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Christian Camp and Retreat Center, Kids Summer and Seasonal Camp, School, MTB trails, Disc Golf, Lake w/Fish, Hiking Trails, Fun!
2 Corinthians 3:17

A beautiful, rustic escape just one hour outside of Washington, DC. Featuring 100 acres of preserved, mostly wooded land. Equipped with a lake teeming with fish, 5 kilometers of Hiking and Mountain Bike Trails, state-of-the-art Disc Golf Courses, and lodging for groups of 50+ people. With our professional, customized programming and services, you can be fully assured that your event at Freedom Center will be a success.

Operating as usual


We are super excited to announce our new Summer Camp! Write us for more information.

Build-Something Tuesdays – Spring – Loudoun Field Center 03/12/2024

If you’re homeschooling in or near Loudoun County, VA, check out the ”Build Something Tuesdays” class which starts April 9.

Build-Something Tuesdays – Spring – Loudoun Field Center Build-Something Tuesdays – Spring Loudoun Field Center on March 4, 2024 $150.00 ~Grade 5-11, Tuesdays, 1:15pm to 2:30pm; Apr 9, 16, 23; May 7, 14, 21. We’re taking 6 action-filled sessions to plan, stage, and construct a long-form building project that can be used at the Camp. 6 in stock Build-S...


Just 4 little more times you’ll be able to
Vote for Harrison Street Academy! This is something that will help our little school in several large ways. Easy link in the comments!

Open House - Traveling Players Ensemble 05/11/2023

The Traveling Players is having an Open House for their summer sleep away theater camp program that is held at the Freedom Center. If you have children interested in Theater, this may be a great place for them.

The Traveling Players goal is to provide an outstanding theatre experience for young adults that will contribute to their maturity and foster a lifelong love of both theatre and the outdoors while meeting rigorous artistic and educational standards.

Open House - Traveling Players Ensemble Open House Got questions about Traveling Players’ programs? Come meet us at the Open House! Artistic Director Jeanne Harrison will be there to answer your questions about our programs, sleepaway camps, and what makes Traveling Players joyous, artistically challenging, and a place for friendships t...


The first wineberries at ripe at the Freedom Center. They are wonderfully delicious. Come join us for our July 4th Celebration and bring a container to pick some wonderfully, all natural grown wild wineberries!

Photos from Freedom Center's post 04/23/2022

Before and After! The Renewal in action!

What an amazing difference volunteers make! The Lakeside Pavilion has gone from "What it used to be" to "What it is!" Power cleaning, stain and sealing, putting it on new footings, installing a new metal roof.

Photos from Freedom Center's post 04/22/2022

We have two amazing new doors for our renewal donated by Lothar and June Erbe. What an amazing couple they are.

If the doors look familiar you are probably a customer of Lothar’s Butchery & Gourmet Sausages in Purcellville. While the shop is closed, many parts of it will live on in various projects at the Freedom Center.

June, Lothar... Thank you for donations that are making such a huge difference to our renewal! Even better, it is wonderful to have two new friends as part of our community!


I spend a lot of time at the center during the day. But as the sun sets the place feels even more special. The sky drops to a deep blue and the trees, with leaves just beginning their spring awakening, provide never ending patterns. My mind relaxes and wanders into wondrous places.

The center provides a wonderful evening, night, and morning experience. Camping is truly special.

Photos from Freedom Center's post 04/18/2022

Our wonderful team is painting the Freedom House! After weeks of paint prep work, the house is now starting to share what it will become.

We hope to have flooring delivered this week. It will rest for ten days to acclimate before we start installing. Delivery has been delayed twice, I'm praying it arrives Wednesday.


He is Risen!

Celebrating Easter at the Freedom Center. The Buckinghams hosted with an amazing dinner at the Hutchinson Lodge. I can’t wait until the singing starts!

Photos from Freedom Center's post 04/16/2022

Rebeka Highlander continues the work on the Lakeside Pavilion. After general cleanup and pressure washing she’s protecting it with a stain and sealer. With DJ leveling the platform and replacing the roof, it wont be long before this becomes a favorite place to retreat to.

Photos from Freedom Center's post 04/05/2022

The Phillips School and the Buckinghams continue to do amazing things at the Freedom House remodeling. The bathroom is ready for paint and tile as planning for the second bathroom commences. We're adding cabinets from the collection Home Depot donated years ago.

In order to make a more usable space in the living room, we are removing the double doors. the two large sets of windows will keep the room bright. The other side of the room will still has a door that has always been the main entrance.

Last week they started painting ceilings. This week they will start painting the walls with the light gray paint I bought from Home Depot.

Come join us in our renewal projects. We have projects for every age and skill level! A few hours or a few days... you can help make a huge difference!

Have a blessed day,


Photos from Freedom Center's post 04/03/2022

This week, members of our volunteer teams expanded our renewal efforts. The Highlanders adopted the Woodlands Pavilion. This project has been on my heart for a while, but other priorities have kept it on the wish-list. On Friday, the Highlanders launched into renewing this wonderfully restful spot across the waters from the lakeside Recreation areas.

Pressure washing started by bringing the equipment to the secluded site and running 450 feet of hose to the well head. It was a wonderful day for it, and the difference the washing made was striking! I can't wait to see it all washed and sealed! About halfway through the washing, the pressure washer decided it was time for maintenance. As I cleaned the carburetor at the shop, the highlanders shifted to working on the grounds and preparing to rebuild the fire-pit.

As the Highlanders continues to the project, we'll join them to replace the roof and put the platform on more secure footers. They plan on adding benches and a host of other touches that will make it a perfect wooded spot to pray, read, and spend time with friends. It fits perfectly with our efforts to get people offline and into the real world!

Rebekah will be adding her Timbernook Loudoun County camp to the Freedom Center schedule this summer. The programs will offer the ultimate sensory experience for children, challenging their minds, bodies, and senses through meaningful outdoor play opportunities. Three camps are planned for the weeks of July 18th, July 27th, and August 1. Details and registration can be found at:

I wish you a blessed day and hope to see you at the Freedom Center soon!


Photos from Freedom Center's post 03/24/2022

Progress is always exciting to see. The Volunteers have been super busy and doing amazing things! This bathroom has been one of the larger parts of the remodeling. Our motto is to "do it right", and the team has been doing exactly that. No short-cuts as this is for the long term!

Photos from Freedom Center's post 03/23/2022

There is something in the Buckingham's family DNA that won't leave a job undone. The entire family pitched in this week. It was just too sweet by half! Between the Freedom House walls and moving donated appliances and furniture, the weekend was very busy!

The Buckingham's extended family came to celebrate their Uncle's life had here on earth, and the new one he's experiencing. We had a wonderfully close time with so many family members at the center.

Photos from Freedom Center's post 03/13/2022

We continue to work on the Freedom House! Now that the major fixes are done, the progress is quickening! The kitchen is coming along and I'm starting to look for appliances. If anyone would like to dontate some high quality used appliances I would be highly interested in talking with you! Our volunteers can pick-up. We don't have gas so everything needs to be electric.

In the next week our amazing voluteers are expected to have all the replacement drywall installed, mudded, and ready for paint. We hope to have in all done in the next 30 days, G-d willing!

There are many other projects to complete in the next two months. If anyone has time and inclination to help out let me know! The more volunteers we have the fast things go! Not to mention that more the merrier! Fellowship is amazingly uplifting!

Photos from Freedom Center's post 02/26/2022

Wilderness Lodge and the Freedom House

Like many places, when COVID hit the Freedom Center’s operations were shut down by the government. Many of the projects and renovations we had in progress were frozen as the organization went into austerity mode while we waited for funds to start flowing again. This year is beginning to look brighter every day. In response we’re finishing some of the core renovations that were in progress in 2020.

Devin began installing the final two rooms of flooring in the Wilderness lodge. Even though material prices are high, we are determined to finish the lodge for the summer camp program. Once the flooring is installed, Devin will add moldings and thresholds. After the roof is replaced this spring, we will paint and clean to have the lodge fornour big summer camp.

Meanwhile, our ever industrious volunteer Amy Buckman is doing some critical repairs to the walls in the Freedom House. This will allow us to close up the walls and begin the interior remodeling.

The Freedom House will be hosting some of the key staff for the Traveling Theater Ensemble’s six-week summer camp. Once that is completed the house will become the main offices for the Freedom Center. Providing a needed home-base for everything that is happening.

We are also reaching out to the community for help. We have a core of fantastic volunteers, but we need more people to help with the rebuilding of the Freedom Center and the creation of the Loudoun Field Center education program. If you want to help, drop us a note! We’ll be scheduling weekend workdays to jump-start various projects!

Visit our website to donate or learn more about how you can help the Freedom Center continue its expanding mission.

We are so excited for all that 2022 has in store for the Freedom Center! Stay tuned for more updates

Photos from Freedom Center's post 02/25/2022

There is always something going on at the Freedom Center.

We have been having water pressure problems recently. In December we located and fixed a major leak in our underground distribution pipes. Last week the problem returned. With the help of volunteers we tracked down the problem to the well water pump.

Tri-County Pumps came out and did an amazing job of replacing the pump and getting us back in operation. It put a big dent in our budet, but water is a must-have. It is great to have our water pressure up to where it should be!

LoCo Disc Golf 02/24/2022

Join Us at the Freedom Center

As the world emerges from two years of challenge and change, the Freedom Center is stepping forward boldly. New projects, people, directions, and partners join the mix. For almost a year we have been in planning mode so now is the time our dreams take flight! I am looking forward to you joining us in the next adventure. It will be busy, but with friends alongside us, adventures are always fun.

We are working hard to make improvements in virtually every part of the property. New roofs, remodeling, repairs, landscaping, reopening long dormant buildings, and so much more! I will start blogging about our current and future projects. They are all driving by events and directions that are heading our way.

We have an exciting, and expanding, schedule of events at the Freedom Center — including the largest, longest set of camps we have ever hosted. From our own events to those of partners, there is always something happening at the center. Here is just a peak at what’s ahead:

Loudoun Field Center Education Program

Starting in September, we kick off the Loudoun Field Center – a 6th-12th grade education program helping empower and equip young adults to intentionally engage the modern world with clear purpose and meaning. Starting with individualized self-pace academic studies, we then step into real-world projects and skills development. We turn knowledge into understanding and then into skills. Focused on a whole-life model we prepare young adults to go into the world with purpose and intent. Checkout our website at for more information.

Spring Physical Education with Gamepoint (March-May)
(Combined with Archery Below)

After a successful winter program, with education partner GamePoint Athletics we are offering another robust PE program for middle and high school students in a friendly and non-judgemental learning environment. Students will participate in many cooperative learning activities that work on group problem solving skills. Skills that require intense teamwork and persistence to achieve a set objective. Students will also play in fun traditional and non-traditional PE games, and learn and practice potential lifetime physical activities and skills. Additionally, students will be engaged in physical activities that are designed to improve present levels of aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Watch website at for more information.

Archery (March-May)

Who wouldn’t want to learn the art of hitting a bull’s-eye with ease? It’s fun, healthy, and something you can be proud of. Archery helps develop physical abilities, focus, control, determination, and precision. Join us for an introduction to Archery starting this March 25. Watch our website at for more information.

Traveling Theater Ensemble Overnight Summer Programs (June-August)

We are particularly excited about our new partnership with the Traveling Theater Ensemble. From June through August, we will be hosting their two residential camp sessions focusing on great theater in the great outdoors. In each three-week session they will create several productions curated for youth of different ages and talents. Their program will rehearse and create the production support needed including costumes, sets, and production team skills. After the camps they take their theater productions on the road. See the ensemble’s website for full details (

Wilderness Day Camp (August)

Regina Gossage returns this year with the popular wilderness day camp program. The two week-day sessions start on August 15 and August 22. Kids enjoy our recreational areas as well as learning about wilderness activities and get an introduction into survival. Watch our blog for more information.

TimberNook Loudoun County (July-August)

The year is Rebekah Highlander introduces Loudoun County to TimberNook Camps. TimberNook programs offer the ultimate sensory experience for children, challenging the mind, body and the senses through meaningful outdoor play opportunities. Three camps are planned for the weeks of July 18th, July 27th, and August 1. Watch their Facebook group “TimberNook Loudoun County” for details.

LoCo Disc Golf Club

Throughout the year LoCo Disc Golf Club runs both local and sanctioned tournaments on the top ranked Clarke’s Run Disc Golf Course. This year they are hosting the first A-Tier tournament in Northern Virginia. You can find more information on all these events at:

December 12th (2021) – Club Doubles Event
January 8th – Club Doubles Event
May 6th, 7th & 8th – LoCo Open (“A-Tier” Professionals Only)
June 25th – Brent Anderson Memorial
June 26th – Tiger Lilly – Women’s Only Tournament/Event
September 24th & 25th – LoCo Open (Amateurs Only)
Everything Else

In the midst of all that we are still hosting groups from all over the region. Whether week long retreats, family groups, scout camps, or folks enjoying the trailhead activities and walks through the grounds. We are working to improve life one day, one person, one group, at a time.

LoCo Disc Golf Categories Club News Ice Bowl LoCo Ice Bowl 2022 Fundraiser Post author By Steve Ganz Post date November 24, 2021 No Comments on LoCo Ice Bowl 2022 Fundraiser Sticky post It’s that time once again, friends. Tis the season of putting food on the plates of those in need. Please help us help Loudoun ...

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