Ketchikan Indian Community Haida Language Program

Ketchikan Indian Community Haida Language Program


Today's Haida class!
Can someone please help me - I want to put Merry Christmas in Haida, Tsimsian, and Tlingit in our KIC newsletter. If you know all 3 I would be most grateful but if you just know the Haida way I'll be grateful too! Thank you!
Awesome work on youtube!!! Wish I could say that in Xaadaas! :) Can I make a request? AISES students travelling to the national conference need to be able to introduce themselves in Xaadaas. Could you record the proper way to introduce oneself to a group?
smART classes start this Saturday! There are still spaces available. Come learn language dance and song. Call 225-2211 for registration and information.
I adore your culture and knowledge! Made this last week ..... Do you still use it?
Saláanaa Ḵáay Sangáay! Merry Christmas! :-D

KIC Language programs work in partnership with our elders, educators, and leaders to provide educat

This Xaad Kíl (Haida language) page is hosted by Ketchikan Indian Community Haida language learner/instructor, Skíl Jáadei (Linda Schrack). Skíl Jáadei will share Xaad Kíl resources and post audio and video clips of Xaad Kíl speakers and learners. Xaad Kíl is the ancestral language of the Haida people that originate from Haida Gwaii. It is endangered and also a language isolate, which mea

Operating as usual


Just for fun. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in X̱aad Kíl, translated by Skíl Jáadei (Linda Schrack)


I learned this song while I spent time at Chief Matthew’s Elementary School in Old Masset, Haida Gwaii.


Daláng-k t'aláng dúugang!


Kún gisáaw.
Kún gisáaw iik hl k̲’usáang, ‘wáagyaan kún gisáawaay hl dáang.
(Kleenex. Cough into a Kleenex, and then throw the Kleenex away.)


K'áaw. K'áawaay k'ujgad 'láa áwyaagang! Gitsx̂aan X̱aat'áay 'Lan-gáay daláng an t'aláng kíl 'láa áwyaagang!
(Herring eggs. Herring eggs taste really good. We thank you very much Ketchikan Indian Community!)


Níijaangw, níijaangw uu íijang. Níijaangw hl gya’ándaa.
(Mask, this is a mask. Wear a mask!)


Due to COVID-19, I will be posting related phrases and reminders for the next week. Dámaan án hl k̲íng’uu!


Ga k̲’álaad-sdä hl da sk̲’asgad sg̲wáansang is.


Sangáay 'láa díi tawláng! Please see the new time for the Family Haida Language class, Tuesday and Thursday's from 6:30-7:30pm. Please share to reach others that maybe be interested. Háw'aa!


Jáa díi tawláng! X̱aad kíl t'aláng sḵ'at'áa ts'an! (Hey my friends! Let's learn Haida!) It's time to register for Haida language class beginning September 17th. Register at 615 Stedman St. Mon-Fri 8-5.


The KIC language program team has grown! We are blessed to have an apprentice for the Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Haida languages! In addition, we have help with planning an upcoming Language Summit that we will be hosting! Blessings to all the great work we will accomplish as a team!!


Jáa díi tawláng!! Tlíiyaan uu, the movie Edge of the Knife will be shown in Ketchikan. The movie was filmed with the use of only the Haida language! If you are interested in attending be sure to call the number on the flyer to let us know if you prefer the matinee or evening showing. There is limited seating, therefore I strongly encourage you to RSVP.


It is calm today.


It is foggy today.


🎶 We Wish You a Merry Christmas 🎶


🎶 12 Days of Christmas 🎶


🎶 Silent Night 🎶


🎶 Amazing Grace 🎶


🎶 Santa Claus 🎅🏼 is Coming to Town 🎶


🎁 Merry Christmas 🎄 and 🎉Happy New Year! 🎊

Photos from Ketchikan Indian Community Haida Language Program's post 01/13/2018

KIC presents an evening Haida language class! You can register during the Annual Membership Meeting Monday Jan. 15, 2018 or stop by 615 Stedman St. for a registration form. Hákwsdaa! 😀


Rock your Mocs week is November 13 - 17.

The flyer was created by Haida language learner Patty Fiorella. Háw'aa Patty for sharing with us!


🎃 Daláng K̲’udáang G̲án Sángyaangs 👀 dluu gulgáas gyáan dámaan ágan hl k̲íng’uu! 👻 🎃

(When you all are trick-or-treating, have fun and take care!)


KIC's Haida Language Program is offering a free class beginning Tuesday September 12. Family participation is encouraged!
Please share this information with your family and friends!
Gíijgwaa daláng Hl kíngsaang! Dámaan ágan hl kíng'uu!

Timeline photos 01/28/2017

Please share if you are in Ketchikan

Haida & Tsimshian
Language Classes
February 2nd - 28th
Tuesdays & Thursdays
12:15 - 12:45
2960 Tongass Ave.
Ketchikan, AK, 99901
Cedar Room & Conference Room (1st floor)
KIC Employees and
the Community of Ketchikan
**Lunch on your own
** Refreshments will
be provided

Timeline photos 12/07/2016


Timeline photos 12/07/2016

Why is language learning important to our community?
“To keep our culture alive.”

Hil Ta-Ju (MedicineWind Goomda Chaney) [Photo Far Left]
Heritage: Haida | Moiety: Eagle | Crest: Frog | House: Skulpin
Haida Brown Bag Lunch Class

Read up on more of our students with the hashtag.

Timeline photos 12/06/2016

“It’s important we do this revival of language together.”

Marcie Fields
Heritage: Haida | Clan: SG̲aaJuugahl | Moiety: Eagle | Crests: Frog, Sculpin | House: Monster House

Read up on more of our students with the hashtag.

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Just for fun. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in X̱aad Kíl, translated by Skíl Jáadei (Linda Schrack)
You Are My Sunshine in X̲aad Kíl
Haida Language: Cough into a kleenex, and then throw the kleenex away.
Haida Language: Herring eggs taste really good!
Haida Langauge: Wear a mask
Haida language: If you’re sick, please stay home.
When you leave home, wear a mask. 😷
Stay a fathom away from others. 😷
Alaska Native Language Summit





615 Steadman Street
Ketchikan, AK

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday 9am - 4pm
Wednesday 9am - 4pm
Thursday 9am - 4pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
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