognition! Students took turns guessing whi...
Have a wonderful and safe Christmas Break! Classes resume January 3, 2022.
Thank you!!
Check out our Bears’ Advent Chain!!! Since we came back from Thanksgiving Break, our Bears have been writing down acts o...
Thank you Leesburg United Methodist Church! These October goodie bags were a “treat” for our Sunbeams from the Love Comm...





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