Want to train your dog? Hey human, check out these Dog Training Games.

Want to train your dog? Hey human, check out these Dog Training Games.

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To avail of one of the exclusive Trainer assisted courses at Your Service Dog School subsidized by Your Service Dog Inc, contact:
[email protected] Courses include, Tuition, One on One Trainer Assist, Textbook, Workbook, pdf material, student id card for (SDiT and Handler) with a Certificate and a special graduation patch for your SDiT/ Service Dog upon completion of Basic Foundation Skills Course by Handler and SDiT.
Normal cost of this same course privately advertised elsewhere is $3,500.00 approx.
However, you can avail of a subsidized rate via Your Service Dog Inc and avail of one of our courses now for just under $80.
This offer is only available to disabled persons applying for courses at Your Service Dog School, through Your Service Dog Inc.
For further information please contact [email protected]


Click on the link
Buy a Book today!
100% of the royalties from the sale of these books are donated directly from Amazon to Your Service Dog Inc 501c3 nonprofit serving the needs of the disabled ♡


Just a few hours to go now to launch time ...
Countdown has begun!




Are you tired of shouting at your dog and getting no response?
Then this is the book for you.
It is a Game Changer in easy to follow steps that give you and your dog the chance to bond as you train.
Take the drudgery out of training sessions by purchasing "Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" by author Lelah Sullivan today.


'Tis the season to be training... Go on, give the gift of a lifetime to your Dog this Christmas with Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog by Author Lelah Sullivan.

Though written with the disabled Service Dog Handler in mind, this is also an AWESOME basic foundation skills training course for all dogs.
Merry Christmas from Your Service Dog Inc


Hi Everyone,
As this month is Service Dog Awareness Month I thought Pax and I would share a little with all of you about what our day is like.
In the morning, we usually wake up to the cooing of the Doves or the call of the Ravens outside our bedroom window, and then a loud raucous raven’s voice answers back from inside my home. No! Its not my Service Dog Pax, for though Pax has learned many things from Lelah Sullivan’s “Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog” Books, speaking raven is not one of them.
The voice answering the Raven call is none other than Rodney my Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot saying, “ hi and Good Morning” to his Buddies, the Ravens as they celebrate the dawn of another day with a flock call right outside our bedroom window.
Pax is the first to stir to his feet in the morning, but he never makes a move before I open my eyes.
Once Pax sees that I am fully awake and ready to get up and dressed, he proceeds to help me out of bed. He gets my jeans, tee-shirt, socks, shoes and helps me as I get dressed to meet my day.
I am always dropping things and because I get dizzy its difficult for me to pick items up, but Pax is there at each and every turn to help with these tasks.
The phone may ring and if I am at a distance from it Pax will go to fetch it for me and hand it to me. I would be so totally lost without his help, and I certainly would not be able to get out of bed when I felt like it and wanted to in the morning. I would have to lie there and wait for a someone to arrive at my home and help me out of bed, nor would I manage getting dressed on my own without the help of a carer, if it wasn’t for Pax.
I have my independence and dignity because of Pax and all the many tasks he does for me.
Pax will brace wanting to help me stand and he fusses over me holding my jacket or tee-shirt taut at just the right angle, a job he has been doing for me since he was 6 months old, and it gives me that little bit of momentum in the morning that helps me position myself comfortably in my wheelchair, for Pax knows that my balance isn’t great, and he knows exactly just how to help me and when I need his help most of all. On my bad days when my balance is really shaky, a little nudge from Pax during a dizzy spell can sometimes be just the help I need to prevent me from falling to one side. Pax and I have learned to work together on this, his nudge makes me aware that I am leaning to much to one side and sometimes that nudge is enough to correct my posture, but I always know when I get that nudge that I have to make an effort to grip the handles of my wheelchair and push or pull to straighten my position in the chair.
Pax my Service Dog is the very Best Buddy anyone could ever have.
We still train several times a day following the steps in Lelah Sullivan’s “Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog”.
Pax loves the Training Games and each time we complete the Basic Foundation Skills Course, I can see Pax’s mind expand and his thinking capacity grow as we use the training method contained in Lelah Sulliivan’s books to assist him to learn some new tasks and grow to his Full Potential.
All through my day Pax performs tasks and works hard to assist me in one way or another, and when I am at my computer working for YSDI, Pax is found faithfully lying on his blanket at my feet under my desk.
I have to say that I am blown away each and every day by Pax’s willingness to learn new things and the way he embraces the “Lelah Sullivan Method of Training “
I love seeing the joy on his face when I say, “Hey Pax, Wanna Play Your Training Game?", He responds with a tail wag and a body wiggle that puts a smile on my face each and every time I see it.
Because this month of September is Service Dog Awareness Month I thought I would share some of the wonderful things my Service Dog Pax has learned from playing the training games in “Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog” by Author: Lelah Sullivan.


As this month of June is PTSD Awareness month, I want to share a very special book with you. It is a "MUST HAVE" if you are training a Psychiatric Service Dog and it will take you step by step through the training course in a way that is clear, easy to understand and follow as you embark on a journey to Train Your Own Full Potential Service Dog to be a Psychiatric Service Dog .

"This book is dedicated to the veterans of all wars, who with good reason comprise a large portion of those with PTSD and other related disabilities.
Of course, it doesn't take the carnage of war to cause PTSD; If our own “worst nightmares” become reality, severe psychological wounds can occur when the horror of the traumatic experience crosses the threshold of tolerance.
PTSD isn't about what's wrong with you. It's about what happened to you.
This book contains detailed information specific to Psychiatric Service Dogs and how they do their Work, including a 30 Day Intensive Training Curriculum with step by step instructions for training your own Psychiatric Service Dog."



Your Service Dog Inc serving a sector of the community most at risk during COVID 19 is pleased to announce Huge Reductions to our normal tuition fees at Your Service Dog School, for a limited time only.

In order to help Handlers and their Service Dogs stay safe and well and happily occupied during this time, and to help prevent boredom and stress for both Handler and Dog, Your Service Dog Inc offers an across the board reduction of tuition fees for the Basic Foundation Skills Course Level one, at a giveaway cost of $50 plus $19.99 for materials. This covers the cost of not just one complete course but two complete courses, for we are also offering the added bonus of Basic Foundation Course Level two at no extra cost, free with Basic Foundation Course Level one for the duration of the offer.

A pay as you go per lesson plan is also available for those who wish to avail of it.
Happy Training


Good Wishes to all our readers and followers


This is the easiest Fun filled way to Train Your Dog. Check it out today for just under $10 on amazon.com


If you would like to learn more about Lelah Sullivan and her method of training then please click on this link where you will find her Training Books.

They are among the Best Training Books on the market, if not "THE BEST", for they are not just an obedience course, but a comprehensive intensive "Basic Foundation Skills course" that lead you through the basics in a fun filled way for both you and your dog to enjoy.

They are packed full of Training Games that teach skills that are good for Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and Pet Dogs alike to have mastered, but the books will also lead you to more specialized Service Dog Task Training if that is what you need.

They are the Best Training Tool your will ever buy.
Happy Training 😀


Is your puppy as "MAD AS A MARCH HARE" ?
Do you wish you could find a Training Book that would give you all the basics and teach you how to motivate your dog to listen and respond to what you ask him or her to do, in a way that is fun for both you and your dog?

Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog is a Basic Foundation Skills Course that is not just the ideal Training course for Service Dogs, but is also the essential Training Course for all Dogs of any age or size.

Treat your Dog to the Training Games contained in Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog which you can purchase by clicking on the link below and watch your puppy or Dog transform before your very eyes as you train him daily using the method described by Lelah Sullivan



Make it the Perfect Valentines Day with a well trained Puppy.

Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog is a Basic Foundation Skills Course that is not just the ideal Training course for Service Dogs in Training, but also is the ideal Training Course for all Dogs of any age or size.

Treat your Dog to the Valentine's Day Gift that will daily increase your bond, and not only will this book give you all the basic obedience training you will need, but the fun filled Training Games contained in it will give you and your dog lots of fun things to do way into the future.

Click on the link below and purchase "Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" (by author Lelah Sullivan) .
Happy Valentine's Day one and all, and Happy Training


So you have made a New Year's Resolution to train your dog, but don't know where to begin?
Why not train your dog to his or her Full Potential?
Would you like the training to be fun for both you and your Dog?
Then this e-book is just what you need.
Click on the link and enjoy the experience of an Awesome Training Method that not only works, but provides hours upon hours of enjoyment for you and your dog.
This Awesome Training Book, packed full of Training Games, although written for those training a Service Dog, is an Amazing training course for all dogs. Happy Training :) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015SJ32AM/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0


Begin the New Year by introducing your Dog to Lelah Sullivan's Training Games.
Your Dog will love these Games, and you will love the transformation you see in your dog as he masters the Basic Foundation Skills Course.
Just go to Amazon and look for "Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" by Author Lelah Sullivan and click on the link to purchase the e-book, then join in all the fun of the Games.
Whether you are training your own Service Dog, Emotional Support Dog, or companion Pet Dog, this is the book for you, for it will give you a simple and fun method of training with all the basics your dog needs to know contained in one concise 30 step Program.
Happy Training :)


Support Your Service Dog Inc nonprofit 501c3 this Christmas, with a donation to help us fund our organization and its programs, assisting disabled Handlers and their Service Dogs as they strive to reach their Full Potential.

To celebrate the season of "GIVING" we have a special gift for you too, and we hope you will enjoy it.
Just click on the link to claim your free pdf Christmas edition of the YSDI Magazine.
Merry Christmas
Your Service Dog Inc


Please support our Nonprofit 501c3 provide Services for our disabled clients by clicking on the link below and purchasing an e-book by Author, Lelah Sullivan, who has donated all of the royalties from her books to Your Service Dog Inc Nonprofit 501c3 .
If you cannot purchase an e-book then please share this on your wall.
Thank you


Its time to prepare for Thanksgiving, and ease yourself into the festive zone by planning a lovely meal for family and friends.
Have you thought about preparing your dog for the event by getting him
"Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog"?

For just under $10 you can purchase an intensive Training Course that you and your dog can do in the comfort of your own home.

Just click on the link below and purchase "Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" (by Author Lelah Sullivan) today, and you and your dog will be guaranteed a great start that will not only wow your guests, but will also give you and your dog many hours of happy bond building fun, as your dog learns a Basic Foundation Skills Course that includes obedience, and even a task your dog can do for you.

If you choose Your Service Dog Inc as your favorite charity on Amazon Smile then all the better, because you couldn't support a more worthy cause


The ideal gift for every Dog Lover.
Although written for Service Dog Trainers and Handlers, this e-book can be used to train any dog.
It simplifies dog training to the extent that even a child can and has managed to train their own Dog using the Training Games in this little e-book.
Don't Delay, Buy a Dog Lover this book today, you wont regret it, and all the royalties from this e-book are paid directly into Your Service Dog Inc Nonprofit 501c3, an organization whose aim it is to provide Service Dogs and Partially Trained Service Dogs at a cost of $0.00 to those who need them.
Just click here if you live in the USA :

Just click here if you reside in the UK or Ireland:


At Your Service Dog School, trainers qualified in the Sullivan Method of Training (mentored and coached by Lelah Sullivan) assist you and guide you in training your Dog to a very high standard.

There are a number of courses available at the school to suit all ages and all walks of life, whether your dog is a Service Dog Prospect or not - and there is a sliding scale scholarship available with many of these courses for those who cannot afford the full cost in order to make the training of a Dog very affordable.

There is a special Basic Foundation Skills Course available at Your Service Dog School for those wishing to Train their own Full Potential Service Dog. Although this course is not confined to Service Dogs only, this one is a must for anyone thinking of training their own Service Dog.

Click on the link for more details :


For those who suffer from a psychiatric disability, Author: Lelah Sullivan has put together a compilation of Training Games specifically geared to assist you in Training your Own Full Potential Psychiatric Service Dog.

This e-book is a must for anyone wishing to train their own Psychiatric Service Dog. It deals with many of the Tasks that someone suffering from disabilities such as PTSD, Anxiety or Depression might require of their Service Dog. The Tasks are laid out in a series of simple fun Games which both Dog and Handler will enjoy.

If you have been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness or feel you you could benefit from a Psychiatric Service Dog then you can discuss the matter with your doctor and see what Tasks might mitigate your disability.

Lelah's e-book "Training Your Own Full Potential Psychiatric Service Dog" is available for US Residents here on Amazon Kindle:

and for UK Residents on Amazon Kindle here :


Are these e-books for Service Dogs? Yes, they are!
Are these e-books just for Service Dogs? No, they are Not.
Are these e-books suitable for all puppies everywhere, whether they are Service Dogs or not?

If you have, or better still if you are about to get a young puppy, and are browsing through the internet for help, checking out books and Training Methods, and wondering if your puppy is too young to benefit from some of the books available, then relax, because these two e-books by Lelah Sullivan are structured in such a way as they take into account the needs of a young puppy, and the way in which a young puppy learns, making puppy's training easier and simpler than you might ever imagine it could be.

Best of all, these two e-books can be worked on simultaneously.

Turn those potty training horrors into some wonderful Games that you and your puppy can enjoy together while learning all about Potty Training. Just go to Amazon Kindle and check out "Potty Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog Puppy" by Author Lelah Sullivan, and also check out her very first e-book "Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" which teaches your puppy a Basic Foundations Skills Course that will set him or her up for any future training you and your puppy may grow into at a later stage in your training.

Happy Training and Enjoy the Books.


So many people have great difficulty when they bring a puppy home, and though captivated by its cute loving friendly nature and its adorable puppy playfulness, they are not so enthused by, or are they in love with the potty training accidents that can happen round the home after adopting a young puppy as a member of the family.

Are you one of these people? Would you like to know how to successfully potty train your puppy on cue? Look no further, for Lelah Sullivan has written an e-book entitled, "Potty Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" that will give you the knowledge and skills you need as a new puppy parent, to successfully potty train your puppy from day one.
Don't delay, a good beginning means that you don't have to spend hours upon hours undoing a bad potty training behavior later. "Potty Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" by Author Lelah Sullivan is available here on Amazon Kindle for those residing in the USA here:

and for those residing in the UK here:

| 09/07/2019

You can visit Your Service Dog Inc, (an organization founded by Lelah Sullivan to assist Disabled People everywhere to train their own Full Potential Service Dog), if you would like to find out more about this Awesome Organization and its wonderfully dedicated Volunteer Team, please click on this link:



This Page is dedicated to the promotion of the Sullivan Method of Training as described in Lelah Sullivan's e-books.
These books are for Service Dogs and their Handlers assisting them to grow to their Full Potential as a Team.

Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" as written by Lelah Sullivan, (and available on Amazon Kindle), is a Basic Foundation Skills Course suitable for any Dog, any where, any time, and even the odd little Kitty Cat (whom I know) has enjoyed playing some of the Training Games contained in this e-book.

Lelah has a lifetime of experience training dogs of all kinds, and has in the past entertained many audiences of people who delighted in watching her Poodles perform.

Lelah's Uncle Joseph who trained Dogs for the Circus (and who on occasion was known to offer training tips and advice to the trainer of the famous Hollywood Celebrity, Lassie (who starred in many movies and TV shows) was the inspiration in Lelah's life which led her to make a career in Dog Training.

Now, suffering from a disability herself, Lelah, through her books and her work, gives back to the disabled community by sharing the necessary skills and the valuable knowledge she has acquired over the years, to enable others who are disabled to also train their own Full Potential Service Dog.

This e-book, full of Training Games, is not just for the disabled, it is for everyone everywhere who wishes to train their Dog in a fun way which allows both Dog and Handler to enjoy the experience of Training Your Full Potential Service Dog, Your Full Potential Emotional Support Dog, Your Full Potential Awesome Dog, or even your Full Potential Purrfect Cat.

ALL the Royalties from Lelah Sullivan's e-books go to Your Service Dog Inc, an organization founded by Lelah to assist disabled people everywhere to mitigate their disability through the use of Full Potential Service Dogs, and by so doing, reach their own Full Potential too.

Your Service Dog Inc places fully trained Service Dogs (when available) and partially Trained Service Dog Prospects with suitably matched Handlers, at the cost of $0 to the disabled Handler applicant. The organization also help Veterans and even have an online school where you can benefit from the expertise of qualified trainers.

This is not only one of the BEST Dog Training Books on the market, it is also a very worthy cause to support.

You will find Lelah's e-books on Amazon Kindle, and if you are starting to learn about the Sullivan Method of Training and are introducing you and your dog to this method for the first time, then here is a link to the first book you will need. In fact, some even go as far as saying that this is the ultimate Dog Training Bible.
and if you reside in the USA you will find it here on Amazon Kindle:

For those of you who live in the UK wishing to find Lelah's e-book, "Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" please click on this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B015SJ32AM/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

If you reside elsewhere in the world and wish to avail of an extraordinary opportunity to train your Dog using the Sullivan Method, then please look up the correct Amazon website serving your location. Type in "Lelah Sullivan" into the Amazon search bar to view her e-books. Be careful to choose the book written by Lelah Sullivan, since there may be others with similar titles.

Thank you and Happy Training

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