Old School Truckers

Old School Truckers


What is this ?
40 years on the road 2 strikes 75 and 79
Lost 860 boxes of lettuce this is 79 when fuel went to 1.00 a gallon.
Wish I was there for this one
What the hell is man to do?
When lies are all that’s really true.
Thoughtless voices take the air,
Confusing minds without a care.
Respect was lost some time ago,
Beauty lives but will not show.
Poverty and violence reign,
Even love is full of pain.
I’m sick and tired of this s**t,
I feel like I should through a fit.
Sense was lost back in the past,
The end of all is coming fast.
No one thinks with reasons touch
Why do I care, so very much?
About the ones who vent on me,
I give them sight yet they don't see.
Life is free for us to take
But we are deep in Satans Lake
Drownding in our guilt and shame,
We feed the beast and take his blame
I know I won't take no more.
Endless r**e and days of war,
This stupid systems got to go,
No more mercy in my flow
I’m here to get a point across
The government is not my boss
Come and get me if you dare
The words in me about to tare
Through the walls that you put up
Freedom flowing in my cup
The rules you make about to fall
The time is here and I won't stall
My wrath you'll feel way deep inside
For every time that you have lied,
Caused the children inner pain,
And took my fathers name in vain.
I’ve been judged and now its time
I put you simple s**ts in line,
Let the people free right now,
Get on your knees and start to bow,
Or I will do as you have done,
I’ll come and take your first born one
And that is really just the start,
Judgment is the perfect art.
A masterpiece within my hands
Try me, you will understand,
I am he, who was to come,
Don’t just sit there playing dumb,
Ignorance won't help a bit.
I am here and you’re in s**t.
The best thing now for you to do
Is tell the people what is true
If you think that I am fake
That will be your last mistake
I’m as true as true can be
And so is he who lives in me
What you've done has made me sick
As I undo each evil trick
Your golden septer fancy lead
To weigh you down until you’re dead
You won't let go of false belief
You’re nothing but a foolish thief
You took my book to be your own
But I am back to claim my throne
And as I do you'll fade away
You were never meant to stay
I knew you'd try to steal what’s mine
But you see my plan is divine
Reasoned to the highest degree
But this your blinded eyes can't see
For now I’ll let you sit and think
You’ve always been the weakest link
Try to reason what I've said to you
But just remember I’m not through.
Timothy white 2022
This Convoy that is getting ready to happen here in the United States is not just for the truckers mandates…. What is happening in the US needs attention right now… Take a look and see if you are included in why this is going to happen…

It’s for the family members banned from visiting family in nursing homes and hospitals.

It’s to bring down the skyrocketing fuel prices that we are now paying at the pumps.

It’s to bring down the food prices we are paying at the grocery stores and restaurants.

It’s for the censorship on all social media platforms.

It’s for the parents to have a say in there children’s education and what they are being taught…

It’s for all the people afraid to speak in fear of being called conspiracy theorists.

It’s for the people who didn’t want to give up their freedom of choice!

It’s for the people who don’t want to give up their right to bear arms.

It’s for the people who don’t want to be in debt for the next 100 years.

It’s for the people who only want answers to the many questions that haven’t been answered.

It’s for the people afraid to hug their family and visit friends.

It’s for the people who want their lives back.

For the hairdressers to cut hair.

For the restaurants to serve food.

For the bars to play music.

For the students to learn.

For the kids to be free.

For people who want to work but are forced not to.

This is for the people.

This is for trying to silence honest and hardworking citizens.

Never in my life have I ever seen the healthy punished and the sick untreated.

This is for the 300,000 surgeries cancelled.

This is for the people that died waiting for their surgery.

This is for the people who died alone in the hospital without being able to hold that hands of their loved ones.

This is for the exhausted nurses, teachers, parents etc.

This is for the doctors that are going unheard.

This is for all the front line workers, delivery trucks, grocery store clerks, PSWs who are constantly working overtime etc.

This is for all of us.

👌 If you do not support the truckers, IT’S OKAY because:

If mandates get lifted I would like to remind you.... you can still stay home. No one will rip the mask off your face, no one will force you to dine in at a restaurant, you can drop your children off at their leisure activity and wait in your car, you can still say no to family gatherings and events, you can live within your 4 walls and NO ONE will stop you. We will not judge you for your choice - we will just be glad you have one. That is the point of FREEDOM of choice! While you're comfortable where you are we are also comfortable moving on with our lives.

You stay safe, I will stay free! 👊🏼🇺🇸 Stolen from Jeff Mills,please take the time to read.

To all of the people that read this page I ask of you to please feel free to post any trucking jobs

Operating as usual

Photos from Old School Truckers's post 07/28/2022

When they blame supply chain problems on lack of workers, they're lying. Independent Truckers and owner operators are being outlawed. In fact, about half of the trucks in this Country are not even allowed to cross into California due to restrictive emission regulations. It's a problem completely of their own making. California's new law goes into effect this week, effectively removing owner/operators (who 10-99) from the roads. Meaning independent truckers that contract with companies to move freight, will no longer be doing that. You better have your pantries stocked or be doing some form of gardening, because a lot of food is moved out of California & this is just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion
Additionally, containers from ships will no longer be reaching distribution centers in a timely manner, because these freight contracts will no longer be moved by independent owners. Even large trucking companies with a multiplicity of full time drivers in company trucks, do not have enough trucks or employees to make up the difference; hence the need for contracting. Coincidentally, the railroad has decreased their amount of cars and won't be able to cover the shortage of rigs, which is expected to be 70,000+ trucks...
The icing on this mess, is the supply of DEF for trucks is seriously low, primarily thanks to distribution issues with Russia & now also China. They're saying we have a few months supply until it's gone, meaning trucks built after 2010 won't start without it, even though it's only used in the exhaust system. There are other issues being caused by lack of drivers/dock workers, etc & other simultaneous supply chain shortages
Keep in mind, end of summer & fall harvests are yet to come, & many combines/farm implements need DEF to run. Diesel prices are way up, fertilizer prices doubled this spring & the list goes on...
Buckle up buttercup: things are about to get interesting.,,,,,,"


Brandon McGruder, 24, a terminated employee of Swift Transportation, allegedly stole the blue semi-truck he is accused of using for the crime multiple times before. Police said that McGruder robbed a Regions Bank. He allegedly walked up to the teller, demanded money and loaded the cash into a duffle bag before running off. Witnesses told investigators which way the man ran off. Police checked surveillance video from businesses in the area and saw the man get into a blue tractor-trailer and take off. The truck had GPS tracking and police were able to locate and take McGruder into custody a week later.



I was sitting at a long stoplight yesterday, minding my own business, patiently, waiting for it to turn green even though there was no on-coming traffic.
A carload of scruffy-bearded, young men shouting Anti-American slogans with a half-burned American Flag duct-taped on the trunk of their car and a "Remember George Floyd" slogan spray painted on the side stopped next to me. Suddenly, they yelled, "Defund the police" and took off before the light changed. Out of nowhere an 18-wheeler came speeding through the intersection and ran, directly, over their car, crushing it, completely, and killing everyone in it. For several minutes I sat in my car thinking to myself, "Man... that coulda been me!"
So today, bright and early, I went out and got a job as a truck driver.

Photos from Jefferson County Oregon Sheriff's post 06/30/2022
Timeline photos 05/15/2022
Timeline photos 05/04/2022

you turn around on top and back down to load out about 1 1/2 miles back

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Old School

Started out in 1976 for Caravan Ref Cargo

Went to work for Sam in 77 unit 380

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Ok just one more ok here's a day for me now
OK questions out there had overhead done fuel milage dropped from 7.6-9.2 to 5.4 smell diesel all the time regen kicks i...
made it
Island logging
lower track
Just a thing ,
Dalton Highway





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