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Your Child's Home Away From Home Privately owned and operated, Mother Goose LLC has been helping children grow academically and emotionally.

For almost 40 years, Mother Goose LLC has been providing a nurturing and loving atmosphere for children 6 weeks through 5 years of age. Lisa Kurek has been the owner/operator for the last 10 years. As a mother of 4, she understands the balance between working parents and a child care environment that eliminates the fears and worries accompanied by the separation of parent and child, even for a day

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We have friendly, knowledgeable and nurturing staff to work with your children. We love having experts to work with kids, so we are careful about who we hire. We always perform thorough background checks on any new staff member, too.


Daycare helps children become better workers! A 30-year FPG Child Development Institute study found that children who attended daycare were not only more apt to get a college degree, they were also more likely to hold a job!


When choosing a good daycare provider, it’s important to know how many children each provider works with at any given time. Are they responsible for small groups of children? Recommended ratios for adults to children are: infants- 1:3, toddlers- 1:5, preschool- 1:8, and school age- 1:12.


A common complaint of many child when they return to school in the fall is that their summer vacation was really boring. When you don’t have the ability to be home with them every day of vacation, our summer camp program can help them to have a memorable time.


Can you do this: Until a child is about six to seven months old, he or she can breathe and swallow at the same time. Though some people retain this skill throughout their lives, for most of us it has disappeared before we’re a year old.


A study highlighted in Developmental Psychology indicates how important quality child care can be. The longitudinal study has found that children who experienced quality day care in the 1970s are 30 years later continuing to reap benefits.


Let me do it! By the time he or she is five, your children can help set the table, carry and put away some groceries and help with cooking.


Working parents face a difficult decision in choosing child care. The goal is to find stable, continuous child care, but switching off from one relative to another may not be in the best interest of your child. We will always be available to provide a stable child care environment.


Let your kids know what comes next by developing a set routine so they can develop great habits. Wake up, eat, brush teeth, get dressed and then, go to school.


A recent study has demonstrated that children who go to day care at a young age may benefit from a wider variety of communicative situations. This can be an important part of a child’s social development and will prepare them for the school environment down the road.


Centers have very clear rules in terms of child care and for parents to follow. Hiring a nanny, on the other hand, doesn’t provide the same kind of organization.


Will your child be a good sport and get along with other kids in school? Day care can be an excellent practice grounds for your child to learn the routines and etiquette of playing with other children without being bossy or throwing a tantrum.


Because of early socialization and exposure to structured activities, daycare children often grow to be more disciplined than children who do not attend daycare.


Experts say that kids who are introduced at an early age are more likely to explore music as they get older and to always retain a love and appreciation for music.


When used properly, technology is a great tool for learning. Under the supervision of a day care staff, children can learn through this medium. They can watch educational programs, listen to songs and more.


A child learns empathy and self-esteem from his parents. Children who observe that their parents quickly respond, interact, and play with them are likely to grow with a greater sense of empathy.


Sometimes, saying goodbye can be harder for parents than it is for the children. Try not to linger too long at the door, though. Make goodbyes quick and simple to alleviate any anxieties your child may have and to allow them to quickly transition into their classroom routine.


Let’s face it; taking your infant in and out of the car all day can be tedious for you and stressful for them. Let’s talk about how enrolling your child with us can allow them to safely stay in one location while you run all over town.


There’s more than fun and games behind taking the kids outdoors to play. Research shows that children who go out and play outdoors for at least two hours a day are less likely to develop myopia.


Daycare can really be effective in reducing stranger anxiety issues. While children who are primarily at home have a hard time leaving their parents, children who regularly attend daycare understand that there are many people available to care for them.


Do you ever worry that your work schedule will make it difficult to do all the fun things your children want to do over summer vacation? Rest assured that our summer camp program is always available to fill their fun quota on the days you have to work.


Activities in daycare include both routine and free play. Why are both of these important? The former gives the children an idea of what their day will be like, thereby enhancing their feeling of security. The latter, on the other hand, stimulates the children’s creativity and independence.


Prior to sending your child off to summer camp, it’s a good idea to teach him or her some of the basics of caring for oneself. For instance, children need to know how to select appropriate clothing and make a bed with clean sheets.


You may not notice it, but your child watches you a lot closer than you may think. That’s why, when you’re dropping your child off for daycare, it's important to have a confident appearance. If you give off an appearance of nervousness or anxiety, the child can easily recognize this and become afraid as well.


According to a number of corresponding studies, early education (as provided by a daycare), has been associated with increased social and cognitive skills that translate in terms of child developmental health and communication!


If you’re seeking a day care center for your young children, you’re not alone. In fact, recent studies indicate 56% of mothers with children under the age of 3 work outside the home and need reliable, quality child care assistance.


To help prepare your child for his or her summer camp experience, it’s recommended that you go over the daily schedule with your child ahead of time so that there are no surprises. It’s also a good idea to visit the camp if at all possible and meet the camp director.


A daycare center provides your child with the opportunity to become familiar with teacher-student relationship. Often, there will be several teachers in daycare who watch over the kids, and the children will become used to this important concept by the time they begin formal schooling.


We encourage parents to participate in the development of their child. We offer you the chance to be included in programs and events to share in your child’s development whenever you can.


Did you know that summer camp helps kids gain resiliency, which will serve them throughout their lives? Camp is a great environment in which to try new (and maybe even frightening) things, ensure setbacks, conquer fears, and even taste success.


Our childcare center provides the benefits found in bigger facilities but in a more comfortable, at-home setting. This welcoming environment is more in tuned to what children respond too.


A study has found that even a small amount of time parents spend with their children provides immense benefit. When parents drop off their children to day care, they are able to spend some close time with them.


After being away from you for so long, your child is definitely ready for some of your undivided attention after day care. Remember to concentrate on your child by making eye contact when she tells you about her day. Sit down beside her or bend over to listen at her level.


Did you know that there is a direct link between daycare experience and formal school performance? This is why there is a recommended ratio for daycare teachers and the number of students in a class. The more attention and care given to children, the more positive their daycare experience will be.


Daycares and early learning centers introduce children to the concept of helping others, allowing them to bond with other children and form cherished friendships that they will remember all throughout their lives.


Unfortunately, waiting until your child starts kindergarten to put them around other kids every day can hamper their social development. The earlier you expose your children to their peers, the more easily they’ll be able to make friends later on.


While your child may not be ready for weeks spent away at a camp in another city, a day summer camp program could be a good compromise. This will allow them to experience new things without all the homesickness.


The thought of leaving home and going to day care can be frightening for little ones. Because of this, you should always talk about the event in a positive tone. This will help comfort your child.


Children can become anxious and frustrated in even the most caring environment. Because our staff is thoroughly trained in child care, we use these moments to teach them how to best handle these situations.


The concept of US day care centers was first seen during the World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in 1893, when philanthropists set up a model “day nursery” to demonstrate the approved methods of rearing children from infancy on.


“If you have told a child a thousand times and he still does not understand, then it is not the child who is the slow learner.” – Walter Barbie


Because most parents work away from the home, the majority of children under 5 years old attend some form of childcare during the day.


According to a long-running U.S. National Institutes of Health study, children who are enrolled in high-quality daycare scored slightly higher on measures of academic and cognitive achievement than teenagers did. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for your little ones.


It’s important to remember that children can find it easy to get stuck in certain social roles when they’re around the same people all the time. Sending your child to summer camp can give them the opportunity to stretch their social comfort zone as they meet new people.


Some day care centers allow children to celebrate their birthdays at the care facility. As a general rule, parents should abide by the day care center’s rules concerning food because children are prone to allergic reactions from food like nuts.


Summer camp isn't just fun, it also helps children acquire and practice skills they'll use for the rest of their lives. Leadership, teamwork, interacting with new people, taking on new challenges, and learning how to do new activities are all an integral part of the summer camp experience.


Day care centers – and the US child-care industry in general – help the country’s economy on two fronts: it allows parents to work and earn a living; and it also helps raise the workforce of the future.


We realize that few parents have the flexibility in their work schedules to be off with their children for the majority of their summer vacation. Enrolling them in summer camp can ensure that they get plenty of activity and interaction with others.


Routines are important to children. We offer a stable day care setting and provide your child with many of the same faces every day of the week. This stability gives your child a better chance to adjust to care from another source.


Although it’s nice for children to get to stay in school with their friends for years, the lack of new faces can make it easy to get stuck in certain behavior patterns. Let’s talk about how our summer camp program can give your child the opportunity to engage with new and exciting people.




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