Aero Elite Flight Training

Aero Elite Flight Training


The amount of gratitude I have for so many members of Smokehouse Pilots is immense.

Today, my mentee, Kovas came to Leesburg Airport so we could “show him around”

He got far more than that … thank you to all of you who came out and shared your wisdom and advice with Kovas as to how to become a pilot and ultimately fulfill his dream of being an airline pilot

Thanks to John Quaine and your generosity, brother, for getting Kovas his first flight ever in a small airplane, which was with Charlie Bobbish of Aero Elite Flight Training! After everyone left, Kovas shared with me that this was the best day ever…. All because of some amazing members of Smokehouse Pilots. Thank you all!! ✈️🙏🏻✈️🙏🏻✈️

He already said “I’ve already texted everyone I know telling them I flew an airplane today!!” 😀😀😀❤️❤️

THIS is what it is all about ✈️👍🏻 all of you are now part of Kovas’ aviation journey 👊🏼👊🏼
Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! Love this school and the guys/gals that run it!
The pile is getting bigger!!

Only a few days left to get those gently-used baby and toddler supplies to one of our drop off locations.

If you can’t make it to a drop off spot, no sweat! We’ll happily arrange a pick up at your location!

Aero Elite Flight Training
Manassas Regional Airport
APP Jet Center - Manassas, VA
Having a blast at the ProJet Aviation - Leesburg Aviation Career Expo spreading the love of aviation and giving insight into our industry to high school and college students!

Even made an appearance on the Hangar Talk with Muller / Smokehouse Pilots podcast!

Avfuel Town of Leesburg Economic Development Unmanned Safety Institute U.S Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations Aero Elite Flight Training
We love partnering with flight schools across the country, it allows us to serve our mission while introducing aviation to students within specific communities. Aero Elite Flight Training enthusiastically joined forces with us this month to highlight Women in Aviation International opportunities for female students.
Amazing night flight down to Charlottesville!!
An aspiring navy pilot since he was nine-years-old, Daily Point of Light honoree TJ Kim is realizing that dream today by helping others. Since starting Operation Supplies Over Skies (SOS) in March, the 16-year-old has flown 17 different missions to deliver 58,650 personal protection equipment to rural hospitals during the pandemic.With the support of his dad, Landon School and Aero Elite Flight Training, TJ has been able live his dream and be a light to others.
There’s a great time builder that just arrived at Areo Elite JYO. It’s an IFR Cessna 150 with a Garmin 430, and is ready for the cost-conscious renter.
This episode of VHHA’s series features an interview with teenage pilot-in-training TJ Kim, who has spent this spring flying desperately needed medical supplies to rural hospitals in Virginia. During the conversation, Kim discusses his Operation Supplies Over Skies (SOS) mission, his flight training, and The White House invitation he received in recognition of his community service. Aero Elite Flight Training. Landon School. Listen here or through this link:
from AP: Operation SOS (Supplies Over Skies)

16-year-old Congressional Award participant TJ Kim carries personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals in need.

Landon School // Aero Elite Flight Training
We're all in this together!
We're all in this together!

At Aero Elite, you can turn your dreams of flying into reality. As Northern Virginia’s premier fli

Operating as usual


Congratulations Noah Hallett on passing your private pilot checkride!

Photos from Aero Elite Flight Training's post 09/30/2023

2023 Leesburg Airshow getting started!!! Are you going to be here??


Ready to take your flying to the next level? Earn your commercial pilot license with us! With a commercial pilot license, you are legally licensed to receive compensation for transporting people or property as the Pilot-In-Command. -license


Curious about Aero Elite? Want to get a first taste of being up in the air? Our Discovery Flights include one-on-one time with a flight instructor and a chance to fly a plane yourself! See breathtaking views of the Shenandoah Mountains and experience a whole new world above the clouds!


See what one of our past students said about Aero Elite's flight training! In the past year, we have graduated over fifty students ranging from private pilot to certified flight instructor to airline transport pilot!

A private pilot license (PPL) gives you wide-open access to the sky. You can carry passengers and enjoy a new way to travel and explore the country. Wanna fly with us?

Learn more at


Considering a career in aviation, but worried about the cost? Try out Aero Elite's flight training center with a discovery flight to ensure that our program is right for you! Plus, spread out lessons over time to ease any financial concerns. Our programs are flexible and we work with your schedule.

We offer professional instruction to help you attain a private pilot’s license (PPL) – the first step in aviation! You can level up your flying skills by seeking an instrument rating or by becoming a certified flight instructor.

Learn more at


Congratulations Alex Silva for passing your Commercial Pilot checkride today!!!


Congratulations to former Aero Elite CFI John Cerretani on your new role as a first officer at United Airlines!


Thinking about a new certification? The Tailwheel Endorsement is a great certification to add to your flight toolkit! This fun and rewarding rating will introduce you to the world of aerobatics and finesse your flying skills. Learn more here:


Congrats to Aero Elite’s Brad Murphy on passing your Private Pilot check-ride !!!


There's no better time to knock out those last few hours of training than in September and October, with some of the best flying weather of the year. We'll match you with an instructor available at your preferred times here:

Photos from Aero Elite Flight Training's post 08/27/2023

Congratulations to Aero Elite's Abby Daniels on passing your Private Pilot checkride!!!


Congratulations Vincent Spolidoro on passing your Private Pilot checkride!!!


Congratulations Jacob Allen on passing your Private Pilot checkride!!!

Photos from Aero Elite Flight Training's post 08/18/2023

Congratulations to Andrew Melanson on becoming a Private Pilot at our Wi******er location!
Thank you to Jim Stephens and Lee Jones for your help in this journey.


Congratulations Jose Pablo Montano Rocabado on passing your Commercial Pilot checkride!


Congratulations Emma Aldrian on passing your Private Pilot checkride!!!!


Congratulations Shahrouz Sattari on passing your Private Pilot checkride!!!


Congratulations Adam Lower on your first solo flight!!!

Photos from Aero Elite Flight Training's post 08/02/2023

Congratulations to Rich Payne on his first solo


ANNOUNCEMENT Dropping in 3...2...1... (drumroll)

Maryland, look out! Aero Elite is thrilled to inform our friends and family that we have acquired location #5: GT Aviation at Potomac Airfield in Friendly, MD! ✈️

That makes us now both the #1 and LARGEST flight school in the National Capital Region. We will also be adding aircraft maintenance to our list of services at Potomac Airfield! Stop by to get your flight hours in, chat with one of our awesome pilots, or learn more about what it takes to become a pilot!

More details coming soon! We can't wait to introduce all of the new CFIs and rental planes joining our fleet.

Learn more here:


Congratulations Shrey Majmudar on passing your Private Pilot checkride!!!


Congratulations to our awesome ops team member Alana Bicoy for passing your private pilot checkride!!!


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.... more exciting news from Aero Elite??? We've got ANOTHER big announcement on the horizon for you! ✈️🌇 We can't wait to share more next week! Can you guess what's in store for our flight school?

Photos from Aero Elite Flight Training's post 07/20/2023

Congratulations Aden Vinnacombe for passing your Private Pilot checkride!!! Well done!!!


Congratulations Kailey Ho on your first solo flight!!!!


Did you hear the news? Aero Elite is taking over the world! 😱

(Well, almost) Last month, we merged forces with Commonwealth Aviation, becoming the SECOND largest flight training school in Virginia, now with locations in Leesburg, Wi******er, Manassas, and Norfolk! More discovery flights. More rental planes. And more people to share our love for flight with.

Read all about it here:


We wish all our customers a happy Independence Day! We especially would like to recognize the members of our community who have gone on to serve our country within the Armed Forces. Thank you for your service!

Photos from Aero Elite Flight Training's post 07/03/2023

Congratulations Daniel Barrass for passing your private pilot checkride! Well done!


Congratulations Linden Emery for passing your CFI checkride!!! We know how hard you worked for this!!


Congratulations Andrew Joyce on your first solo flight!!!

Photos from Aero Elite Flight Training's post 06/26/2023

Congratulations to Bucky Hess on his First Solo Flight !!!


☁️☀️✨ We've had some good flying days. The weather isn't always predictable, but it's been good--and then every once in a while, you get a perfect day. 🛩️✨

The wind is easy and gentle, providing ideal conditions for a smooth and serene flight. It's one of those days where you can feel the freedom and exhilaration as you navigate through the clear blue skies, taking in breathtaking views and feeling like you're part of something more.

If you've ever dreamt of flying, today is the day to make it happen! Grab your aviator shades, buckle up, and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Fly high, explore new horizons, and embrace the sheer joy of being airborne. Share your aviation tales and photos in the comments below! Let's celebrate this perfect weather for flying and inspire others to reach for the skies. 🚀💙✈️


Congratulations Derek Blakeman on passing your Commercial Pilot checkride!


Out of approximately 331 million people, there are only 633,000 active pilots in the United States.*

Using math we can figure out that (633,000 / 331,000,000) * 100 = 0.191% or, said another way:

You're not in the majority.

*Data from the US Census Bureau and the Federal Aviation Administration as of 2020.

Photos from Aero Elite Flight Training's post 06/16/2023

Congratulations David Craig on your first solo flight!!!


On June 24, 1983 the Space Shuttle Challenger embarked on its second mission, STS-7. It was the first American spaceflight to include a woman, Sally Ride, as a crew member.

Start your career in the sky with Aero Elite! See how high you can fly.


Congratulations David Ford on passing your Private Pilot checkride!

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