Kenny Ingram and Greg Davis Banjo Camp

Kenny Ingram and Greg Davis Banjo Camp


When is the next camp scheduled for then? Thanks!
I just spent two days with Kenny and Greg at their banjo camp. The small group was great with the teaching material being tailored more to my needs. The venue at the Donna Ulysses ranch is perfect and the food is outstanding. I highly recommend.
My wife surprised me on our 40th wedding anniversary by enrolling me in Kenny & Greg's banjo camp- what a great experience!! Their years of professionalism, skill and love for the banjo can't be duplicated. Oh, did I say they are about the 2 friendliest guys you can meet? Along with your banjo, all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to be taught by the best. I surely benefited by learning proper fi*****ng technique, the importance of the melody in playing leads and multiple chord/fretboard positions. If they spot a "bad banjo habit" they will show you how to correct it to maximize your playing ability. I would highly recommend this workshop as it's small, totally interactive and is taught by the best.
Mike McCartney....Shallotte, NC

Banjo camp

Operating as usual

[02/10/20]   Kenny Ingram - played 5 string banjo with Lester Flatt/Curley Seckler/Rhonda Vincent/ Larry Stephenson and many other greats! If you want to learn from a master - this is the class!!

[02/05/20]   Howdy fellow banjoists! Kenny and I are starting our 2020 Banjo Camps on April 4/5 - two days of banjo learning & picking! Come one, come all and bring your banjo's!

[01/27/20]   Hey - Kenny what kind of fourth string do you play with (Nickel/Bronze/Stainless Steel)?

[01/27/20]   Well this will be our first banjo camp for 2020 - we are both looking forward it!! Come and join us


Kenny Ingram and Greg Davis Banjo Camp

Well our camps are done for this year - we will post next years camp dates soon!!

[10/13/19]   Well our camps are done for this year - we will post next years camp dates soon!!

[04/10/19]   Kenny - do you have a preference of sound two piece fl**ge vs one piece?

[04/05/19]   Kenny - this question is for the semi pro to pro banjoist - how did Lester Flatt pay his band - by-the-Show or salary?

[04/03/19]   Kenny - you mentioned to me today about when you recorded the last two projects with Lester - did you each have your own room to record in or were you all in the same room together

[04/03/19]   Kenny - who normally does your repairs on your banjo?

[02/17/19]   Kenny and I are getting excited about our 2019 banjo camp schedule - come and be apart of a individualized comprehensive banjo instruction !!!

[02/17/19]   Kenny - do you prefer an EBONY or ROSEWOOD fingerboard?

[02/07/19]   Kenny - it appears that your name is mentioned in the new Joe Mullins/Del McCoury song !! Congratulations!!

[01/08/19]   Kenny - did you ever perform or record with a low tuning banjo (open D/E or F)?

[01/08/19]   Kenny what (in your career) has been one of the most difficult songs /arrangements ?

[12/30/18]   Kenny - can you remember what Christmas songs you when performing with Jimmy Martin/Lester Flatt/ Rhonda Vincent or Larry Stephenson?

[12/23/18]   Kenny Ingram and myself wishing all students that attended our workshops this year a very Merry Christmas!!!

[12/11/18]   Kenny how long did you play with Curley Seckler?

[12/10/18]   Kenny and I are excited about our 2019 BANJO CAMPS! - These are the official dates - Feb. 23/24 - - - March 9/10 - - April 13/14 - - June 8/9 - - August 10/11 - -Sept 7/8 - - Oct 5/6 - - Nov 2/3 - Make plans to come see us!

[10/18/18]   Kenny what kind of banjo case do you have - have you any problems with the case?

[10/16/18]   Kenny - some banjo pickers over the last couple of months have asked me “ how often are you supposed to clean head and metal parts” what do you think?

[09/12/18]   Kenny - this question is about developing a players own style - how would tell or describe how an up and coming banjoist should develop his or her own banjo style?

[09/12/18]   Kenny - you mentioned in previous post about a real calfskin head - I suppose you had to always adjust the head for exterior weather conditions - did you purchase heads already mounted on a ring?

[09/11/18]   Kenny - what was the biggest catastrophe you ever had while performing (i.e - tripping over a mic cable/ breaking a string/ falling- etc)?

[09/10/18]   Kenny - do you or have you ever used a string cleaner before or after you play?

[08/16/18]   Kenny- you mentioned in our last banjo workshop that “ you shouldn’t have to tune after you capo” can you elaborate on this? I find that I usually have to tune just about every string sometimes - especially in outdoor situations

[08/16/18]   Kenny - over your career is there a few bluegrass festivals that were rememberable to you ? And where were they?

[08/07/18]   Kenny and I had a GREAT time with the students last weekend - we covered a lot of ground - if you are looking for more of a personal experience in teaching - come be a part of the Ingram/Davis Banjo Camp Sept 8/9 ! We will only except 4 students !

[07/27/18]   Kenny - I’m interested to know if you listen to other types of music ( -rock and roll- - etc) Some of us players don’t even listen to music - some other players like to listen to Bluegrass as well as other types of music?

[07/26/18]   Kenny - what kind of thumb pick do you use? And what kind of fingerpicks (flat or round) do you use?

[07/26/18]   Kenny - what kind of banjo head do you currently use - and have you every tried other brands (five star/fiberskin )?

[07/24/18]   Kenny and I are looking forward to working with our students for the August 4/5 Banjo Camp - if there is anyone wanting to come join us we have one space left!

[07/18/18]   Kenny - when you first started playing the banjo - did you ever rehearse with a metronome?

[07/13/18]   Kenny - do you normally place both ring & pinky finger (right hand) on the head or do you just place one finger on the banjo head when performing

[07/12/18]   Kenny - tell us about the old Vega banjo you got from Sonny Osborne. What wood is it made of/what year/what did Sonny record on that banjo/what have you recorded with that banjo/etc

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Come join us on June 2nd-3rd in Lebanon, TN!
Want to learn how to play Sally Ann?
May 4th & 5th Banjo Workshop




Enrollment will consist of a $550.00 fee per student for the Saturday and Sunday two-day experience. The tuition will include lunches and dinners, snacks, coffee, water, tea, beer and wine for the evenings. We will also be providing a taste of a songwriting/jam session round on Saturday evening. The writing days will start at 10:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday and 9:30am – 5:30pm on Sunday when we break for dinner and give each attendee the opportunity of lessons with both Greg and Kenny. Because we are only offering a limited number of seats at each workshop, your fee will be non-refundable.



430 Burford Rd
Lebanon, TN

Opening Hours

Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday 09:00 - 17:00
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