Happy House, Inc.

Happy House, Inc.


Thank you, Happy House, Inc., for everything that you do for our community!

#HappyHouse is a local #childcare preschool that provides low-cost, high quality childcare and early childhood #education.

They participate in a #workplacegivingcampaign, which allows their employees to donate back to the community through #payrolldeductions. Interested in how you can give back? Talk to your employer about #UnitedWay's Workplace Campaign and Payroll Deduction.

Are you looking for a warm, positive, and academically enriched environment for your child? Contact Happy House, Inc. to learn more about their preschool and academy!

At Happy House, children can feel safe, learn positive skills, interact with other children, build confidence, and elevate their self-esteem.

Our philosophy includes the belief that each child has something positive to contribute to the world.

Operating as usual


Did you know that we offer a Summer Care Program? At Happy House, we believe that your children can feel safe, learn positive skills, interact with other children, build confidence and elevate their self esteem!


We live in a world where it’s easy to forget what’s right in front of us sometimes. Today, on National Children’s Day, try to put away your phone and other devices for a few minutes and focus on your child.

🌞 Try starting a new family tradition
🌞 Explore the outdoors
🌞 Create a painting or learn a new dance together
🌞 Teach them a new skill


At Happy House, our philosophy includes the belief that each child has something positive to contribute to the world 🤩🌎💙




We are enrolling for VPK 2022-2023! Interested in enrolling your child at Happy House? Give us a call at 386-752-4736!


Memorial Day ❤️🤍💙


Does your child struggle with speech or language disorders? Throughout May, Better Speech and Language Month aims to raise awareness about disorders of speech, hearing, voice and language.

Here's a great article to read that offers some advice and activities to encourage speech and language development: https://www.asha.org/public/speech/development/activities-to-encourage-speech-and-language-development/

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Congratulations to all of our 2022 Happy House VPK Graduates! We are so proud! 🥳💙💛❤️🎓


Join us on Facebook LIVE tomorrow at 10:00 am for our 2022 VPK Graduation Ceremony! 🎓💙❤️💛🎓

Share and Like this post, as well as Tag a friend or family member in the comments to remind them to tune in for tomorrow’s event.


Guess what today is? It's National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day! 🥳🙌🤩

So, if the weather allows, try to spend some quality time together outside at the playground.


At Happy House, we strive to create long-lasting, happy memories with children by making them feel safe, learn positive skills, interacting with other children, building confidence, and elevating their self-esteem.

We believe that by providing a well-balanced program, your child can exceed inside the classroom – and beyond! 💛💙❤️


We hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day 💖


National Provider Appreciation Day, also known as National Child Care Provider Day, is a special day that recognizes child care providers, teachers, and other educators of young children everywhere.

Thank you for all that you do! 💙


Where would we be today without the help of our teachers? Our teachers play a vital role in educating and shaping our children – the future leaders of our world! Today, and every day, we thank our teachers for all that they do.


Dedicated to all the children throughout the country in the foster care system, encourages everyone to wear blue and raise their voice to support foster children around the country! 💙


Follow along with your child's day by downloading 's app (called Brightwheel) to your phone and receive real-time updates. 💙

Meal time — check! ✅
Diaper change — check! ✅
Nap time — check! ✅
Snack time — check! ✅

You can also send and receive messages from your child's teacher, so you're never left in the dark 🙌


Happy Earth Day from VPK! 🌎🌳💙💚

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Center Time at Happy House is full of fun activities! 💙

Photos from Happy House, Inc.'s post 04/19/2022

More photos from our Annual Easter Egg Hunt last week! 🐰🐣☀

Photos from Happy House, Inc.'s post 04/19/2022

Everyone had so much fun at our Easter Egg Hunt last week! 🐰☀🐣


From all of us at Happy House, we wish you and your family a wonderful Easter Sunday! 💛


Okay, but who doesn’t love a healthy, delicious lunch? Lunch is an important meal because it ensures that our children have the nutrition they need throughout the day to learn, grow and develop 💚


Does your child have a vivid imagination and maybe enjoys telling stories or reads a lot of books?

These may be the signs of a great young writer! is a great reminder to encourage your young one to pursue their goals and develop their writing skills. 💙


At , making sure your children are happy and well-looked after is our goal. At the end of the day, we want to provide our parents peace of mind knowing their children are receiving the best care! 💙


We all have busy schedules and sometimes it’s easy to forget to show our children how much we love and appreciate them. Here are a few different ways you can connect with your children throughout the day:

✨ In the mornings, give them a hug and ask how they slept and if they are excited about the day.

✨ After daycare, tell them you missed them and share a time you thought of them during the day.

✨ Before bed, read them a bedtime story, sing a song and let them know you love them.

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“Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate theworld.” - Oprah Winfrey 💙

Timeline photos 03/23/2022

When your child is enrolled at Happy House, they are automatically enrolled in our app (called Brightwheel), which gives parents and guardians peace of mind knowing they can follow along with their child's day in real time.

Timeline photos 03/17/2022

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you wearing any green today? 💚☘️

Here are some fun free St. Patrick’s Day drawings that you and your children can color: https://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/holidays/st-patricks-day-coloring-pages/

Timeline photos 03/14/2022

Everyone learns in a different way. While some of us learn through reading or talking aloud, others learn through hands-on experiences. That’s why doing fun, yet educational, crafts with your child is important! Through hands-on activities, your children can learn and develop skills they need later in life.

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Daylight Savings Time is tomorrow! Don't forget to set your clocks forward 🕰️

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Who doesn't love a good nap? As kids grow and develop, naps give their bodies and minds time to rest and recharge during those big changes. Here at Happy House, we make naps part of the daily routine for children.

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At Happy House, we believe all children should be cared for and receive the best quality of care 💙

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“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” - Dr. Suess

Happy Dr. Seuss Day and National Read Across America Day! 💙❤️

Timeline photos 02/24/2022

Who doesn't love a little arts and crafts project? 🎨😁

Timeline photos 02/21/2022

Happy Presidents' Day! 🇺🇸

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