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How to Use Energy Projection in your Magic PLUS New Spells at BWC - 11/15/2020

How to organise your Book of Shadows and how we setup ours! - Black Witch Coven Blog, Tools of the Trade How to organise your Book of Shadows and how we setup ours! Posted on November 13, 2020November 14, 2020 by BWS A Book of Shadows is a book containing religious text and instructions for magical ritual. The name Book of Shadows was created by the pioneering Wiccan Gerald Gar...



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BWC 🔥VIDEO: How to use a magic wand for spells, casting a circle, enchanting potions plus more! - 10/15/2020

Correspondences by Intention: Desire – Witchucation Correspondences by Intention: Desire Posted by Gypsy Categories Blog, Correspondences, Gods & Goddesses, Magical Plants Date October 13, 2020 Comments 0 comment Correspondences by Intention: Desire Element Fire Direction South Number 5,8 Day Thursday Colours Yellow, Orange, Red, Gold Chakra Sacral P...


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Nosebleeds, Heaven and Hell, Magic Circles and more witchy conversations⚡ - 05/02/2020

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Much truth in this.
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Ask Savannah: How to Live a Magical Witchy Secret

Part 2: Ask Savannah: How to Live a Magical Witchy Secret

See part 1:

Read more......…y-life-in-secret/ ****************** Connect With Us: Newsletter: FB: h...


Ask Savannah: How to Live a Magical Witchy Secret

Part 2: Ask Savannah: How to Live a Magical Witchy Secret

See part 1:

Read more......…y-life-in-secret/ ****************** Connect With Us: Newsletter: FB: h...


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Valentine Soulmate Summoning 💋🔥❤ -



I'll be in this mood all weekend


BlondeGypsy 01/26/2020

The Magical Uses of Hazel – Black Magic Witch Herbs The Magical Uses of Hazel Posted on January 19, 2020January 20, 2020 by Raven Rider 19 Jan The hazel tree is a well-known deciduous shrub with green rounded and toothed leaves. This tree is famous for its use in dowsing, and for making different wands for practitioners of magical arts. Commonl...



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This is true of any/many coloured flags. 🚦🚥🚦🏁🏴‍☠️🏳️🇨🇭


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Support Blonde Gypsy and her Moon Rituals - If you desire, please share with your friends :)

BWC Newsletter: New Moon Magic Tuesday 2nd July with Blonde Gypsy -


FB is blocking it atm 🤔! Just stick Blonde Gypsy Intention Setting in the search box and you'll find it 🌑

Last day tomorrow to be included in our New Moon Intention Setting Ritual with Blonde Gypsy
Ask yourself ‘What are 2 most important areas in my life that need improvement and growth?‘
Whatever intentions you wish to set, in whatever area you’d like to thrive or have abundance in; love, peace, power, prosperity etc, an intentions ritual is a way to start MANIFESTING to your dreams. To clarify and remind yourself, every cycle, what it is you’re trying to grow and having that recognized, blessed and nurtured by Source.
This ritual is about making clear to you and spirit what you want more of.
Head to the website but BE QUICK, spaces are strictly limited and closes tomorrow.


Black Witch Coven

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BWC Newsletter: Make your own Money Drawing Talisman -


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Black Witch Coven

Savannah LIVE on Midnight in the Desert

Thanks to Michael for the link to the Soundcloud recording. Here is the link to last nights show.

I had a great time with Dave last night, and was asked to come back on the show in August. I agreed to do the 3 hour show and get deeper into the demonic rabbit hole.


Black Witch Coven

"I'm a Satanist and I am a Catholic...."

There are SO many elements I enjoyed in watching this video. One thing I personally enjoyed was the Pagan style organic rituals.

Most of all, listen to the explanation of how the light and the dark must co-exist!

If you are Mexican or have experienced this type of ritual I would love to hear your thoughts



Don't Forget: Listen to Savannah LIVE on
Midnight in the Desert

Wednesday, June 19th @9-11pm Pacific Time

Savannah has been asked to talk about Healing spells, Demons, Death, Karma, and Witchcraft. Who knows where the conversation will go!

Note - If you miss the LIVE broadcast, you will need to purchase a subscription to listen to their past episodes. So make sure you listen to the FREE live broadcast tomorrow night.

On the Midnight in the Desert website you will find a pop-up player at the top of the page and it is really intuitive.

You will be able to ask Savannah questions during the broadcast. Do not email us your questions. The open line number for your call-in questions during the show:

Join me tonight LIVE on Midnight in the Desert with Dave Schrader

9pm – 12am Pacific Time (12am – 3am EST)

I would love to hear from you…

Lines will be Open: 480-571-3540

To listen click here:


Black Witch Coven

Blonde Gypsy -
This is not the Dead Bird of hope card, it’s the dead and buried, ain’t coming back, all over red rover card.
Giving seekers bad news is not my favourite part of the reading, but you can’t, and shouldn’t, avoid it.
Do it quickly, do it kindly and move on to what’s possible
#badnews #deadandburied #itsover 🔮
#divination #tarot #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #cardslinger #cardslingersofinstagram #cartomancy #witchcraft #seer #oracle #witchesofinstagram #blondegypsy #witch #esoteric #mystic


Blonde Gypsy
New Moon in Gemini
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This is the plant that amazes me so much. By growing the CROCUS plant, you surprisingly attract love and when burned with alum in a censer, it reveals vision about a past incident.

Everyone can learn the magick of HOODOO. Learn more here:


Want to make smart kids? Try this!

The most interesting thing about CORIANDER is that if eaten by a pregnant woman, it makes the future child ingenious. With this powerful plant, you will receive great healing and love.


Blonde Gypsy
‘You don’t have to believe in Magic, you are Magic. Believe in yourself’
#youaremagic #beliveinyourself #magic #witchcraft #itsallenergy #selfmastery #blondegypsy #witch #esoteric #mystic #witchesofinstagram #magicmaker - all credit to unknown creator

Wicca Year 1 & 2

New lesson plans

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The power of suggestion!
A gorgeous full moon and fireworks- Hawaii
Beginners LOVE Spell
Know all about witchcraft :-/
Teacher and reader Blonde Gypsy, shows how to light a charcoal with a long match. Better idea than using several small m...





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